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Hi, I have a Real Estate License and I am currently a stay home mom with 2 small kids. Under my circumstance, is it possible to operate RE business?

Asked by Tmkhomes, Walnut Creek, CA Thu Mar 22, 2012

My additional questions are......

Q1. I have no leads at this time........(through families or friends). Even though I try to find somebody, it does not sound professional at all if I don't have an affiliated broker's name to present... On top of that, people around me....they know I am new. I am sure people always prefer doing business with experienced agents if they would like to sell or buy a house.....

How do new agents get first few leads without any track record of experience ...?
How did you promote yourself when you were a new agent?

Q2. Do you have any suggestions for doing Real Estate with small children?

Q3. I know there are weekly meetings you have to attend at office. Is there any broker that allows online attendance? (ex: through Skype....) I have no families or relatives close by who can help me with kids. Such as more hours at preschool or daycare are out of options until I make more money.....

I am sorry for my poor English... (I am originally from Japan...)

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Try and find an experienced local agent who wants to or has developed a Team. Also consider offering your services, again to an experienced agent, as a licensed assistant.

Good Luck
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>Fran and Mark, Thank you so much for your great advice. Definitely will look into those options that you have suggested above. Thanks again! .
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Does not sound so easy how you are planning to do it.! It seems like the only way for you personally to "get in" is either get open houses to sit, become a buyers agent or assistant for a larger team around you, or friends of yours and or your kids will throw you a "bone", which is a wonderful thing. Truth is, Mickey Mouse can list your home if he had real people skills. Both sides of the transaction only take good communicators, honest negotiators and agreement by the seller and buyer, nothing more. An agent is nothing more then a facilitator. The fluff, big names, offices are worthless in this market for anyone new (or seasoned) unless you find sellers that actually believe it makes a difference. It is a costly racket, I have been in the top 2 companies and made it to #1 in the offices and realize how nothing they did to get me where I was. Clients are hiring YOU, not the company. If you are in an area that only uses "Mickey Mouse", by all means join in.

If you need any resourceful ideas, contact me... Think out of the box!! Have everyone you know, be your advocate to getting you work. "Enrollment", "Enrollment","Enrollment","Enrollment", that is literally all we do all day, esp in RE. Learn it and you are a master. You can't be a good RE agent if it is a job your doing to pay bills, you have to love crown moldings (or not), know what ficus tree does to concrete and really be into it, or you become a used care salesman. You have to learn the language somewhere!!! Nobody wants a used car salesman to sell their house! (Well some would, run the other way)
Check that site out, it will bring clarity to what I am saying.

Best to you!!! I am in Los Angeles if you know anyone to refer for business. Referrals are an important part of our business as you will soon see.

Jordan M. Miller
A Power Brokers International Real Estate Partnership
Cell: 310.902.6337 Home: 310-302-8991 DRE#01444541

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Hi Tmk, yes, it is possible but it's all about your attitude and how much you are willing to invest (time & effort, not necessarily money). The first thing you should do is set office hours for yourself - get out your calendar and block off some time for your business every day. Follow through - every day you'll need to do something, take some webinars, research your market, visit homes for sale, pick up the phone and talk to people, work on your web presence ..

You can sit open houses for other agents, ask an experienced agent you know if you can possibly assist with a transaction or tag along - offer to do it for free. This advice may take some heat but it's a great investment in yourself, Real Estate is a mix of book smarts and learning on the job.

Instead of apologizing that English is not your first language, capitalize on it! Congratulations, you may have already found your niche!! Consider creating some brochures and flyers in Japanese.. start blogging with your targeted audience in mind & go hyper-local (restaurants, specialty stores, arts events etc.)!

Although we are in different areas and some things work differently, we have quite a bit in common. I started out with a baby on the way, a husband on active-duty and I am bilingual. If you'd like to chat, feel free to call or email anytime - I'd happy to brainstorm some more with you.

Good luck & best wishes!
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Follow up to TKM,
You can have a profitable real estate business without ever leaving your home. This requires a special set of tools and understanding, but you need to know to ask the question, "What business options are available if I have extremely limited public hours?" The mentor or guru will share the things you can get started on today.
HINT: that is the nature of a mentor, guru or transaction engineer, they provide solutions not excuses.

You need to understand, not every line tossed into the lake will hook a trophy, some catch nothing. But the desire continues to burn. Have faith that consistently engaging in the right activity WILL produce the outcome you expect.
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There is a saying in marketing: "If you can't fix it, feature it."
There are many agents in your position who make a very good living as "referral agents." They advertise to attract buyers to other agent's listings, then refer those buyers to other buyer's agents to do the deal in return for a referral fee. If you have strong marketing skills, this may work for you until your children are old enough to allow you time in the field yourself.
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Perhaps you could look at other options to create income from home. I know a number of realtors who have recently joined this team and after a relatively short period of time they had created a pretty nice additional income stream without interfering with what they were already doing. Just FYI, it may not be for you
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I really like Fran & Mark’s answer “consider being an assistant at this time”. This allows you to work on your skills and your business plan so that someday in the future when you are ready to hit the ground running you have a good base to run on. Now I will be frank, you or any other part time agent has no business trying to be a Realtor® with the situation you describe; the public hires Realtors® because they ASSUME we are licensed full time professionals with years of training and experience to help them with one of the biggest decisions of their lives. If the public only understood the truth, that about 80% of all agents have about as much experience and training as the person selling Avon. Brokers will almost always encourage you to sign up and try, their business plan is different than a Realtor® they want office fees. In conclusion work as a part time flexible assistant, earn a steady paycheck and when the time is right you will have a really good shot at becoming a great and successful Realtor® Good Luck!
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Hello Tmk,
I have small children as well and can relate to the fact they demand a lot of attention.

