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New Agent best training Exit or Keller Williams in L.A.?

Asked by Marie, Los Angeles, CA Fri Jul 6, 2012

Can an insider help me to decide, which one is better in training for a new agent, and which office in L.A you would recommend?.
I have recruited exit in L.A. but found there office pretty small and couldn't really see a structured training plan, there are other ones a little outside L.A., don't mind driving if it is worth it. (like granada hills, woodlandhills)
There are several Keller Williams, and each of them is separately operated,
I have recruited with one, however the broker does come in only once in a while. Is it better to start as a beginner where the broker is in office all the time, if so, which K.W. office in L.A would you recommend to start with.
Someone who has worked in both companies over 1-2year, would give me a better advice. I really need some help to decide, everybody says ours is better, but at the end, I don't know which one is true. K.W. also charges a monthly fee, I really need help! Thank you so much! if you want confidential I can email you too.

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I say neither. I work for ReMax. I highly suggest you try being a buyers agent on a highly successful team first.
Nothing you learned on the real estate exam prepares you for the real world. Being on a team where you are provided leads & taught how to get your own. I would suggest a tiered split so as you get better you earn more commission.
Keep in mind there is a reason at those other companies that the managers are teaching you. Either they can't sell themselves or they haven't in a loooong time.
Make sure you get plenty of Internet training and whoever you go with knows what a QR code is.
Good luck!
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Hi Marie

You had asked the question in Jul 2012, let us know how you are
doing and where did you join.

Did you get the training you thought you would get?, and did that help
you sell and list homes.

Best regards
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I don't know about what is the time to respond but I've noticed over time that somehow questions seem to repeat themselves or same people ask the same questions but phrased them differently. That's why I always verify
the history of the question sender.
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Hello John,

Good comment. What is the time expiration for answering the question?
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Why are you answering a question that was posed back in July 2012?

Frankly, no one realty company is better than another. It's all up to the individual to make it happen. Why do you think that so many agents jump from Coldwell Banker, or from RE/MAX, or from Keller Williams, or from C21, or from Better Homes And Gardens, or from Weichert, or from whoever else? Because they expected the brand name to get the business for them.

The reality of the matter is that each huge franchise has its many stars who never jump from one place to another because they have what it takes to be successful within.
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Hello Marie,

If you are new and in need of training, then Coldwell Banker has the best training program for new agents. I started 12 years ago at CB and never had any regrets. I now have my own brokerage and keep all the commissions, but for a new agent - the knowledge and experience are the most important factors... The commissions will rise with your experience.


Gary Rapoport
GBR Properties
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In Real Estate, you can be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.
At RE/MAX Elite we take great pride in our associates and our effective management team. We train you to be the best.
Each office is independently owned and operated. We have commission programs for associates at every level based on their experience, skills, and production. We invite real estate professionals interested in career opportunities at our offices to visit us and learn directly from our staff the resources and benefits of joining our Brand RE/MAX Elite. For more information on your Real Estate Career options, call us (818) 500-4007 or email
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Training is key, as well as, support from the office staff, especially the manager.
I started with another brokerage, was told I was going to get training, but really it was a default time waster from two other non producing agents. No books, no video, no systems. After wavering a bit, I found out KW was going to be in our area and did my own investigating. I interviewed several KWs and ended with KW Hollywood Hills. The training staff is excellent, cares, and the manager makes himself available for coaching. I would suggest setting up interviews with several offices. Beverly HIlls (KW regional manager owns this one and teaches classes there), Studio City, and Hollywood Hills are some of the better offices around. Reach out and I'm happy to connect you with the right staff to get you an initial tour of all.

Stay connected,
Renee Kische
Keller Williams Realty Hollywood Hills
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Hi Marie,

I am a strong believer in good training!

I had 4 months of training which was in a classroom setting plus field work from Prudential California Realty (Mulhern Group) which was excellent . They also had specialized training at no charge to the Agents which I also took,as well as Foreclosure, Short-Sale and distressed property courses. These were all offered at No Charge to the Agents !

