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Maria Jose D…, Real Estate Pro in Coral Gables, FL

what is the best way to get real estate listings?

Asked by Maria Jose Donoso, Coral Gables, FL Fri Jan 20, 2012

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Sheri Sperry’s answer
If it is listings you want there are a number of ways to get results. You have to stand out from the rest.

If you are a newbie... or not
~ Concentrate on one or two local area(s) until you get established ~
1. Create a multi-use door hanger/ direct mail card. Possibly a card that can be used as a bookmark
2. Spend a little on notepads w/ your name & phone #, go door to door and leave a card and a notepad
3. Use the same card for direct mail
4. Ask another agent to do an open house for them. Use your signs. This is a great way to get buyer leads. Make sure you attach bright colored balloons to your signs. The more signs with YOUR name and phone number the better! Neighbors see your sign - get your card and notepad. They start to think of you as part of the neighborhood.
5. Go to the local events, sponsor them, find out who runs the HOAs ask to do a talk and advertise it
6. Volunteer at a local community event or charity
7. Do your grocery shopping in that area - WEAR your name tag!

If you are established or have a marketing budget

8. Create an unusual website that stands out (see mine) The shorter the url the better.
9. Tie your business cards into your website and your advertising
10. Create a logo that is different - It goes on everything
11. Make sure you have a GOOD IDX platform.
12. Keep a portfolio of all your marketing accomplishments and strategies
13. Have a Professional listing presentation that is UNIQUE to the property you are listing
- Do not hand it over to the seller until you have a signed contract
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Thanks, very useful info!
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Good Stuff, Thank You!
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Great tips ! Thank you
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Great ideas!! I agree with them. :-)
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Hi Sheri, thanks for the tips, do you know any website that i can order notepad in a reasonable price?
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Great ideas.. love it :)
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Great ideas to start!
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Good tips
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Great list of ways to get listings.
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Thanks for sharing your in put. Very nice.
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I agree with Matt. Direct and regular contact with people you already know will get you referrals. Of course you also need get out in public and make yourself known so that you can meet new people who may become new listing clients for you. Best of luck to you.
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Maria, I could write a book on this question. referrals, farming, expired's, Fisbo's, investors, direct marketing, internet marketing, Open House,Opportunity Time. The key is you must be pro-active in Real Estate more than ever. As Matt indicated; you don't have to go very far these days to find someone with a Real Estate license.

The secret is what does that agent do with their time? Lots of un-productive busy work, or continual prospecting every day to generate more Real Estate leads? That is why this industry has such a high turn-over rate. Agents must constantly be telling their Real Estate story. You will see activity breeds activity, the busier you are being productive, business will just seem to fall in your lap. Get out of your comfort level and do the things successful agents do.

Good luck and hang in there,
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He typed it in wrong. His real web address is

Check Rob's portfolio. 21 listings and not one under $200,000. 51 recommendations. He's going to do well this year. Very well.
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So good the website is expired lol
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Jennifer is right, but to apply her words to a direct action, yard signs are the #1 source of new listings for us. But if you are looking for your FIRST few listings, I agree with many of the previous answers: canvas neighborhoods (direct mail), sponsor local events, join community groups. And this is contrary to advice you will get from just about everyone else - but I don't recommend you do business with family and friends. I appreciate their referrals, but my family and friends are far too valuable to involve in my business. There are always problems in real estate transactions and I wouldn't want to sour a personal relationship over something that could be out of my control. I've also found that the floodgate of leads from family and friends burst wide open when I made it clear that I would not be hitting them up for their business.
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By making it well know that you are a REALTOR in personal and public circles. Direct mail will eat you up with postage. Web exposure only confirms you can do the job. The task falls to branding yourself in a way people can remember. My favorite is puttining my website in question form. is my website and i ask CHOOSE A HOME WHEN? when they say now I repeat it choose a home and tell them they will always remember my website. 50% of the time they will laugh and repeat it back to me.

How many of you after reading this answer will remember my site. :))))
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It's worth checking into
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Do you currently use Listing Grabber? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.
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I really appreciated reading these answers. I've been in the business quite few years and have established a good listing business but it's just a reminder that here are no secret potions. Getting listings is as easy or hard as you look at it. You just have to do the steps and be CONSISTENT! The prevailing message is wokr in neighborhoods through direct mail, canvassing etc., talk to the people you know already and make yourself known, do a great job on the listings you get!
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Listings beget listings! Get one and market the heck out of it - direct mail it to the entire neighborhood. Make calls, have open houses and invite the neighbors. A properly marketed listing should yield three transactions....

