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Some REALTORS work from home, some REALTORS work at the office which is better?

Asked by Vincent Villafranca,REALTOR, Chula Vista, CA Wed Oct 13, 2010

For me, I prefer being in a big office Prudential CA Realty. The reason why is that no matter how many years I have been in this business...the market always changes...and I like the feedback I get from coworkers and other changes...and I like to know what issues and problems are occuring escrows. Its helps me fine tune what I am doing.

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Vincent -

Great Question!

One of the reasons I chose the office I am in is because of the interaction between great agents in my office and their willingness to share ideas and information.

Even after 28 years in this crazy business -it changes every day. I am a better agent because I have the opportunity to learn from others in my office - EVERY DAY!

Certainly there are political issues in all offices that can be somewhat onerous and ugly. I try to stay out of that mess and focus on business. The office "culture" defines how we do business and how successful we can be.

For me - give me the crowd and hubub of a busy office - and the comradarie of good and unselfish agents!

Good Luck!

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Gerard Dunn
Associate Broker
Licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

Assisting Homebuyer's and Seller's for 28 years
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If you are new to the business, I highly recommend working at an office environment. You learn a lot from hearing other agents conversations.
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I definitely prefer working from the home office. Too much time is lost in transitions. Getting from home to office and office to home and such.

As it is I get up between 4:30 and 4:50am each day. After taking the dog on a walk it's 6:05. Water, vitamins, start the coffee pot and have some quite devotional time and it's already 6:30. I now have 30 minutes to process expireds as well as leads brought into my system from the previous day. Those 30 minutes disappear with a quickness.

Now it's 7:00am and I have to start calling at 8:00. But WAIT! Kids are now up and wife is getting ready for work so I have to get them some breakfast. From there it's a hustle to help get them out of the house on time at 7:45.

Now 8:00 am is staring me in the face. I've got 15 minutes to shower and change over or I can choose to do that AFTER my call session is over. Either way, it's not a lot of time.

The point being that if I had to add in a drive to an office to this whole mix I'm pretty sure that my morning call session wouldn't start until 8:30 at the earliest which means I'd have lost half of the "golden hour" which would result in the session not ending at 11:00 or 11:15 but instead extending until at least at noon if not later - now the I'm behind on the day. More likely though? I just would end the session at 11:15 regardless and start making excuses for not making all the calls day-in/day-out.

Travel time to an office is unacceptable and I'm not bumping up the reveille to 4:00am when I am usually up working at 11pm and sometimes don't wrap up until midnight.
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Home. Great office space with everything I need.
Go to the office to deposit, for a seminar/presentation, client meeting or - if have a question.
Don't see agents sharing info there.
Personally, I like to share - because we all look better if we know more.
Practical aspect of our business is super important!

Irina Karan
Miami, FL
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I've had an office since I've been a RE agent & then broker. (approx. 8 years) and I hardly ever use it. I find I get more done in my man cave at home before I start my day. That stated as others have said, if you're new to the game then you may want and need a more robust environment.
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I love my office. I enjoy interacting with folks coming and going. Working in a tourist destination/resort community I have the opportunity to meet with many interesting folks and truly enjoy their company. It is also nice to be in the mix of office transactions that keep me in the know and on top of my game.
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Vincent~ as long as the environment is a good one, both ways should work well. What may work well for one agent may not work well for another agent...
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After 20 years of doing both, I prefer to work from home. I can set my own hours and have even woken up at 3 a.m. thinking of a better way to rewrite a letter of something I forgot to do and within seconds am in my home office. I'm more relaxed at home and get a lot more done with less distraction other than putting the dogs out. When I find I need questions answered, my BIC is always just a phone call away or an office email brings in tons of responses.

What I don't do is bring clients into my home office, so when meeting with them for the first time or writing a contract, I always insist on the company office. I think everyone has their own preference and what ever works for you personally is what is best.
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The ability to network and get the true pulse of the market is what the office provides that you will not get from home.
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Personally, I like having an office to go to. Too many distractions at home. That being said, I don't spend too much time there because the money is made in the field not the office.
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I prefer to work in the office, I believe in the, "suit up and show up" concept; it puts me in the right mindset and among the action taking place. No tot mention the leads during phone time :)
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It is mostly a matter of personal preference and where one can be most effective. If you can put more Productive hours in from home, than commuting to and from the office, then that can be a factor. Some agents feel more productive in an office environment though.

Kind regards,

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If your office has "walk-ins" and calls from interested buyers coming into the office, that's an opportunity to meet potential clients. I would try to do office time every week. If you office gets no traffic or calls whatsoever, then you can easily work from home instead.
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I choose to work at home because it took out many stuff you worry like before you go to an office. Getting dressed up, prepare everything you need. It's definitely more positives working at home.
There are some benefits of working at home. Such as