I think an important thing to do is get a mentor at your brokerage. It is ok that your new. what people want most is knowledge and expertise. get out there and know your market visit open houses, review market trends, reveiw contracts, and connect with your local realtors.

You will have to check with the various brokers out there to see if they skype conference. usually the weekly meetings have good information and they pass out leads for potential listings. A quick and easy way to gain experience and knowledge.

Good luck
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There is no business on the face of the earth like real estate. Real estate is only the vehicle, wealth is in your mind! You need to STOP thinking about what you can not do and begin thinking of what you can do! That IS the miracle of real estate. You need not conform your business model to what is being offered to you by others. However you DO need to understand how YOUR business will work.

1. What do you have to work with? This includes financial resources, office assets, extensive lists of people, web presence. a verticle market such as 'Japanese Language and Community" and ANY other social, professional or recreational outlet. Don't overlook other growing families that need more space.

2. What are you willing to do? Your comment regarding attending weekly office meetings is reflective of a crippling confinement of your realization of what the real estate business offer you. You can start with zero, nada, zilch in assets, but if you are willing, success is before you.

3. Be teachable. Those who are unteachable share a common affliction. If this affliction surfaces in your life this you may want to look at other venues. The unteachable allow the words "I Know" to close their mind before any new thought can enter. The teachable, the insatiably curious, will find real estate the most fascinating of experiences available to nearly everyone who has a dream.

4. You need a mentor. Not a broker. Not a team. Not a organization with rah-rah meetings and the noise of activity. These Mentors or gurus are the transaction engineers who know how to put deals together, who know how to find a solution in every situation, who know how to define the goals of each participant and package a deal where all succeed. This mentor will not waste your time or their time in a class room. They understand that your bank account does not change a bit before and after a training session. They do understand that what makes a difference is doing deals. DOING DEALS. Find the folks who are actually doing deals, real deals supported by the numbers, and convince them to give you a chance. Be prepared to go to work within five minutes. If you are unwilling,(to go to work NOW) you will have revealed, 'there are things you will not do' and the mentor will be challenged with 'un-training' you.
The best place to look for such a guru is in a medium sized local 'non-franchised' office. There is not magic in being successful in real estate. It is simply of doing what you say you will do, and doing it IMMEDIATELY!!!...That means right now.

5. Understand you may be looking into the wrong segment of real estate. There are more rewarding options to consider for those with shallow pockets, limited resources and true fire in their heart. If you spend too much time soliciting the opinions of others and have not made a list of the local non-franchise brokers to call to schedule a meeting with the broker, you may need to re-evaluate your motivation.
It is not education that determines your success
It is not training that determines your success
it is not in IQ that will determine your success
It is not the brokerage you choose to join that will determine your success
It is not the i-phone, website, letter following your name or picture on your business card..
The secret ingredient to success is:

Best of success to you.
Annette Lawrence
ReMax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, Fl
727. 420. 4041
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Ahhh, Walnut Creek?? Thats a different egg.
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Hi there.
Yes I do have some ideas. What area do you work in?
I did it passively for many years earning more money then many Realtors ever do when they work full time... Think out of the box with me.

A Power Brokers International Real Estate Partnership
Jordan M. Miller DRE#01444541
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I know....I am at bit too far location... But thank you so much for taking your time to answer to my question. Your kindness is truly appreciated.
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I want to buy a house. I would not use you because you are new and I would think you would make too many mistakes and I would suffer. I do not want delays.

I think you can attract new customers by offering to pay them part of your commission.
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>Joe, Thank you so much for your honest opinion & advice. i think I should first get a lot of experience by assisting very experienced agents until I am fully competent to represent sellers & buyers. I will do my best. Thanks again.
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I think its best to affiliate with a large company in your market where they have a lot of listings. As a new agent, you can do open houses for other agents in your company with listings, and try to meet some buyers you can work with. Also perhaps you can try working part time with another agent as an assistant to learn more about the business. I think it would be really hard to try to go at it alone, if you don't have what we call a "sphere of infuence" (friends, family, past clients etc) to draw upon.

You really need to put time in to developing your career if you want to be successful. You might need to look into having some kind of day care for the kids so that you can attend your office meetings, preview inventory, and ultimately take clients out to view homes. Best of luck to you!

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>Jodie, Thank you so much for a wonderful advice. Doing open houses for others and starting as a part time assistant for another agent sound like a great way to put myself into this business as a new agent. Until I figure out the other aspects such as kids day care least, I can start with creating my "sphere of influence" as much as possible. I don't have families here but I know good number of people from my previous profession of Property Management, so I should be able to start from there....! Thank you so much for taking your time to give me such a great advice. Truly appreciate it.
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