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Susie Helfer, Real Estate Pro in Bend, OR

Has anyone had anyexperience with Reo Direct Partners out of Illinois? Considering REO business. Susie Helfer Broker Windermere

Asked by Susie Helfer, Bend, OR Wed Oct 21, 2009

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Yes, I have and sent in the monies required and was told if I did not receive any REO'S within 1 year, i would get my money back and that was a lie because they are ignoring me as I have requested my monies back and I am thinking about going after them at this point for fraudulent practices.

Carol Niles
Carol Niles Realty
Las Vegas, Nv
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another scam for sure. i was contacted a year ago, paid $275 and after no contact from them called. Casey said things were slow but it will happen. now the phone number 888-362-1444 is disconnected!! Big suprise there. I dont hold out much hope anything will happen to these guys, but glad so many are posting their experiences here!
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Yes, I signed up a year ago now... have yet to recieve a single listing, or even a call saying we are still working on your area! I have called Vince Rothstein several times and each time he responded "we are still developing your market" Right...trying to get a refund now. DO NOT JOIN THIS COMPANY!
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I am a victim of this scam of a company also! After reading all of the responses, I particularly found the one from Pageman the most amusing!!!! If this company is legitimate, then why is the phone number no longer in service and why is the website no longer accessible when a member tries to log in?????? Answer me that VP of Customer Service! I want my money back and then some! I have emailed REO Direct Partners a couple of times and still have not gotten a response!
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There have been numerous claims on this thread that are untrue, misleading, irresponsible, and plain out wrong. The truth of the matter is, there are numerous Agents, Contracts, Title Companies, Lenders that are receiving business from REO Direct Partners. There are going to be angry customers, as in all businesses, and they all know very well that there is a money back guarantee. Unfortunately some of the people that left answers have a clear understanding of how REO Direct Partners works.

People have written nasty things on here, and we apologize for any misleading information. Please talk to your asset manager if you concerns instead of supplying the industry with MISLEADING information about the company. Thank you.
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If that's the case here is my money, when we call your number someone answers like she is still in are bad people.
Flag Wed Aug 22, 2012
Vince, again my number is 406-570-9254. Please give me a call with a couple Realtors names so I can speak to them about their success and I promise to write something on this blog that will have Realtors calling you. Again, my number is 406-570-9254. Thanks!
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I was also a victim of this scam!!!! Do not give that stupid company your money! You will never get a referral and you will never get your money back as he states in the guarantee! I keep sending emails to the company since the phone number is no longer in service and they have yet to respond!
I am all for a class action suit!
Molly Phillips
ReMax On Track
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I signed up with this Direct REO Partners almost a year ago and I am still waiting for an assignment.
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<- Victim

If anyone decides they want to follow this through in small claims and create a group venture please contact me. I thought about disputing it on my CC but it's not the CC companies fault I fell claim to a scam. Payment went through August 13, 2009. Warned the REO Direct Partners several times that if I don't get a listing I was going to ask for a refund.

Company went Poof- gone- no refund.

It's my thinking that more people will find the site as I believe I was one of the first to sign up due to a "tip" from a REO training company.
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With the dramatic increase in REO listings over the past couple of years, companies have appeared all over the country that offer to make Realtors a "preferred agent" in a certain area. All the Realtor has to do is pay a monthly fee or a one time membership fee to become part of a "network".

Maybe some of these companies are worth the expense, but I'm skeptical.

If I were an bank that needed an REO listing agent, would I be more likely to work with an agent that had been consistently completing high quality BPOs or an agent that I knew nothing about but that paid some money to be part of a "network"? I'll take the agent that's been doing BPO work every time.

Almost every successful REO listing agent starts by completing BPOs. Even when an agent has 10 REO listings, s/he still completes BPOs. Maybe not glamourous, but it works becasue completing BPOs is the best way to provide value to the REO companies. Typically, you get paid $40-$60 for every BPO you complete! Receiving money to provide real value for a Bank is a lot better than paying money to just be part of a "network".

I don't mean to be "preachee" but I get upset when I see hard working agents who are taken advantage of by companies that claim to offer a ticket to easy REO listings -- for a price.

