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Ryan Smith, Real Estate Pro in Murrieta, CA

When representing a buyer, do you attend the property inspection?

Asked by Ryan Smith, Murrieta, CA Wed Oct 20, 2010

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Yes, I attend all inspections whether I represent the buyer or the seller. If there is a problem it is important to have first hand knowledge. Furthermore attendance at the inspection lends moral support to your client, shows you care, and demonstrates the importance you give the transaction.
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Every time!
Should remediation be needed, you really need to know where and what the problem is. This is the acceptable time in your real estate experience to bring out the jeans. Yep, I will climb the ladder, crawl the attic or squeeze behind the wall to get a real understanding of the situation and even more importantly, to understand what a proper repair would look like. Too often the inspector and the repair agent use differing lexicons leading to a real false hope of repair.

Yes, it would be easier and even advisable to let the buyer and the inspection agent handle this between themselves. It may be just me, but I think it part of the "full" many agents use to describe the level of service they provide.

Annette Lawrence
ReMax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, Fl
727. 420. 4041
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If you as the buyer's agent are not at the home, who is granting access to the home? It would seem they need to be accompanied by someone who has a right to be there - that get's back to Mack's answer. I have not found a listing agent who will hang out for an inspection. I have had listing agents come by - wanting to be sure that I was there.

While you may get away with leaving during the inspection if the home is vacant, if you opened the house, you are responsible for those who are in it, and making sure it is secured upon completion of the inspection. The inspector is part of the buyer's side of the deal - I just don't see how you, as the buyer's agent, can not be there. And if I am an informed buyer, I expect you as my agent to be there.
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When I was first licensed, I was advised not to attend to avoid liability for what may have been missed. I largely ignored this advice and have attended the majority of my buyer’s inspections. I find it helpful in understanding what the report states and allows me to present the issues to the listing agent more credibly.
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As an inspector, I like for the client to be there at least. I like to do a walk through with them after my physical inspection is finished and show them the defects that I have found. The agent really does not have to be there because I really am working for the buyer but I usually send a copy of my report to the agent if the buyer/client gives approval, which he usually does.
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I always attend I can't understand an agent that would not. There are many things you can deal with when you attend these inspections, why wouldn't you?
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Yes...always. If there are issues to be explained to the seller and the seller's agent, I want to be clear about what the issue is. I also want to ensure that some over zealous inspector doesn't scare my buyers away from a property. They sometimes point out a small or easily-fixed issue and make it sound much more serious than it is. I find it helps to be there and put the problem into perspective by questioning "Just what would it take to fix this."
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Those inspections are like 3 to 4 hours long. Most of the time, you will be on your blackberry because the client is with the professional at that time, which is the home inspector, who your client HIRED to check the house out in the first place. You are the expert in representing him / her on the real estate part.

I do agree on some people who say they want to be there to know about major problems. But most of the time, over the years, you build a solid reputation with the home inspector that you are dealing with. He / she will let you know if there are any major concerns to prevent the buyer from removing their inspection contingencies.

Thats just my two cents...

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My legal says, one of three parties must be there: the home owner, an agent from the listing brokerage, or an agent from the selling brokerage.

I vote for, the agent from the selling brokerage.
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Just reading everybody's answer to this question and I thought you should know that you might ask your legal about this. I used to go to every inspection until I was informed that we should not be there. I was advised by legal not to attend. Also, your teachers in GRI clasess and continuing education. Inspections are not your expertise and you should not be a part of it! Let's say you are at the inspection and the inspector misses something big. How do you think your buyer is going to feel about you knowing you were there?
Again, ask your legal.
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I stop the home by to make sure all is well, then get out of the way and let the inspector work his magic.
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Yes, I attend the property inspections of my buyers. It helps show my clients that I am here in every step of the transaction and will continue to long after the sale.
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Yes, I always attend the entire home inspection when representing the buyer. Many of my customers are from out of town and cannot always be here for the inspection. I stay the entire time 3-4 hours. I have learned a lot about homes and different aspects of a home by attending as well.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor, Sandals Realty, Punta Gorda, FL
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I always attend. I might not stay for the entire 3-4 inspection, but I always come back for the end. That way I can discuss the report with the inspector and the buyer.
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I stop by to make sure all is going well. I have been taught that if I attend an inspection I am not to say a word. Once I say anything about the furnace or central air or "what about this? I always thought it should work this way...." I am considered an expert and can be liable for any problems relating to the inspection later on. I was taught to take a book, sit outside and say almost nothing.
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Absolutely. It helps me understand the issues standing on the home inspection report.
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I would say so! You will be aware first hand and be able to assist your buyer in addressing and assist in resolving any issues. Especially if you are a buyers agent!
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Be careful! A growing complaint from inspectors in my area is that some agents interfere with the inspection process by hovering over the inspector while they do their job or attempting to complete on-the-spot repairs and request an immediate re-inspection. Several inspectors have asked that they be provided access and then be left alone until the conclusion of the inspection, at which time they will brief anyone present on their findings. As a buyer's or listing agent I always show up for the brieifing at the conclusion of the inspection, but don't believe it's a good use of my time to wait around for 2 to 3 hours while the inspector does his work.
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Yes, if at all possible. The easiest way for me to understand issues with the property for better explanation to my client.
Lora Elliott -
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Absolutely......the best way to be effective and represent a customer is to be as informed as possible. Attending the inspection is often an avenue that leads to helping to avoid problems down the road.

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Of course, why wouldn't you?
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Yes, of course! I If I didn't attend an inspection I certainly wouldn't be able to say I represented my buyer!
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Absolutely. As a buyers agent just as if you were a listing agent, you want first hand knowledge of what is wrong, how bad it is, how easy it will be to fix and how much it will cost. It makes it easier to speak with the correct person to work out anything that may need attention.
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