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Just sign up with Trulia, any old Trulia pros willing to share their success?

Asked by Dorita Saucedo, Rockville, MD Sat Feb 22, 2014

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'll add my 2 cents..................I totally agree with those who said your presence and knowledge is what will generate business...........not so much buying ads and zip codes, at least in my opinion.

Be consistent in answering questions - blog - all of that is like creating your own personal library.....people WILL notice and follow you.

The business I have gotten from trulia has been from consumers simply watching and reading what is said, and then following up by checking my website and other online information.

Those people may never actively participate in a forum, but they are out there reading what you say and judging you and your ability......all of which is why you need to make sure you add VALUE and not just a filler-type answer like: "Call an attorney", or some other hackneyed phrase.........refrain from yawn-inducing lines like "Now is the time to buy", or "you get what you pay for".

While you're doing all of that - have fun...........enjoy ......learn from others........and the business will find you.

and to those who try to game the system - know that others are watching , and see what you're doing,............and that it is impossible to have answered only 38 questions and received 390 legitimate thumbs ups
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I just signed up this morning for leads for my zip. I am trying it out. I was hesitant but I figure that if I get ONE sale it will pay for itself. I am hopeful to get 1 good lead. I have been in real estate for several years and never before would I have considered it, but I recently moved and started all over just about. So I am hoping to be a success story!
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Here is my experience....I paid for Trulia ads, and did not get any serious business. To the contrary, I spent a lot of time talking to folks who were simply curious about one specific property. I would call immediately, send an email, and 95% never heard a word back. I tried it for 4 months, and only met one person. Long story short, I caught a couple trying to use me for a taxi when they came to Florida to "see" property. During conversation I discovered her best friend was an agent in my city. They were going to use me to drive around, and have her friend write a contract. I refused (politely) all attempts to schedule me by insisting I see their proof of funds first and sign my buyer's agreement. They never produced the proof, and actually said "we don't know you, so we don't see any reason to give you our personal information. You are a stranger". I replied "You are right, we don't know each other, and because you obviously do not trust me, I think it would be best if I don't put you in my car".

I also received leads that were outside of my zip code parameters and price requirements. So I spent time talking to bad leads.

I have had much, much more success with blogging on here, and constantly answering questions. It gives you a presence in your area. I picked up a listing from a stranger recently who said "You clearly know my area". One tip......make your personal website user friendly, and think of every possible subject buyers might ask about to include on your site. Schools, demographics, restaurants, beaches, boat ramps, golf courses, etc. etc. Then on here, answer someone's question thoroughly but briefly, and then direct them to that subject on your site; Example: "Are there good schools near this home?" You: "That area is one of my favorite areas in (your city). call me and I'll tell you why. I can say that has a couple of highly ranked schools nearby, and I have a list of all of the area schools with their "grade" or ranking on my website for you to review. Go to: (your website). This will answer their question, expose your website here, and drive traffic to your site. Google ranks based on "back links". In other words, if someone clicks on your link from a highly ranked site like Trulia, eventually google sees it as popular, and will increase your ranking.

I plan to advertise with Trulia again in the future, but in a different way other than buying zip code leads.
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Wow. I am shocked at your experience with those buyers! Sorry you were treated that way. I hate when people disrespect our profession.
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Thanks Dorita!

All the best!
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That makes a lot of sense, thanks.
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You're welcome!
Best wishes!
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I have been in the 'biz' a while and decided to dip my toe in the Trulia pool this year as a test run. This thread is helpful, but can anyone share a few success stories from their Trulia experiences?


Christina Elliott
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The time you will spend calling on bad leads will be better spent answering questions on here, blogging, and remembering to direct people to your site. You will spend the same amount of time, and will build your image as an authority in your area.
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Glad I was able to find and read this. I am considering signing up!
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Welcome to Trulia! I live off my Trulia leads.
-complete your profile
-get referrals from anyone you do business with
-write blog, answer questions
-call leads immediately to convert them
-feature your listings
-check into other listings
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Try to get recommendations from every one of your clients. You won't succeed in getting 100% but every recommendation helps. I have had clients tell me that they called me because of my recommendations.

Next, get some education on lead conversion. Getting leads is one thing but if you are not converting them.

