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I have been doing BPO's through EVALUATION SOLUTIONS for about 4 months and have yet to get paid from them, has this been anyone elses experienc

Asked by Courtney Gore Smith, Snellville, GA Mon Aug 16, 2010

I have been doing BPO's through EVALUATION SOLUTIONS for about 4 months and have yet to get paid from them, has this been anyone elses experience, I have put in about 3 payment inquiries and still no reply, trying to see If I should hit the road or hang in here a bit longer, they send work consistantly but I need to know Im going to eventually get paid.

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Stephanie McCarty’s answer
I'm hearing most agents say they get paid following month so I probably wouldn't continue working for this company for free if I were you, but, that's just me.
Good luck getting paid for what you have already done. That's not fair at all!
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I just had a notice from them today: Via email.

I sent them an email asking for payment again. After the last time, I felt they would never pay me, and today's email pretty much made it clear:

Due to unforeseen circumstances Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services is ceasing operations. Any inquires should be directed to :
Bradley R. Markey
Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 358-4000
(904) 358-4001 (Facsimile)
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I have done RMV's for this company for 3 years. All of the sudden, I haven't heard anything from them since 12/17/2012 and have yet to receive the above email. I am owed money and "was" expecting a check this weekend....don't see that happening. Please feel free to email me with any info....Thanks!
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I did decide to no longer accept orders through this company I had to draw up a letter of intent and call dozens of times to FINALLY get paid, time is way too precious for that extra work it takes to try and get your check. Thanks everyone for chiming in this was very helpful
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Hello Courtney,

Be careful, I have an established relationship with this company and it was still impossible to get paid. My bill, and I have the pay stubbs to prove it, got above $10,000 and then $5,000 several times before gettting paid. They expect a BPO done the next day but have no legit payment schedule.

Use other companies, they pay more, give you more time, don't have rediculous comp rules that can get you into trouble, and pay on a schedule. We cut them off because I shouldn't have to ask multiple times to get paid. One time I got 4 emails stating my account has been escalated to accounting for review over a 2 week period. This is meant to appease you and keep you quiet. I seriously wonder how much interest they collect with the money sitting in their bank account when they hold out on paying us.

Their clients (some) are unaware of the payment problems and comp rules, and when I brought this up Eval had no response other than, THEY CONTACTED YOU? They sounded very worried.

We deserve the same respect we give them!

Web Reference:
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Quit while you can this company doesn't pay unless you write the CEO I printed all the orders owed to me directly from their website and mailed a certified letter. I was paid the $3,000 in about 2 weeks, but never did another bop for them. Check out the comments on the link....
Web Reference:
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they are bankrupt. there may b a class action suit against them. apparently Chase may "pony" up some money.(most of theri BPO's seem to have been chase properties. go to Evaluations web site and u will b directed to their attorneys site.
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Send an email to the CEO with invoice number and your concerns.I had to do that after waiting 8 months of constant pay request but once I noticitied the CEO I receive a check in a week.
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If its the company I'm thinking about, they went through bankruptcy. I never got paid either
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Yes, they are done. Hopefully they will not just change their name and pop back up again. I will say that I did get paid. I showed up at their office in Jacksonville and demanded my money.
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I have not been paid by them ever. I started doing BPOs for their company over a year ago and have yet to recieve any money at all. I have been calling them for over 6 months and I get the same story...someone will call you back. They owe me close to $1000 and that doesn't include the time and money I spent with gas and miles on my car. I would NOT do another report as you may never get paid!
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I am sorry to say that Evaluation Solutions has filed bankruptcy and stiffed many agents of their payments for BPOs in the process. Luckily I hounded them just before that and got my paltry sum of $125, but I got it. They even said I had slandered them by emailing all my contacts at Evaluation Solutions, but nothing came of that. There is a wonderful website for realtors with questions of all kinds. It's -

Go there and join others in networking with problems and solutions to many questions we all have.
They have a list of reputable companies doing BPO requests and other helpful information.
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thank u. i will try the web site. i slandered and threatened bor my $250 did not do any good. now trying the sleazball attorney!
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That link you gave me doesn't seem to work.....
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Thanks Sharon....much appreciated - email me through trulia with your email and I will email you a great site for Realtors you will enjoy. Thanks again!!
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I haven't been paid either and have just found out about others in my company as well.
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I also told them no less than 4 times last week that I would no longer work for them. They continued to call up until Friday December 14th asking me to complete even more BPO orders for them.

If anyone hears of a way to get paid please post on this site. I will be contacting their attorney and will post any outcome from that.

