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Which company is best for a New Real Estate Agent between Keller Williams VS EXIT VS Century 21? Please only the differences,I dont need recruitment.

Asked by Steven Ybarra, 78248 Fri Jul 15, 2011

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It may depend on your neighborhood. Who is the dominant player on your block?
Who's gaining ground, who's losing ground?
Who's adding agents, who's losing agents?
Who's old school who's schooling the old schoolers?

If you are new ...all will tell you they have ask to see their training room.
Ask to see their class schedule. Ask about costs to take each class.

If you believe in transparency ask if you can see this year's P&L so you know how the office is holding up.

Be cautious about what the brokers tell you. Ask to see what contracts they will make you sign.
I like the broker who told me that I would be 100% day one, but I needed to pay hime $26,000 in office rent,
Plus 6% royalty fee on every transaction with no cap, and $25/month for the office party fund, and $75/month for E&O, and X for this and X for that....heck I might have been better off with a 50% split if I didn't have to pay for all his expenses. If they tell you things like they have relocation business, ask how much of that can you expect. Ask the agents around the office how much of that business they get and how it is divided. If they tell you they get X # of broker leads, ask how they get it and how it is distributed and ask the agents if the numbers hold true.

Check the link below for a list of questions you might ask each broker.

I'm with KW, so now a little biased but always open to hearing what the other guys have to offer.
I looked hard at Exit, but felt something was missing, and not sure the growth is there.
The revenue sharing is interesting, but in the end if the broker doesn't profit they won't stay in business
and your downline will leave you have to be convinced the office is profitable and will remain
One thing I am really keyed up about at KW is eEdge, which is our new technology lead generation
platform. If you don't have a sponsor and decide to join KW, put me down as your sponsor
and I'll give you some great coaching for FREE on how to get pumped up and generating leads
with eEdge. This should be the number one focus for new agents....generating business.
Number two is training.

I was with Pru for 8 years, and so glad I made the switch. It was a great company at the time, but
a little old school for me. Ownership also made a difference. Deal making created anomosity amoung many of the agents. I don't have ill will towards them, just a different model than where we are now.

Best wishes for your success with whoever you decide to join. If I can help you in any way, please feel free to call or email.
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Bruce Lynn, Real Estate Pro in Coppell, TX
If you like both brokers, I'm going to go with KW. I am with Prudential Kansas City Realty and that was best for me. Since you are asking about KW and Exit, I'm going with Keller Williams because they have a great internet presence, good reputation and training. I read 'Shift' the book written by Gary Keller and am very impressed with his insight. I virtually know many agents from KW via Active Rain and they all speak highly of the national real-life meetings and seminars.

The brand name is not nearly as important as the individual agent. The agent is the one who does the actual work. Whichever company gives the agent the most of what they want/need from a company is the right one for that agent.
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If you want to succeed, KW hands-down. Go elsewhere and be one of the 90% who leaves the business within 12 months.
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I would base my decision as a new agent on my experience with interviewing other new agents at each company. The recruiters are going to tell you what you want to hear, but you want to make sure there is follow through. Training is critical for new agents. My next criteria would be which office is doing volume and what opportunities would be presented to a new agent. Best
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Howdy Steven,

Not sure why you did not consider the #1 company in the world who sells more real estate than any other company out there. You may want to discover the "Unfair Advantage" you get being with RE/MAX. Just go to and put vs. any of the companies you mentioned and see who dominates the web! This leads to more opportunities and more "free" leads off our websites. I have been with the RE/MAX organization since 1991 and also started with C-21 back in1988. If you want to be successful surround yourself with the best in the biz! Not trying to recruit, just stating what I learned at a young age. Some RE/MAX companies do not take agents that have not proven themselves nor offer training. My broker (Kate Keating) has a different philosophy and will invest in those who show promise.

I would be more than glad to answer any questions you may have about RE/MAX and even introduce you to Kate. Feel free to give me a call on Saturday. 520-0900

