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Yvette Guzman, Other/Just Looking in Jersey City, NJ

has anyone heard of craig proctor? is he for real?

Asked by Yvette Guzman, Jersey City, NJ Mon Oct 27, 2008

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Hi Yvette,

There are a million people out there who are willing to take the hard-earned money of real estate agents. People who promise the moon if you give them a few hundred dollars.

There are no shortcuts in this industry, just hard work and lots of time spent. Pretty much like any other business.

These motivational gurus with all their master plans are a bunch of hogwash. Save your money and do what seems obvious: Give great service, prospect, farm an area, work open houses, call expireds and fsbos, etc. Above all THINK FOR YOURSELF AND BE CREATIVE.

If you need an outsider to motivate you in real estate for pay, you're in the wrong business.

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Marc. Given you have no experience usings Craig's programs, your "opinions" have done nothing but a disservice to those agents struggling in the real estate business. My business partner attended her first Craig Proctor conference in 2005. She dragged me kicking and screaming in 2006. We have not missed a Super Conference since. Prior to adopting Craigs marketing and lead generation systems, we were each doing 25 to 75 transactions per year and working 12-14 hours per day to manage the business. Together, we broke away from KW and formed a new company utilizing Craigs systems in early 2010 and have realized million dollar GCI years in each of the years since. Between 200 and 350 closings per year in a time when RE Agents were failing and dropping out of business by the thousands. Whatsmore, Craig's systemized approach to running a business has enabled us to stop giving out our cell phone numbers and get out of the office no later than 5:30 - 6pm M-F. We also take Sundays off.
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Your suggestions describe a method of real estate that requires the agent to make every outgoing call in an attempt to contact people who are not expecting your call and who do not want to speak with you if they happen to answer your call. Craig systematically created a program where qualified buyers and sellers called him because they wanted to work with him. When I began using Craig's systems, his ads and marketing material, my business went from 50 transactions to 100 in less than a year. My business has continued to grow and prosper every year, even during the recession in which we sold over 250 homes in a market where 60% of licensed agents sold between 1-3 homes per year. If you want to thrive in RE, you need leverage and business systems. Craig gives you everything you need. Find someone who is wildly successful and simply copy what he is doing!
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Marc, not the greatest of advise, keep doing the same old things over and over and expect different results. Proctor took me from 30 to 40 transactions per year to over 500. He personally was doing over 500 transactions per year and was the number 1 Remax agent in the world at age 29. Success Leaves Clues. No doubt hard work, but with only 24 hours in a day, you can only work so many of them. My first year returns from following Craig Proctor was 41 times my cost. Anytime you can get an ROI of 41, run to it.
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Although this is an old question, I'm going to weigh in. He is definitely for real and I know of several agents first hand whose careers he helped to jump start when they stalled.
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I went to a Craig Proctor's conference 16 years ago. Will his program take you to top agent in less than a year? No, but it may spark some ideas to help you get there! Will his motivating speech help you get more motivated in the RE business? Maybe! Will you learn something to help boost your business and give you opportunities to be more successful? Absolutely! Is the seminar worth $495. Yes! Small investment to learn something new.
There is no magic wand in the RE business, every market is different and it changes year to year. My favorite RE trainers are Roger Butcher and Craig Proctor, they seem to know the real world business. Brian Buffimi is good also, but longer to see results, and Mike Ferry, well he has great success in the old school traditional RE market but in my book he is a down right idiot with his crap attitude!
I still use a few techniques I learned from Craig Proctor, but remember he is from a Canadian market, very very different here in the States.
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Craig Proctor is the real deal. He developed his stuff, he uses it, and it works for others. I've been a coaching client and made way more than I paid for the services.
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There is always some value in coaching, especially from someone that’s been successful in the business. I’ve not been to his seminars but have succeeded from coaching by others. I now mentor people (new and established agents) in this business to help them focus specifically on IPA’s (Income Producing Activities). Every broker is different. Ours is very agent centric and focused on individual production vs. KW and CB that cater more toward mass recruiting. I encourage any agent in the Tampa area to take the opportunity to interview many brokers. Our franchise certainly doesn’t fit everyone but those that have joined us, they say they’re happier and their production has increased!