Spend more time with your family
Feel like your own boss
Complete control over your setup
Less stress
Peace and quiet when you need it
The comfort of your own home
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I prefer working from my home. All my files are handy, quiet, privacy. Being in the office on other hand, can give you an opportunity to get walk ins and duty calls. Everybody works differently, everybody has different priorities and expectations. I would assume that a new agent wants probably spend more time in the office to observe and learn. This is what I was doing when I started and I appreciated all the help I received. Try both and decide what works the best for you. That's all what matters. :-)
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As an independent contractor, one of the benefits of the job is the flexibility within certain limits. Generally a combination of both is the most beneficial. When a listing is being prepared or when an agent is meeting with a client, the office is the most desirable. But much work is done at home or while out of town too, as phone conversation plays a part of transactions as well. One doesn't need to be at the office for that. 135
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I prefer working at the office to my home. My husband is retired and would drive me nuts! Also, I often have to call agents who are working from the "home office" and I often hear the vacuum going, the tv on , kids crying or a mixer going when they answer the phone after I am patched through by the secretary at the company office.
I prefer to meet my clients at the office. It is more professional. It is also safer. I get more work done when I go into the office from my home.
At the office, if I have a problem or a question, I can always talk it over with a colleague or my broker.
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Been there done that for decades. For the past 25 years I've worked out of my home office and loved it. Don't need lot's of rah, rah at this stage of my life and love the comforts and confine of my own humble abode. Funny thing is my sales volume,profit margins and income have never been better.
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I do half and half. Work at home when I have a lot of phone calls to make and need quiet time. Work at the office during floor duty, meetings, meeting customers, etc. Do what works best for you personally. One is not necessarily better than the other.
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I think it all depends how what environment you are most effective in. Personally, home has too many distractions but I have talked to people that say they get too distracted at an office.
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I work at both offices but always prefer being a t home as I find it much easier to be productive.
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Which one is better?
The one that works for you.
We are all geniuses.
Some are Blazes - real center stage folks finding the 'who' for every situation
Some are Steel geniuses - discovering the 'How" for every challenge.
Some are Tempo geniuses - opportunity beacons discovering the 'When' for every challenge
Some are Dynamo geniuses - who are pursing the response to 'Why" and creating stuff.

Not all of these geniuses work well in the isolation of the home office or the distraction of the brokers digs.

Which is better depends on your genius.
What works best is to have a team with a full complement of genius.
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It is whatever you are comfortable with, there are pro's and con's with both. I prefer home, but was in offices for years. The most important thing to have is discipline to do the work that is needed. If either enviornment is distracting you from getting out and meeting people then switch your workplace.

The best place for you to be is on the street meeting people and talking real estate. Use the other location for paperwork and support of your business but spend the least amount of time their.
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Most agents I know, myself included, split their time between the real estate office and the home office. In this day and age we are all fortunate that technology affords us the ability to stay home and keep working during snow storms! More over, it is important to have a quiet place to focus on work and negotiate privately.

I worked at an office where a car slammed into the front lobby. For safety reasons, no one was allowed in the building for weeks. Our office sales stats were unaffected thanks to a support staff that set up a tent in the parking lot and kept working away, and agents who were able to grow their business because so many had home offices.

Real estate agents are portable, flexible, and can serve our clients fully from anywhere, anytime! How many professions can say that?
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Sounds to me like you answered your own question.
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HI Vincent, All great answers with a variety of views on this subject. We have woked in Real Estate nearly, Lisa has managed several offices. Team work is great when you have agents who work together, team up and go out and get sales together double the knowledge and experience, on top of it all someone is always available. So office as said is great for all of the above reasons.

Home office is a fantastic way to have the convience. However we believe you must have the experience,knowledge and work ethic to do a home office without ever going to a main office. It's hard to keep yourself focused. Many of our agents seem to drift when working alone.
Our advice is if you have over 4 yrs full time experience in real estate then you may want to consider just having your home office, and not reporting or working hours at the Real estate location. New agents should always work at an office with the support. learning,team work, styles of RE world etc.

Dave & Lisa
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Hi Vincent...

It seems like a lot of brokerages are going with a "no desk fee" arrangement and not offering an office with desks as the internet is now the main tool for finding and marketing properties. My office does not a offer a certain "desk" for me to work, but they do offer conference rooms for meetings, free use of office machines (faxes, copiers, wi-fi, etc.) and transaction coordinators and it seems to work out great for me. We have regular office meetings so we get interaction with our fellow-agents and we all stay in close touch online. So I really like this setup as it allows me to work mostly from home and closer to the neighborhood where I am marketing and working.

There are still, however, large brokerages who charge one arm and one leg each month for a desk fee and office space and staff. If that is what someone wants then that's great for them! I think it's a personal choice and whatever you prefer is what will work best for you.

Stephanie Clancy
The Cascade Team
Simply Outrageous Service! Not Outrageous Commissions!
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That would depend on the agent's mindset. In either location the agent would have to decide how he/she handles distractions. Being in an office lends itself to falling into office politics- working at home sometimes your family and friends think thats it ok to break up your day. If you have a set schedule and plan your day out , providing you have all the tools, computer, scanner etc. either location can work because all necessary info is easily accesible. Associates and family members would have to be made aware that you are in your working mode.
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Vincent, I agree - big offices offer a flow of market and process information, a support team, and the opportunity to bounce ideas off management and co-workers. But I also recommend that agents have a home office where they can do their "quiet work" (accounting, blogging, research, etc.). While being around people can be fun and motivating, sometimes we all need a few hours of peace to get things done. Most office environments feature the "open floor plan" (read: cublicle) that offers little privacy and quiet.
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I completely agree with you John. I have a home office but much prefer working at my broker's office. As with most offices, we have a lender in the office, so I have a ready resource for any potential questions I have with respect to loans. There are always a number of agents you can bounce ideas off of, and for new agents it's nice to be able to assist them as I was assisted when I started my career. A wonderful bonus for me working in the office, folks know they can find me here and because of that, I've received many referrals! Jackie Reinauer
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