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John Souerbry, Real Estate Pro in Palo Alto, CA

Is Trulia becoming the of real estate web sites?

Asked by John Souerbry, Palo Alto, CA Wed May 14, 2014

Voices notification emails not functioning, agent ranking data coming and going, listings constantly missing or inaccurate, bogus leads.... spam. Lately it's seemed that for a major syndication site, Trulia can be as buggy as Has anyone noticed that its moving toward worse instead of better?

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Yes John, I have more than noticed that!!!

Far worse than ever before...... the site has been going downhill ......and no one is paying attention or seems to care......are they all out to lunch?.

I can't post a blog and haven't received notifications of new responses on forums I have visited for a long time - weeks, if not months.
I email them and get an automated response, assigning me a case number and then NOTHING happens.
NO follow up - nada

What's baffling to me is that the website IS the foundation of the do you continually solicit business, and expect to get it if you can't have a site that runs smoothly?
Glad I'm not a stockholder.
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I know exactly what you mean John - they have gone downhill in regard to managing their site........... and the site is the cornerstone of the entire corporation...I won't pay for any services as long as they can't get their act together. I emailed customer service for the 3rd time.....still no reply about the issues I am having. .
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Debbie - I'm having the same problems. A Trulia salesman called yesterday wanting to buy seller ads, at this point I just can't trust that they'd run properly.
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John, thanks for the BA!

Also, thanks for letting me know you can't see your stats, either - I guess we're in the same boat...and now I know it's not just me! (I am so vocal about how I feel about how things are being run here - and since I don't pay for any services - I thought I was being sent a not-so-subtle message! haha - only kidding, of course, but if it's not one thing, it's another here).
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Debbie - I see your stats, but not mine. I never follow mine anyway... all I track are the number of click-throughs from Trulia to my web site. Since so few "leads" I get on Trulia ever respond to my contacts (made at their "request"...), all I care about are the click-throughs.
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well - another week has gone by, and still no word from Trulia's "help center" in regard to my issue - stats missing from the box when I let the mouse hover over my photo.

Someone on another thread said they could see my stats, (but I can't).............he said he couldn't see his own stats though!!!

Can you all see your own stats?

I checked here, and I can see everyone's, except mine.........Cindy and Joan C's were missing for a few minutes, but when I checked again, there were in place!

Weird things going on with this site.......... there was a time when a trulia staff member would stop by and comment.....I could email them and someone would the silence is deafening.....I feel like I am in a ghost town
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well, apparently someone named Ali McCourt - a staff member - finally responded on another thread and said/explained that the notifications have been halted, on purpose, for now, while they work on the spam problem!!

Might have been nice if someone thought to spread the word so we wouldn't be wondering what is going on ...... that this wasn't yet another unexplained glitch............ but planned one!
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I do enjoy being helpful to consumers and agents by answering their questions but why aren't the questions being emailed to me anymore?
C'mon Trulia! Is anyone monitoring this forum?
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Oh my! Just got around to reading this on trending trulia voices and realized that I haven't received any notifications from Trulia in, I guess, several weeks! What the heck is going on? No questions, no responses, etc. This is terrible. I wonder if any of you will even see this post of mine? M
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The site is better than Trulia at this point!
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My son and I tried to use the healthcare site to get him insurance and gave up out of sheer frustration. Trulia is now totally out of control with more spam than any other site I know of. What is the point of us having to type in stupid codes to answer a question when it sure isn't stopping the spam!
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I haven't used healthcare.cov but I can relate to your Trulia frustrations. You can call them, e-mail them or just accept it for what it has become. I agree it is frustrating
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Absolutely getting worse. This morning I woke up to discover that all of my listings on Trulia are sitting there with one photo each--HOW does THAT happen? I've logged more hours with Trulia customer service than I can count and still the saga continues. Time for Trulia to focus less on the bottom line and more on the operations or there won't be a bottom line to focus on.
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John, when listing are syndicated all control of the homes data is lost.
Why does this have no meaning UNTIL it embarrasses an agent?
Simply to PROTECT buyers and sellers we need to stay away from these sites with our listing information.
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No wonder there is a growing grass-roots trend to pull listings from syndication and cut off the flow of listings to Trulia and other sites. This week I've come across several prime properties of interest to our buyers that show up in the MLS but don't appear on my IDX feed or on Trulia. Brokers told me they're controlling their listing publication quality by restricting distribution to just the MLS and their sites. One broker mentioned Trulia by name as one site that she thought presented her listings poorly. Sad.
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Come on John, don't you place any value on the words of Trulia, "We're working on it!"

IT is what it is. Here's what I've seen.

7 day a week monitoring! (they are working on it)
At 7 am EST there is no evidence the spam has done anything other than multiply.

Leads, they are internet leads. You should not expect much.

Realtytrac. No need to say more.

Now, I DO enjoy responding to buyer and seller questions. It feels good to feel helpful.
I do enjoy engaging other real estate professional across the nation and sharing insights.
I do enjoy providing relevant information to Florida home buyers and sellers.
Trulia is a "TEN" for the purpose for which I have assigned it. I do not expect Trulia to deliver what their demonstrated character reveals they can not.

At this time I am grateful to have the advertising playground Trulia provides. As long as 'we' choose to be grateful, we really can't be terribly disappointed.

As long as agents believe their only options are Zillow or Trulia, there will be no REAL need to impose change. But I'm sure 'they're working on it."

Meanwhile, we, as professionals must stay aligned with those seven important decision we make every day. One of those is to choose to be grateful.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
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I'm getting much more productive traffic direct to my web site than through Trulia, Yelp, etc., so I'm losing my desire to play in this sand box much longer. I've been invited twice to Trulia's headquarters in San Francisco to provide a broker's opinion of new features, so I'm saddened that the current team can't execute on the site functionality side. I'll remain hopeful that they can turn things around, but just a little while longer.
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