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Jordan Zitoun, Real Estate Pro in Dallas, TX

WHat is the best way to get more leads from Trulia being on the Trulia Pro program?

Asked by Jordan Zitoun, Dallas, TX Mon Jun 18, 2012

Lead generation

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Ditto to all the good advice already given about staying active here....and being consistant.

I don't pay for zip codes (sorry trulia!) or to be a Pro anymore....and I still have done a good deal of business that was generated by my presence here.

Here are a few other random thoughts of mine...........
Treat your answers as though you are building a library of advice - because you are, and consumers WILL look back at what you have said in the past.

When you respond to a question.........ANSWER the question!
Do not lecture the consumer or try to show them the "light" or chastise them, for example, for wanting to be a doesn't enhance your image to critique them or offer stagnant, trite responses ("you get what you pay for", "why rent when you can buy", "now is the best time to buy/sell", etc).

Respect the poster and the question, and give a HELPFUL answer...or don't answer it at all.

Do not use questions as an opportunity for self-promotion!

I doubt very much consumers understand or care about a long list awards following your name....and they certainly don't get excited about a repsonse that simply says: "CALL ME".

Ok, I am done lecturing now!

(and a little humor thrown in here and there doesn't hurt either!)

Good luck to you!
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Hello Jordan,
Having a presence here on the Trulia site by answering questions and posting blogs on a regular basis about your market and community is the best way to attract leads. (I'm on the site daily). This helps in showing potential prospects that you are the local expert.
You may also wish to purchase a local ad to give you more exposure on the site.

Good luck to you!

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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I've been on Trulia Pro now for almost a month, and have received 6 leads. However, only 3 are actual hot leads, the others were dead end calls. I hope this helps.

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Debbie, if you are passing out Margueritas, count me in! For the small amount of time I've been on Trulia, I've begun to glean some good advice from other Realtors on the site. (Sorry to steal your topic Jordan, but I couldn't resist joining the party!)
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Linda, after your kind and flattering words, you can have a margarita AND some chips and dips - oh heck - order anything from the menu you want!!!


Thank you for your lovely comments - they are most appreciated!

Your thoughts about adding value to a thread (question), and not just chiming in with a repetitve answer is great advice, too.

Have a terrific day.............
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I have enjoyed reading the responses here. I did Trulioa Pro for a time but was not impressed with the quality of the leads. I have closed one deal off Trulia but that was based on my ranking from questions and answers.

I have several favorites on here and Debbie Rose you are one of mine. You always give great advice and actually answer the question. Many on here chime in and say nothing (you will recognize them after a while) just to get points, often saying what has already been said! So Debbie can I have a margarita too? (pomegranate please).
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If someone emails you directly, respond quickly

Answer questions in your area
Post your blogs on Trulia

You'll get some inquiries that may not be the best leads --- but it only takes one. My biggest sale last year (over $1M) was from someone who inquired about a property (not my listing). I responded that it was already pending, but gave him info on other properties in that price range and location. Minutes later, he called, and we met at my office within the hour.

Showed him several properties, and we found an absolutely great deal (short sale). Closed escrow in four months, but it was well worth it and he and his family were very happy.

So was I.
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I found a combination of paid advertising and being extremely active on Trulia are the best way to get the leads. Answer questions, respond to blog posts and submit your own blog posts...soon you will have a following.
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Answer questions and think about subscribing to there premium service.

Good luck.

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Be active and answer questions. You will attract people who like what you have to say.

Have an amazing day!
Web Reference:
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Since you have your own listing you should do very well getting new leads.

Doing the voice activity has worked very well for me.

Good luck Jordan!

JP and Assocaite
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This is an old thread that has popped up again, but I'll give an update to my answer in June. I've closed five leases and have two currently listed properties as a result of Trulia. There are a number of potential buyers who are on my drip emails from MLS. The number of leads has slowed considerably in the last few weeks, perhaps because of the time of year.
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You must be, answer questions, ask questions. You need to do more than simply make a payment to Trulia to glean the full benefit of being on this site. The more you do, the more you receive. Best of luck to you.
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Trulia pro program is for the paid trulia members, so this could bring some lead.
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Some good advice here. Activity helps.
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Participating here by commenting and writing Blogs about the local area will be helpful. More exposure more leads.
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If you pay you should get some thing.Good luck.
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Get more leads!
Sign up for my 'Red Hot' leads for agents program. NON-Sense!!!
As has been pointed out...buying more privilege is not the pathway to success.
Participation PLUS what Carla shared IS the secret.
Be aware, Carla shared she does leases and that has generated business.
Look beyond that explicit example, and realize what Carla is actually providing.
Go and do likewise.

Annette Lawrence, Broker/Assoicate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL -
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The biggest variable seems to be the number of people (potential clients) in a given area, who visit and contribute to Trulia:
No one can force this or cheat on it; it either happens or it doesn't:

I would guess that the 3 biggest areas for Client participation are the Texas triangle (Dallas, Houston, Austin), Florida, (almost the whole state) and New Jersey.

If you are in one of those areas, you can cull a lot of leads; but it takes participation on your part.
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As others have said, those that have gone before you have learned that it isn't the "Pro" status that generates leads as much as your involvement and visibility, responding to questions that people submit.

With experience, people will be able to see your credibility as a professional and reach out to you for support. It's amazing how many people call for specific answers to their questions because they follow you on trulia Q & A's.

Best regards,

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Jim - play some Jimmy Buffet, and have a margarita on me!

Thanks for the clarification and follow up comment!!

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I haven't been on here long but I am getting leads every day. I'm willing to do lease work, and get calls and emails about that. Today I had the privilege of helping a family new to our area find a lease house they are excited about. People need places to live, and if I can help them I consider it part of my duty (although I have drawn the line at apartment hunting!) And I've had lease clients turn into buyers along the way, either when they can't find a lease they like, or they remember me later. I keep in touch with them, especially if they are close to being a qualified buyer.

I've also had some good buyer inquiries as well. Today I had a buyer call about a neighborhood they are interested in watching. We'll see what that develops into.

I did purchase the Pro program, and did decide to pay for part of my own zip code, but I don't know whether these have increased my leads or not over what they might have been otherwise. I've considered it an investment until I can get my own sphere of influence built up into a referral based business.

Great observations from the other agents as well!
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Jim - some agents made that statement 2 and 3 years ago.....and have been embarrassed by consumers pointing it out to them now..............pointing out that the market had further declines since they delcared it the "best" time to buy!

I think it is prudent to be careful of any blanket statements we make, but that is strictly my opinion, and I certainly respect yours.

I think we all agree, however, that buying a home is a personal's not one size fits all..........the timing is a personal decision............ and it might not be right for the same time!
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I strongly agree with everything said, EXCEPT that "Now is the best time to buy" is a trite expression! It happens to be true at the moment and very important! It can't be overused if it has never been more true!
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Hello Jordan,

your trulia activity will increase your presence on the site thus leading to more potential leads. Also if you have listings make sure they are the site as well.

The more you blog higher your presence will be in the Dallas area.
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Absolutely, the answer is to be active! Buying zip codes and other towns may not be worth the outlay of money!
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