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I also signed up like many of you in 2009 and was able to speak or email with them a few times, but recently they have not replied to my emails and the phone number is disconnected.

Please let me know if any of you are talking to them or if you have gotten any refunds.

Reza 213-327-7107
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Thanks I removed the incorrect information, I am in full pursuit Further i think there should be some way to alert all maybe at the upcoming cofferences
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I singed up in October 2009, they told me that If I didnt get any listings I would get my money back, I called them and they said that I have singed for 12 months and if I do not get a listing within thouse 12 months they will refund my money, I will call the bank and have them reverse the transaction. we all should do that, they will probably go out of business.
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Like many of you, I paid REO Direct Partners $375 on February 18th, 2010 with the promise of receiving REO listings from them. Every time I've tried to call them, I ether get a hockey voice message system or one time I actually got a young girl (as best as I could tell by voice) that answered every department's phone number I dialed through the automated system. Needless to say, I've received nothing but lip service and no hint of an REO listing or lead of any kind. So, for those of you who haven't wasted your money yet, beware.
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I have also signed up for REO Direct Partners since December 2009 but I have not received any listings yet. I have emailed & called Casey Powers and Vince Rothstein and I am still waiting for them to call me back. Once in a while, Vince Rothstein will reply your email and saying that you will be getting the listing assignment in a month or two. It has been 7 months and I have not received anything yet.
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I just got off the phone with Pay pal. I told them about the situation they told me to tell everyone that is having the same problem to call them. That way they can look into this and see what they can do. I sign up Oct 7th 2009 and have never gotten anything from this company. I have contracted them. So call Pay Pal if you think you didn't get what you paid for.
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Please contact your asset manager if you have questions. Its unfortunate that Agents who have bad day go online and take their frustrations out instead of fixing the problem instead of following up with their agents, and showing interest to resolve the situation. Sounds to me that some people need to get their priorities checked!
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Flag Mon Oct 7, 2013
Has anyone had any experience with Isis REO? They've contacted us about doing a BPO to have a REO property reassigned to us, but the site charges a $69.95 initiation fee plus a $29.95 monthly fee, plus management fees and technology fees on the HUD totaling $275.

I work with a lot of REO properties but have had no experience with ISIS. Any help?
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Has any one heard of REO Pro out of Delaware ? they ask for 400.00 to get their reo listings, thank you
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REO DIRECT PARTNERS had been converted to Legal Housing and Debt Advisors LLC. Ran by Jason Tong at the same exact location 415 W. Golf Rd. Suite 59/60. They have finally been sued by Lisa Madigan (ILLINOIS STATE) - here is the link to the lawsuit (Below). If you want your money back I sugged you contact LISA MADIGANS office like the other people. I smell a class action lawsuit coming out of this - if you people that got ripped off make a 5 minute phone call.
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I don't know where they were from but I paid for the yearly subscription and was promised at least 3 leads and didn't get a single one. The contact email is not valid and so I have no way to contact them.
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I signed up April 16, 2010 and on April 16, 2011 I mailed in for the money back guarantee and this morning that signed receipt letter came back undeliverable. I too hope everyone is aware of them, hopefully they are out of business; and if they aren't that others will read these Posts first and then decide. My contact hasn't responeded to an email or phone call (when the phone worked) since the day of taking my credit card info.

NM Realtor
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Good for you going to your credit card for a refund these people are a rip off!
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If any realtors out there want to form a class action lawsuit, I'm in !!!!
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Scammed me out of $275.00 I sent them an official letter to their offices in IL like they stated to do to get the refund after 18 months demanding my $275.00 back, of course it went un-answered, definition of Crooks is REO Direct Partners.
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Update from my October 14, 2010 post. I did contact my credit card company and disputed the $275 charge. I faxed them a dispute letter explaining what REO Partners promised to do, and did not do. I enclosed a copy of my credit card statement showing the charge, the registration email from REO, the “page not found” from REO’s website, Rip Off report page, and pages from Trulia’s website from agents scammed.

