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QR Code Help, Please

Asked by Linda S. Cefalu, Franklin, WI Fri Dec 30, 2011

Hi fellow Trulia members. I have been using QR codes for my website and I think they are great. I am now ready to use them for individual listings, but I cannot seem to figure out how to do it. It seems they all want a url downloaded.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Linda,
I suggest that you copy the URL on your listing as it appears on your firm's web site rather than direct consumers through your own web site to view your listings.

Will that work?

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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Glad what I was trying to say was making sense.

You can always link to a video tour or something else that has a call to action as well.
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What I'm saying Linda is that the QR code generated by the company website takes them to the listing at the company website. It is easy for consumers, once there, to tool around the company website, look at other listings and leave yours. You lose that prospect as a potential lead by taking them to the company website. I understand that you don't want to point to the home page of the company website, but you are still pushing people towards the company website by giving them a URL that points to that domain. Does that make sense?

Think about it this way...if you didn't use the QR code and someone called you off the sign, you would try and convert them to a client, right? You did work, got the listing and would like to use that to step into other business when feasible. So your listing isn't right for them, but you have them on the phone and you know that another agent at your company has a listing that sounds perfect. You chat and make arrangements to email them that listing and build a relationship.

WIth the QR code, you are giving people another option to get that information by pulling calling you out of their options. They scan and get what they want without ever calling you. So they go to the listing ON the company website. Realize it isn't for them, but hey...all the other agent's listings are on the company website as well so they just look around, see that perfect listing, and then call that other agent directly. You get taken out of the equation even though you pulled the business in with your listing.

Just trying to help you keep business you might generate from a QR code from going to another agent at your company. The company website doesn't brand you. It brands the company.
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Hi Linda,
Using your company's QR codes for your listings should brand you as the listing agent. That is one of the benefits of using QR codes.
Glad that my response enlightened you and I wish you a very Happy Birthday!
Best wishes for a successful 2012!

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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I disagree about sending consumers to your company website unless your company lets you keep prospects that are generated from your effort. If someone scans the code and then moves onto another listing with another agent in your firm, then you just brought in business for someone else. I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to try and capture those prospects yourself rather than sending them to the company...

If you want to use QR's, then set up floor plans, single property websites, videos...something that is just branded to you and that listing.
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You may also want to use single listing websites.
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Happy birthday Linda,
Here's a way to tell your story and get a few smile during your Birthday/NewYear celebration.

Create a text QR code to wear as a name tag during the party. When someone actually scans it they will see the text you have encoded with will read, "DUH!" When they ask you can share your very best 2011 moment.

Second choice, encode "Denial, the state in which our politicians live."
Have fun and again, Happy birthday.
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QR codes aren't really meant for digital media like your website. Why would you force someone to pull out their cell phone, open the app, and scan your website when they could just click a link or image? You do realize that is more tedious, right?

The URL is where the QR code takes people that scan it. So if you want to use a QR code for your listings, then you'd probably want to have that scan take them to a virtual tour or a link to your IDX for more photos, a video tour, etc.
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Would I assume correctly you are using the QRs provided by Trulia? If yes, I can only recommend another resources that allows URL, TEXT, Contact, Telephone in the code.

Why QR's on electronic media? Can't you just link any image to where you want them to go?

If you need more information send me an email to:
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Thank you. I appreciate all of the great responses.
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Yup, you are right. I went through the procedure again and although it did pull up only my listing with only my information, in very tiny writing it says, "for more information...." or "for a showing..." and from there, it went to the company's lead generation. Gosh darn it. I was so happy that I finally figured this out and could move forward.

I guess the answer is as Elliott suggested, to get a single listing website. This was next on my list of things to accomplish this year anyway, so better sooner than later.

Thank you for your patience and insisting on re-explaining until I got what you were trying to tell me, Melina. I guess the reason I didn't get it was because, when I scanned the QR code, it only brought up my listing and my contact information. I didn't catch the other two lines. Ugh!
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Yup, it does. And thank you so much for saving me even more hours of work.
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I'm a little confused about your answer. My original question was to find out how to do it for my individual listings. But I do appreciate your input. I am in total agreement with you. I do not want to point to my website, but rather my listings only. That is what I was trying to accomplish.

Since I posted the question, Laura actually mentioned something that caused me to go to my new website and I found that they already have a QR code on my listing. I went through the procedure of scanning and reading and tested it and there it was, my own listing with its own QR code. So happy I thought to come to my trusted friends for the answers.

Thank you all for your input.
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Thank you Annette. Unfortunately, it will be a quiet day for me, but that is quite okay with me. That is a fantastic idea though. I'm going to have fun with this. Thanks for the ideas and have a Safe and Happy New Year.
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Did you ever have a day or a moment when you feel really ridiculous? I'M HAVING ONE NOW! Thanks to Laura, the light went on, duh!

I went back into my company website and on my page, low and behold, there was the QR code for that property. I haven't been with this company long and was not even aware that it was there. Sooooooooooo......I copied the QR code with my Iphone QR reader app and downloaded it to my documents so I could enlarge it and print it out. Then I used my Iphone QR reader to scan it to make sure it worked guessed it, it does.

Thank you all so much for attempting to answer my question. It sure is nice to know that I have a few friends here at Trulia. Have a Safe and Happy New Year. I'll be celebrating my ??? birthday on New Year's Day, ugh!! Sure seems as though that just happened a few months ago.

Thank you all again.
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Yes, Melina, I agree. That is why I am wanting to do a QR code for each property. That is what I'm trying to do. The link I've been using is a service provided through my company. It allows me to load a url so I used my website url to start, but I really don't want the potential client to have to sift through all of that. I just want a QR code for each listing that I can post in front of the house.

I would like my data sheet from MLS to be the page they see when they read the code.

Hope that makes more sense. Sorry if I'm confusing the issues.
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