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PLEASE Trulia, don't merge with Zillow! All Real Estate Agents, please petition Trulia to tell them why you'd NOT want them to merge with the big Z.

Asked by Stephen FitzMaurice, Realtor, Portland, OR Sat Jul 26, 2014

Can anyone say Monopoly? As real estate agents our advertising choices will be limited and prices will rise. Additionally, the new Zilla monster will probably start its own brokerage, trying to take things over online altogether. Competition is good for the market place and I don't think I'm alone in suggesting as an agent, I prefer Trulia's mentality over Zillow's. Zillow has said many times that it would like to "replace" the need for real estate agents. Do your research and be fore-warned. Stop the merger.

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For whatever happens, we will adapt.
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It is all about the money. I am not worried about the competition as you take incorrect info and merge with trulia management who doesnt care about agents or what they think and I foresee the public running from them, not hiring them to replace the hard work of an agent.
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Wow! That is scary but actually could happen over time. I have always believed in Trulia and Zillow as helping the consumer but the agents are the ones that add true value in the field.
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Hi Stephen, Nicole, Phyllis, Gordon, and other Voices members,

First off, thank you all for taking to chime in and start a passionate discussion.

The short answer to the questions and speculation is that nothing will change in the near term. Our focus on helping agents connect with consumers and close more transactions remains our top priority.

So what does this mean for you in the long term?
We believe that this transaction will be beneficial to agents. The combined company will provide agents access to more inventory and a larger audience of potential buyers. The transaction will also enable the combined company to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently.

We will keep all agents updated as we move forward with the transaction, and what changes you might see, if any, at the appropriate time.

We are pretty excited about what the future holds, and hope you are too.

Ali McCourt
Community Leader
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Ali I am thankful that you have come on here to answer as the last couple of years has not seen any care to what your most active agents care about or want. They have changed for the worst where once being active got you at the top of the agent search lists, now there is no name and new agents on top of NH that do not even work in my area coming in front of me,
Flag Mon Aug 4, 2014
Ali- any progress on getting the Voices alerts emails back?! This is an important part of my marketing plan to respond to questions. Its hard to go on everyday and find questions to answer in my market - Nicole
Flag Tue Jul 29, 2014
Hi Ali, just kidding about Zulia, although it does have a nice ring to it..
Flag Mon Jul 28, 2014
I wrote a long blog yesterday with the pros and cons and some thoughts and seeming because it asks the hard questions it was buried by the powers to be even though there were lots of SUGGESTS for it to be a feature. I think Trulia will simply take the cash and run. They have not cared about the agents on this site for a LONG time. They make frequent changes that hurt the most active. DOnt fix what needs to be fixed and forget trying to get a reply if you ask them a question or have a concern.
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I agree that trulia has stopped caring about the agents and how the site is run......something is up......Maybe all the recent and ongoing glitches and lack of concern on trulia's part has to do with this possible takeover/merger.
Flag Sat Jul 26, 2014
I concur! No competition = no one to answer to. Any tips on where to make petition or whom to send a letter to?
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Not yet, but I'm hoping this post will help get things started - get Trulia's attention.
Flag Sat Jul 26, 2014
Stephen I agree wholeheartedly with you. I was surprised to hear it was even being considered.
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Check the news - just hit.
Flag Sat Jul 26, 2014
"Trust me, I'm from the government."
It's creepy.

Examine North Korea, Cuba, China, Turkey, most middle east countries and observe how a society can be distorted by controlling the information they consume.

When there is only ONE SOURCE of real estate information available to the consumer, TRANSGRESSION WILL OCCUR.

But not against the real estate professionals here. "Trust me, I'm from the government."
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If Trulia were to merge with Zillow and modernize the horrible Zillow site, get all of the listing up to date and relevant then I'm all for it. I can't tell you how often I have clients inquire about properties on Zillow and I look it up only to find out it sold months or even years ago.
Zillow hater
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that happens here, on Trulia, too
Flag Mon Aug 4, 2014
Ali - well, at least you stepped up to the plate and responded here - nice to see the Q&A section isn't a total ghost town as far as staff is concerned.