My credit card company was initially hesitant because the charge was over a year ago, and they have a 90 day dispute policy, but - once I explained the contract term was for 1 year, Aug. 2009 to Aug. 2010, and I had to give REO that 1 year to perform, and at the end of that 1 year REO had not performed, I am forced to dispute the charge 60 days after their non-performance and my unsuccessful attempts to contact REO for my refund. My credit card company understood that and reversed the charge in less than 30 days after my dispute. Try it and make sure you are very detailed with your reasoning and explanation.
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I signed up with REO Direct in August, 2009. Since then I have received no listings or contact from them. Their telephone and website are disabled. I sent an email to for information ... no response.
I am going to call my credit card company, report this charge as a scam and hopefully they will reverse the charge.
Good luck to all you agents trying to get your money back!
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Well this mrning the CEO Wiliiam Smith called me to let me know that they are not the same people as REODirect partners, he said that we can check with the city and that they have nothing to do with them, and he said that we was going to contact TRULIA and discuss this issue???????o well as for now I can not recover my $275.00 I could have bought a nice Coach purse :0
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Well, I just had a conersation with "Anna' when she answer the phone it sounds like she is sitting on a couch watching tv, she answered the phone as "Hello" and sait not to have anthing to do with REOdirectpartners, It will be a year the 29 of this Month since I signed up with them, but their website no longer exist unless you want to leave your your info, phone number no longer exist, so I gues it is not a good idea to be giving out our little money,we just have to go back to the basics, and knock on doors. good luck to all of you,
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Yes, I was also reserved several zip codes in the Southern California area (very high in foreclosures) on February 2, 2010 and never heard anything. I call often and email and do not get a reply. It is a shame ruthless sharks like these prey on hard working professionals. With the current economic situation it is very sad to have dishonest scrupulous people making money dishonestly. I would have rather put my money into a fund to help people who have lost everything during these hard times.
Beverly Hills, Ca
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I think we all gave this company enough of our time and money and should start asking for a refund. Enough is enough!
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I have also signed up and heard nothing back from them. There is a gentleman by the name of Tom Hartford that answered saying he is an agent in Las Vegas and has received listings. I looked him up via the mls users and also via DRE website to see if this person was licensed. No such user was found in the mls or any with a real estate license by that name. So it seems as if REO Direct Partners are making up user names and posting good stuff about them on this site.
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I recently, last week received a call from Eric the new CEO of Reo Direct Partners and he stated that he ws in charge now and would be handling the reo properties He did offer me 2 properties that where in Kenosha & Racine which were out of my area's, about an hour away. I will wait and see if he delivers. Lets keep this chat open till they start producing some listings to the agents who paid for this service!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri May 7, 2010
REO Direct Partners is not a SCAM! I am the VP of Customer Service for the company. I was recently brought aboard to address any misconception that has come up regarding the validity of our company. First of all I would not be involved if there was something amiss. I would like to handle any concerns that one might have regarding our company and would appreciate feedback at

It is unfortunate that individuals come to the wrong conclusion regarding our company and I realize that your perception is your reality. I am not trying to change your reality but I would like to change your negative perception of our company and correct any fears that you may have about doing business with us.

Someone has made the mistake of confusing us with another local REO company. We might be in the same industry but we are definitely not the same company nor do we share the same ownership group.
It is apparent that they are confused and if they had done any due diligence at all, they would have found that out. Once again if you have any concerns or would like our referral list of agents that we are working with. Please make your request at - Wed Apr 21 2010, 13:37
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu May 6, 2010
I signed with Vince on October 1,2009 and he stated they had listings in my area( Milwaukee) already and I would be getting a few right a way. It NEVER happened. I've called Vince and he now states it is slow. Come on noone is in foreclosure anymore?