There are also very good courses, I would recommend at the Realtor Association offices. Another place you might consider is private courses. CCIM Institute is excellent for Commercial Training.
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My friend transferred from Prudential in Sacramento, to KW in L.A. She loves it! Her name is Jennifer C. Sallave. She is very friendly and knowledgeable. I hope you find your perfect office.

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The "Best Training" is as relative - significant or insignificant - as what is the best apple pie in the world, or what is the best vacation ever, or what is the best cell phone... You can drive a Mercedes, a Cadillac or a Bentley and still have accidents (the car does not make the driver).

Real estate training is only an educatin. It will not make you a successful real estate agent unless you believe in your heart that you will be good at it, that you will believe in its core, that you will dedicate150% of yourself without even thinking about it towards succeeding. Selling real estate is more than a job, it's a calling; it's something you need to breathe in and out each day, to swallow the deceptions and to embrace the next lead and, at the end of the day, feel good about yourself and look forward to do it all over again tomorrow.

Show initiative (your own willing desire to learn on your own): If you lookl closely at all the big or samll name brokerages, you will notice that in each office of each franchise, or not, there is always one star shining brighter than the rest, and thereis a handful of others that are a few lumens below the star and you have a bunch of dim ones. Also notice that the stars have been with the same broker for years. So, pick any broker and take advantage of every training they offer but HERE IS WHAT I THINK IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: Observe and learn from the brightest stars, how they do things and even ask them why they do it (most stars are usually willing to share their knowledge among their peers); or, find a star and askhim/her if they wouldn't mind if you were to go out with them on listings or showings now and again (the worse thing is they can say "No." but there will be one or two that will be gald to saa yes); or, whenever you go out on your own showing properties to meet other agents, pay attention on how they are handling themselves with their customers or if they are the listing agents who will show the house and you bring your customers, study how they show the property.

Other venue. Even if you chose Keller Williams but the broker isn't there, so what? Your local real estate board should offer tons of free enlighting and resourcefull classes on just about everything agents need to help keep you on top of your game. By-the-way, most local real estate boards offer bunches of those free invaluable classes that give agents 3 hours credit towards your 14 hour Continuing Education (I ma not sure, though, how many continuing-ed hours are required in California). That is how I do my 14 hours spread in two years.

Research has proven many times that people who take a hobby spend more time per week and more heart dedication (not considering the pocket money that goes into those hobbies) than they put in their own work or profession. I am a RE/MAX agent and real estate is my hobby.

So, Marie, start searching in your soul first, make real estate your hobby, then look for a broker.
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Ring ring,... this is your wake up call.
An agents training for the most part is what that agent puts into it and gets on their own.
If you are hung up on the brokerage you have a long long way to go.
The job you are considering is an independent contractor not an employee employer.
If you are going to make it, you are going to need to be ambitious and want to learn everything you can and be busy on your own. Aside from training and believe me we all need training, I still go and keep up after 10 plus years, you need to worry about how you will make money. Leads, how to work with leads, understanding contracts, understanding people, the list goes on and on. Working in a busy office may sound nice until you realize everyone in the office is competing against you. Working in an office that isn't busy with no people may be a sign that no one wants to be there unless they are starting out. Why would anyone work for a company that charges them? Almost sounds like a pimp. Keep looking until you find everything you need. Do not settle and do not think a name has anything to do with it. After all the big KW, didn't exist here in CA not that long ago meaning most of those people may be new, and the rest all came from some where they were sick of. I can assure you agents have left KW and exit for the same reason. What you need to do is open your eyes and understand what you are looking for and what you need. I recall when I first got my license, the big CB down the road kept mailing me letters and postcards wanting me. Back then there was a Woody Allen saying I never would want to be with a woman who is willing to be with me. I went down and asked them the run down, the broker told me I would get a farm and no one including the broker would compete with me in fact the broker went on to say she doesn't do listing herself at all and hasn't in years. I was ready to sign I felt good. I was handed a pack to look over and read and went home. I had a friend who was an agent as well and looked up their listings,... the broker had 3 of her own listings active. The pack went into the trash. I kept looking. Desk fees, this fee that fee, lead fee, wind my watch fee, this percent that percent and so on. It was enough to make me want to do loans instead. As for big name reputation, that is a double edge sword. A bad reputation can be with a big name easily. I went to a couple big names did "the training" and never felt like this is how it should be done. I went to a small company and they had it together. Later I got greedy and wanted leads so I went to a lead company,... that did not go as well as I had hoped. Then I when to a place where I met the broker at a class at the local Board of Realtors, before and hung there. Paid the desk fees etc. I did realize one thing out of it all. Agents are people, and if you treat them as I treated past employees they would stick around. no pyramid schemes make them like the place no stuck there. I hope you keep it all in mind and go get some deals under your belt and your GRI training first. I think the answers you are going to get are people saying I do this and if you do it as well, you are supporting their decision on where they may be. It is a fit like a coat and the coat does not have to be gold. It does not have to be a balloon or a rock. Each brokerage is different! You want one that pushes you a little and gives you leads, is fair and reasonable. I doubt you are going to want to be at a place that has 400 agents crawling all over each other and when the phone rings and your client asks for Marie it isn't what Marie? Or some other Marie may get your leads.
You may want to take the Quick Start offered by the GRI program in Burbank as well.