Joe Casey
RE/MAX Bay To Bay
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I went to one of his seminars yesterday but the presenter was Jeremy Mcdonald not Craig Proctor. I signed up for the super-conferance in March and would like to hear from realtors that are currently using the system. Does it work if you follow the system?
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Don't waste your money! I spent $500 for a weekend seminar that was supposed to tell me secrets to becoming a Super Real Estate Agent. All it was was a 3 day sales pitch to sell me his coaching for $1000 per month. Major strong arm pressure-- worse than a timeshare presentation. He is like a preacher, and uses his "converts" to try to convince you to spend more money.He is a complete scam, total ripoff. Run away with your hand over your wallet.
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Hi Yvette,

Yes, he is a real person, I have listen to his seminar, but did not buy into it. Like other has said, you have to fine what works for you. You made need a coach to get going, or you can join a company that has all the tools to teach you how to get going. But some times that dose not work, you have to work at it. It is a hard business and it has its up and downs like any thing you may do.
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That was a lot of answers back and forward. I am completely new to the Real Estate business and I would like to do well.
I am not afraid of spending my budget to help me make the best of it all.

I did receive all the information on Craig proctors system yesterday and took the time to read it.
Its quite annoying as it goes on and on about how wonderful it all is, there is nothing about how to!
which I was not really surprised by, this is what the ad said-

"Craig's Free Book and CD which will show you how to earn more money with less effort in real estate"

I am really not sure if I would buy this as I have been in this situation in the past where you are sold a system, and then you reallise that you have to work it to the letter, and it does not work for everyone.
But $495 to start off doesnt seem to much. Then reading more I realise that is just the start of the money you need!
Maybe they should include that in the material - What the real end cost will be if you follow this system!

Maybe someone could just be really honest for once!
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Hi Yvette,

yes he is real. do your research to see if it is beneficial for you!

Best of Luck
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I have, I believe he is with Remax. From what I've seen he is pretty influential.

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I am loking for a new website. I am an agent in the North of Boston area. I did have IMAX but I need to change , any suggestions as to what might be the best, ease of usie, great reports graphs etc, thanks in advance Marie
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Try Realty juggler, $99.00/year, yes only $99.00 per year and is fantastic, with lots of updates, u tube webinars on how tow's etc. lots of features yet easy to use.
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I found your "old" question, one that obviously hit a nerve, and which you no doubt already have had time to explore if not by the numerous responses, then by your personal trial, by chance when I was looking for additional information on Craig Proctor online. Judging by the response, there are many agents with varying opinions of what this fellow does and has accomplished.

I tend to agree with at least one of the respondents, there are far too many "gurus" that are quick to take your hard-earned money and offer little in return, other than plenty of common sense. However, this fellow not only has real-world experiences that lend themselves to what is akin to "field-testing," but also has the organizational structure for his entire line of work that demonstrates how effective "his" system really is. Keep in mind, however, that any system is usually something that a deep thinking person may have had the foresight to put it together in a way that worked for him (in this case), and who was able to "package" it for the rest (and of course be able to market and sell it to people in the trade). You can't fault this Canadian fellow -- enterprising, hardworking, savvy, and smart -- for finding a need then filling it, and making money while at it.

On the other hand, for anyone willing to embark on a similar journey in their local service area, New Jersey included, you'll find that like anything innovative, some things will tend to work better than others, but, unless you try it, you won't be able to prune those things appurtenant only to you and your market from those, say, in Canada. But, people are people, selling is selling, houses are houses, and needs must be met. Craig Proctor's system (and by no means is he the only fellow who systematized the operations of his realo estate business -- check out Century 21; Mason McDuffie; RE/MAX; Intero; and as of late, Keller Williams -- they even wrote a book about it!), is effective, and when all the components come together, a money making machine.

