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Asked by Laura Segarra, Killeen, TX Wed Sep 17, 2008


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Why right here of course, on trullia. Craigslist has given me the best result , but you have to put a great deal out there that they can't refuse. This is the tip of your life time .

Later Laura.

Keep the faith.....

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I'd have to say PPC is the fastest short term solution. Make sure to sign up for a Google Adwords account and then use the Keyword planner tool. Look for long-tail keywords that are 3 or more words. These typically have less searches, less competition, and are therefore cheaper than bidding on the terms with the highest searches. Good luck!
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Lead generating in Real Estate is a face-to-face endeavor. Now even more than in the internet revolution. A mentor once taught me that the only time we as agents are really working is when we are face-to-face and belly-to-belly with a qualified buyer and showing them properties that they can buy today. I say use the intraweb only as an introduction tool then get them to come into your office!
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Search engines can boost your standing in the results list, when your site is popular. If your site is not already popular, you can purchase pay-per-click ads to appear on the sidebar next to results on the first page or actually in the results as a sponsored result.
Since buyers start with searches, it is important to appear high on the list of results. Think about how you would search for real estate services (if you did not have your Realtor training), and then use search engine optimization (SEO) to cause the search engines to rank your site highly.
The more sites point to your site, the better your rank will be, too. Link exchanges can be useful for this.
Keeping prospects is an art. Somewhat of a black art. Your website has to be informative and useful. Prospects will come back (the site will be "sticky") if they keep finding things of use on your site.
Can you operate without a website? No. You will need a site, but at least many of them come pre-packaged. No site is perfect and flaws or shortcomings will appear. Try our site, for example.
You will pay dearly for the lead-generation services, typically $25 apiece for qualified leads that may result in a 1% conversion rate. This means your $25 cost is actually $2500 on a completion basis.
Other lead-generation companies want to participate in your commission. Remember they have to be licensed to get anything, but your cost may be only $2000 per completion for those. When any lead-generation source quotes you prices calculate your final cost to compare them. Page-views may be high, but these don't directly convert into leads. Neither do leads convert to customers or clients, at least not more than 10% of the time. I can give you off-line the names of companies we have used.
Follow-up is critical to any lead, but you'll find a mixed bag out there. Some lie or give bogus contact information because they do not want to be contacted by you or anyone else. They want to surf and dream. Call Mickey Mouse at 999-999-9999 or their email is or their street address is blank in a different city. When you discard the chaff, you'll be lucky to find 40% partially reachable real people.
When they do get serious, they suddenly get angry when you do not pounce on their requests, even though you may have tried umpteen times to call or engage them by email. We have had plenty of people not give a phone number then ask for a showing. How do you do that? By email? If you fail to respond, you lose. If you can't call them, you lose. It is a difficult thing to win, but volume is the key. SEO is key to volume. (or paying for leads)
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RMLD (Reverse Mortgage Lenders Direct) has spent over three years perfecting their lead generation platform exclusively for the reverse mortgage industry.

Visit us at:…
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There are a number of excellent ways to generate leads - all of which are explained at the Informational Website for Realtors - - well worth a visit!

However, generating leads is only one piece of the puzzle - a piece that too many agents get so wrapped up in and spend so much time and money attempting to find new ways to generate more and more leads. Now don't get me wrong, lead generation is the bloodline of our business, however, all the leads in the world are useless if you do not acquire the skills to convert them.

Once you acquire the skills to convert leads - I would suggest looking at what leads you already have in your database and work on contacting them - too many agents do not realize that they have tons of leads rotting in their database. Contact these leads and establish their level of motivation to buy or sell, then categorize each lead and develop a lead follow-up system based on your categorization system so that you stay in contact at the proper time intervals. Realize that each lead you have in your database in more than likely in some other agent's database - and it's all about the agent that contacts them first when the time is right will get the business.

There are a number of great lead generation tools reviewed at - call capture, working expireds, internet leads, etc. Only invest in these if you are going to use them properly in your business. I use most if them in my practice and if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call - here's my home office number 1-800-218-7715 Ext: 5000.

Good luck with whatever you decide and again don't hesitate to call - always happy to have a chat with a fellow Realtor
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Through your clients...parents,clubs,freinds...
word of mouth is still the BEST advertisement.
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Follow the leaders, like Craig Proctor, who use Craigslist religiously! However, they just dont post 1 or 2 every 3 or 4 days.. they post 15,30, 60 ads per day.

Now, the question, I have for you.. do you think you can handle the calls that type of marketing generates?

Check out to learn how the "Smart Kids in the Sand Box" do it.
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Try door knocking in a specific neighborhood. Bring a newsletter, initiate converations, ask if you can give them info about their neighborhood. Then follow up each month with another newsletter.
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It looks like you are using the wrong lender. When you have a minute give me a call and I can show you how we create leads for all of our realtors. I look forward to speaking with you soon and we can work anywhere in Texas.

