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Keller williams vs. Coldwell banker

Asked by Shauna, New York Fri May 20, 2011

I will be obtaining my real estate license soon and want to make sure I go with the best company. I want a company that offers on-going training/mentoring, great atmosphere and commission. I am willing to work hard. I have hear good things about Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker and there well known but can only choose one. In Ny Hetch realty, Hudson Properties in Trump Tower, and Oxford realty have good commission payouts but I don't know about their training. Please let me know if you have worked for any of those companies I really would like feedback. When it boils down to it which company is better overall?

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I do not work for either of these companies, but have known several agents that have worked with both. First they are both tremendous offices. I would interview both and I would ask the managers what percentage of the agents are first years? What is the attrition rate of agents in the office? You want to make sure you are in an environment of mentoring and education and not just about production. The split is important, but not as important as the training. I started out 50/50 with my first broker, but they mentored and gave me leads. I got 10 leads from my broker my first 6 months and closed them all. That was way more important than a high split. Best
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I thought of joining either KWNY or CB bellmarc after I passed my state exam.
Im glad I didn't and that I chose to work with a 100% commission broker.
Success has nothing to do with the broker, its all in the agent's hardwork.
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You should contact several brokerages and get further information about cost, what they offer their agents, etc. You will need to make a decision that best fits you and best fits how you want to build your business once you get started.
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Wow so many good considerate answers! Well I’ll give you a different take on the question and I sincerely hope it helps, but it will be blunt. This deal is 95% about YOU and not about which firm you work for. I’m not going to add to or enhance the training aspects of what has already been mentioned. But what I will share are things you need to know about successful agents and about yourself in order to succeed. First off all agents need to be full time. New agents need a sponsor / mentor, someone who is retiring or slowing down and are going to hand feed you leads and help facilitate a sharing of their current sphere of influence. Other ways to go about it are to already have a relationship with a developer, builder, or multiple transaction flippers so that you have base line to your business. The brokers will lie ( sorry harsh word ) to you about what the office does, how many leads you will receive how the leads are shared within an office, whether or not the broker cherry picks certain listings/ walk-ins for themselves and the list goes on and on. Don’t get mad, have your own marketing plan; this is your business and the only person reasonable for your success or failure is YOU. A parting thought, its beautiful to see a bird fly but when they are pushed out of the nest many don’ t and die, this sounds brutal so is real estate so I recommend fly birdie fly!
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best,smartest and most helpfull and accurate reply
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I joined Keller Williams 5 years ago when it was the 4th largest franchise nationwide. We quickly moved to # 3 and now we are #2 . I have no doubt that we will soon be # 1. There is no other Realty like Keller Williams. It offers continuous higher learning opportunities and the sky is the limit.As a past educator and administrator I recognize the quality of the learning opportunities it gives. We have voice pad, e-edge and many other unique opportunities to develop as a Realtor. We also give back to the community through our annual Red Day and KW cares. Definitely visit a KW team and you will see the culture of this company is like no other! Good luck!
Feel free to call me if I can help you. 914 589 2455

Gladys Viruet
Keller Williams Realty Sales Associate
Mobile: 914 589 2455
Fax: 914 713 3271
Office: 914 902 3277

2nd largest Realty in the country!
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There is no "Best" company. All the "name" companies list and sell real estate. They all have good agents and bad agents, good broker managers and bad broker managers, good offices and bad offices. They all claim to have the best training-some do and some don't. For you (as a new agent) it is all about the broker manager of the office and the one-on-one coaching and mentoring you will receive. Check that out for each company you are interested in. Talk to the agents. Try to get underneath the hype.

I have worked at Coldwell Banker, Weichert, ReMax and now own an award winning EXIT office. Whatever choice you make it is not final. If you think you made the wrong choice you can change at any time. In the end your success will not be based on the company, but on your committment, dedication, desire to learn, and hard work. There is great real estate training available through the NAR and many national trainers. Don't just depend on the company.
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Shauna - there is no such thing as "the best company".

Much will depend on the agents who make up the particular office, the specific Manager, and what back up support and traing the company offers.

Make a list of questions regarding training - not just for new agents, but ongoing training as well........ask about area market share and experience of the agents, Does the company allow part timers? Will you be surrounded by experienced, high producing agents? The high energy of the office can very well translate to the individual agents.

What support is offered to the agents...what fees do they charge you.......what marketing materials do they offer or subsidize? For example, my company pays for all agents to enhance their listings on also offer free individual domain addresses for our listings, split the cost of vitrual tours and allow us to send out 50 Free full color postcards for any new listings and sales. Those are just a few of the types of perks a comany can offer - along with a fair commssion split.

Talk to the manager - walk around the office and get a feel for the atmosphere.
Certainly, you shouldn't focus on the commission split at this time.......just make sure it's fair, and compensates those who produce - because one day you will!

Stop by some Sunday open houses hosted by agents in that office, and see how professional they seem..........ask the if they are happy with their company!