I wish you the best

Harold Sharpe - Broker
So Cal Homes
(951) 821-8211
California Department of Real Estate Broker License # 01312992
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Keller Williams --and you'll never look back. The broker is always accessible--the team leaders are all experienced and helpful--and you'll find that you're checks might come in bigger than at other companies.
If you'd like to talk about it more, feel free to give me a ring at 323-219-4480.
Best of luck to you!
Lynn Le Glaire
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Coldwell Banker and Prudential both have good training programs. I started at Prudential in Ontario and we had training twice a week. It was amazing. We moved back to LA and I joined Coldwell Banker on Larchmont. They do not have in-house training but a great training program at their Sherman Oaks Office. I really feel training is essential and not from a mentor but in a class. check them out!
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Hi Marie:

Prudential California Realty offers a quick start program for new agents, ongoing training, updates on new technology, information, training, and has lots of perks that aid agents, like a marketing department, onsite managers and assistant managers who are always reachable, great locations, mentors, staff. etc.

Give me a call and I will be happy to introduce you to our managers!

Good luck!

All the best,

Kat Becker, Realtor
Estates, Residential, Commercial
Prudential California Realty
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Do not be mislead. Many companies with big training programs are not free. they all charge big time fees later. Be careful in your choice.


Neal Grusky
DRE# 01890580
Hpremiere Properties
Real Estate and Financing
10940 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1600,
LA, CA 90024 | Office:
(800) 652-1768
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Email me at I started my Real Estate in 2003 at Coldwell Banker and left the company for various of reasons and chose Keller Williams. Keller Williams would be your best bet. I'd be happy to share more information with you. Email me.
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Coldwell Banker has some of the BEST training in the industry! They also provide you with a mentor to help you through your first few transactions to ensure your success. Kellar Williams charges a lot of fees that many other top name companies do not charge and I would be cautious of working for such a small broker as Exit as they will not have the supportive services you will need and you will be paying for a lot of copying and advertising fees out of your own pocket. Besides, a Big name is huge behind you when you are first starting out as you haven't built up your reputation but you can easily fall back on a good broker's name and reputation. Coldwell Banker is #1 in most of Los Angeles County and they have offices all over and are an international company.

Remember, in Real Estate-you want to interview the best brokers and find out what they have to offer you! It definitely varies from broker to broker. Do not get teased by brokers that tell you that you will receive 100% of the commissions, they charge A LOT of fees and have very little to offer you and these are usually the first brokers to go out of business.

Much success to you and welcome to Real Estate!
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I would strongly recommend Remax if you need a brand name. Any office in Valley or otherwise would be great. I've closed several with KW as well and found their agents extremely pro and great to work with. As for me I don't want brand name and need flexibility with property types.

Best of luck to you.
Practice great communication and return your calls:)
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I have been with Keller Williams for 2.5 years. I would like to tell you about our office. Hands on training by bothe brokers and team leader/manager is impressive. The training calendar is always full. Contact me if you would like more information and ask more questions.
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