It is a way of doing business that far too many entrants into real estate never grasp to their own demise. This profession is fraught with unprepared neophyte that cause unsuspecting consumers to lose far too much money by experimentation.

J. Mario Preza, CRB, CDPE, Broker
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Wow, you are harsh! Do you do 200+ transactions a yr. It's called systems. I get where you coming from but in order to do lg number you have to have a system in place. He was ranked top with remax for 15 yrs. What is your track record?
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He is definitely for real. Before spending you hard earned money make sure to ask for referrals and check out the internet for feedback from agents who have used his system.
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Yvette, I've used Craig Proctor's real estate selling system since 2005. Craig offers many ways to create value and win business. After 9 years and more than 2,500 home sales, I still have not implemented half of the things Craig offers because those I did implement worked so well. Lead generation is as predictable as flipping on a light switch and the benefits we offer make us the logical choice of consumers. We now give more money to charity each year than we were earning prior to joining Craig Proctor's family of high-producing agents. The worst thing you can do is to continuing to do the same things that aren't working. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.
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Bob, I am about to go to the superconference. If I don't spend another dollar on his coaching, will his system that we paid $495 work for me?
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There are obviously a good number of CP fans on here! Hey there are lots of great systems out there. I think the best bet is to find one that works for you. This is an OLD question - wow. Here is my small piece of advise, if you can - find a local mentor in the business before you find a national one.
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Yvette posted this question Oct 2008.
Yvette, I'm going to give you a thumbs up so you will receive notification...and ask you to update us regarding your CP decision and experience. Five years is an adequate trial period. :)
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Some questions are evergreen, no?
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I receive emails often but i am not familiar with his program. I know he is motivational and business speaker.
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Different methods work for different people. But what I've learned and know is that without a mentor I would struggle. I think any small business (including Real Estate) is the same. You can do it on your own & make mistakes that cost you lots of money or you can learn and share from others. I've used the Craig Proctor system for 12 years. Exactly what I needed, need & still works for me. Every conference/phone call/meeting/seminar I learn something that helps my business. When I signed up with Craig it was because he was the only mentor who actually worked in the business vs just talking about it...lots of credibility. I never understand when I see someone disrespecting a system without using it. Try it. Thousands have. Thousands more will.

Frank Prindle
Washington DC Metro
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Me, Home Buyer, Hideaway TX??? Huh? LOL.
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A number of years ago I went all-in on the Craig Proctor thing for about a year. I couldn't make it work for me. A major reason for this is that to follow the Craig Proctor approach to real estate you have to be ready to spend a lot on both websites, phone lines, and the advertising to drive leads to them.

The entire thing is built on the idea that your average sale is going to be at or above the average sale price of a home in America of $270,000. If the prices in your area ring in at about half of that or less...then the entire thing falls apart.
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@Bob - I totally believe you are telling the truth. I did take responsibility for not being able to make it work. The area I worked in had a vast majority of sales under the $75,000 mark. The simple solution would have been to move to the other side of town. I didn't see that at the time though. That's what I eventually did though.
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Brian, It's true that real estate commissions often depend on the sale price in your area. I've used Craig's system since 2005 and am located a market in which the median sale price is $155,000. Craig's system offers many ways to create value and win business. After 9 years and more than 2,500 home sales, I still have not implemented half of the things Craig offers because those I did implement worked so well. Lead generation is as predictable as flipping on a light switch and the benefits we offer make us the logical choice of consumers. We now give more to charity each year than we were earning prior to joining Craig Proctor's family of high-producing agents.
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If you only used his system for 12 hours and then demanded a refund, you aren't qualified to opine on his system and tools. If you have been in his program since 2007 and had your business quintuple over that period with as much as 100% growth in 3 of those 6 years, like I have...then you would KNOW that Craig's systems are undeniably successful if followed. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do (just as Craig would). Ed Laine, Seattle, WA
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Just from the daily does of e-mails I get from him.
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I ordered their program the day of the Seminar and requested a refund the VERY NEXT MORNING. No one would respond to my calls and emails and it was very difficult to get anyone on the phone. So I requested my assistant to get SOMEONE on the phone. They said there are NO REFUNDS! She reminded them of a 3 day recission period. After many pleas and requests, they said that they would take the first of 3 payments and do nothing more. I consider the way the do business, POOR BUSINESS! UNLESS YOU ARE SURE THIS IS FOR YOU, DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD!
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why you justs didn't file a dispute with your credit card company?
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I did 34 deals and made well over 100k in my first year using his system. Worked pretty good for me.
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And, if you go into an actual bookstore, you might meet an actual prospect.
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Craig Proctor has been around a long time. His unique advertising attracts a lot of attention. "If you buy a home from me, I'll buy your current home", and "If I can't sell your home in 60 days I'll buy it".

