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Mel Wagner, Real Estate Pro in Portland, OR

Has anyone used Reply Real Estate lead service, and what has your experience been?

Asked by Mel Wagner, Portland, OR Wed Jul 8, 2009

Thanks in advance for your time!

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Unfortunately I didn't think to do research on Reply, Inc's reputation and manner of doing business.

I got a call from them while on vacation. Their sales rep explained that they charge $ 54.95 per valid lead. I would get credit for invalid leads. I signed up for 5 per month and told him I wanted to get no more than one per week - because payment is due within 72 hours of getting the lead. I didn't want a bunch of charges to roll up on me very early in the relationship. He said no problem.

Upon returning from vacation I looked on Active Rain and found lots of negative feedback on them. I e-mailed to tell them I wanted out. They told me I'm in for for their 30 day cancellation period.

In the first 2 days they hit me with 5 leads, in two weeks I've been billed for SEVEN leads when I asked for a maximum of FIVE per month! That's $ 384.65 in two weeks!

They've made no attempt to honor their sales rep's representations, their only replies have said that I owe within 72 hours for any leads sent. Absolutely no recogniton of the fact that their rep agreed to the one per week, 5 per month that was agreed to on the phone.

Reply Inc., or Reply Real Estate as they go by uses misrepresentation and deception. Avoid them. It will not be a good experience.
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Hi, Mel:

I was signed up with them for a very short time because I was dissatisfied with their service. Feel free to email me if you would like further explanation as to why.

Ruth Velez
Capstone Real Estate LLC
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but wait, they are "pre - ipo" lol that's one of their sales calls techniques to trap you into providing them with your credit card info. Never ever provide it to them. They are all crooks, stay away.
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Terrible service, every lead sent to me lead to me being yelled at by the person I was calling.
ALL of them had no interest or didn't own the property I was calling about.
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Pitiful-seemed that all leads sent to multiple realtors. Check on complaints
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I got caught up in this so-called lead generation website. Forget it-they do not check the leads. They are only capturing names and passing them on to hardworking Realtors. My first bill was over $329 and I got 16 people who did not have active phone numbers and never would return an email. So how serious are these leads? I am still fighting with Reply and will tell my credit card company to halt any payments to them. I just got another bill from them for $90. This is not a viable lead service and I would suggest you hang up if they call you.
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I agree with Sameer Her has a good point. Trulia is a popular site but you have to be fast, but there is no difference from other sites.
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Thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond. That is what I figured, but I wanted to hear from a couple of people that have tried the service. Bobby, good luck with getting your situation resolved.

Warm regards,

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Hi, Mel:

I was signed up with them for a very short time because I was dissatisfied with their service. Feel free to email me if you would like further explanation as to why.

Ruth Velez
Capstone Real Estate LLC
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Most lead generators including Reply Real Estate and many CRM companies ENTIRE business plan is get you on Autobilling. After that they can 'evaporate' and make money.
Never enroll in an autobilling program without using a 'pre-paid' credit card. That way, you can say, "Come and get it!" Your local Wallymart provides to solution.
Can you imagine what it is like working for them?
Companies that offer FREE TRIALS without submitting a CC# are the only ones to consider.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrencee, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
Serious people call.
Serious people require reliable, accurate data
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Now that 3 month trial is over, of course, cannot reach them. Emails not answered, operator does not even pick up... original contact emails kicked back, alternate original extension #'s not valid... next step - contact the credit card company...

Same as other posters - these poor "leads" are getting bombarded with phone calls, and all they wanted was to see how much their home was worth! How terrible for them - expensive for us - and incredibly lucrative for Reply!! Bottom suckers!
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STAY AWAY FROM THESE BUMS>>> THEY ARE LIARS TO THE CORE>>>>>I had to get Legal Shield to help me cancel my account with these guys.
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I had them two months, all old leads, not fresh or newly generated, not requested to be contacted! better luck using a phone book
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Yes, they Are SCAMMERS to the core. STAY AWAY!!!! They are bums. they will take your money and say "oh we will replace that lead for you" and they keep sending old leads to your account after sending you 10 BAD LEADS they start in saying you have to be a better salesman. STAY AWAY FROM THESE BUMS. they have taken money out of my account over and over I have never received a LEAD that mattered. NOT ONE GOOD LEAD> go to active rain you will see several more complaints about these BUMS.
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Reply is bad! their leads are fake and expensive you will pay for all of them at 55 bucks. trust me dont sign up with this company spend time hiring a person at minimum wage to get your website leads auth. this company has so many bad comments and the 3 leads I got were all bad and all my replacements denied
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I had a very similar experience as Syl below. They are the biggest scam going. Avoid them at all costs. If I wanted to waste good energy, I would file a class action suit against them, but as I said, I do not want to waste my good energy chasing bad energy.
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My experience with Reply Real Estate is that it is a BOGUS lead generation site. Non of their leads were serious buyers or sellers, but simply folks who happened to be on the web.

