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Why do you suppose a handful of agents post answers to questions that were asked months and sometimes even years ago on this site?

Asked by Chad Gray, 33305 Mon Jul 23, 2012

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Wait just a minute!!!
I've noticed questions appearing in this forum from 2008 that nobody has responded to.
These questions are being regurgitated by folks unknown.
When these OLD, Old old, question appear in the Q&A queue, an agent may not notice the date believing it to be current.

I've done so myself.

There may be a thought in the air that there are insufficient questions being posted on Trulia and recycling data from Christmas past may appear the easiest solution. My suspicion the folks at Trulia are resuscitation dead questions of some interest to pump some energy into the forum. Agents are unknowingly responding, not resurrecting the question.

Let's find out how old questions are initially getting into the Q & A session. If you recall, a year or so ago the date of a question was observable in the queue, then Trulia removed the date and now the date of origin is only viewable when the question is opened. And here we are. Many of you commented regarding this Trulia change.
Adding yet another dimension of confusion is Truila choice to display responses by ranking/rating/date makes it more difficult to determine if a thread is active. For instance there is one active thread here on Trula with over 11,000 responses. It just might have some age to it. But Mack keeps it alive along with others and the thread is relevant.

Be aware, the new rules of SEO is activity...of any KING.
I suspect we are all too willing to throw each other under the bus.
We are but puppets on a string and the ones providing the validity.

Best of success to you,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group, Palm Harbor, Fl
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Sometimes, for some strange reason, old questions are "resurrected", and show up on the main dashboard. Agents don't look at the dates, and don't realize that the questions are old.
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Alan May, Real Estate Pro in 60201
Since this question is nearly 24 hours old, I hope I'm not violating the rules.

When I first began on Trulia, I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize the questions had dates. I'M GUILTY AS CHARGED!

I think Debbie Rose nailed it!
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1. they don't realize they are answering old questions
2. they don't care they are answering old questions
3. they want increased points for their vip status
4. they like to see their words in print - we realtors do like to talk! :)
5. they think repeating what has already been said multiple times......even if it was said in the somehow valuable to their online image
6. they want to see their smiling face on the list of response

quite frankly - I'd rather read a NEW answer to an old qestion (and one that doesn't just say CALL ME to someone who was asking about a specific house 3 years ago) than read the same response for the tenth time in a row (unless an opinion was asked for, in which case multiple(similar) opinions might have some value to the poster).
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Because they're new to the site and want to use it, and those are questions that appeal to them.
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I agree with Debbie, but I wish those that originally ask a question would give feed back and the outcome of the direction they took. Just like you did Chad.
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I agree with Debbie, but I wish those that originally ask a question would give feed back and the outcome of the direction they took. Just like you did Chad.
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"Thanks" to everyone who added input to this string. There were some good points made, as well a couple funny responses. Now when I see a four year old question resurrected, I can reflect on the responses I read in this string and smile knowingly.

Chad Gray, Realtor
Luxury Living Fort Lauderdale
Coldwell Banker
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I usually never pay attention to the date the question was asked so I am probably guilty of having answered old questions--I usually start at the top of the list and peruse until I see a question that "speaks" to me to answer.
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We're just noobs or some other dismissive pejorative.

I'm kidding, of course. I am guilty as charged.

I don't mind being the odd man out on this. There is value in updating information in the archive. My reasons for updating information here:

If you, the agent, stumbled on an answer that was four years old, it is possible consumers are doing that, too?

There are many questions that are answered fully and adequately. Then, there are many that are not.

Another thing: How many of us have complained the buyer has been sitting on the sidelines (for years)? I know I have. Well, someone who has been looking for years is still in the market, aren't they? These responses are not like the magnets with calendars that get handed out. The date on the question isn't an expiration date.

As a consideration to other agents, I write "UPDATE" on my responses when I answer something that is older than one year. There can't be any mistaking what I am up to.

I have other reasons, too. Call me quirky. Call me bored. Even call me pedantic. Buyers call me.

Thanks for asking, Chad.
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Linda (hi!)

As per usual - I agree with your comments, especially the part where you agree with me!!!!!


Have a great day!
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I think it is more than a handful of agents that answer questions that are outdated. However, as others below have said, the site brings up questions from the past when you answer similar questions. I will say that not all questions are created equal and just because a question is "old" does not make it useless. Often old questions still are left unanswered or still have value in today's market. Now the ones that simply ask for help on a 3 bedroom 2 bath home from 3 years ago...that is a different story.
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I have caught myself doing just that. What happens is that when you answer a question on Trulia, the site grabs keywords and creates a pop-up of similiar questions. I have clicked on a similiar question to answer that one and realized the pop-up linked to a question years ago. I think this is how some very old questions get resurrected by the programming structure within this site.
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I think most of them are not aware of the date associated with the question, others may consider answering ANY question a way of exposure. Imagine, right this minute a home buyer is googling the same question that was asked on Trulia 2 years ago. If there is a current answer, the search engine may just pop it to the 1st page of the search results.... Just a thought. Now, watch - there will be even more resurrections !
Best of luck.
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I find it mystifying... but maybe they're trying to get VIP status. However, I think in most cases you're wasting your time unless you post something informative within 24 hours of the original post.

The latest studies indicate within 15 minutes of an inquiry is when an agent is most likely to get a positive response.

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