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What does Social Media Mean to you and your Business?

Asked by Inhouse Lender, 95125 Mon Jan 18, 2010

Is anyone taking this serious, meaning are you using this as just another tool or a real way to connect with people and the community. I would like to hear feedback from agents, buyers if any want to contribute also are welcome. Is Social Media just another Buzzword as Web 2.0 was. I remember Trulia Q&A being part of the web 2.0, and agents came and went just as i see some realtors coming and going in Social Media. But what i haev seen to be a good trend is that the people that do stay dedicated actually do contribute. Just wanted to get some discussion going successes, failures, resources, tips etc................

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Interesting question,

I believe it is still a theoretical debate. There have been no tangible data put forth as of yet. Not that I have read or experienced. Sure, there are some hits and misses from Trulia or Activerain, to use 2 examples, but how could I say, with any authority, that I would not have met the same number of prospects when I run the trail.

We Realtors must be frank and admit we are the biggest group of marketing scheme suckers on the planet.

Referrals and partnering is where most of our business comes from. That's undeniable! Relationships are the core and , I guess, we will eventually learn the finer points of building them online. LOL comes to mind as an extreme example. I hear relationships can start there, online in the 2.0.

Looking forward to this threads possibilities! Thanks Inhouse lender.

Don't forget to 'friend me' on Facebook, Twitter and my Fan my blog and comment! ;oP

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Social media has been a large key to my success.


You need to be persistent, consistent and provide content that is interesting to your target market.

You need to educate yourself on the best ways to brand yourself and your business to allow social media to help you.

Social media is only a forum. It is up to you to use this forum efficiently and to your best interest;

My blog brought me 4 transactions and 2.8mm in settlements last year. Is social media worth it.

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Social media has been very helpful in building our business – sites like have been critical to our business and the results speak for themselves. HOWEVER … it does not remove the need for the “normal” practices that must be followed day-in-day-out – I see many agents focus on social media at the expense of the normal practices that must be followed to build a successful business. It’s not either-or, it’s both-and.
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Thanks for all the answers it is good to hear all the different perspectives. I have been sold on the internet as a way to interact and meet people, as well as lead generation for a long time now. I haven't recently received leads or clients from trulia, but i really dont come here for leads. I think Trulia is a way to give back a little bit of your experience and expertise, it does help like i mentioned earlier and as Michael pointed out with that Celebrity factor. But i think its more about building part of my identity as a professional, and if nothing else just talking shop with other agents. Sometimes i am amazed at what is taking place around us, and want to share some of that with other like minded agents.

I will say that utilizing Social Media to spread or market your self is the future, like any other Medium you will still have to bring content. Trulia is a great example of this, how many times do you see agents come in here after some seminar they went to and spam every question in there area. That doesnt work in real life and it doesnt work on the internet. This only further alienates yourself from buyers and agents, these agents missed the message. I doubt the top Trulia agents spend as much time as they do answering questions with quality answers on here for leads only.

I will say this, Facebook in my opinion is the fastest growing Social Media site and the site that most impresses me with its ability to have people opt in to hear what you have to say. Utilizing a Facebook page is one of the best tools that i am working on personally. I just started to use Facebook personally more and more and reconnect with family and friends daily. It is changing the way people communicate. I started my Facebook Page yesterday and already have up to 50+ fans and to me that is great but if i cant communicate and bring content, or my posts start to feel like spam they will opt out. It is real time feedback on whether your message is being delivered correctly.

A Broker recently contacted my page and asked me to save a deal for them, i will have there approval by the end of the week. Facebook brought that lead to me, and i know i will be able to help more people in the same manner. I am really excited to utilize and fine tune all these outlets we have in 2010.

Twitter is ok and if used correctly with your Facebook page is just another outlet to spread yourself out into the world. I haven't utilized or spent a lot of time on there but i do really appreciate some of the content from other agents there that i follow. Fellow Trulia agents on there, and Trulia itself provide me with daily articles and updates that keep it easy for me to get my daily fix of Real Estate and Mortgage News and topics.
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Social media has certainly become a buzzword but I believe it is the way of the future if not already the present. I think we have no choice but to embrace it. Print is going by the wayside and our postcards probably end up in the garbage 99% of the time. You are right that consistency in anything is the key. We should have multiple sources of lead generation, but none of them work if you don't keep at it.
Thanks for starting an interesting discussion. I think the key to online connections though is that they then have to lead to something real. They are not an end in themselves. It's meeting the people, but then it's taking it to the next level to actually connect in real life and do business. Just my 2 cents. Actually, 3 cents, correcting for inflation. Wait, it's a down market, okay 2 cents.
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I think this is a great way to interact with other agents, potential contacts, and learn something besides.
The agents who are regulars are VERY knowledgeable and I REALLY enjoy there answers as they are usually very spot on with-in there fields of expertise. I not only have gotten leads from trulia, I also feel as Michael and you do that, if we do meet we are not strangers as we have gotten to know each other a bit through our postings and I believe next to personal contact this is a great way to interact in our profession.
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@ inhouse lender. Do you like that? I am learning. You make a great point. It is true that I would much rather know 'about' you before you shove your card in my face! :) I see the relevance in having a social media personality too. Your description reminds me of the old " don't you know so and so?". It helps create a familiarity that may otherwise not exist. A little 'celebrity' factor.

@Avenger: I suggest that you file complaints with the appropriate authorities in your state of Fl and your local County entities. This thread was started to discuss social media not as a medium for complaints.

Avenger, You could start your own discussion by posting a question as to where you can post your complaints to get the most visibility. Obviously, you were treated poorly and should make every effort to help notify / warn others. Having an authority make legal inquiries is a great start.

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Since the inception of 2.0 I've been on line. I know from experierence that it is the best way to get yourself out there.
I first experienced it when a client who was an early blogger wrote about me and another buyer contacted me from that blog.
Whe I was working at a small start up brokerage I used it to recruit agents and had the opportunity to have an agent that was relocating from another city contact me to hang her license with me. When we first met she knew who I was and what I stood for. She had made her decision to work me from her research.
Most forms of advertising that we do is to differentiate each of us and get our names out there.
Social media is a very important tool at this time. I feel it is more effective than direct mail or the glossy Land & Home magazines.
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Jed Lane; Fog…, Real Estate Pro in San Francisco, CA
I am very careful who I "friend" on any of the sites. I do use them though for name recognition if nothing else. So far all Facebook has done for me is to help me reconnect with family members who are far away. It is kind of fun but I don't see it as becoming a major source of leads for me.

Trulia I follow pretty closely and I have gotten a couple of good leads from Trulia.

I am not a huge fan of Twitter because I am too verbose to be very effective there.

I find Linkedin to be a good resource for referral business but not a good lead generation tool.

Do I think Social Media has a use, yes. Do I think it is going to be a good resource for business for me? Probably not other than name recognition. We are too small a community for there to be a lot of opportunity for leads from this resource. In larger Metro areas I can see where it might do more good.
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Thanks for the Contribution. From what i have watched and have been involved in is that although we could meet in a cafe or run into each other on the trail Trulia, Facebook, Twitter they lay the ground work in my opinion for being approachable. I think Social Media if used correctly is one of the truest form of branding you can get that actually works. Take this thread for example, we could run into each at a marketing meeting. But with this thread when i introduce myself in the meeting you might walk up after the meeting and say hey are you the same person that posts on Trulia. Instead of being the Loan Officer that is trying to push my card in your face, you may have already added me on facebook or twitter because of a post or comment i made on the internet. We already have common ground, and i think that is half the battle in any use of branding or marketing.
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