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Alicia Taylor, Renter in Las Vegas, NV

Is there money in real estate? I don't care how much I make as long as it's more than 10k a year which is more than I'm making. Also is it super hard?

Asked by Alicia Taylor, Las Vegas, NV Thu May 29, 2014

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Not super hard if you are willing to settled for $10K a year.
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Here's some facts for you to consider: 80% of all newly licensed Realtors are out of the business within the first two years. This has been a consistent statistic for many decades.
The average full time Realtor in the US grosses roughly $40,000, this before any expenses. Realtors are self employed so depending on a variety of factors, (where you live, whether your married, what your partners tax bracket is etc) roughly 25-30% comes off the top for taxes. Then there's the license fees, MLS fees, office fees, gas, insurance etc. Everyone is different but figure as much as another 40% to cover this. This is why so many newly licensed Realtors leave the business.

Lastly, this is 100% commission work, there is no salary, so there's no guarantee you'll earn anything. I advise anyone considering real estate to have enough money in the bank to support themselves for a least 6 months, if you don't then your chances of making it decrease dramatically. It's not nearly as easy as many people think it is to make in in real estate and most of the people you know in real estate earn considerably less than you imagine they do.

That said, real estate can be extremely rewarding and there are those of us in the business who earn a very solid 6 figure income, but it is a business and needs to be treated as one. My advice to any new Realtor is to find a successful, experienced Realtor to mentor with for the first year or two, this can make all the difference in the world in terms of whether you make it or not.

Hope the answers below hlep and best of luck to you if you do decide to give it a try.
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It depends on how much you want to hustle and how much money you put into it. You have to work hard and invest and run it like a business. I do have a blog post about the costs of becoming a real estate agent that you can check out!
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The average income of a Realtor in the US is approximately $47,700 annually, so it's better then what you are making.
It can be "super hard" if you don't get the hands on training you need to serve your clients competently and gain referrals from them. Why not try some of the required course in Jr. College and see if you like the business first? Go online to the Department of Real Estate for the state of Nevada to see what the requirements are in your state.
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Like any business you have to invest time and effort to realize a return on investment. There is no limit to what you can earn selling real estate.
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If you are a full time real estate agent or looking to become a full time agent that is looking to join a team that can provide you with leads and/or training please let me know. We have more leads than we can handle and we are looking to bring on one new team member. If you are interested please email your resume to You can read more about us on my LinkedIn profile:… or on our website

Best Regards,
Robert Adams
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A lot depends on your market. As Brian K says below, if you work at it, you should be able to get to 12 closings per year. In my market, twelve closings will likely amount to more than $100k per year, but getting there is NOT easy and requires time, effort and money! The old adage David broke out below ("It takes money to make money") is true not only for real estate investing, but for being a real estate agent. I've heard it said (and experienced it to be true), that if you market wisely you can expect roughly a tenfold return on your marketing dollar. So if you want to make $50k, spend $5k in marketing and work your butt off for the leads that $5k generates. Best of luck...
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A top agent. told me once. He was #1 in the US in a major brokerage in pricey No. California.

"There is no substitution for hard work." After 25 years of hard work, he did get a lot referrals and repeated customers. That was just 40% of his business. The rest is marketing and often in expectant places.
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You have lots of great advice below, with the possible exception of the guy trying to get you into foreclosures (mostly a waste of time in my market but I can't speak on other markets). Which brings me to the first important point..........know your market. They are all different. What is going on in California has almost no bearing on North Central NY. What works in one market can be a waste of time in another. You can have a buyers market in one town and a sellers market just 10 miles down the road. Point #2, treat every client with the utmost dignity, honesty, and take excellent care of them, even if they are difficult and even if the commissions on that deal are small. If you do this, the hardest part of real estate, getting leads, will largely take care of itself. Finally, and not to pile on too much from the great advice from the others, treat it like a business and not a hobby. I personally am not sure I would start out in real estate with a goal of earing only $10,000 per year. You will have a steep learning curve and you will learn the most by doing the most. Now slowing down to $10,000 later in life after you have learned most of the lessons (you will never stop learning), that is a different story.
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I asked someone who made it to the Top. How did you get there? And if you had to do it again. How would you do it? His answer was. I worked hard trying to get clients and he did this for ten years. Until he figured out, by being the owner he could have other agents do the work and help him get to the Top.

I am the Manager in charge of operation and development for my company and looking to fill a Sales Manager position in Nevada either part time or full time. Please let me know if you do keep your options open or you may know of someone. Please inbox me.

Thank you and I wish you an incredible day.
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It takes money to make money in Real Estate. If you have access to funds, we have access to foreclosure deals

David Cooper. Buying Foreclosures Since 1994
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Certainly not an easy job to start! It is very expensive and time consuming. At first I spent HOURS in the office and in the field. HOURS. It is a lot of work to just set your goal to make $10k. The sky is the limit in real estate. Just takes time and patience.
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Yes, and yes. Lots of money to be made in real estate, but it is not easy to get started. It takes time, money, hard work, tenacity, and an aversion to failure to get traction and start making money.

But honestly, if $10k a year is all you want to make, real estate is probably not the career for you. You should be thinking about a goal of 10 times that. It will cost you more than $10k a year to be successful in this business.

The biggest mistake most folks make is thinking this business is easy. The second biggest mistake is not having at least six months of living expenses in the bank, preferably more. Or, if that's not an option, working another job while you're launching your real estate businesses. Many Realtors don't start hitting their stride until the end of their second year.

Come on in. The water is fine. Just make sure you can swim and don't be afraid of the sharks!
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In my opinion there is too much liability and responsibility in this profession to work it casually.
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Is it hard? Yes. Can it be totally worth the hard parts? Yes. Like everyone before me has said, you get back what you put in. My biggest piece of advice would be to have several months' worth of reserve funds to carry you through, both in the beginning and throughout your entire career. It can be difficult to adjust to making your previous yearly wages in one check and learning how to make it last.
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You have to treat it like a job and show up to work and put time effort into it. Business won't come to you. There is some good money in selling real estate but it doesn't come easy by no means. As with any business, you have to have enough cash to carry you through the tough times and allow enough for marketing and business expense. You have to enjoy doing it or it won't come easy.
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I answered your question here:…

In short, the answer is that if you work at it full time and don't just sit around on Facebook all day but actively and consistently prospect, you should close at least 12 deals and make at least $30,000.
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While there is money to be made in real estate it is important to know that it does take money to make that money and there are no guarantees. Is it hard? As with anything you will get back out of real estate exactly what you put into it. To be successful it is going to take extreme dedication and hard work to build your business. Make sure you completely understand what is required both financially and personally to make a go of it--and keep in mind about 75% of new agents fail in the first year.
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If you have never been self employed before, being in real estate may be a shock to you. While it seems you are making big money you have to remember that we pay our own health insurance, double social security as well as expenses like dues to your local & national Realtor association and possible office rent. Go to a large real estate company like Coldwell Banker and talk to them about becoming a Realtor. Good luck to you.
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