Brian Buffini, mentioned below, has different systems that also use "unique selling propositions", but stressed client service rather than get in the door quick. Joe Stumpf's Real Estate Marketing University does the same thing. Both are great training systems.

You might just do as well picking up Loren Keim's book "Real Estate Prospecting". He outlines many great systems for less than $20. It's on Amazon.

Good luck.
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While i must admit that I have subscribed to Craig Proctors mailing lists, I have found it much more cost effective to follow Danielle Kennedy and /or Floyd Wickman selling methodolgies.

Love and Peace,
Franncesca, Realtor, ePro
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does 303 lakeridge rd 76108 lakeside tx home have a view through the sliding glassdoor into the sunroom
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Wow, Never ceases to amaze me how upset some people get over things like this. I will tell you from personal experience as a CP member for 4 years, that it is verymuch for real. I do agree w/ other posts here that you have to follow it or it will not work as intended. If you want to be as great as you can be than you need coaching with someone whoever that may be. I have been in other programs, and I will say that I have never met a group of people like the agents involved in the CP system. Everyone shares everything, and I mean eveything! You are never upsold anything. If Craig comes up w/ a brilliant new Idea that is working for him right now, you get it, instantly.
One key point here... I know everyone here has gotten hundreds of emails from companies about direct response websites, search engine optimization, 1800#s etc. I will tell you That Craig Proctor pioneered most of these for use in our industry and everyone saw what he was doing. I have never been told in 4 years that his system will make me rich. Its all about systemizing your business to run like a machine and get your life back. We all know that this business can drain your life away. I never saw my kids before this system. While I sit here typing I laugh, because I just received 7 more leads and all of them contacted me. I will go into the office with 7 new prospects to call tomorrow. My business now runs like a business. An absolute wonderful feeling.
Note as well that Dave Jenks just spoke at the superconference in April, and Gary Keller has spoken for Craig as well. The excellent book " The Millionaire Agent " by Gary Keller is almost exactly what CP teaches.

I promise you that I can now generate leads at will. Hundreds of leads....They are all taken care of by my automated systems. I call the ones I want and sell them houses like clockwork. Dont get me wrong, I have the same problems that we all have in Real Estate, I just do not have to worry about getting business, and servicing them as its all done for me.

Last point.. Do what works for you. I have spent money on all the other systems, and I sincerely tell you that as good as Buffini and Hopkins are, they still preach alot of tough it out old school principals. Dont get me wrong, they are great trainers, but all of the new things they have both added were because of Craig Proctor. He did them first. I have been to Craigs office, I met his staff. My coaches have built identical systems. This is very much for real. But I stress that you need to do what is right for you. I just wanted to make the point that this is in no way a scam. The agents involved are an unbelievable breed. Very sharing.
If you dont want it, dont buy into it. Your Loss.

Hope this helps...