Steve Ferguson
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Oct 2, 2008 look here, but please tell Mich if you talk to him that i sent you, He is very good at working internet leads
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Create a single property website for your listing. Then purchase a banner (3'x6') to advertize the property website and place that banner on your listing's property.
check an example on my blog, you'll see what I mean.
Everyone wins. The seller gets a lot of internet traffic for his home and you get leads.

Cathy C.
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I wish my Lender would give me and my company leads. I dont think it has ever happened with any lender i have used.
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There are many ways to generate leads and all of the answers provided are good. One way that I do not see here is through a good mortgage company. We have systems in place that help drive buyers to our realtors and their listing that are of no cost to the agent. Team work is very important in this industry and why should the mortgage professional ride the coat tails of their realtors and not recipricate any business? We always try to send as much business to our agents as they send to us. When you have a minute email me or give me a call and I will walk you through how our system works. Have a great weekend.

Steve Ferguson
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FOLLOW UP, If you are not good at follow up you will not be any good at internet leads. I am fixing to open an office in Killeen and will be providing leads to all my agents.

Our Company is all about the internet, All my agent will be going to training on how to keep up with internet leads.

Again follow up is the key, if you dont call them, they will go to the next agent on the search. Buyers usally pick the first agent they hear from,
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The best way to generate leads is to have the listings, if you have listings the buyers will come to you. then if they dont like your listing you can find out what they do want, and sell them a house. good luck Laura.
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Run a TV ad during the hours of 6pm - 10 pm
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The best way to generate leads are from your family, friends and business associates. Do they trust that you are good at what you do? If so, it should not be hard to get their support with referrals to people that they know. They know you best and can express to others why they need to contact you for your services in real estate. This is also the least expensive marketing that you will ever do! You can get leads from them without ever having the referred view your website. You just have to be able to confirm what has been expressed about your knowledge and expertise as it relates to real estate by actually knowing what you should to better serve them and there friends and family. You will either be exposed as an expert in the field of real estate or a substitute for the real thing. Good luck!
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First of all you should understand who your visitors are. A lifetime of decision-making about buying a property, starting with the first idea or an interest spark in their head, and finishing with the actual purchase, can span anywhere form 4 months up to a year.

For myself, I break the whole process of decision-making into 4 steps:
1. Information Search - figuring things our for yourself mentally and informationally
2. Evaluation of alternatives - the actual time of looking at properties with a Realtor.
3. Contract
4. Closing

The first stetp is the largest and it takes way over half of the whole decision-making process. In early days realtors would work with clients that called the office or walked in. Calls and walk -ins are missing the first biggest part of the information search and figuring things out for themselves - people that walk in are pretty much read to go and see the houses. On the internet we're mostly dealing with the people in their 1st step (or let's say that the majority of our web visitors are only on the first step of their decision-making process), some of them will never even move onto the second step.

Now, realizing who your visitors are, you need to provide specific information for all of them. Offer valuable service that people would like to subscribe for regardless where they are in their decision-making process. I would make those offers easily accessible from every page of your web site. Here are few ideas:

1. Mail or email (PDF) Relocation Package. Who would want them? Anyone who is relocating or would like to move into the area. Moving planning is a lengthy process, so you might have people that are in their early stage of decision-making and those that are ready (like job transfer). Make sure you don't request any information you don't really need to email or mail the package to them. Instead, email/mail them the package and follow up. It's up to you what you ask to find out where people at in their decision-making process. If they are too far - you can offer them more info on the area and schedule a follow up in a few months. If they're ready - work with them now.

2. Subscription to automatic property updates. A lot of third party IDX solutions allow people to register on their own, save searches and subscribe to automatic updates on their search. Even you don't have this kind of solution, you don't have to jump into buying one. Every MLS offers similar things for agents - you can subscribe people manually. All you need to do is set up a service page, with detailed description for what you're offering, and a form for people to fill out with their search criteria and contact info.

I think I already got into too many details. But this can give you an idea on where to start with your lead generation.

Also remember, that number of leads will depend on the value of the information you provide, how you provide it, and how many people actually see your offers.

Hope this helps.
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Start a newsletter or make sure you FOLLOW UP with your buyers who visit your webpage each time. Make a change to your site where every visitor has a reason to enter their email address. It is a great way for you to keep in constant contact with them.

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Blogging is good(and free). Have you checked out
I could give you a tour(blogging 101 for realtors).... we would just have to set up a time when you and I could both be in front of the computer for a quiet 15 - 20 minutes.
You could make yourself the local expert where you work just by utilizing this platfom!!!
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