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Karen Peyton, Real Estate Pro in Chandler, AZ

I joined Trulia in the past 30 days and am getting a "sinking" feeling. Did I make a mistake?

Asked by Karen Peyton, Chandler, AZ Thu Aug 15, 2013

I purchased zip codes and am trying to complete my profile, but have already had problems with listings and "half" listings appearing on the site with another agent's name. When I called customer service, they said "just input it manually." Really??

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another way to get your listings in trulia is by using They automatically submit your listings to all third party websites for you, instead of doing it manually.
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Thanks Cristian! I went to the website. It looks easy enough...
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There are some very, very bad things happening on Trulia for sure. After answering over 1700 questions, gotten countless "best answer" and "thumbs up" and being comsistently top-rated for my contributions, it is suddenly upside down. All of a sudden, from top-rated (and having helped build Trulia to what it is by the enormity of my contributions), total novices from unknown companies who have made no contributions are top-rated because they claimed their entire MLS as their personal listings. When Trulia added the recommendations feature, I did not want to bother my past clients, as each wrote me a beautiful testimonial on letterhead when the transactions closed. But I saw my status was knocked down on Trulia because inexperienced beginners, with no track record, had numerous recommendations. I read the recommendations, which turned out to not be bassed upon transactions at all. To quote the type of thing I saw was "he's a cool dude. Use him." This is a direct quote. I was losing my earned status as an experienced agent who had answered 1700 consumer questions and spent hundreds of hours on Trulia helping people, to cheater kids whose friends wrote bogus reviews. Now the game is claim over 500 listings to be the top person - the aburdity of which I cannot fathom. The person I complained to at Trulia said there is nothing wrong with that (Jacob) - directy quote being "in your state this is allowed." Now additionally, I have to find the time to input about 60 sold properties because Trulia wants to go back in time to what they never tracked and it is ON ME to find the time to do that. Now this new check-in feature is even more absurd. Am I supposed to run around to properties to say I have been there - for what purpose? My work is laser-focused. I show my listings, I take my buyers to the select properties that are just right for them.
Trulia is in a sad, sad, state and I am very upset about it because I was their best contributor in my market on Trulia, now I can't even find myself and non-producing, un-knowledgeable newcomers to the field, are coming up as top-rated. And that is helping the public how?????
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U agree with you totally. Not sure if you saw it, but I started a thread on trulia's new agent ranking system. The eliminated best answers and helpful answers as search criteria...........basically they are now highlighting, boosting and kissing up to those who pay for services here, and it seems that paying to be a "Pro" doesn't even get you at the top of the list. Seems as thought paying for ads and zip codes is what they are looking for. It's a mess............and if you don't pay, you cannot list more than 3 service areas on your profile. Look for my thread on the new ranking system here and you will see other comments about what is going on. Allan Erps started a thread complaining about the frequetn glitches that cause our counts to go back to zero. Not sure what is going on with trulia.............but it's not good, and the consumer will suffer.
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I thought it could be "rigged" but chalked it up to exhaustion - only here late at night. So sorry to hear what has happened to you! Thanks for your response.
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Karen, I too started just about a month ago. I have managed to earn VIP level 1 status by being an active answerer of questions and a frequent blogger here. I purchased a portion of one local area. But I have that same sinking feeling. You are likely to see your hard-earned points disappear magically -- and after you submit a Customer Service request, you may get them back, but it will feel like you're fighting. Best of luck to you. Trulia needs to be nicer to their paying customers...
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Yep. Points gone now - having to start over. Congratulations on reaching VIP!
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yep really..............lots of glitches here.......on purpose..... or just glitches is the question???
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the missing points thing is a glitch - one of many that seem to be happening more and more as trulia stretches it legs and tries out new (and improved???) systems.

It's annoying, but eventually they will fix it until another glitch pops up. Your points are still there somewhere in the bowels of trulia, just not visible at this time. They will be restored at some point.

What isn't being fixed, is the new agent ranking you all should take a look at it, as it has been drastically revamped.............I still don't understand what "best match" means...........and we all bid a fond farewell to seeing our best answers and TU's (visibly) counting towards our ranking.

But, the good news is........... if you have the time to sit there and add ALL your solds, say back to 1995 - heck, you, too can be at the top of the list! (nice going trulia for not putting a filter on that " ranking enhancement" that limits how far back one can go - that's why a part time agent I know who posted "11" solds was in the number 1 spot - those were all the homes she ever sold in her vast career dating back to 2002!)

So.......the new credo is.........Pay up, or become invisible...........and even you "PRO'S" out there seem to be getting the short end of the , too, can only list 3 service areas on your profile.

Welcome to the new and improved "pay to go trulia"........all those sales reps on the phone promising all these fabulous leads. that will come when you subscribe to more and more........

I just hope the consumer will figure it out, too.........
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If this appears in the wrong spot - oh well, I'm trying...

Thanks to all of you for your responses. My points have disappeared today, so I'm not at all happy! I've done some of the suggested reading - "Uh-Oh!" So much for careful listening and "promises" made during a telephone sales pitch. I'll stop my belly-aching now - I've got five more months to go. I just wish I understood - before I signed up - how time consuming this would be.

So now I'm supposed to select a "Best Answer" - right?
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Yes, Jenet, you are being unfairly treated.
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Many will tell you that purchasing leads is not the best way to spend your advertising dollar. It may seem easier but in the long run can be quite disappointing.

"All that glitters is not gold."

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"All that glitter.s..." Words to live by. Thanks!
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The real issue for which your disaapointment will be merited is yet to surface.
If you have spent any time trolling Trulia to assesss the experience other professional have shared, you will find cause to SERIOUSLY evalutate how you willl use Trulia in your business. Opportunity does exist. Too ofent real estate professionals are caught in cages of their own making. The ironic issue is the door to these cages are wide open should one choose to walk through.
To make the most of Trulia, you will need to see the door, and use it to benefit you and your business. Making Trulia serve your purpose is the antidote to that 'sinking' feeling.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
Serious people call!
Serious people need reliable data.
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I hope the tech glitches get worked out quickly. I am almost ready to give up on Trulia. Still trying to wait patiently.
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Things will get better honey. They always do. I would not worry about it. Good things come to those who wait.
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Thank you for your encouragement Betty.
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Hi Karen.

I'm sorry you are having trouble with your listings, have you tried claiming them so we can associate them with your account?

To do so:
1. Log into your account and visit "My Listings" (
2. Click the button near the upper right corner that says "Add listings"
3. Enter the address of the property you want to add to your account and choose the right listing from the results - then press enter

Note: For security purposes, we send a notification email to the email we have on file for that listing to confirm ownership of the email provided to us in the listing feed we receive. If you still have trouble, contact customer service again or reply to this thread with a few examples of listings and I'll have someone reach out to you to try and rectify the situation. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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Please see the Agent-to-Agent posts as Don mentioned below. Good luck to you!
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