Good Luck Everyone.
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I pumped over $250 into Equator, with nothing in return for the last 8 months!
Finally, I fired them!
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I too just received the "OUT OF BUSINESS" email. I believe mechanics liens on the properties might be a good start.
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agree! They owe me $710.
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CLASS ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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JUST GOt an email from a jacksonville lawyer. THEY ARE OUT OF BUSINESS. luckily i quit working for them when their bill got to $250. if qny1 dooes a class action suit, i want in!!!
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After 20+ orders and 5 months I finally got paid, but it was easy. I had to send numeruos emails to ever person I had an email for at Evaluation Solutions (these can be found in you act log in under orders) when this didn't work I emailed a professional nasty letter explaining my frustration and enclosed all my unpaid orders, printed from my account log in. This was mailed certified requiring signature to the CEO; Bryan Guckavan to 12276 San Jose Blvd, ate 521 Jacksonville, FL 32223 Needless to say I won't be doing work for them again.
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I do a significant amount of BPOs for various companies. I should have researched Evaluation Solutions prior to working for them. I have completed 6 for them that have not been paid...most are about 90 days old. It should have been a clear warning knowing there was no direct phone line to accounting or even an operator to assist us. I tend to agree with all the other agents on your time, money, and resources....don't accept orders from them. There are excellent other companies to work for. The primary company I do BPOs for pays me every two weeks on the 1st and the 15th. What a stark contrast to Eval Online.
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everyone else I have spoke to has had the same trouble including myself! I am currently sending them an email once again to see when they were going to send my payment....even when they said it would be sent no later than the 5th of this month.....
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Well unless I get a check in the mail Monday, they're still doing the non pay thing. They got me on the phone and I didn't have time to look up their payments and I asked outright when they pay and the guy said after 30 days. Today it is 60 days. What legal course can we take. Maybe we need to file a class action against them. I won't take another.
Sharon Letson, Broker
Paramount Realty, Willard, MO
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IF you haven't gotten paid yet email me I can give you emails and phone numbers. I finally got someone to return my call after threatening to place Mechanical Liens they've told me that I should have my check by Wednesday.
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I have not gotten paid yet either and its been 2 months and cannot get a hold of anyone. Really starting to &&^%% me off.
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I am also dealing with them not paying me, I completed a BPO 3 months ago and still have not been paid. I have called the person who sent me the BPO and emailed her with out response. Don't know what else to do, other than not accepting any BPO's from them.
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I am also dealing with them not paying me, I completed a BPO 3 months ago and still have not been paid. I have called the person who sent me the BPO and emailed her with out response. Don't know what else to do, other than not accepting any BPO's from them.
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Eval Solutions does not pay, i would stop doing bpos for them.…
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If that was me, I would not continue to work with them. There are plenty of other companies out there like reo prep, and datq, etc that pay on time and treat their agents properly. That is just wrong to wait that long.
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I think we need to find a way to put them out of business. This is fraud to ask someone to do a job and saying they'd get paid after 30 days and then nothing even at 60 or 90 days. This scam should be blown sky high and if you know how, let me know. When you call no one answers at any extensions or the main line. I think they don't answer. Maybe we should get a big TV newscaster to do something. I'm not going to rest until they either pay everyone or everyone knows not to do any BPOs for them.
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If they have not paid you by now then it is time to contact the better business bureau and file a report.
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They demand 24 hr turn around a fail to pay. Do Not work for them. I am considering a class action suit. anyone with me? This seems to span all states and counties...that means this is inter state commerce and they need to be regulated. One really good check into the cross state work will clam them down. Contacting your state Attorney generals office will work too.
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Im with you
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Evaluation Solutions calls and e-mails me several times a week to do BPOs. I have always just ignored them ever since I did a couple BPOs for them in the spring/summer of 2010, and never got paid.
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I did 9 broker price opinions for this company since March 2012. I did not get paid on any of them. They do not give the direct phone number to their accounting department so you can't get in touch with them. They are still calling me for assignments and not paying. Be aware of these scammers!
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Found this on another site and thought it might help you:

Here is the info and the names of the people to get your money.
CEO Bryan Guckavan 904-288-2004x 101

Jamien Derrence VP 904-288-2004x 011

Jamie Jones OPS MANAGER 904-288-2004x 167

Melissa Rivers ACCOUNTS PAYABLE 904-288-2004x 144
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I'm having the same problem!! After reading what I have on the internet, it's not worth the $45 to accept any additional BPO's if I'm not going to be paid.
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Like many others, we still have unpaid invoices out to them...
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I did about five two year ago and was not paid. This company has a history of not paying. They still
send work. I do not except. I think you should more on.
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never been paid on 24 bpo,s good thing is im in orlando a short drive from jacksonville im old school im going to take a drive and kick some ass...
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That's exactly what I did. I'm from MA but my parents live in Palm Coast. So on my last vist, I packed up my children, my husband and my parents and went to their physical location. They are behind a bolted door with a camera and an intercom. The woman asked me why I was there and I told them I'm here for my money. I brought all the paperwork with me. She asked who all the other people were, and I told her my family. She let me in. I waited in their small reception room and they cut me a check. I then went and cashed it. I now answer their BPO inquiries with, sure you send me a retainer for $500 and I will work for you until it's spent.
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Hello Courtney,