The "best" company is the one you feel will give you the best support and where you feel the most comfortable.
Any large company will have its strong offices, and perhaps a few weaker offices in the mix, too......check out the specific office you might be working in.

Good luck!
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Shauna~ Even though this question is old, your question is still relevant.... Having a good broker is imperative to agents, and depending on the agents taste and work ethics makes all the difference and determines whether KW is better then CB :)
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Such a very old question, but just need to make a comment..........

Barry, I suggest you read the Realtor Code of Ethics before coming on an internet site and calling another office/company "terrible".......... and bragging you will "outsell" their local office is just plain poor taste, not to mention unprofessional (as the reply left under your response, and I agree with, states)

Even suggesting that other offices within your own current company might not be "so great" sounds terrible and the head of CB would be thrilled reading that!

Is that a professional way to present yourself?
It doesn't speak to those other offices - it speaks to you and your judgement about what to say on an open forum.

I know your current Broker at Coldwell Banker wouldn't approve of your comments, either - show him or her and see their response!
Might want to delete it asap!
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Pointing out that an agent is breaking the Realtor Code of Ethics is not "unfriendly" - it's helping raise their awareness as to proper conduct.
We all benefit from that - even you.
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Debra~ two wrongs don't make a right? Please take a look at you unfriendly comment :)
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If real estate business is for you, you will definetely succeed in both companies! Wish you only luck!!!
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in case you bothered to notice, this question was asked THREE years ago
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Hey Shauna,

I know it has been almost three years since you asked this question. Just curious where did you end up joining? I am at Keller Williams and I love it. Im always learning something everyday from other KW real estate agents all over the country. I wished I wouldve joined when I first became a real estate agent.
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I work for Coldwell and they are great but having said that I will say that the fact that the Coldwell office I work for is great does not mean that the one where you live is great. Even if they are great does not mean that they are the best fit for you. Long before I ever got into real estate, I bought and sold properties in many parts of the country through C21 and was always impressed. Where I am at now, the local C21 office is terrible. I will probably outsell their entire 12 agent office this year. Each office has its own personality and even when they are successful does not mean that they are right for you. When it comes right down to it, brokers work for agents. Figure out who is going to work hardest to make you successful.
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I am a bit baffled, I listed my home with C21, and I read your post. My first thought was, how can any one person be so unprofessional. Then I thought, wait, I need to call my C21 office and find out what is going on. Before I go on, I have only had a great experience each and every time I have called, or visited their (C21) office. So I had them give me some statistics. They showed me they had 11 closed transactions, so far in March, pulled up those closed transactions, and printed them for me. The average days on market for their 11 closed sales was 29 days on market, that was me figuring out from the days on market section of the print listings I received.
Then I asked them, how well does this Barry Stewart guy do? So they pulled up your statistics, for me, of course. Going back to when you entered their system, 3 years ago, you have been with two offices, and you have only had 3 closed sales. You currently have 14 active listings, and you have 13 expired. UNPROFESSIONAL !
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I am also a newly licensed agent looking for the right company to place my license. I have interviewed with CB and KW. Both seem great, but I can't decide which one to go with. I only have a short time to make up my mind, but I completed everything and passed my test in four weeks. I am excited, but confused about the whole thing. I want to choose the right place and stay there.
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With you being new to the industry, I would not really focus on the brokerage that offers the highest commissions. It is important to learn all the aspects of leasing, buying, & selling in NYC. Some higher paying brokers may not offer you the training you need and more likely you will find it difficult to close deals.
I worked with Coldwell Banker in Gulfport, MS (exceptional broker) but there are royalties you pay while others in NYC are not national company so you do not pay franchise fee. Interview many, many, many brokers to find the one that best suits you and you can always change if you do not like them.
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Weichert vs Century 21 - Better Homes & Gardens vs Remax The answer is to go where you can be best served and trained and mentored to get to the next level. Best of Luck
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EXIT REALTY is great. Much better than all them.Offers great training (the best in my opinion) Better splits/ and offers residuals and retirement. Call me for more information. I would love to sponsor you.
William Teague
Exit Realty Solutions
Direct # 917-803-7019
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Just Curious, how would you know Exit has the best training, if you have not taken all of the training that every franchise offers?
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Interview with as many companies as necessary, then choose the one you like best, are most comfortable with, and don't focus too much on commission splits--rather ask about mentoring, lead referrals, miscellaneous expenses, services offered, your potential collegues, does the company's business principles match yours, etc.;
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You need to interview with both to see what is comfortable for you, you need to see what they offer, what their costs are and what their commission scale is. Bigger is not always better as you have more agents within that office your are competing with for the same business. you should alos consider a smaller office, an indepnedant or family style company as well so you can see the differences of each. You want to be in an environment that is conductive to business but one you are comfortable that you want to go to work everyday instead of have to.
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I started my first ten years with Coldwell Banker. I received good instruction, but cherry picked my Manager (that made the difference).

I have since gone on my own when CB fell out of integrity.

I run my company the way I would have wanted to be treated and trained.

Give me a call if you wish to discuss further. People hire Realtors, not companies. 631-425-6150
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