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Why are some realtors RUDE if another realtor is callling you about their listing? (They act like they don't have time to answer the questions)

Asked by Joseph Merrell, Huntsville, AL Sat Aug 14, 2010

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Too bad the sellers do not know how their agents act toward other agents and how that can impact the sellers' showings or contracts.
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Deborah Madey, Real Estate Pro in Brick, NJ
While I don't condone rudeness, I can see why some listing agents are getting a little fed up with some of the calls they receive from buyer agents. I AM!!! Every time I stick a sign in the ground I get these questions (FROM AGENTS!!!):
- What's the listing price?
- How long has the property been on the market?
- Is there a lock box?
- Do you have a disclosure package?
- Are you under contract yet?
- What is the lowest price the seller will accept? (give me a freaking break...)
With the exception of the last question, I've never been asked a question by a buyer's agent that wasn't answered in the listing. EVER. When I get the 15th or 16th call in a single day with stupid questions like these, I'm amazed by the depth of my patience.
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They're telling you indirectly that they don't need/want your business, and I'm happy to give them what they asked for.
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I don't find that where I am, possibly because I work in a "small town" type area and everyone either knows everyone or is related to them. Even when I list a home outside of my area the agents are pretty friendly, although some have expressed mild annoyance when one of their neighbors or sphere lists with me. I just try to be as nice and friendly as I can and ignore people with an attitude. Who needs them, I'm not in high school anymore.
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Excellant responses. In this community of real estate professionals, rudeness in not an acceptable response!

However, it is very difficult to know why others respond as they do. I have been guilty of associating rudeness to one whose life existed in chronic pain. Now, I see what was previously rude, as heroric in all measures.

When showing the 7th house of the day, an agent may call me for the location of the lock box or CBS code although they are clearly recorded in the showing instructions. If I were in their shoes, I want the agent I call to be understanding and provide the information rather than blurt, "It's in the showing instructions. Can't you read?"

We are all busy. We are all pressed to the wall with the amount of work required to close every transaction. Each of us press our shoulders against the ever increasing weight of responsibilities and expectations of our clients and community. Even under such stress, we need to be vigilant that opportunities to encourage and refresh those we encounter are not neglected. Offer fresh cool water at every opportunity and fresh cool water will be returned.

Just be nice.

Annette Lawrence
ReMax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
727. 420. 4041
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I believe in the laws of reciprocity. Treat others are you want to be treated. Sometimes realtors who are super busy forget how it was when they were out in the trenches. I always try to take the time to answer realtors matter how silly. One of my pet peeves is when realtors ask questions that are often right in the MLS comments if they would just read them.
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What goes around, comes around. If you find an agent that is rude, they won't last long. Real estate sales is a joint effort, even if we don't like the other agent in the transaction we need to keep our professionalism high. I agree that the high road.
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Unfortunately, we sometimes encounter rude and unprofessional agents in our industry. It's beyond frustrating when others stand in their own way of being successful and serving their clients needs, but it happens. Continue to take the high road and you'll come out on top. :)
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I think another reason too is that we are independent contractors. If most agents out there behaving like this worked in a corporate setting with a boss and a management structure, they would never get away with it. There is something about the way we are all sort of on the loose out there that brings out the best in those of us who are professional and sincere and honest by nature, and the worst in those who really should be closely supervised but aren't.
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This is the part of the business I just don't understand. I have worked in many industries and have found this to be the rudest when it comes to interaction amongst ourselves. I hate rude people. The "I am better than you" mentality is alive and well in the real estate profession.

I have only sold in my area for 3 years, of course I have sold in other areas for many more. Last year I called an agent who's listing I was writing up. (She is a long time agent in my area.) I called and introduced myself and who I was with and that I would like to know how she wanted to receive my offer. You know what she said to me? "I don't know you" - I thought to myself oh, geez Louise here we go, some old battle axe going to give me some attitude! I couldn't help it - I just said, "I don't know you either" - lol! I think she got the point. I do not tolerate this behavior!
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I agree with Deborah on this point for sure - meant to say so when I responded before - perhaps the sellers can simulate the experience by taking the time to talk to references. I always proactively offer to provide them and often sellers and buyers will say that there is no need. Do it, talk with people who have experience with the person you are entrusting with your largest asset!
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Good response DP2 - I've had a few instances in which calls to my broker's office were handled rudely and so I changed the contact # to my cell in all cases because I can control my own behavior. Any listing agent that handles inquiries regarding a property they've been hired to market in a rude of dismissive fashion is missing the mark. Make an note to yourself so you can swing by when that listing expires - it likely will.
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Thank you for reading my thought bubble. I was too afraid to say this out loud, good for you! I have had my share of Debby downers and the well, you get the picture. I can only make a judgment call on the fact that most agents are so stressed. I know I am feeling the pinch in these crazy times, but what keeps me grounded is that I may need or work with agent again, and boy do I want to make sure they don't hate me. Keep your chin up and the next time an agent gives you the what for, just call them out on it and remind them that you both may work together one day. They may get the message.
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I find this in NYC, though it is not the norm. Here it is usually greed; they are hoping for a direct deal rather than a co-broke. Others are just divas. But again, this is not the norm. Mostly we all "play nicely" as we are al colleagues and need and help each other.
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Well put, Stephanie. I think, in this case, it is an exception and not the rule.
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