I was asked for my Visa number in exchange for a free month of so-called "leads". Not only did they charge me for the free month of BOGUS leads but they triple charged my card and almost maxed it out in that short time. I asked them to stop sending me their email leads but they refused to stop and continued to overcharge my card. I had to call my credit card company and put a stop payment on it. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to get all the charges stopped in time. It was a very expensive lesson learned. DO NOT use this site.
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Dont know why it cut off, was saying the new reps and trained to say Reply is pre ipo when the agent lets them know the bad news about the negative reviews. Sometimes i see their job postings on craigslist, i have no idea how they will make it. Better off using Trulia, even though Trulia still sells to 3 agents. Should be zero upfront, then a % of the sell.
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Its funny as different sales people call me from reply i ask them to google their company name first. Sites like this and active rain are among the top of the search results, all which have negative reviews. The new reps are trained to say they are
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Just wanted to clarify... We did not sign up with them directly. We use a 3rd party company who handles this and we measure what works and what doesn't. No special agreements or cancellation agreements. If it works, you're part of the team. If it doesn't... Good Bye. 3 weeks into it and we have only one in escrow. Not good enough for us. We need better ROI. Dear fellow agents, ALWAYS MEASURE your ROI!!
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Yes. I have used them and they are the biggest scam going. DO NOT sign up for them. It will just cost you time and money and not one lead from the whole lot. The also do not rebate for most of the phony leads they send you. They always have an excuse for why they can't rebate it.

DO NOT sign up.
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We had some extra marketing funds last month and we have tried them out in April 2012 and compared to other lead sources. Our conversion rate (visit to lead) for Reply has been 6.11% which is better than some of our lead sources running at 5.0% but much worse than the best lead providers (12.6%). Of the 229 visitors from Reply in 3 weeks, 12 registered of which 2 are Hot leads, 1 in escrow. I will cut them and invest more in the best sources. Most important is that you have a great website that converts the visitors well to leads, have someone call quickly and have a great script and on a consistent basis.
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The experience with Reply has been dreadful. Essentially you can review the negative comments here or in Yelp and other sites and I can reinforce most of them. I could go on at length but wont.
I have yet to have one valid , what they call "Lead". Also, it is embarrassing to finally get hold of the referred person only to hear the "blast" about how they have been called by an excessive number of realtors. I only wish I had done my own due diligence about Reply before wasting my money and time on useless "leads". A most unfortunate experience for me.
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These peope get data from anyone who visits any Real Estate-related web site and send it to you as a qualified lead, for which you must PAY. The leads are mostly bogus; the phone numbers don't exist. The few numbers that do work belong to people who have no intention to buy or sell. Stay as far away from them as possible; they will empty your bank account so fast it will make your head spin!
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They are a scam....they started using my credit card as soon as they got the information.
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me too
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I never signed up but a friend of mine did and he's very disappointed and had a hard time canceling.
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I signed up for a free trial month on 9/21, agreeing to pay $1.00 for the month. I agreed to 10 leads per month and they have already sent me many more, all of which are bogus. Most of them are unreachable and the rest are people who do not even want to buy or sell.

They said the subscription would automatically cancel after one month and if I was satisfied, I would have to call to extend it. I also agreed to 10 leads per month, with a chatge of $55 for 3 leads aftert that period.

I just looked at my credit card statement and have 5 charges on there beginning on 9/24 for $164.85, totalling $824.25. They also have an additional l charge of $18.32 for who knows what. That brings the sum total to $842.57. The big joke is if I look at their billing and statement section, they billed me on 9/30 and then again on 10/20/11. Just a note: Today is 10/6/11 We haven't even gotten to the 20th.

This is such a SCAM!!! Avoid them like the plague.
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Yes I signed up for this service and I would not do it again. 90% of the leads they send are invalid. Some people have no intention of selling or buying. Some phone numbers do not even belong to the people who they sent you as a lead. You have to really watch so that they do not charge you for the leads that were invalid.
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That has been my experience also. I have had a couple of buyers contact me directly from Trulia though, and I have sold them a home, or sold their home for them.
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I have not, however, have you had alot of luck with Trulia? If so, what is your secret to getting those leads to convert. I have had quite a few, but when I give them the info, I NEVER hear from them again. I have called some & others just sent what they needed
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Wow! I just got a call from them and put them off because I needed to do some resarch - glad I did! I think I will pass on this company!
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Reply sucks, they talk big saying they are pre-ipo. I dont think so, if you go on craigslist and look, they always have account reps for hire cause everyone leaves that company cause they suck so bad. They tried to sell me some crap leads, and are smoother than a used car dealer at times. But don't fall for the tricks, once they have your credit card, I've heard troubles. Main thing is to check out that activerain site, they have all the info on these crooks.
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A sales rep from Reply Real Estate called me today. I put him off until I had time to research the company. The results were not good. When he called back, I told him I was not interested in his services. He became very belligerent and pressed for the closing. I finally had to hang up on him. He immediately called back and continued his pitch. I hung up again. He continued calling me several times. I did not answer those calls.
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I was just contacted by them a couple days ago. Immediately I looked them up and saw the article on ActiveRain and decided against signing up.
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Hi Mel,

This is the result for a search on ActiveRain for that company in case you don't know what to do this week-end...:)…
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I have only been with them for two weeks and received 8 leads; all but one bad. The one was for a rental, not even a sale. My advice is to stay away. I have filed a complaint with my state's Attorney General. I recommend anyone who has had issues with this company do the same thing.
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