Old REALTORS never die, they just de-list....

Good luck!
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Send out Just Sold direct mail pieces every time you sell a home in a particular home--I always get 2 to 3 listings every time I do. If you don't have any solds identify one or 2 neighborhoods and start farming them. Send our direct mail pieces--see if they have neighborhood activities that you can sponsor or participate in--get your name out there anyway you can...the more creative the better.
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How many direct mail pieces per sale? 100? 500?
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I agree with Jennifer as well. Also, just getting yourself out there in front of many people as you can to let them know you sell Real estate.
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The best way is to send a video bio of yourself. it gives you the edge over the competition and lets the vendor know that your tech savvy with marketing.
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I get a lot of mine from repeat customers and post card mailings.
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I also agree with Matt. Direct and regular contact with people you already know will get you referrals
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I have been a real estate broker for over 30 years and I am trying to come up with new techniques to get listing, I have used all of the traditional marketing tools. Can you suggest anything new or experimental?
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Referrals, past clients that are now reselling their home, friends, family, coworkers, direct mail, drip campaigns, online marketing, open houses. I try to dabble in every avenue that I can and I find that sales come from all over the place. Get your name out there in as many places as possible.
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Do an open house and then door knock the area. Worked great when I got started, now I've moved into credit repair
Always looking for good people
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The best way to get listings is to make calls to For Sale by Owners and/or Homes that have Expired in your MLS. These leads take time but once you make enough phone calls and have enough prospects in your database then all you have to do is follow up. The key to any successful Realtor is follow-u,p follow-up and again follow-up on your leads.
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Regular contact w/ your database, and farming through direct mail and email.
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Hi Maria

The lowest cost method is to work your spher of influence such, as friends, relatives,
Past co workers and Church.

Also select a small geographic area that you like and are familiar with, then go knock on doors
And introduce yourself, and ask if they are looking to Sell or Buy a home or rental.

Have an item of Value to give them, such as Neighborhood Maket Report or a Note pad.

Do Open houses for other agents, this way you can meet potential sellers in the neighborhood
Where you are doing an open house.

Be active on Trulia, as well as other sites such as Facebook, write a blg.

Sellers and buyers will Google you and want to know what you know about
Real Estate.

Good luck.
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I only use referral/lead generation sites that are FREE! Check out they offer free listing leads that they refer to agents who create a profile. It's a newer site but it's FREE and if it works out that you only receive one listing lead at least you paid NOTHING! Good luck
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I feel the best Agents are the ones that have the ability to help first-time homebuyers as well as investors. In order to do so you must create a marketing plan that suits your budget and goals.

Direct Mail series- 3 pieces
bandit signs
door hangers
social media (free)
talking to everyone you meet
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There is no best way, every agent has their own top way to get listings. I actually have been able to get multiple listings through my online marketing. Best of luck.

All the best,
Antonio Sanchez
Exit Realty Search
3928 E. Tremont ave
Bronx, NY 10465
CELL: 347-320-0673
BUS: 347-202-4965
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As well as regular contact with people which is always #1 because people want to work with someone they know, have high quality marketing material. is a new platform to help agents make high quality flyers online in seconds. Launching in ~1month.
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My listings these days have been the houses that I sold several months ago to investors who are buying, fixing and flipping

Internet marketing was mentioned-- does anyone have any positive results they can share re: getting listings through internet marketing? Or is it hit and miss?
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Once you get a listing, make sure it looks fantastic! Listings beget Listings! I love working Open Houses. I know keep a portfolio of the properties I've marketed and I treat an Open House like a retail store. Make sure your Listings are Professionally Photographed and Staged, (even if you have to do yourself), this way you can proudly say, "I can make your home look like this!"
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This is what makes real estate so very interesting. You can get listing any way you choose!
Some believe the meet you route is most effective.
Others use direct mail.
Everyone needs to work the sphere of influence.
A good plan is the stalk the FSBOS and expireds.
A better plan is collaborative arrangements.
An event better plan involves Value Added Marketing.
That plan will tie closely to PPC and placement internet advertising.
They ALL work if indeed they are worked.
Best of success in 2012.
Annette Lawrence
ReMax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, Fl
727. 420. 4041
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My guess is by direct mail, NOT e:mail and by reaching out to your friends and family for referrals. Groups, Clubs and certainly a good web exposure helps too. Florida is saturated with agents and realty offices!

Miami Beach Real Estate Guy
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