Of course, "nothing will change in the near term"....................the buyout won't be official until the shareholders vote for it.....from what I read that won't happen until sometime in 2015.......but who knows (and cares).......happen it will.

Quite frankly, I am more concerned that this site has so many ongoing glitches many inaccuracies and ridiculous stats on the new profile pages.....the merger, or buyout....or whatever, is totally irrelevant to me.

I don't pay for anything here, and never will......(been there, done that) but I do like the Q&A section, and I would like to see it run smoothly .....and to see my profile page reflect honest stats & information.....

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Barrons has a great artice on how this is a sign of consolidation. Also something about Zillow and Trulia have only 4% of the advertising market for agents. Zillow monster or not so much I think there are plenty of other ad and money pits to advertise in.
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I believe that the fear running roughshod through the agent community is completely unfounded.

Zillow will NEVER do anything which would cause a direct drop in revenue. Real estate agents are willing to pay thousands (not hundreds...THOUSANDS) per month for big ad packages on both Truila and Zillow. The agents do this because (at least every now and then) they get some BIG commission checks...and they'd like MORE of them.

The aggressive telemarketers at BOTH Trulia and Zillow are essentially selling the dream that says, "Just send us a bunch of money, we give you expsoure and buyer leads, and you close more deals and get MORE of those big fat checks! Heck, once the money starts rolling in, the advertising pays for itself. Our service to you is essentially FREE!"

That's the fairy tale inside the heads of most agents and the marketing team only needs to tap into it.

Now imagine trying to get a lot MORE, smaller checks from fear-soaked sellers who only sell a home a few times in their lives. The telemarketing teams would be in their own little hell. They do all the work to get a seller signed up but once they do and the seller sells the home, they go away and have to do it all over again next month!

Again, compare to a real estate agent. Phone teams actively pursue over time, get the agent on board and the agent pays again and again. If s/he's good and can convert the leads, s/he might continue paying forever. If not, they pay for at least half year.

Zillow is NOT going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
Web Reference:
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Too late, its done. zillow is now zulia
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Trillow. Or better yet... Trulliow.
Flag Sun Aug 3, 2014
I think Zilla, as in Godzilla might be more appropriate.
Flag Mon Jul 28, 2014
Welcome to corporate America.

There are other ways to get quality leads, other then these sites.

I do pay for the services of both, and to be honest with you find Zillow leads to be better quality.

Where did you get your merger information, it would be interesting to read if it available?

This merger would be like Coke and Pepsi merging.....Zillow is a houshold name, when people use the word "Coke" for any type of soda.....I get more "my Zestimate says my house is worth __________" then "Trulia says my house is worth ______________"
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I have been the lone voice for more than two years advising all of you to have the courage to protect your buyers and sellers by avoiding the real peril and harm to which they are exposed when you advocate and promote websites like Zilow and Trulia.

Nobody acknowledged.

Maybe now you are in a position to see your vulnerability.

All of you know what you must do. To cry foul now is truly insincere.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Palm Harbor, FL
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Well, nice try, but do you really think trulia cares what agents think?
The bottom line is... the bottom line - keep the shareholders happy............ and they should be happy as stock prices rose with the mere suggestion this merger or takeover might occur.

As far as anyone from Trulia even reading this forum and commenting?

It seems as though the Q&A section has pretty much been set adrift with all the glitches and ongoing one (from T) is reading what is posted here anymore...........not like they used to.

You won't even be notified when new answers are posted here - notifications stopped many months ago.

One thing with Zillow - when they have site issues, they fix them...and they don't have that annoying captcha!
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We agree 100%! Dont mess this up trulia!
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I have been a member of the Trulia community for a long time, and I find it so much better than Zillow. I receive at least 10 calls a week from Zillow, asking me to buy advertising. Its a big turn-off. Trulia has better information, better message boards, and is more user-friendly.
Please don't proceed with a merger! You will ruin a good thing!!!!

Nicole Fedorchek, Realtor
Tarbell, Realtors
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I, too, was really surprised to hear it's a consideration. Hopefully the people will be heard.
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