Good luck.
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I was wondering the same and appreciate all of the great info on here in regards to this topic. I have not paid and am hesitant to. I hear more saying it was not a source of leads that led to closings, but many agree posting blogs and answers turns into more potential success.
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Good Afternoon, Dorita! Of`course, Trulia will be helpful for you to promote your listing and to find some clients. But you shouldn`t forget that your communication and negotiation skills are much more important in this business. Wish you good luck!
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In my opinion, paying for leads, purchasing zip codes, paying for referral services, etc. is one of the biggest "rip offs" in the real estate business. Having walked that walk, I can honestly say that as Laura and others have alluded to, the practice of offering one's expertise via Q&A forums and various blogs is a much rewarding than being sucked into believing great volumes of leads will be pouring in....Just keeping it real! Bill
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I totally agree with you!
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I'm with Laura Feghali, the best results I have achieved with Trulia are through my answering of questions, blogging and generally noting my expertise. Make sure your profile is complete, that you link it to your web page and that you collect customer references for every transaction. Feedback on your service will carry great weight with prospective clients.
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Hi Dorita,
I signed up and am currently paying for a mobile ad in one of the major zip codes in my area. Yes, it's true that I'm competing with other agents who also have purchased a portion of this zip code. I'm not obtaining good leads from it at all and if I do; they do not respond.
I have found over the years that by establishing my presence on Trulia by answering questions and posting valuable blog content has attracted better leads which have led to closings and then excellent referrals by these clients.
Best wishes!
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Thanks for your support, Debbie. I hope other agent members will also report any member activity they feel is gaming the site and thus reducing its integrity.
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I'm with you Laura! I am reporting her, too as there is NO WAY someone who answered only 38 questions could have amassed 390 helpful answers! That's a joke, and would be a miracle - does she think everyone is clueless and no one will notice?
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I just dropped mobile leads. They were terrible. No names, no phone numbers.
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I am not worried about your reporting. May be if you were more kind to other agents, they will be thankful to you too. Thank you for your time!
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I just don't appreciate dishonesty particularly on a public forum. I've reported you to Trulia.
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Wow, you really have nothing to do .. Even funny:)
Please, stop playing in "detective games", I am not a computer genius to cheat the trulia system))) Really, keep yourself busy and stop "scatter poison" everywhere on different agents. Wish you only best!
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It was not anger but simply pointing out that receiving 9 to 10 thumbs up for most of your responses is unrealistic and tends to appear that you are cheating the system. Interesting that you deleted that response with my comment and then posted the same answer with an immediate thumbs up. Certainly does make one wonder....
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I am sorry, Laura, that message was to you. Best
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Dorita, I appreciate that my profile was so interesting for you! But I am wondering... may be you have nothing to do or no work at all, that`s why you spend so much time on writing so many nasty messages to other agents? If so, I can help you with a pleasure and find you some listings in your area. I am not so greedy as you, and can help you. Please, do not be so angry to other people, life is good :-)
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Think of Trulia as the real estate section of the Yellow Pages, where thousands of agents with margin ads are competing against you for the attention of just a few potential clients. It's great to have a complete Trulia profile, answer Trulia Voices questions and post blogs, but my goal is to get prospects to click OFF Trulia and ON to my web site as quickly as possible - and never go back. I want prospects using MY site to search for properties, save properties to view again later, schedule property visits, request more information about properties, get school information, etc. etc. etc. Trulia has built a great site, but on every page there are ads for your competition. I know many agents do well with leads captured in the Trulia lead system, but I've never closed one. 99% never respond when I've tried to contact them. But I have closed several leads that found me on Trulia, clicked through to my site, and were captured there. Bottom line: Trulia is not a substitute for having your own strong web presence.
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Thanks, great advise.
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Stated PERFECTLY. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is the rescue those using sites like Trulia from the frustration and until mate disappointment of flagrant deception. Get them onto your website and make certain they have no need for deceptive entertainment. Your website analytics will reveal the effectiveness of this strategy. ---------- That is one thing that amazes me about this industry....the willingness of 'Old Pros' to reveal important strategies for success. Thanks John.
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Know your audience. Know what your time is worth. Don't get caught chasing vapors. --------------Result: less frustration, 5 star buyers and sellers.
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I definitely agreed with you and it is the same advise I'm getting from other seasoned agents. Thanks
Flag Sun Feb 23, 2014 very true!
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Good advice, easy to get caught up chasing every inquiry
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This reply contains a list of my Trulia Success Stories.
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LOL .............I'd hire you Phil just because of your sense of humor!
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Hi Dorita,
I have been on Trulia for several years and it has been quite successful for me. Do I get a large number of leads? Like any other site the more active listings you have the more leads you get. Compared to other sites the leads I do get on Trulia have been serious buyers and sellers that I could work with.
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Hi Dorita.

It used to be a LOT better. In my opinion, Trulia has gone way down in the past year. I think their competition has now pulled far and away from them. I see many agents that were once active in contributing to the Q & A boards here have now moved on.


Scott Miller
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