Have a blessed weekend,

Ron Mersinger, ABR, PNG
RE/MAX North - San Antonio
210-520-0900 direct
RE/MAX Hall of Fame Member
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I highly suggest going to interview with each of them and let them tell you directly what they have to offer. Each of those brokerage models are very different with different compensation plans, training, support, fees, etc. Just make an appointment with them and spend an hour listening to their pitch, you'll get a feel for the place in addition to what they have to offer.
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You mention that you're not local to where you will be practising Real Estate. I was in the same boat. My sphere of influence (SOI) was not local and I was concerned about being able to create a book of business that would sustain me. I had a friend in Real Estate and she gave me a list of questions to ask the broker and what kind of answers I should be looking for and why. I did interview with Century 21, Re/Max, Prudential, Long and Foster (Keller and Exit were not in the area when I started). I chose Century 21 because of not only the training, but the broker's philosophy towards agents and customers. They mirrored how I felt. Your broker sets the tone for the office and agents. Make sure your outlooks are the same as well as the opportunity to succeed. Although I have since listened to the recruitment talks by Keller and Exit and I, too, read and loved the book "Shift", I remain with Century 21. It's the best fit for me. We also have different commission splits from 50% to 100% but your expenses are all your own with the 100% so be careful. I don't recommend that for a new agent but once you get rolling, make sure you calculate ALL your costs - whether company paid or your own and what would change with a different split. Talk to not only the top agents of the company, but the lower producers, too. You'll get a good overall feel for the company that way.
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Weichert and C-21 are known for having good training programs for new agents
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This is a tough question Steven. This has been my dilema for the past 7 years. I even got my Broker's license so I can be on my own only to realize that I need a name brand to support my name. At the end of the day, you will be generating most of your leads. This is a fact. A lot of times my leads wanted to go with the known names in the market, be it Keller Williams, Re/Max, Coldwell Banker or local name brand like JB goodwin in Austin Texas.

Good luck deciding.
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there is no clear answer this. It all depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a company.
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1. The tools they have available to them are different. Have an agent from each company explain to you what tools their company provides for marketing your home and what tools they pay for out of their own pocket to bring into the marketing toolbox.
2. The individual - moreso than the Broker, the individual agent with whom you embark upon this journey of selling your home needs to be full-time, professional, have a ton of marketing that they can bring to the table, have a proven track record of completed sales in the last 90 days, and have the energy level and resources to stay on top of the market at the peak of our Summer heat in July/August/September. This is a rough time to enter the market. The North in January and the South in August are dreadful due to weather conditions. Too much heat is just as bad as too much cold. And, we have tax-free weekend, back-to-school activities, and the end-of-Summer vacations that make staying on track with home showings by motivated buyers harder to do.

Personally, I moved from Century 21 to RE/MAX in 2009 because I found that, after almost a decade of selling homes, most of the people I actually closed homes with were from RE/MAX Dallas Suburbs. I wanted to work with like-minded agents who focused on being top-producing agents, and not just making a living. Look for that mindset in the person you choose to list the home.

Have a blessed day!
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Here is the most honest answer you're going to get: I interviewed with RE/MAX & C21 when I first started 4 years ago, and have been recruited by Exit. I am very self-driven and really wanted to join RE/MAX starting out because I knew they were the best and figured I could do well without too much supervision or a bunch of training crammed down my throat, but could get it as I saw fit. I have since attained my ABR, CDPE, and CRS (the "Masters Degree" of real estate). Brand recognition is very important. I have been very lucky and am very happy with my same RE/MAX office today. Now having said that, the answer is Keller Williams. They even say they are an education company first and a Real Estate Company second. I have read most of Gary Keller's books including Shift, Millionaire Real Estate Agent, Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and Flip and I have seen him speak in Dallas in April of 2009 and I have the utmost respect for him. So cut your teeth at Keller Williams for a year, then when you're ready to step it up to the only company that can say Nobody in the World Sells More Real Estate (and we have won a lawsuit to prove it), only then, give RE/MAX a try. The average RE/MAX agent sells 13.5 homes a year, the next competitor Coldwell Banker sells 7.3 homes a year. Also, if a brokerage has 116,985 agents selling only 5.6 homes a year (with a 60% split I believe, by the way) is that really that good (these are Century 21's numbers)? I don't believe so personally. And not to brag, but just so you know I know what I'm talking about, I have already sold 14 homes this year (and it's July). Nuff said! Wherever you go, do your best, learn as much as you can, and make us proud to call you a colleague. Best of luck Steven!

Justin Werner, CRS, ABR, CDPE
Certified Residential Specialist
Accredited Buyer Representative
Certified Distressed Property Expert
RE/MAX Exclusive

And now just to inject some levity and fun into this thread you have GOT TO watch this: Go to and type 'RE/MAX is Wack' or just click the link below. "I sold 3 with ease". LOL!
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Hello Steven,

You will want to meet with your local offices. I am currently a KW agent here in the Austin area. This is where KW got started and it's a fantastic organization with incredible support. Anybody can license and open their own branch with all of these companies so it really depends on who is running the operation.

Take the time to meet with all of the companies you are considering and make your decision from there. See how well you can merge with their cultures and the way they do business.

Real Estate is an exciting and career and always remember you get out of it what you put into it. Establishing a strong foundation at the very beginning will determine if you end up becoming a part time agent or somebody in it for the long haul.

