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One of my agents was asked by 2 different agents, if she would show her listing to THEIR customer, b/c they were going to be out of town. Thoughts?

Asked by Kimberly Joy Castellotti, 33414 Mon Aug 6, 2012

Our Team's agents never have to worry about such things because one of us will always be there in case an occasion like this arises.

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We all must work together to get new owners in a home.
However, we must be alert that we do not fall prey to 'limited service' providers who choose to take advantage of cooperative agents. That's one way to afford a rebate, by not taking the buyers out at all. This is not limited service but deferring costs to the unsuspecting.
If an agent I know or have heard who is of good reputation makes such a request. the answer will always be yes.
This scenario, however, is very much like the urgent buyer sitting at the curb of your listing. "I really want to see this house! I will be catching a plane back to NJ in 3 hours. Please show it to me NOW!!"
They never buy. Even if they wanted too....their agent is out of town!
My dad always reminded me, "If its worth doing, it's worth scheduling." He gets smarter as I get older.
Best of success to you,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
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I had another agent once ask me to show my listing to her customer because she was busy at her "full time job". I let the customers in, showed the house, and thankfully received an offer from another agent that actually did "their" job.

I also met the customer of another agent at my office on the day my father died and rewrote the contract for one of my listings because she had so many errors on it. I couldn't even complain to the broker because it was his girlfriend.

Ahhh, the life of a real estate agent.
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I listed a property a couple of years ago that was quite a distance from where I lived and at 5:30pm I got a call from an agent that wanted me to show my listing to her client at 6:30. I will say i begrudgingly did it at that time only because my client wanted to sell very bad. I ended up writing the contract and going to the home inspection as the other agent was unavailable for that. She did however make the closing for her half though.
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I've never been asked to do that by an agent from a brokerage that is not the same as mine. But, I probably would because my job is to effectuate a sale on behalf of my client - - the seller. That being said it surprises me that the other agent had no one within her own brokerage that she could call on to cover for her while she was out of town. I consider that weird and perhaps even bordering on irresponsible and unprofessional.
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Not every agent works as a TEAM and if you hold that against them then you may lose a few sales. Just tell them upfront that if you show they are only entitled to a reduce commission, and have them agree via e-mail before you go show. They can agree or they can take their clients at a later time.

Tony Vega
La Rosa Realty
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Great idea - love it!
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As in, a referral agreement for the listing agent to take icare of their customer for them. Thats definitely a viable solution.
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Hi Kimberly. I think the answer depends on another point or two: How busy is the agent being asked to show the property? If he/she is slammed with work, it's going to be difficult. On the other hand, if the client buys/rents, it's obviously in the agent's interest to show and make the deal regardless of where the client came from, no?

Second, if the agent sending the customer requests this repeatedly, then I would not be as flexible to show.

If you're on a team, it's easier to get someone to cover. If you're flying solo.....much more difficult.


Scott Miller
Realty Associates
Boca Raton, FL
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This is a common occurrence in the summer. This is precisely why teams work so much better in the clients interests.
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All of us have run into this situation from time to time. I listed a home for a client who wanted me to accompany buyer's agents at all showings. The house was well priced and we had many requests to show. A couple of times a buyer's agent asked if I would mind showing the home to his/her customer because the agent had a conflict.

Because it has happened rarely, I extended that courtesy because it is our job, as a listing agent, to do our best to sell the property.

In these instances I tell the other agents that I am aware that these customers belong to them, and that if these customers indicate interest, I will tell them to ask their agent to contact me. After all, these customers would not have looked at my listing unless their agent had suggested it.

Marc Jablon, The Jablon Team
RE/MAX Complete Solutions
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As a selling agent, you really want to be there with your buyers, professionally speaking; therefore it's always best to rearrange your schedule so you can escort your buyers all the time and not expect another agent to do your job. As a listing agent, it is your responsibility to do what needs to be done to sell your client's home, and that means showing it to all potential buyers. It's in everyone's best interest for selling agents and listing agents to work together as a team, even if they are from different brokerages-HOWEVER, If the selling agent absolutely can't re-arrange their schedule to show the property to their own buyers and is asking the listing agent to show it to their buyer -- the listing agent could provide access to the home, but if these buyers want to make an offer--it's the agent who actually effects the sale, who gets paid...therefore the selling agent is treading on water here because it is a fine line and it could get complicated. The selling agent needs to remember that, legally speaking. Asking another agent to help out on a showing, can really cause problems - and should only be done in the rare instance it just can't be avoided...certainly not as a regular practice. IF it can not be avoided, then only with a listing agent you already have a relationship with would it be acceptable --and even then, it would be nice to offer the listing agent a referral fee or portion of your comission if it ends up in a sale...Lastly - I believe in "Karma" -- you just never know when you will need another agent to do a favor for you, too-----so always go with following the golden rule: "Do unto others as you would like done to you."
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I agree with most before me. Of course I would show it. This just happened to me this past weekend. The buyer called me and wanted to get in that day. When I found out who the agent was, I called her and was told that she told them she would be available after 3:00 and she would show it then. So..........I referred them back to their agent. They did eventually look at my listing and decided against it.

If an agent has a conflict, I will do everything I can to assist in any way whether it is to show a house or hand carry documents to their client. We all need to work together for the same end, the best interest of our client.

Wendy, I am curious if you found any issues during the home inspection and if there was any negotiation that needed to happen. I am wondering if the other agent had any involvement at all and if not, why would she get paid?
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I feel it is my duty to do whatever it takes to get buyers in to see the home and to ultimately get it sold for my client. I have had numerous occasions where a couple would call to see my listing and when asked if they were represented by another agent get a firm no only to find out later they were and just wanted to see inside of home. Makes me crazy but what can you do. To me first contact is not time to ask for a Buyers Agency....
Lynn Clarke
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I actually almost had this happen two weeks ago. I met a great couple at an open house who called back to see my listing because their agent would not return their call. I suggested she could be on vacation and to try to see the home with her (assuming they had a written agreement) but I too would have met them at my listing as it is my duty to do the best I can for my clients. I figured if their agent was away I was helping her (I didn't know her) and fair game they came to my advertised open house without her. Turns out she did call them back and I avoided (if) any conflict and they put an offer on this listing.
I treat people the way I want to be treated. I know there are a lot of pt. time or lazy agents out there but I always try to give the benefit of the doubt. I don't have a team but do trust a few agents I work with and we cover for one another if away. I am sure if this happened I would do the best I could to represent my client and hope the impression holds.
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Last time I showed one of my listings due to the buyer's agent being unavailable was because he was limited service agent who failed to disclose his status. Murphy's Law being firmly in place, this agent wrote the contract and was pretty much "unavailable" during the whole transaction.
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She did extend the professional courtesy of showing the home for the agent. I have done so as well. I posed the question to see if other agents had this happen to them. Now I will share my personal and professional opinion. Of course as a listing agent you do whatever it takes to get buyers in to see the home and to ultimately get it sold for the client. But on my death bed I would never send a client over to a listing agent with whom I did not have an existing relationship. Any agent who would do rude, and has no idea of the meaning of customer service. In any industry you have to deal with folks who do the minimum to get by......and it is just part of doing business. Thanks everyone for checking in!!!
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In Texas you must do everything to get a sale for your client and that means showing your own property sometimes. You do want to follow every lead for your Seller, after all, that is why they hired you.

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Happens all the time. As the sellers agent the idea is to sell it. It won't matter if you show them or your team shows them or the sellers agent shows the buyers. Since you are all in the same office it will be a dual agent situation since the office owns the listing and all the agents are in the same office.
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No these were agents from other companies who were taking some leisure time out of town.
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