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Can I break my lease if I feel my life is in danger due to another tenant?

Asked by JB, Indianapolis, IN Sat Oct 22, 2011

I moved into my apt on 9/10/11. About 2 wks ago, I saw this guy and his friend outside while walking to my car. 1 guy kept trying to get my attention and I ignored him twice. When I finally answered I said I have a boyfriend so there is no reason for me to talk to you. His friend laughed and I guess he was embarrassed. A couple of days later, I was with my boyfriend in his car, and when getting out of the car I noticed the 2 guys and another guy in the car next to us. They stared at us the entire time. My boyfriend didnt know what was going on. We didnt leave my apt anymore that day. When my boyfriend woke up at 5am to go to work, on his way to work his car started smoking. He got out the car and noticed 6 bullet holes in the front hood of the car. We filed a police report. 6 other neighbors also called the police due to shots fired and 1 guy car got hit also just once. The shots in my boyftiends car was intentional. 1 neighbor saw the color car that drove off after this and it was red

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Have you asked the property manager or landlord if they have another property they can move you to and transfer the lease? This would be a simple solution that may save both parties time and money.
Good luck.
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Thanks everyone! I really hate to mess up my credit and I just cant afford to pay them and pay to move as well. My life is more important though. Thanks again.
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Yes I did Shawn. But they want me to pay a 500.00 fee just to transfer to a different unit and I would much rather be as far away from these guys as I can.
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I think that you deal with it, JB!

Look, you don't want to go back there, right? You're not going to go back there over rent money, so then the question really becomes, how do I make the best of my lease situation?

I don't think the landlord is legally obligated to return your key money, but they might, if you ask really nicely. And they're probably not going to come after you for the money owed for the rest of the lease - but even if they did, well, then you can worry about hiring an attorney.

The worst case monetary scenario is that you owe on the balance of the lease. Worst case. Do you want to go back to that apartment again?

All the best,
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If your attorney says fight it...we are Realtors...our opionion doesn't amount to a hill of beans. I'd stick with an attorney now that you have gone that way. Best of luck. Personally, I'd hire a body guard, buy a full grown pit(adopt one), I'd probably just move ASAP... I mean the penalty for breaking a lease is quite small compared to the value of a life...agreed?
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If you have a lease unless it is otherwise stated in it than you can not just skip out. As both a real estate expert and landlord myself I understand that there are always exceptional circumstances. first and most important, I am not recommending you break the lease; however is your lease or your life worth more to you. If you choose to leave than understand there can be serious long term consequences to you, your credit, and your ability to get housing. My first peace of advice is to speak openly to your landlord, many are willing to work with you in exceptional circumstances.
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Thank you mark. I spoke with a lawyer and he feels I can fight my LL in court. What do you think?
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(Story cont)

The color car of the other tenants that I had the problem with earlier is red. I know it was these guys that did it. I just dont have witnesses who saw their face. The police also pulled over a car with 3 guys in the area after the neighbors called due to shots fired but no one was arrested. Its not a coincidence that its 3 guys and also a red car. I really want out of my lease. I dont feel safe and if they shot up my boyfriends car for no reason at all there is no telling what else they will do. My LL stated if i break my lease o have to pay 3 months rent, give a 30 day notice, and lose my deposit. I am the victim. What can I do? Please help me!
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No, but you may want to, anyway.

Here's the thing - your lease is a contract, which you are legally obligated to fulfill. However - there's a provision for "default" - what happens if you decide to skip out in the middle of the lease.

Realistically, if you call your landlord and tell them you aren't coming back, they'll work out something with you that's better than you paying rent until the lease ends.
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