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Larry Brake, Real Estate Pro in Aurora, CO

What do you do when you observe another Realtor who is clearly incompetent, and is in no way representing their client's best interests?

Asked by Larry Brake, Aurora, CO Sat May 31, 2014

I am fully aware that our duty is to our respective clients, not the Buyer or Seller representing the other side of the transaction. But I have observed situations where the Buyer or Seller on the other side, has been represented so poorly, that they are furious with everyone by the time they get to the closing table, IF they get to the closing table. There are times I've wanted to approach them after the closing and tell them just how bad their Realtor was, but I don't.

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I usually try to get incompetent agents elected to Congress, where they will be around others who possess the same level of professional abilities.
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I agree, it sure is tempting to let the client know but at that point what would be the purpose. It would only make me feel better but it wouldn't aid them in the transaction. Knowing they had poor representation would only make them question every aspect of what had transpired and at the point they are in the home I would want them to be happy. But, there are some agents out there that have hurt their clients more than helping them.
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Part of the business & there seems to be some type of "hair" on every transaction anyway!
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My experiences has been, and confirmed here on Trulia, that we are way to quick to through other agents under the bus. The overwhelming patterns is that anyone practicing a business model foreign to us or not meeting the personally approved standard is INCOMPETENT!

As all those before me have written, we've all been there.

The real professional simply does what needs to be done. Sometimes that means overseeing both sides.

When you choose to intervene into a situation into which you are not invited you WILL be the one sacrificed.

Put that agent on your "LIST" and maintain assured clear distance. Let them complain that you don't return their calls.
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If you're having a problem with another agent on the opposite side of your transaction, you can certainly go talk to your broker, who may decide to call the broker for the other agent.
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I think we have all struggled with this and it is a no win scenario. Unfortunately, any conversation with the other clients is going to go nowhere, if you are lucky. The possible negative fall out on you could be devastating. Just don't go there no matter how much it bothers you. And trust me, I hate to see anyone either being taken advantage of or simply being poorly represented. I have been doing this just over two years and in my small market, there are only 4 agents currently outselling me. I am not saying this to boast but rather my point is that those 4 ahead of me are all great agents I would be proud to recommend a client to and even the next 10 or so behind me I feel the same way about. Almost without exception, the bad ones either wash out, figure it out, or barely survive. Just keep telling yourself that being good and taking care of your clients will have its rewards for you..........not that this really helps the poor clients that end up with the bad agents. I have to say that I do agree with Dustie that contacting their broker has a lot of merit. Do it in a professional, trying to help, manner and it should go well. Of course, in my market, most of the bad agents are working for a handful of bad brokers so I don't waste my time with those. There is too much to do in the business without wasting time pounding my head against the wall.
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As tempting as it is to call out the bad realtor, it's probably best not to do so. They'll eventually end up out of the business, but will unfortunately leave a path of destruction in their wake.

If you say something to the clients, they'll feel stupid for choosing that realtor and the realtor will probably accuse you of trying to steal the clients for future business.

I had a transaction with a realtor who I think needed to have her meds adjusted. An example of her bizarre behavior was when she asked for an appointment to do the final walk through. We agreed to the requested time. She screamed that her clients couldn't possibly be there at that time (the time she requested).

Because she shifted very quickly from "Have a blessed day" to "THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!", she made what should have been a pleasant and trouble free escrow into one that wasn't.

When the buyers became sellers, they listed with the raging agent. I have to assume she treated the clients much differently than anyone else involved in the transaction.

The clients probably never realized that her treatment of others in the transaction made it much less pleasant than it could have been.

Some agents have a weird desire to create problems so they can set themselves up as a hero to their clients. It's a really odd approach.
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I am so glad you didn't Larry. In real estate, going through so many transactions I have learned that relationships between realtor and client are like any other. Just like a good old marriage, we just sit back and "enjoy" the show.
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The worst one I can remember having to deal with was an "old dog" agent who had run his boiler plate purchase agreement through the copy machine so many times that many of the paragraphs were completely unreadable. The line about the price and the address was readable, so he must have thought the whole thing was fine. Had to go to his office and get legible copies only to find that the original was penned out on an illegible form! It was really ridiculous.
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I hate that!
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I think most agents have been there and I have debated this questions myself. There are a few options and one is to call the managing broker after the deal closes or write a detailed email outlining the issues. The second is to talk to your local association about ethical complaints. I hate to go that far but if you think an agent is misrepresenting clients then it is for the greater good they be confronted verse continuing to be terrible giving bed impressions of Real Estate Agents. Just one girls opinion :-) Good luck!
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