Good luck in whatever you do. Its a tough business without a system and constant training.
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I just joined Keller Williams and I didn't have to pay a penny for the system. I am getting a lot of leads because I subscribed to Market leader and Home Gain I have closed a $376,000 and $675,000 in 2 months from the leads that popped up on my phone and I called them and converted them right away! All these systems lead back to the same thing and that is time block your day, read and memorize your scripts and make the calls to get the listings! Read the the The One Thing by Gary Keller and the Millionaire Realestate Agent and don't get caught up in everyone who wants to sell youi their "original" idea. You have to work and have the discipline to do the same thing every day and get the job done to make the money in the business!
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Yvette, looks like you are really racking up the responses to your question here and I have another for you!

What I have discovered Yvette, is that new agents normally have a lag time in finding out about how the real estate industry works and one of the things that I have found out that they may not learn about for years is about how to get and complete the Broker Price Opinion (BPO).

Now, I am not sure if you are a pro or a new agent, but this is something that you can learn about pretty inexpensively or even at little to no cost to you other than spending some time doing the research about BPO;s on the internet, but I would highly recommend that you do research them ASAP.

Broker Price Opinion completion can be a two pronged sword for an agent. First they can get paid for completing them and then sometimes they can also get a listing due to the completion of the BPO, depending on several factors.

My only wish, is that someone had told me about BPO's when I first started in the real estate business.

I sincerely hope this helps you in some way with your real estate career Yvette.

Ed Justice
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Thank you. I think that is a great answer as well. Happy Holidays to everyone.
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OK simmer down everyone. It's the holidays.

The bottom line on this subject is this: Give your clients first class service and you will not have to read any books or buy anything at all to be a success.

Web Reference:
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Bill, Bill, really crack me up. Thanks for thinking about getting paid for mentioning the books! I should have thought about that before I mentioned all of them to the real estate agents I have helped take their business from zero to 13 million in sales in only 2 years. You must be stuck in the world of agents that keep everything to themselves. If you get out of the pool of 80%'ers and hang around some highly successful agents and high minded people, you will find that they share everything. My business really took off when I started reading these books...studying these books, and hanging around successful agents and asking them what they did to be successful. I didn't have to pay anything for their advice. I would rather spend a little on a few books and some CD's than continue to spend hundreds on things that don't work.

Get the book or don't get the books...I don't really care. It won't make me or cost me one cent more whether you do or don't. Scam....really, you totally crack me up.

Good luck to you. I hope you have whatever kind of business you are looking for.

As for everyone else, try the Millionaire agent book...if you feel like you wasted your time reading it...I will buy it back from you. Just send me an email if you buy a copy and it was a waste of your time. (not you Bill...don't buy it, it is probably a scam like you think anyway)
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Dear Korn Team,

How much of a referral fee are you getting for pushing those books? Everybody knows those things are scams...As I stated in a previous post, if these systems are so great, why tell your competition. These are just another get rich quick scheme. If craig proctor is not a scammer, then why doesn't he come on here and defend himself and his "system". Why would anyone with a proven system tell their competition. I have a proven system. Pay me a couple hundred dollars and I'll tell you what it is.
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you crack me up Bill.....I have never signed up for Craig's system, however I use "Take Action" marketing in my real estat business. Yvette...and anyone else looking for that "magic pill".....well I can tell you this. You should not pay for any system unless you are willing to do what ever it takes to implement it. Craig's system is exactly that...a system. Rather than try to figure it out for yourself, you can purchase his system and get a 5-10 year start. Brian buffini, Joe Stumpf...and all the other systems out there are only good if you are willing to do what only 5% of agents are willing to do....IMPLEMENT the system. When I did By Referral Only with Stumpf, I implemented 75% of his systems. I implement tons of stuff from Howard Brinton's StarPower group. I implement ideas and systems from Keller Williams Family Reunion (our annual event).

