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What are the primary differences between Keller Williams & Exit Realty?

Asked by Re_newbieinphilly, Philadelphia, PA Mon Sep 22, 2008

I am well aware of the profit sharing and residuals, but what would work best for a newbie? I will be getting my RE license in PA soon. I would like to work with a company with EXCELLENT training, and no monthly fees!! Is this possible? I am OK with a 70/30 split, as long as it is negotiable over time. Please help!! :-)

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Hey newbie - tough question to answer in a forum - there just isn't enough room. here's the bottom line from a recruiter for one of the aforementioned co's above. the best company will be the one that helps you and your family achieve your goals and objectives, both short and long term.

each office, each region (for franchised offices) and each franchisor will have their own educational requirements and each individual office will participate differently. look for the office that has the most education, training, seminars, classes, jump start programs, etc as possible. trust me, as a new agent, the amount of training you get will directly correlate to your income going forward. ALSO, look for an office that has an “in-house” productivity coach, not a mentor program. and stay away from any office that doesn’t have either.

negotiate the best spilt deal you can, but realize that you are starting a business (mr. subcontractor) and if done correctly, you’ll be in business for a long time, so get in with the company that supplies the whole package. if a better split comes at the price of no education or no coach – does that really serve your initial needs? email me if you want to talk further – see my link.
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I don't know the difference between the two companies in terms of profit sharingor residuals. I do know that Exit Realty has a horrible logo. Whatever genius designed and approved that logo should be canned!
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I started my career at Keller Williams and it was a bad experience...they talk about training, but as a newbie, I was lost without guidance. I sold no homes my first year. I joined a full service brokerage and sold 11 homes the next was all about mentoring and a broker who cared about my success.

While I'm sure there are somme good offices, my experience in the Bay Area left a lot to be desired. As a newbie, I recommend a full service brokerage.
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Cindi Hagley, Real Estate Pro in Pleasanton, CA
Keller Williams, Remax, and Exit are all good companies, but Exit by far, offers more. At our local KW office, most of the traiing is done by the associates in the office. At Exit there are more thatn 5 International trainers that visit the offices as well as teaching courses by using webinars, conference calls, and there is even interactive training where the trainer teaches multiple offices and can see you while you are watching them as well as the ability to answer your questions. All Exit trainers have to have earned over $ 500,000 annually as an agent, before they can be an Exit trainer.

Also the comparison of KWs profit sharing to Exit's revenue share is no comparison just ask any CPA. In a KW example on one of their website shows the sponsor of Joe would get $ 250.00 in profit share based on Joe's production in 1 month of $ 500,000 or $ 15,000 in gross commission, and the example assumed the office was profitable. If you sponsored Joe into Exit, and he did $ 500,000 or $ 15,000 in gross commission, you would recieve $ 1,500.00 for your effort, 6 times as much, whether the office was profitable or not. And by the way, the 10% or $ 1,500.00 in this case is taken from the Brokers share of gross revenue.

I will hand it to them in terms of their CULTure however. KW agents are much more dedicated to recruiting for and building the company, when the reward is minimal to none. Exit has paid out twice as much in residuals in 11 years with half the agents, than KW has in 25 years.
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I went ith Keller Williams after 15 years with another franchise. I can tell you first hand that Keler Williams has the finest training avaiable, not only for new agents but agents of all levels. I heard all the stories about the profit sharing being BULL, it's not. Do yourself a favor, check it out.
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Really? I just hired 2 people from Keller Williams and they will strongly disagree. The last deal that her recruit did at KW had a$ 4,400.00 Gross commission. Her profit share check was for a wopping $ 12.00. At exit it would have been $ 440.00 no matter what. And don't even mention the down line at KW, she was the first sponsor! They are also loving the training here at Exit and are amazed at the culture
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Congrats on getting your license! I have actually been a Team Leader for Keller Williams and am very familiar with their training programs as well as their profit sharing program. Keller Williams has hands down the most comprehensive training systems in real estate. I had the opportuinty as a manager to be trained by the best in their company and learned more their in 12 months then I did at Re/max for 11 years.

Hpwever due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, I am no longer with them. The local office must have the right people in place to provide you with all of the benefits of the national company. You will be dissapointed if the ownership and leadership are the wrong people.

I know people who own EXIT Realty franchises and their support and training programs are not nearly as well developed as K/W's. They are actually set up as a revenue sharing operation in which each agent tends to be motivated to be " his brothers keeper" as it were to maximize their overides. It makes for some interesting relationship dynamics among agents in the office.

For the best read in how to sell real estate, get the Millionare Real Estate Agent, by Gary Keller. It will put you light years ahead as you start your career.

I'm happy to answer any other question you may have.
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Congrats on getting your license soon ! Choosing a good atmosphere obviously is that much more important in these types of markets. Also various offices can really differ from location to location.

We have been with RE/MAX since we are started. I think a lot will depend on the brokers involved. You can always approach some of the agents that work at the various offices you are interested in to gather some important feedback.