Best of luck to you.

Don Groff
REALTOR® | Mortgage Broker
Keller Williams Realty | 360 Lending Group
o.512.669.5599 m.512.633.4157
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First, I'd like to wish you great luck in your new career. I hope you will find a career in real estate as rewarding as I have for the past many years.
I'd like to throw another option your way and that is to consider a brokerage that is not part of a 'big box' company. Perhaps there is a smaller, independent firm in your home area that you should also check out to compare and contrast with. You very well might find a difference that is a "better fit" as well as providing you with the necessary guidance and tools as you work towards fulfilling your business plan.

Again, good luck!
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Let me expand a bit on my answer. When I began with EXIT all I heard was "EXIT? I never heard of them." Or "EXIT? What kind of a name is that?" Well, what kind of a name is Google? Yet today it is the most recognizable name in the world and has even become a verb, as in "to 'google' someone". And EXIT is growing faster than any other 'brand' I know of.

As far as one-on-one time, that is up to the individual broker. At my office we have individual one on one meetings with our broker at least once a year to set our goals and make a business plan to help us achieve those goals. We also have a master mind group that meets every Tuesday from 5:00 - 6:30 pm. And we have office meetings twice a month that are packed with information, marketing strategies and so on. And you are correct, the training provided by Corporate is phenomenal.

Personally I never understood the concept of 'mentorship' and most of the people I know who went through it were disappointed. My broker is my mentor and I don't have to give him half of my commission in order to avail myself of his expertise. And I don't have to depend on my broker to provide me with leads, I get all my buyer leads because that is the EXIT system and we don't do floor time. I currently have 18 listings and none of those leads came through my broker or my corporate office. Trust me, you will find your own source of leads. FSBOS, Expired listings, sphere of influence, just listen to your broker and you won't need to have leads spoon fed to you.
But above all that remember, when building your sphere of influence, your clients are hiring YOU, not EXIT, not Keller Williams, not even ReMax, they are hiring YOU!

So, let me finish by saying you should find a company that will encourage you to be the best YOU you can possibly be! I feel I have found that with EXIT which is why I speak so highly of them. These people aren't just my colleagues, they are my friends and my support system. I can go to them for advice, for a good laugh, or even just because I am having a rough day (whether personal or business) and find some comfort and support. We really are a family and THAT is difficult to find.
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I see that you've given this a lot of thought--and that's good because it shows that you take your career opportunities seriously. If you are truly as motivated as you say you are, you'll probably do well at any company. However, if you want to be successful not just in your business but in your life then Keller Williams is the place for you to be. Our mission is: To build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living. Our priorities are in order and the training helps make those priorities a reality. I would welcome the opportunity to show you around our market center to see our operation first-hand and to tell you about our contract, lead generation, motivation, technology and numerous other classes that really keep us on track and propel us forward! We're high energy and, with your motivation, would love for you to join our team! Hope to see you at the top!
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Thanks everyone for all your great input. Initally I asked the orignal question with the a limited amount of characters. I want you all to know prior to my question I did interview all three compaines at length. I am highly motivatedperson strong communication and selling skills, I say this so you get a feel of the kind person I am.

Everyone at the offices where genuiely very nice and happy with a good work enviorment. I also have research hours into the compaines online. So far it seems like EXIT has the best potential interms of second income with less fees, but Keller with less in profit share has the BRAND NAME . How important is the Brand Name?. Century 21 seems to have more leads and one on one time w/ mentorship, then EXIT with the one on one time. Keller has it at cost. Keller seems the have the best software. All have training.

The profit sharing and risdual programs are great, being the salesman I am, I could easily point many features of both compaines to my enjoyment, and is why I'm indescive. I must admit peoples intrest in recruiting makes it little hard to tell why people speak so highly of the companies although I know there all great compaines.

How cruical is having the brand name I'm not from here, so I have to build a sphere of influence? I understand these are all excellent compaines! Thanks for all your pass coments and future, I look forward to perhaps working with you all!
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I am a new agent and went through the recruitment process and went and spoke to many offices. I spoke with all three of the ones you mentioned and I liked what each had to offer. They are all good companies.

I ultimately decided on JB Goodwin. It is a lessor known agency in San Antonio but it is a major agency in Austin.. I liked the fact that i didn't have to pay a huge "desk" fee every month. Plus they pay for all your signs, marketing and the overall feel was just a better fit for me.

Im by no means trying to recruit.. just putting it out there that you should talk to each one. Go in there with a list of questions and really get a feel for the broker or manager in charge. Good Luck! and if you have any questions feel free to call... like I said Im new myself and went through the whole process not to long ago.

