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Jack Poon, Real Estate Pro in New York, NY

Hi Trulia community, I'm a new agent. I'm looking for advice to advance my career in real estate. What the best way to be a consistent listing agents?

Asked by Jack Poon, New York, NY Sat Nov 2, 2013

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Lots of good advice already, there is a quick way to double your income if you are willing to work just a little more focused. Watch what everyone else is doing, determine which direction the crowd is headed, then run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Rest assured you are headed in the right direction.

Example, most agents sell tangible items, bricks and mortar, kitchens, bedrooms, location, etc. So focus all of your attention on the intangibles. Of course most of my experience is in selling an intangible, money, so the best example I can offer is from my experience. I have shown builders how to double their production by selling affordability instead of price. Yeah, I know, sounds the same doesn’t it? They aren’t the same at all, figure that out and you will have a big edge over your more experienced competitors.

Sooooo, here is what I would do to hit the ground running. First, hook up with a local lender you can trust, one that is not afraid to tell you “NO” right to your face. You want one that will help close a deal without bending the rules. Find the best loan officer you can and take them to lunch. Ask if they have time to make you an expert in financing - so what if that isn’t your job? I learned a very long time ago it doesn’t matter how much they love the house if they can’t afford the payment. You are the new kid on the block so become an expert on the turning point. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much they love the home if they can’t afford the payment! Did I mention it doesn’t matter how much they love the home?

What does this have to do with getting listings? I am getting to that, hold on. You need to stand out, be an expert. EVERY dissatisfied seller I have ever spoken to has said the exact same thing, “They promised the world but all they really did was stick a sign in the yard and put it on the MLS.”
Not implying that every seller is dissatisfied, only that a “listing agent” should be as proactive as a “buyer’s agent” maybe even more so.

Become an expert in the intangible, then jump into the deep end of the pool. Pinpoint your target list price - that would be the exact middle of the bulge in the graph of all sales in your target area. Find out where those people go when they sell, pretty easy to do in my market, all of the records are online. Then you “borrow” a listing in the area where they want to buy and have an open house as often as possible. Other agents in your office will be glad to let you sit in their listings. They believe sitting in an open house is a waste of time, and it is if you do what everyone else does.

Good luck,

Jim Simms
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Financing Kentucky One Home at a Time
I answer questions about financing real estate based on my decades of experience dealing with mortgage underwriters. This answer is my personal opinion, has not been reviewed or approved by the company I work for. I do not offer legal or tax advice, if you need answers from an attorney or CPA find one knowledgeable in your local market.
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the only way to be a good listing agent is to remember two important note
1- keep in touch ...keep in touch...keep in touch with homeowner
2-be true to yourself and seller. Tell them the real value and don't list the property for any crazy price for sake having a listing . because when that listing expires some else will put it on the market for true market value and will sell it
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Sounds like a tough question. Each agent must answer that in their own way.
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Hard work & consistency with a lot of advertising.
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Hi Jack. I have not read all your responses but I'll add a few thoughts. In my opinion seasoned and experienced agents know already that in today's real estate market you've got to think and act multi-dimensional. Limiting your abilities mean you are limiting your success. Unless you have worked on both sides of the fence (sellers/buyers) you'll never reach your individual potential as an agent because you will need to know your strengths and weaknesses in the business. You'll be competing with hundreds of other agents in field looking to obtain the same business.

The best advice I can give is take quality time and learn your chosen market, statistics, seller/buyer trends, housing inventory, lending programs, and incorporate in to your presentation verbally and through marketing materials. Your chosen area may be farmed by lots of other agents so be prepared well in advance before door knocking and face-to-face communications. Use your time and money wisely because it can quickly evaporate before you even get started. I wish you all the best and good luck to you.
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Jack, decide where you want to work and then let those people know that you are in business and can help them with their real estate needs. You can do that by delivering flyers, knocking on the door and introducing yourself, mailings...what ever best suits your budget and personal preference.
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Lead generation is key, you MUST keep multiple sources of leads. I was told at the beginning of my career that my job as a Realtor is to generate leads, PERIOD. If I'm not doing that then I'm not going to survive.

1- online: you must have a website that not only brands you as a real estate professional but also one that generates leads. once you've established your website sign up to as many free realtor directories that will provide links back to your website like This is a general free directory but offers a link back to your site. Also sign up for niche websites that offer free services to agents like This site allows you to submit a pre-listing presentation to clients who request property proposals on their site. It is a newer site but currently offers this services to agents for FREE along with a link back to your website!

2- Farm: pick out a farm and start to work it. You can find plenty of ideas online about what to pass out to the homes in your farm area. Mailings, flyers and door knocking are just a few of the options. Christmas parties for HOA's in your farm etc. The key is to be consistent. You must keep at it before you'll see any results, up to 6 - 9 months before you see any leads.

3- Work you sphere of influence: you must tell everyone you know that you are a real estate agent and need referrals to keep your business alive. This is crucial as YOU have the advantage over other agents when it comes to people you know (your sphere of influence). Market to them as well just as you would your farm!

Good luck!!
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Hi Jack

Prudent for you to Farm and Mail in the area you want to
Succeed. Go door knocking.

Reach out and do Open Houses, as well as have a solid
Sales Pitch as well as a crisp Web Strategy.

Good luck
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Give me a call tomorrow at 631-425-6150; I would be happy to chat with you about this.

I have coached Realtors nationwide for the Darryl Davis Group and am an adjunct professor of real estate at CW Post & Stony Brook.

Happy to help.

Gail Gladstone
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Consistent lead generation. We offer a lot of free classes in exactly this topic at KW Cupertino.
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To be successful in Real Estate it is critical to focus on leads, listings and leverage. To be a standout listing agent you need a marketing plan for sellers that is 2nd to none. Focus on what you can do for a seller better than anyone else. My marketing plan begins with a presentation of their home that includes outstanding pictures, strong internet presence, virtual tour, and more. Watch and learn from what successful listing agents are doing in your area. Best of luck of you!
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Hi Jack, be honest in all your dealings. Don't just look at a prospective buyer or seller as a dollar bill, actually care about their concerns and situations. If you are genuine people will's not just what you know. My opinion Terry
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Jack, the question is to 'cosmic' to provide actionable direction.
You are at a state of you don't know what you don't know. A loose cannon in need of a captain.
As you pursue this proper goal. "isting agent," I would challenge you to be able to answer the following question without the use of real estate jargon, agent jibberish ,or that whole lexicon of who we think real estate professional are.
The question is, "What value do you bring that deserves a chunk of the homeonwers equity?"
Most agents, even those with years under their belt can not answer this question. If an non-realtor were to listen to their 'value' response, they would run from the room covering their ears It's simply too much nonsense for a citizen to endure (note: agents costs for being in this business is of no concern to the homeonwer.).
When you KNOW your value posiiton, you can now build a 'listing' business around that principle.
Be aware, the value posiition can change based on market, skill sets and resources you develop and make avialble to your clients.
Please dig through my Q&A's and read some of the responses I've posted to similar questions.
It will boil down to, "If you don't know what YOUR business is, how will you know where to plant the seeds? 95% of newbies never see their 2nd year. It is because they choose to follow bad advise offered by 95% of the agents who are active. YOu are now a small buisiness owner and it will serve you well to complete the diligence required..
When you have exhibited the willingness to do what is required of you, the next step is to engage a mientor who can get you involved in transaction right away. You learn by doing. You earn by completing, You do neither warming a stool in a classroom.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
Move to the Front of the Line (
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Great answer!
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