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Should I report an Agent for not responding to offers? Who do I report them too?

Asked by Andrew Tisellano, Broker/Assoc, 07024 Sat Aug 11, 2012

There are a couple of Agents in Newark that list properties but do not respond to phone calls emails faxes. I even visited their office and left my card for them to call me. I have sent them offers with no reply. one agent even lowered the price of his listing after I sent my over asking offer via email and fax. Not sure why they bother putting these listing on the MLS.

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I have ran into this in Montclair as well. They are either short sales or bank owned and the agent never calls you back and then one time the office even told me they don't even have the home listed even after I gave them the MLS #. It was like a joke and I was the punchline! Its annoying and unprofessional and can certainly make us look unprofessional to a buyer that has interest in the property.

With ALL that being said, I would suggest the real estate commission and/or the multiple listing service and/or the Board of Realtors. It's ridiculous and is happening in Newark, Montclair and I'm sure other areas as well.

Please keep us posted or at least keep me posted with your progress

Thanks and good luck,
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These situations always beg the question...are their actions the result of incompetence or devious behavior? I always TRY to assume the former, but I'm often unsuccessful in that. I think it's always best to got to the agent's broker before the commission or association. Why can't we all just play nice??
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Try to contact the seller directly and ask them if they have seen an offer from you. The seller has the right to know if the agent they have trusted to sale their home is not looking out for their best interest.

Normally I would say report issues with the agent to the broker, but if an agent is this laxed the office itself may not b very professional or ethical.

Best of Success to You,
Kawain Payne, Realtor
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How about reviewing the agents on Trulia? Let their clients and potential clients know how unprofessional they are.
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Report to their Broker/Owner, the local Realtor Board and then to the State Licensing Dept.

There is no need for this type of agent in the marketplace...
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We have some of that down here in Florida, and, just as someone else answered, it mostly occurs when listings are short sales or REOs. However, because REOs very often ask for a highest and best offer, it may be they respond specifically to that offer and none other.

Same things with short sales. Many accept multiple offers and will respond only to the highest and best after reviewing all of the submittals.

I have found this frustrating, but I always advise customers who make offers on REOs and short sales that this may happen. So if we don't receive an answer within several business days, they know it is time to search for other properties.

If the agent does not respond, you can start by calling their broker; however, many of the agents who list REOs are often among the biggest producers in their brokerage. Therefore, the broker is not likely to censure them.

Marc Jablon, The Jablon Team
RE/MAX Complete Solutions
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I'll be following to see how you proceeded, too. It frustrates me beyond measure when Realtors, who definitely have been taught better, won't follow the appropriate procedures. High on my list is Realtors who want to negotiate verbally. Regardless of what is said, it only is enforceable in writing. My response is always "put it in writing and I'll share it with my client".

Can you tell you touched a nerve with this question? I'm sure those of us reading and responding are the ones who know and follow the rules! It's like preaching to the choir, but thanks for letting me vent!

I agree with others, reporting to the local Realtor association is probably a first step.
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I would report him to your local real estate association, BBB and/or the Real Estate Licensing division in your state.
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I failed to mention these agents were also the broker of record
These listing they get are all bank owned or short sales
My guess is that the buy these properties themselves or they have select client that they sell to.
The one who lowered the asking price after I submitted an offer over asking price probably is just driving the price down to where he wants to buy it or his buyer wants to get it at from the bank.
Thanks to all for your response.
I just finished retaking my Ethics course and will be reporting these brokers next week.
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Doubt if FREC or any other RE Commission will do anything - seriously understaffed for complaints. I had an agent make an offer on a home in an HOA. I asked where was the HOA addendum , he was clueless. When I looked him up online his license was Null and Void. FOR YEARS. He had been selling non stop OVER 10 yrs unlicensed.. When I advised him he was guilty of a 3rd Degree felony - selling without a license he tried to have the contract put in his daughters name.

I gave him the heads up to advise commission before I filed my complaint. I figured if I didn't file he would accuse me of being complicit in his previous sales.

Long story short - he sent a letter toFREC admittingto one attempted sale without a license. FREC localinvestigator called me and askedif I knew ofother sales. I asked if I had to answer which ofcourse gave him his answer. NOTHING was done , no follow up. Guy recently took the RE course and got his license as an agent. Plus he told everyone he could that I set him up and lied about him. and it was his secretary's fault that his license expired.

There is no protection from bad licensees - thye go on like nothing ever happened.

Rules and ethics are for HONEST - ETHICAL people. Others do as they please.

I got the last laugh, buyer transferred the sale to me so I got100% of that commission.
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Report them ASAP..As a long time agent this is inappropriate and the agent should be fined if niot dismissed...Report them to the Real Estate Commission.....As a professional, I would love to see this type of agent GONE
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I am very happy to say this doesn't happen too much in my market but I have heard of agents sending the offer directly to the seller because of lack of response and cooperation. Not sure of the ethical stand on that move but if you can document the non acation of the listing agent I believe you would be protected.
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It is prevalent here in FLorida and I think thats why Fannie Mae set up an online site to submit the offers directly to them for review.
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Hi Andrew

Our broker has recently given us a copy of sample letter to send to these offending agents. It cites the exact ethics code they are violating with their non-response and the potential consequences. That seems to get their attention!

Best of luck!

Barbara Grandolfo
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Great answer, There was also a form letter in one of our Realtor magazines .

Sounds like the problem is wide spread.
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Hi Andrew,

I would call the agent's broker first and just communicate that i submitted an offer with no response and take it from there. if nothing changes you can report them to the commission.

good luck
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Agents like this do a disservice to all of us and their lack of professionalism is a reflection on us all. I encourage you to report them to your state Real Estate Commission who will follow up with them.
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