Maegan Olguin
JBGoodwin Realtors
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Revenue Share vs. Profit Share.. vs No Share... that's one difference. Another one.. are you in the business to build a career and an actual business for yourself or simply hope to get enough leads handed to you and be told you have to promote everything about that broker instead of making it more about you and your business?

If you want to know the truth, most of the top producing agents in the nation all have read AND FOLLOWED the advice on one book "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent". Read it and you'll know why. Then look at who's the author and what and whom that book represents; then you may see a clear cut answer. Btw.. i've been to 2 of the 3 options you mentioned; so I can speak for experience.

Give me a shout and I'll give you a free tour so you can see for yourself.

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What office are u at? I am trying to decide...
Flag Wed Sep 3, 2014
I have taught real estate agents. I have managed a real estate office. I havesold C21 franchises. To answer your question, interview the BROKERS; not the managers. If a Broker won't interview you, try another company. Ask the Broker " What kind of marketing program and budget do you have? Do you have a relocation dept.? How many personnel? Do you have a marketing dept.? How many personnel? Do you have an IT dept.? How many personnel? Do you have a UTUBE CHANNEL? Do you have a training dept.? How many instuctors? Do you have a computer lab.? Do you have a professionalphotographer? Do you have fre long distance? How many agents? What is their average annual income? Howbig is your annua lmarketing budget? How much will this cost me every month?

Now that you know the questions to ask, and to whom to ask them? THEN you will know the right answer.

By the way, that is how I chose Coldwell banker D'Ann Harper. DON'T take my word for it. You do the home work.

Good Luck,

J. Michael Voulgaris C.R.E.I.
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It depends, doesn't it?

On what, you may ask? Well, upon your needs, for one thing. Upon the broker, the office manager, the specific office policies, and the office culture.

Most people are happy where they are, and most of us can't really imagine how anyone else wouldn't love it as much as we do. Most of us left where we were for good reasons, and have to dig deep to find some positives to offer about the place!

People have gone to each of these fine companies, and they've left these fine companies. The best thing you can do, Steven, is to talk the managers, and see how you like the places.

All the best,
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Please do not be offended if I am brutally honest with you:
I am in California, I have no axe to grind, and I have not worked for any of the Chains which you mentioned.
You are asking other people their OPINIONS about where you will be working.
This is exactly the type of research that a Realtor does for a living. If you aren't willing to do your own work for something this important, what are you going to do when you have to go prospecting for clients?

I'll clue you, that every Office is Independent, so if you have 3 Century 21 offices near you, then each one will have it's strengths and weaknesses.

My suggestion would be to go to the local MLS meetings, (probably weekly) and meet other Agents and do your dilligence.

We see a lot of Agents "butterfly" from one office to the next: They get a generic e-mail address so that they do not have to change it everytime they switch offices. And then they send out postcards to all of their CONTACTS telling them that they switched offices, AGAIN.

Take it for what it's worth; do your own dilligence!

Good luck and may God bless
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EXIT hands down! I have been with EXIT for 5 years and I wouldn't work anywhere else. I interviewed with Century 21 and they can't even come close to matching my commission split let alone provide the level of support I get from my broker and the corporation! And there is absolutely NO residual income. I haven't interviewed with Keller Williams but my understanding is their 'residual income' is based on profit sharing while EXIT bases theirs on individual agent production. The brokerage can actually have a loss for the year and you still get every penny of your residual income for recruiting! And you get it as the deals close! Each and every time one closes, no waiting, no fuss, no muss! If you would like you can call me and I will be happy to tell you my experience with EXIT privately. I can be reached at 201-602-4458. Suzanne
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Hi Steven,

Each office within those brands operate independently. So your experience at one Century 21 office, can easily vary from another Century 21 office... same goes for the other companies you've mentioned.

I would recommend getting a feel for each company's training program, and hopefully they have a strong mentorship program... where you will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a more experienced agent. Distance to where you currently live might play a big part in narrowing down your choices.... since you will probably be spending a lot of time at the office initially, learning the ropes.

At the end of the day, your success will ultimately depend on you... regardless of what company you associate yourself with.

Hope this helps... and see you in the field! It's a Jungle out there.. haha

Randy P.
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I worked at both... and now that I know what I know... and I have been an agent for 15 years... I started my career at C-21, then started my own company, and ended up at Keller Williams.

For me... Keller Williams was the clear cut winner... Now I will NEVER go anywhere else!

For a new agent.. Keller is the way to go for a million and one reasons... I'd be more than happy to go over all of it with you over the phone if you would like... far too much to type.

Jason C Campbell
Realtor / Loan Officer
Keller Williams Realty
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