I would do one more BPO for them and not complete, until you are paid for the previous work done. Good luck
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Sorry to say I am having the same exsperience. Sooner or later they are going to run out of agents

Pam Shumaker
American Heritage Realty
Fostoria, OH
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I just went through a mountain of BPO files to see who I need to chase down for payment. I had 4 BPOs from Evaluation Solutions on January 28th, 2011. My first order from them. They were nice enough on the phone and all the properties were in the same sub-division so I accepted. It appears they paid on April 20th for all 4 BPOs. Not the fastest but they did pay.
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I have the corolary to that:
I was doing BPO's for Equator and haven't heard a peep from yhem since October!!! They're still hitting me for $10 a month, however.

how about y'all?
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Be careful. I did about 5 BPO's for the folks at Commonwealth (when they handled that aspect of that business), and they not only did not pay me, but had the nerve to say they did and had "proof" of that. When I asked to see proof -- the phone not only went silent, but calls were no longer returned, and if I called and got through, the buck was passed. Not cool, and not good (business practices). But who do you complain to? I'd say, be careful because after a while, they tend to become complacent and ignore legitimate bills for services rendered. As if the business wasn't challenging enough as it is! Good luck.
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I have experience the same. Did at least five for them over a year ago. They did not answer my inquiry. They send jobs to me on a weekly basis but I will not except until issue is solved.
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After more than 90 days and many many emails (to call you need to already know an extension number). I filed a complaint with the BBB, even though they are not members of the BBB they would list my complaint so others would know they don't pay. I finally got a check along with 2 replies to emails sent months before saying my check had been sent. I have since not responded to any requests for BPO's from them. They have the nerve to request BPO's with one day turn around time.
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you was paid
Your check has been processed and mailed out Friday, August 20th.

Thank you for your patience,
Evaluation Solutions Resolved 08/23/2010 4:38 pm EDT
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Same problem. Did two BPOs for Evaluation Solutions, and haven't been paid after more than 3 months. I might be awaiting payment on more BPOs, but I learned a long time ago that, if after doing a first BPO, a company suddenly sends a whole bunch of new orders, that's a huge red flag. When a BPO company contacts me, unless they were referred from a source I already know, I will only do one or two orders until I am paid. A lot of companies out there are rip-off artists. It's amazing to me that there's no regulation or oversight of this industry. Even the firms that pay on time pay very little, and impose requirements far beyond the scope of what a BPO is supposed to be. They're using BPOs like full-blown appraisals, but only paying for BPOs.
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I am always amazed at what we as a profession put up with from these companies. I have to pay my bills monthly - why we don't demand that is just crazy.
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I am glad to hear my suggestion to send them a Demand Letter got them to pay you for at least 3 BPO's. I want to thank you for letting the agents on Trulia know about the firm's shady practices. I would carefully read your Agreement with them to see what is says about payment turn times (if any) - they may be in breach of thier own Agreement. It might be a good idea to let the clients of ES (banks) know how they treat vendors - or at least suggest to ES that will be your next step - might get some action.

Sounds like this company is just asking for a group of fed up agents to get together and do a class action suit against them.

Good luck.
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Have you called them? Are they a real BPO/asset management co?

Did you have to fill out a w-9 and provide your company's E&O policy? IF NOT, you may have been dooped.
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Dear Courtney. I just wouldn't do it - I stopped doing BPO's a long time ago because they either didn't want to pay at all, promising that you would "possibly" get the listing (which, in my opinion, would be a conflict of interest anyway), or, you have to go to such lengths to get paid that it's not worth it. I know of just 1 agent, yes, just 1, who works for a company doing BPO's who gets paid regularly and gets a good volume of regular work from them. It is rare. . .good luck with getting paid for what you have already done.
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Well you have given them more time than I have. I did just one BPO over 2 months ago and have just put in my second payment inquiry. My first was not responded to. I think they try to do this to as many agents as they can get away with. All of the blogs I have been reading say they do not pay.
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Ok after sending serveral demand letter I finally got paid on 3 reports I done through them. I googled them and read several negative reviews about them all true to my experience.
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I agree with Stephanie - you should get paid within 30 days or so - I would send them a Demand Notice and move on.
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