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Lindsey McKi…,  in Fort Dodge, IA

I'm looking for some catchy personal ads for spring time....any suggestions?? :)

Asked by Lindsey McKinney, Fort Dodge, IA Thu Mar 4, 2010

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Joan Braunschweiger
You might not be able to spell it..........
But she can sure SELL it!

Call Joan today - for results you can count on!

(oh, will this brain of mine just stop already haha!)
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I've used "Working for YOU...Morning, "NOONAN" Night" for years, and strangers come up and quote it to me in stores - I'm not always sure that working your name into a catchphrase works against you.

For Lindsey, I think she could do a series of ads depending upon what she wanted to emphasize. And photos could run with the ads that play up that "thing" she's saying you should "like"

Call Lindsey Spiker:
You'll Like Her....Marketing!

Call Lindsey Spiker:
You'll Like Her...Professionalism!

Call Lindsey Spiker:
You'll Like Her...SOLD sign in your yard!

Joan Braunschweiger: She'll treat you like pate, not chopped liver. :-P
Web Reference:
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Lindsey Spiker can hammer together a deal for you. Hire me today.

Lindsey Spiker can drive you towards the house of your dreams.

Why go for a 10 penny nail when a Spiker can get you the best deal?

Joan, "Hello, I am Joan B. That is short for Joan Be there for you when needed."

(good or corny, you decide)
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Tonya, feel free to use my ad below. But realize there is a referral fee for each client it brings in. How about an ice cream per client?
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Bring in spring with a new house and $8,000. But hurry this limited time offer expires april 30.

Have a spring fling. Buy a house and let it throw you a party with cash back from the government.

Spring has sprung. The tax credit is almost gone. April 30th is the end; on that date it is done.

Fantastic new prices with a $8,000 rebate. Limit one house per customer.

Its spring. Do you have a house yet?

Why rent when you can buy instead? (old but might work)

Free money for each person buying a house now.

Buy now or buy later at a cheaper price (oops, sorry I think prices will drop after the credit goes away.)

My favorite... why wait if you can see the foreclosures coming in strong? (I said MY favorite, not yours)

I am sure the last 2 you will not like. The other ones actually are not bad.
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Sheesh Mack, sometimes you just make too much sense.
I have to say, your brain sometimes leaves mine in the dust.
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I'd like to suggest that you may diminish the memorability of your name if you diffuse it through rhyme or alliteration.

Two examples:

Lindsey Spiker, Fort Dodge's Favorite Realtor(r)

Lindsey Spiker is no Piker when it comes to Fort Dodge Real Estate

What Debbie did for Joan was to leave her name alone, and emphasize it, not diffuse it. We're even more focused on remembering Joan's name after Debbie's treatment.

My wife, Cynthia, and I decided that we wanted to be associated with nice Seattle homes. We could have done, Once You've Tried Cynthia & Mack You Never Go Back; we could have tried Cynthia the Wife & Mack the Knife; we could have even tried Cynthia's Luck & Mack The Truck Help You Buy Homes and Save A Buck . . . we decided to go with Cynthia & Mack, our website is, and things are going swimmingly.

Cynthia Mommy & Mack Daddy No Need To Live In A Rice Paddy
Cynthia Defense & Mack Attack Get Your Home Sale Back on Track

You see the problem.

Lindsey Spiker wants to help you sell your home today.
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Very good Debbie! I like it! TU for that one.
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Joan - I think she 's afraid of what I might come up with next!

for example:

It's time for Spring Cleaning....
She might not do windows, but she sure sells houses!
Call Lindsey Spiker today!

Ok - I am done now..........I promise! :)

ps you should see some of the silly play on words I have done with my last name......

ok, I'll share - on Valentine's day - local ad in local paper said: Make your Valentine happy
Forget the candy - forget the cards
But, don't forget a Rose!
Call Debbie Rose today!
admittedly corny, but I figured it was Valentine's day, so what the heck...........and people do remember that kind of silly's different and stands out from the typical... "Call me, I'm great, I'm #1, I sell more houses than anyone"... etc etc....besides, in this business you need to have a sense of humor!!