At the end of the day, however, I believe that an individual agent will make his or her own success no matter of it is Exit, Keller Williams, RE/MAX or any other brokerage. Self generating your own leads will be critical to ones success or failure.

For more helpful hints, visit our site below.
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I explain to many agents go where there is comfortable fit with professional and prersonal goals.

I am EX Keller Williams agent in top office here in Dallas , however I love where I am currently will never change .

Good luck with your career

National Featured Realtor and Consultant, Texas Mortgage Loan Officer, Credit Repair Lecturer
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Dear Newbie,

Congratulations! I love real estate! Been in over 10 years and with various brokers. Am currently with Keller Williams. Love it! Love it! They have the most training I have found in the industry. Worked in two Keller Williams Offices and each agent has the opportunity to attend several different levels of series classes. Following Gary Keller's book is working great in this market! Both Keller Williams offices also have the option, if you take it, to work one on one with either a coach or the team leader to prepare a business plan, budget, marketing ideas and materials, etc. I did not have that option with other Companies. Plus our convention in February is solid classes to choose from that are pertinant to this market. Also, Gary Keller and other Company leaders teach many of the classes/sessions throughout the convention and during the year in various cities. Very different culture and work environment. Actually taught me how to work my own business. The only thing about Keller Williams is that each office and their fees vary so shop your area. You will be as successful as you choose to be. The training and hand holding is there - we have at least 4-5 classes a week in our office; not counting the series training for new and newer agents or those who wish to jump start a slower career. If you don't choose to take advantage of the many training opportunities, one-on-one sessions and other opportunities then you will not be successful. Should you choose to participate you will do very well. Keller Williams is acutally adding offices in this market - most companies are not adding offices and many are closing offices. I say - Go with the winner that will help you the most. I'm sure you will find that is Keller Williams.

To your success! Have fun with it!

Sandy Hewett, ABR, SRES
Your Realtor For Success!
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It appears that Chris highland has drunk the Kool-Aid. You compare how much you learned in 11 years at Remax compared to Keller? Everyone knows Remax is for the very independent agent and merely a landlord with a broker’s license. You weren't whining about the training when the boom was on and you were getting 95% as an order taker.

I own an Exit Franchise and training varies from office to office. At my office my training at least twice a month is done by a former vice president of Coldwell Banker. I personally do 2 training sessions a month and I was a top producer with Prudential. Last year Steve Morris, the founder of Exit himself was brought in by the region and did 4 hours of training. My admin, contract coordinator, and marketing person do all the training for Exit Promo Shop, Point 2 for the websites and we have guest speakers on a monthly basis. We also have at least one or 2 of the Exit trainers annually as well as a regional event with a guest trainer. We have someone from the Board once a month that teaches MLS to my agents, and he wrote the book. Webinars, conference calls and interactive video is available from Exit International. You want to compare this to having your top producer in the office do the training; I just bet they can't wait to teach everyone in the office their little secrets.

You also reference the comparison of profit sharing to revenue sharing. There is no comparison. The average Exit agent actively involved in sponsoring makes 15 times more in revenue share than the active KW agent makes in profit sharing, that is a fact. You comment about wanting o be their brother’s keeper jus tells me they do want their brother to be productive because the benefit is real. I guess you are saying the KW agent doesn't care, because no profit, nothing to share. And I promise you, most brokers’ profit is minimal or non existent in a market like this.

As far as building a team, there is no better place than Exit. What ever split you work out with your team member, you get an extra 10% at Exit, no ifs ands or buts.

