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Ann McGuire, Real Estate Pro in Philadelphia, PA

What do you think are the best ways to get Seller Leads?

Asked by Ann McGuire, Philadelphia, PA Sat Apr 13, 2013

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Ann, in response to your question about Adwords vs. Trulia & Zillow advertising, I have to be upfront and say that I don't get many leads from my Trulia Pro plan. I also don't have a big buy-in either, so I kinda expected that. As to whether or not I would give Adwords priority - it sort of depends.

Adwords is probably best used in conjunction with content marketing. Again, you could actually buy display ads on Trulia/Zillow/ (and I've seen agents that do that) but you are not going to get the concierge service that you get from Trulia's built-in lead you have to build that part on your own website.

For example, if you created the 365 blog posts and created the associated images, you could set up a campaign that rotates though those in the sidebar on these major real estate sites. The visitors wouldn't see the same image over-and-over again like I see the Capital One Mortgage ads and the ads. They might never see the same ad twice and with 365 different bits of info, you have a big chance of hitting a chord with them and getting a click-through to your site. Once you do that they are tagged for Remarketing everywhere.

Also, if you've bought an ad package with Trulia and the prospect converts to a lead through the standard system here, they might just uncheck everyone's box except yours because your face is most familiar.The trick is building the content.

As to my BEST method to earning leads...without any doubt it has to be networking. I've going to real estate investor meetings and participated and built relationships and earned more deals from that than anything else. I'm switching from that to content marketing because I want to sell higher-end homes from here on out.
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Wow, thank you for the great advice, Brian!
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I agree with Bill and support mandatory prison sentences for agents who door-knock and cold-call. It's demeaning to the profession and inefficient as a marketing method.
My best ways to get sellers:
1. Community involvement, support local events and organizations - get your logo out there (not your office's... YOURS)
2. Promote your current listings - For Sale signs remain the best effective and free advertising; Just Listed and Just Sold post cards in the neighborhood are also effective
3. Have an interesting web site: online is still not my best listing generator, but many prospects who meet you elsewhere will look on your site for evidence that you have experience with their type of property. And don't write stuff like "I'm passionate about real estate" or "I live and breath real estate." Online is a great opportunity to use the "don't tell me, show me" approach to introducing yourself. Use summaries of past listings and satisfied customer endorsements to prove why they should list with you.
I yield the soap box.
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Farming. You should choose an area where you should keep sending newsletters etc. Eventually, you will build up a recognition in this area and end up with seller leads... Good Luck!
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Definitely agree with both comments here!
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I agree! Make sure your farm has a high enough turnover rate though.
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The one that produces the results you want IS the best way.
ALL of the methods work, they don't work for everyone.
Simply because John and BILL are miserable failures when it comes to door knocking means NOTHING. They were FORCED to focus their activity to other venues.
If you have sufficient concern for your neighbors or those in any neighborhood, to bring to them a health wise message and opportunity, a fight obesity message, a meet your neighbor for our weekly sport walk,,, every door is open to you. How is this different than John's community involvement except it is up close and personal.
Too often I hear old crusties advising newbies to NOT DO the very thing that got them started on a successful real estate career.
Those who say 'Do not do' are certain to be infected with the 'IDWDT' syndrome. You should avoid becoming infected yourself. When one draws a line in the sand and says, "I Don't Want to Do That" they have set one boundary of their box.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
Palm Harbor University High School distirct
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It may seem counter-intuitive, but simply attracting buyers who are buying higher-end houses may be all that's needed to get a fair portfolio of listings. After all, someone who is in the beginning stages of buying a $500,000 house most likely already has a house.

Those sellers start looking at houses on the web a year or two in advance. Some they are looking at because they are trying to find the next place to live. Some they look at because they are trying to size their OWN house up against the competition.

If you can attract their eye and find a way to stand out, and have a method of re-engaging with them over time, they will come out of the wood work.

Content marketing is probably going to be the best resource on this. Video blog posts would probably be superior. Create 365 helpful video blog posts. Create 365 drip campaign emails that link to those posts. Have them go out every other day. Try to get people to sign up for the list. You now have a way to achieve top-of-mind consciousness for 2 full years.

From there you can repurpose the same content. Create a 300x250 image ad for each of the 365 blog posts. Plug them into an Adwords Remarketing campaign. Sit it to rotate evenly through all 365 ads. Once the seller-to-be gets to your website, Remarketing follows them around the web for 540 days rotating pictures ads (hopefully of your face) and calls to action driving them back to your site. Once they come back, that 540 days clock starts all over again. All of a sudden, when it comes time to sell...they know you better than anyone else. Unless Aunt Claudia is an agent.

Check the link below to see how to do this in "layers" so you don't over-do it.
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Ann - I posted a full reply above as this mini-reply box wouldn't take the text. It was too long.
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If you had a limited ad budget, would you choose Google Adwords over a website like Trulia, Zillow, or Realtor???
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Very interesting, thank you for all this info! Is this the best way you get leads?
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Pick a decent-sized neighborhood to farm and stick to it. Less than 300 homes is probably too small, 1000 is too big. I supplement mailings with door knocking, especially when I have a listing coming soon or after a listing is pending. You get to know the sellers and more often than not they'll give you lots of info because they want to be kept up-to-date on the market. If you're disciplined and consistent, you will find sellers who will list with you.

Best regards,

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Good idea! Thank you!
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- Drive traffic to lead capture page with postcards
- Send sellers to lead capture page with google adwords and facebook ads
- Send sellers to lead capture page with craigslist ads
- Record youtube videos and target keywords like "New Hope Real Estate Market"

My landing page is through boldleads which comes with the training that taught me how to drive the traffic. I'm getting 3-5 seller leads a day now, and more on weekends. If I call them right away, I convert 1 out of 10 to a listing appointment with the scripts from the site.
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Thank you Tom, that is very helpful of you!
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I can't believe people are still recommending "knocking on doors" as a business practice. There's just too much rick involved for me. But then I question the safety of kids standing along the highway for coin drops or car washes or going door-to-door selling cookies. Aren't people watching the news?

One of the often overlooked means of getting listing information is via the "open house." many neighbors attend open houses to see how their home compares in the event they wished to sell their property. In my opinion, there nothing wrong with asking, " If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling I'd be pleased to assist you."


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I agrees with Edyta,

In this age of web based marketing good old farming is still they way to go for seller leads.

I must admit I have been laxed on farming as I spend more time using web based marketing, which has resulting in my business shifting to primarily working with buyers.

Much Success to you!!!

Kawain Payne, Realtor
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Personally I have tried many different lead programs and all I get are buyers. I believe the best way is to get to know who is selling and start knocking on doors. Also, focusing on certain neighborhoods, streets, whatever and mail to them every 4-6 months. Keeps you on their mind when they are ready or know someone else who may want to sell. Door hangers are a nice touch too if you include something useful in your packet.
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Yes, I'm doing all the internet based advertising and am over my head with buyers!! It's great, but I was wondering how to get sellers. There are just so many buyers in this area and not enough homes!!
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Join organizations and get out and be around people.
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Create a useful web site.
Get into a blogging group such as Active Rain
Use Trulia to answer questions for people and ask questions
do some old fashioned mailings.
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