My words of wisdom - always try to distinguish yourself fro the crowd!
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How about.............It's Spring - everything's coming up Roses!".....................oh right - that's MY personal catchy phrase! ha

Spring is here - time to Spike up your Lindsey Spiker today!

ok ok I am corny............hey, this input is you can't complain!!!! :)
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Lindsey Spiker, you gotta like her :)

Sorry, right now that's the best I can do.
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I just read your response this morning.
I'm still wiping the tears (the laughing kind, not the crying kind).
Thank you.
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Happy, kind of sad, I'm on my way, to start the day . . . .
Morning, noon, and night time I think of you,
Morning, noon, and night time I wanna be with you,
Morning, noon, and night time you are always on my mind.

Yes, I reference hip-hop and cabaret.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I like Kim Noonan's treatment for Lindsey, a lot.

I'm not really a fan of playing name-games, I think the objective is to get people to call you, not to remember you a few minutes after seeing your marketing piece.

We try to be 'way too clever, but the basics seem to work really well.

Call Kim Noonan for a complimentary market analysis of your home.

Lindsey Spiker, has been helping her Fort Dodge neighbors buy and sell homes since (whenever), and would be glad to talk to you any time about real estate.

It isn't as if the people with novel and super-catchy "hooks" actually catch any more fish than the rest of us, they just have more fun in preparing the bait!
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Have you ever heard of memory-hooks? This might help you:
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THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! I really appreciate it!!! :) Keep them coming!!
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I love it Debbie, very original. Different if tasteful is always going to stick out & get better responses then the typical ad used by dozens of the competing professionals
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I'm afraid catchy phrases involving the name Braunschweiger is pretty much out of the question: that Joan Braunschweiger, she's a tiger. Oh, ewww.
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I agree dan, that was exactly my point. Obviously we all have different styles...people who know me, know I have a sense of humor, so it works with my personality. People DO notice you when you stand out from the crowd.

In regard to requests for dates............that wasn't my target group, so , no requests, if I HAD been targeting that group, I can only imagine what my little mind would have come up with as an ad! :)

have a great saturday!
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Debbie, after posting that ad did you get a lot of requests for dates? (giggles)

Actually, I like it. It is different and different sticks out. It could even be memorable. I think anything that does not look like everything else as long as done in good taste will give better results than an ad that looks like every other one out there.
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Where are you?
Did we scare you away?
Do we get a prize for the best of the worst? (Or in my case the worst of the worst?).
0 votes Thank Flag Link Sat Mar 6, 2010's another idea (my little mind just keeps churning away!)

"Call the Spiker Chick - for all your Real Estate needs!"

(it would help the visual if you had a photo of yourself on a motorcycle) :)

NO, huh?? Well, ok, I'll keep trying.......
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Perhaps something on spring cleaning - - If you are ready to sell, don't wait for Spring, because the Tax Credit Contract Date expires on April 30, 2010....
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I personally like Dan's....Have a spring fling. Buy a house and let it throw you a party with cash back from the government.

or low interest + low prices + $8,000 tax credit = house sold
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Hi Lindsey,

Who are you targeting? What type of buyers? Is it for sellers? Are you in a rural/urban area?

There are so many things to take in consideration to make your message targeted and more effective...

Or you can go with a classic: "the time to buy is now" :) and likely waste your budget…
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Uh, must love dogs?

Oh, real estate ads! Free is always good.

Can First Time Homebuyers Really Get $8000 Back from Uncle Sam?

Insider Information: How The Pros Get Homes Ready For Sale!

Will Home Prices Be Better Next Year?

Does Your Garden Help Sell Your Home?
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The hot topic right now is the StimulusTax Credit. Need to get the accepted offer by end of April
and Close by the end of June. Perhaps focus an ad around this.
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