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Can installing the ADT/Other security device effectively decrease the burglary potential?

Asked by someone200, San Jose, CA Tue Feb 21, 2012

Have you ever seen a burglary incident with ADT/Other security installed?

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Someone 200:

This is not politically correct, but it has worked for many I know. Get a reputation as an armed right wing redneck.

What works even better is to get to know your neighbors, be conservative and sane, reliable, friendly, helpful, and bring up the idea to your neighbors that we look out for each other. Then when someone knocks on your door at night, or raises noise, it's because they want you to come out and evaluate the situation before calling the cops. This is the way we rural boys do neighborhood security and have done for centuries. It really works and develops close ties with the neighbors. By the time an alarm company responds to an alarm, the crooks have made off with the heirloom silver. Most crooks who would not be scared off by an alarm pick up on the reputations of the owners of homes they are interested in. Given a choice between an armed redneck and the gun control advocate down the street, which one would you rob if you were a crook?

Before going down this road however, learn about gun SAFETY. Take a course, such as the Hunter Safety course, practice at the range or go hunting every year. Make sure your family fully understands the consequences of not safely handling guns. They need to respect guns and have iron clad adherence to the rules of gun safety. If you don't think you can shoot dead a person breaking and entering into your house, don't own a gun, it could just be taken away from you and used against you. If anyone in your house needs to adjust their medications to feel happy, I suggest you not keep guns in the house.

Form a neighborhood watch group, which really means having dinner with your neighbors regularly, knowing each others' cars, children, and friends. Let each other know when you are going to be away for awhile. Stop mail delivery to your home when you are away. Follow Grace, Terri's and Charles' advice who answered earlier.

If you have video surveillance, let the world know. Again, your reputation will get out to those who are casing a neighborhood. Make sure your recording device storage is not in the house. Otherwise, the crooks just walk off with it. If you own a server out of the house, have the surveillance cameras offload to the server when motion triggered when you are not home. Let it beam the alarm to your mobile phone and then send the video. You can evaluate the situation and either call the cops or relax. Also, the video will be very useful in getting your goods returned. Fences don't want goods from houses where the thieves were videoed taking it. A Fence with a favor to pay back a cop will spill the beans on a crook stupid or unlucky enough to have broken into a home reputed to have candid cameras.

My father once said to me, "If you want the world to envy you and have a peaceful safe life, flaunt the beauty and fidelity of your wife, not your money or possessions." Wise advice.

Conservative Yankee from the sticks transplanted to the Bay Area.

Mitchell Pearce
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Hi Someone200 and thanks for your post.

Any deterrent that you place in the path of a burglar will slow them down and make your home a less amiable target for theft. In fact, everything from a dog to an alarm system to security cameras and even alarm signs will make your home less and less attractive to a thief. However, as one person already mentioned, if someone wants "in" to your place, they will get in despite the burglar alarm, dogs and cameras.

Your best bet is to make your home less attractive to thieves and this will include an alarm system and other simple tactics such as:

1) Removing brush and vegetation, including high or tall hedges that obscure the entrance to your home and allow a thieft to break in "unnoticed" by cars and people passing the home;
2) Adding motion sensitive lighting to the exterior of the home;
3) Creating a neighborhood watch program in your neighborhood--many eyes watching the community is even more effective than "electronic" eyes; and
4) Removing items that "tempt" theft such as computers left in cars, leaving expensive cars in the driveway or outside of the home, leaving valuable items in the rear yard, and storing cash at home.

Learning to keep your home safe is a combination of security devices, good common sense in protecting your valuables, and living in locations that have lower crime rates.

Good luck!!

Grace Morioka
Area Pro Realty-People's Choice
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In my experience the ADT System is very good. I do not know of anyone with an ADT System who has suffered a burglary.

I do recommend the ADT system and the cost is very reasonable.

Thank you,
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The reason for the ADT is to set off an alarm to deter the burglars and alert yourself and your neighbors.

The alarm company may have a list of neighborhoods and events to share with you regarding the effectiveness. Also, ask the neighbors what their experience has been.

All the best to you.
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It's possible that a burglary would still happen even with a security system installed. It is significantly less likely, and it's much easier to catch them when it happens. I think for the most part that it's a good investment to get a home security system. The positives do invariably outweigh the negatives when security is involved.
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I don't think it will necessarily bring down the potential, but it will help to keep things secure. Another benefit is that if you get good cameras, it makes it easier to catch the culprit. By having cameras it can help to get things figured out and get everything taken care of.…
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It depends on the reliability of the security system, of course, but I'd say that having one is better than not. I've always been impressed with surveillance cameras here in Calgary that are on the market (e.g., It's easy these days for anyone to rig up their own home security network with security cameras and a home computer.
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It may scare some burglars away but you really can't say for sure. I would talk with neighbors and call your local police dept to get an idea of the buglary statistics in your neighborhood. Some neighbors rake part of the neighborhood watch program and report it when things look suspicious. Getting a security device may also lower your homeowners insurance.
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I think having a meeting with neighbors and establishing a neighborhood watch program will also be helpful in addition to other security system available on market.
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Any system can reduce your risk and monitoring is best. Just understand your city may charge for false alarms.
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In case you didn't hear, they are not even responding to those anymore in your area.
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Too many houses without alarms to mess with one that has one. That said; if someone wants into your house, an alarm on your house (like the alarm on your car) isn't going to stop them. It will speed them up, but if they want in, they will get in, alarm or not.

It will deter the random thief, but not a determined criminal.
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Any answer to this question is mere speculation because no one knows the answer except the security company.

Your best bet is to give them a call and ask for their statistics, they probably have a pamphlet or information for interested purchasers like yourself.
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