However, before you spend a bunch of money on someone's system, you really need to ask yourself...what do you like to do? Where does your business come from (or where do you want it to come from). If you want a FREE start...get the book, 'Millionaire Real Estate Agent' or 'Shift' by Gary Keller, Dave Jenks and Jay Papason. I will tell you that since this book was released I went from working 60-70 hours a week to 10-15 hours a week. My production level has gone up (and in our down market we didn't drop 25% like many around us). We just had our 2nd best year in 17 years...and that book helped me re-organize my business and help me get focused on the right activities. Next, you may even want to consider hiring a business coach. It looks expensive on the front end, but you will probably spend that much buying a bunch of systems that you may not ever implement anyway. A personal coach can help you evaluate your situation and the right coach will make sure you are implementing only systems that generate at 5-10 times return on any money you spend.

The best thing I can advise you to do is fist, get those two books and read them 4 times EACH! no less than 4 times. Then find successful agents you can network with and learn from those who have been there before you.

Good luck.
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Yes, and my husband and I ran his system to the tee. We started in real estate in 2002 at century 21 moved up to remax and then to owning our own real estate company. We now have about 40 active agents with our company and running nearly 80k a month in commissions through our company. I attest to Craigs system, even though I am not in his coaching program anymore due to the cost it was worth every single penny I spent the year I did it.
The main reason you are going to find people didn't like his system is because they didn't actually follow it. They only did this or they only did that they did not do the whole thing. They either didn't want to spend the money to make the money or they thought they didn't need this.
We paid for the coaching program and when we ran adds and we had a disappointing turnout we called our "coach" and he analyzed the add and we made the changes that we needed and sure enough the add worked thanks to the "coach" helping with what we were supposed to do.

If you are a know it all and think you know a better way or have your own ideas do not pay for the system you will fail. You have to follow him to the tee.

Like I said I am no longer part of his "coaching program" nor do i get paid or any incentive to write this. I am just tired of these people writing things when they don't really know. They have never done it.

Craig does make money for hosting the seminars and I am sure that he makes a cut from the hotlines and websites, once you know what they are have a developer recreate them for yourself if you can figure out how to do that. But you have to understand that physcology behind the marketing before you go off and do all that.

Craig is not worried about his competition he has locked up his market area. He has agents all over the united states that he is training and that have become huge agents because of his system and I know that if it wasn't for his marketing system we wouldn't be where we are.

Also these people who are saying you must work hard... this system doesn't take hard work out of the scenario. You still must work hard he just has a direct response funnel marketing technique that is a amazing way to market.

Because of Craig we branched out and in addition to our successful real estate company we also have a insurance company, Active Asset Management Co., and a Mortgage Division. And we are only 25.

People who say that these stories are "to good to be true" are simply just old school and refuse to move into the new era of marketing and technology. Craigs system is better for the agent to stop waisting time and better because the client is more well taken care of.

You are more than welcome to email me or call me. 407-610-0772 or Email :
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Don't buy into these scams. Think about it, if you have a process that gives you an advantage over your competition, would you tell everybody about it? No, because that would cut into your production levels. I guarantee the only reason he does that is because he makes alot more money selling that stuff than he does in actually dealing in real estate.

I am replying to Bill's reply. It seems that perhaps Bill is a Realtor but I am not sure. I realize that that is his opinion and I respect it but he shouldn't call everything scams. I belong to Brian Buffini and I do not work for them and have no financial gain in saying that I think he's great. Brian really inspired me and helped me become a great Broker. There are some "scams" out there but you shouldn't lump everything into one catagory. It's also very negative. Just "my" opinion.