Additionally Keller has many more fees than Exit. In addition to desk fees they have copy fees, long distance fees, overnight fees, just to mention a few. Like most keller Williams agents, you need to find an antidote for the Kool-Aid, because numbers don't lie.
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See Chris Highlands' answer below...HE IS SO COMPLETLY WRONG it is unbelievable. Exits Training is first rate and ongoing. WE have training at every level. AS for the rest of it: Keller Williams is based on "profit Sharing", ask a Keller Williams agent how much "profit" is going on in their office, then ask a Exit Agent about the 10% residual that is paid to them every time a deal is closed by their sponsored, agent. Keller Williams offers everything and produces nothing...Exit Promises and delivers. Good Luck. Eddie Bauer
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I can tell you about Keller Williams because i am KW all the way, No other company out there can match the training by the time you make the year you will be knowledgable and well trained. ask for the KW training calendar and you will see the diffference, another important fact Keller Williams will teach you how to start your business and keep it . you have to check it out, Attend one of the classes. ask the local team leader( yes team leader not manager, because it's a team and you will not feel alone !!!!.
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Don't know about Exit other than they are GONE in Arizona. KW is a great company...I like Realty One Group.
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EXIT Realty is by far the best. A lot of trainers, mentoring and better transaction and commission rates. Check them all out but I promise EXIT will offer the most!
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I am a newly licensed, new agent who joined Keller Williams because I heard they offer the best training/mentoring, blah blah blah. I beg to differ. The training is ok and quite comprehensive. It is 2 hours a day for 4 weeks, however, once you're out and have picked a sponsor, the office that I chose has left me to fend for myself. There is NO mentorship program, no guidance, no coaching, nothing. Unless of course, you want to pay $1000 a month for it. I am currently in the process of pulling my license and going with a local company who includes coaching in the deal. The moral of the story, if you're going to join KW, realize they are independently owned. What one office does for new agents, another may not. I am sadly disappointed that I chose this company who could care less about me as a new agent and did not even have the courtesy to introduce me at the first monthly meeting that I attended as a new agent right out of training.
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Hi Djtphn1 - I am a newbie, single mom In this industry in so. cal!! Can you refer me, or give me any leads a to which company/brokerage to join? Thank you!!
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I don't know why it posted that I am a home buyer from Phily. I'm an agent in Southern California.
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So Newbie, who did you go with?
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I will be brief--we have Gary Keller!
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This trail is now 2 years old-
It would be interesting to see which broker you chose and what has been your experience?
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I advise you to interview several brokers, and choose the office because the broker / culture / training not just the split or fees. First go where you feel comfortable in the environment. ALL brokers will tell you their training is tops. Then you are there and maybt it is, maybe it isn't all that they promised. Talk to a bunch of agents, too. Then decide.
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Exit as others has stated has excellent Training. In addition like any other sales career you can find excellent training all over the Web. How much easier is it to learn something today vs 20 years ago.
Exit is only real company that provides a system for retirement and additional income to help in the slow times. I have a website that can show you more.
Good luck to your in your real estate career.
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I worked with both. I really liked the Keller Williams company culture, but was disappointed when it came to "profit sharing." Exit shares way more between agents, but the education wasn't as good at the time. I don't know what changes have been made since 2006 when I was with Exit, but it's not a company I felt extremely proud to represent. KW was also much more agent focused. I think it depends a lot on your market.
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Congrats Newbie,
The dialog you have inspired has proven to be very beneficial.
As a newbie, a primary challenge is discerning the smoke from the fabric. Everyone offers shining riches but you intuitively know it can't all be true. As you understand the pathology of a real estate career, you realize your needs five years from now will be dynamically different than what you require today. As you have read many agents change brokerages as their needs have changed and/or growth fields have not materialized. This is said to establish that changing brokerages at a later time is more natural than you currently realize.

Make absolutely certain, whom ever you choose to begin with, that you retain autonomy over your business. Create your brand, your market, your business, your client base and your lead generating machines. In five years, when 40 to 60% of our business will be past client referrals,,,YOU"LL BE GLAD YOU DID!!

Good luck and give those folks at Long and Foster a call.
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The primary difference between Exit and KW is that Exit is a revenue sharing company and KW is a profit sharing company. The biggest difference between revenue sharing and profit sharing, is at KW, there is a real incentive for the agents to share their ideas with other KWagents. By sharing our ideas, all of our businesses go to a higher level, and thus more profit share for everyone.

In an industry which has historically been 'dog eat dog', it is refreshing to be affiliated with a company that has a true foundational culture that is rooted in TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.
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I agree it all boils down to the broker and the people who surround you. Paying desk fees in todays market is ridiculous. Times are changing, you should not work for a company who requires desk fees.

I suggest you "shop around" and find a broker who you like. Feel free to contact me at if you want to meet with us. We are downtown in center city Philadelphia at 6th and Market.

Sean Dawes
Long and Foster Real Estate Inc.
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I WAS with Keller Williams top office here in Dallas area, top agent, however bottom line is does not matter who are with UP TO YOU develop your own business. I found that successful realtors are just natural with profession vs. others who struggle , frankly you are on your own with no matter who your broker is.

Develop yourself as an icon .

GOOD luck I love real estate been extremely successful
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As a new agent, the reality is that you need help with leads, a mentor that will work with you during real transactions. Also, worry now about YOUR commissions, not what you can make from others. Get yourself established as a positive, productive agent and you can have people under you where you can make MORE money than the other systems.
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I would like to tell you, I got my license earlier this year (2008). I interviewed several offices (one being KW but not Exit) until I found the one that would give me the training and the coaching/mentoring I thought would work for me. I joined Prudential CA Realty and would like to say, it is a great company. So, you should check other companies to compare more than just the two.
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I'm sure what the differences between the two companies really are. Profit sharing and residuals are great incentives. The reality is... there are many other firms to consider. Sometimes a small, family owned business in your market area can be better than a National Franchise. It all depends on what you want and in what environment you can proper in.

I persoanlly prefer the samll neighborhood office.
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Welcome to Real Estate!!!

I am 8 months new to the business. I interviewed with 5 companies. My main objective was to get the proper training I would need to become a thriving agent. I chose EXIT and I have not been disappointed. I have had consistant support and training from my office. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.
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