Renee Porsia
Associate Broker
(215) 669-0589 Direct
(215) 358-1100 Office Ask for Renee Where you can your free market snapshot
"oh by the way, I am never too busy for any of your referrals"
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Don't buy into these scams. Think about it, if you have a process that gives you an advantage over your competition, would you tell everybody about it? No, because that would cut into your production levels. I guarantee the only reason he does that is because he makes alot more money selling that stuff than he does in actually dealing in real estate.
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Anyone who's ever practiced the methodology of Total Quality Management (companies like Hewlett-Packard, Intel and such) understands the synergy of shared ideas and best practices - it makes everyone better and because of that more profitable (almost as a by-product) , Craig may or may not make more money through the sale of his processes rather than his real estate, but the concept of shared ideas is in fact a great way to conduct any business.
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Hi Yvette:

I'm sure that anyone who gets the Realtor magazines have seen the ads for the past few years.

Yvette, any knowledge you can gain is absolutely beneficial, HOWEVER, as far as I'm concerned, just don't pay for it!

There's enough FREE information and seminars available to you. Just start reading and attending....

Good luck,
Toula Rosebrock
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Hi Yvette,

Brian Buffini much better. You should check him out. He is coming to Philadelphia in June. Let me know if you need more information.

Renee Porsia
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I have heard of him. I think he is just trying to scam people out of there money with his togood tobe stories. If you really want to be the best you must work Hard at it all the time. You must Lead Generate every day and you will see results. Keller Williams has great training and opportunities to help you be the best if you follow the steps that have been proven to work. You could read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book Gary Keller, Dave Jenks, and Jay papson are very inspirational. They will show you steps that work for FREE you can also go to for great downloads. There is also a new book called SHIFT. Keller Williams has so much training to offer its hard not to do good if you are really working at it.
Best of Luck
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another way to part people with their money on the dream of getting rich quick, there is no getting rich quick, there is no short cuts. for an agent it takes hard work, time and the ability to build a great reputation so people come to you without you having to search out every buyer or seller. for a buyer the system shows short cuts that always are not available or work well in all areas. again there are no short cuts when buying, it takes money to make money in real estate. stay away from the infomercials
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There are no "systems" to make you "rich" in real estate while home schooling your 6 kids and working Tuesdays only from 10AM-1PM.

Total crap! Don't buy any of it. The basics are well-known, much discussed, and invariably work! Why are real estate agents so damn gullible?

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This post is pure spam. If I want to read a black and white Craig Proctor ad hustling this snake oil, I can do that in Realtor magazine.

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Yvette: As you know by now, he is a real person. He has fronted a high priced (comparatively) website for a few years. I used it but then switched to a lower priced site with comparable results. Craig Proctor also holds seminars where he touts a systematic approach and certain selling procedures that he claims lead to great success. I haven't spent the money on them, so I am in a poor position to judge their effectiveness.

I will say that I have switched, yet again, to Keller Williams version of a personal website. I have found it to be the most comprehensive that I have used. I can't say that my business has been wonderfully enhanced by any of them but, just like newspaper ads, they seem to be needed to get your name out there and to be able to say to clients that you have an active website of your own.

As far as Mr. Proctor's training goes, Keller Williams has a ton of programs with similar goals. I have been in the business for close to 14 years and for the last three with Keller Williams. I am very happy there but some people find other kinds of offices rewarding as well.

Best luck with your real estate career, if you choose to follow one.
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My guess is that you are not "just looking" but you are (or would like to be ) a "real estate pro".

I recommend a couple of things:
The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
GaryKeller, Jay Papasan, and Dave Jenks
Visit for some great downloads (free).

The fact is that there are many people out there marketing to new agents. Some of their offerings are simply predatory, some are useful, and some are better suited for certain types of agents (established, investment, commercial, etc.).

IMHO selecting the right company is key. I like Keller Williams. Craig is with Re Max. You need to make your own decision.

Post more questions if you have them.
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Keith Sorem, Real Estate Pro in Glendale, CA
Yes, Yvette - years ago he was a top producing agent working the Mike Ferry system. Then he broke away to begin his own coaching/training program.
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Craig has been around for a long time, does a lot of marketing and training of his systems so one can be a sucessful agent.
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Pam Winterba…, Real Estate Pro in Danville, VA
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