Remax Realty 100
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They called me a few weeks back and told me I was a top 25 agent in MN and they want me to work with them. I signed up on line. 2 days later an asset manager called me. I have been doing reo's for about 4 years now and have dealt with many asset managers. This guy was not an asset manager, he was a salesman. Very pushy and told me I was the best....BLA, BLA, BLA. He asked me for my credit card number and I told him that before I give him that I would like to know all the banks he has represented in MN as well as at least 1 agent who has closed a home that I could contact. He then said there was a confidentiality agreement. I let him know that I work for several REO servicers and have never signed any agreements and the asset managers are more than happy to give out the other agents names. He said he would have a name and number to me by the end of the day. Never heard from him again. Go Figure!! I do not reccommend wasting your money.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Apr 16, 2010
maybe the email bounced back because the name of the company is REO DIRECT PARTNERS not reo direct PARTNER! The problem is people have poor listening skills I understand they do not have properties they promised in all the areas however they do ask for a period of 12 months to get the work for everyone. I have been signed up for 20 weeks and though am not an agent but a contractor have received some great leads, work, and referrals. I have faith in this company and that they will produce what was promised. I look forward to working with them in the future, more business more money! Everyone needs to realize these guys work with the lenders who see the same posts as the real estate community, now how is anyone expected to earn business and get contracts when they are being blasted on blogs such as this? Remember people, the REO Market is controlled by the banks, jumping to conclusions before due time is passed will only make the lenders withdraw all orders or simply not provide any, either way we all will not get work as promised because of the slander on this blog. I say lets give these guys a shot and watch them succeed and take us all to the top.
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If they will not give you the name of Realtors they have worked with do not give them any information!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Apr 14, 2010
I also signed up with this company and have never received one listing from them. I have been with them for 23 weeks. I contacted them after I had not heard from them for several months. I left a message that did finally get Vince to call me. He promised that it was a mistake and that I for sure would get a listing. I told him I wanted my money back. He said that you have to wait for 1 year. How many realtors will sign up before my year is up? I called the other day. I was given an email address to contact him by. Guess what it come back with this meesage No MX or A records for no such email address. Have we all been scamed. At this point if they called from this company I would hope someone finds this on line and says no thanks. I wish I did.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Apr 14, 2010
Bozena Piepiorka I just saw that you rec'd a listing. Can you post a link to it from here for us all to view it and update us as to how it is going and of course let us know when it closes, etc. THANKS!
Web Reference:
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Apr 9, 2010
Never heard of this company until 10 minutes ago while at the bank. I overheard the teller ask a guy where he works and after dancing around a bit, he said
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Apr 9, 2010
I had Vince from REO Direct Partners give me a call about my posts on this site. I simply told him to give me the name of one Realtor that has had a successful transaction with them and I would apologize for my past posts. He said he would get back to me. I never heard from him or a Realtor. It has been three weeks. There is no such thing as paying for REO's. Congratulations to anyone doing their homework before signing up with them. If you read this post you are smarter than I was and you should not sign up with this company. They are a 100% scam and taking advantage of Realtors that are already experiencing challenging times. If for some reason you have any questions my contact info is available on my profile.....unlike any realtor that has said anything positive about REO Direct Partners on this site.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Apr 7, 2010
Glad to do business with REO Direct Partners.. They fulfilled their promises and guaranteed a listing, which is currently being worked on now. I was contacted by one of their Asset Managers to post a review. Hope this helps!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Apr 7, 2010
They contacted me and had a very convincing sales pitch but would not provide me with names of 3 people who had received REO's from them. You do not pay to get REO"s so I would say this is not legit!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Mar 25, 2010
Signed up 3 months ago, got nothing other than confirmation of my payment. I got suckered. Whatever you do, don't fall into the same trap. once they got my money they couldn't even be bothered with getting my a username/login! RUN FAR FAR AWAY!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Fri Mar 19, 2010
I signed up over 6 months ago and have received nothing. You can't disagree with that!
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Mar 18, 2010
I am a registered exclusive agent with REO Direct Partners.Today I received a listing from REO Direct Partners as promised. Initially when I had spoken with Brad Nierman over the phone I was told they are a new company wchich is currently expanding into my market area, and that they are currently working on acquiring new affilates in the financial industry. I was told at that point that they will cover the costs and there will be no fees except my membership fee.This has come true today when I was contacted by Casey Powers, we have been working directly with the investor of the property on the listing. I have read this blog thoroughly and have to say I disagree with some of the comments on here; I am proof that the program works and I am getting started on my first property today from REO Direct Partners.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Mar 18, 2010
I am working with Casey Powers and REO Direct. I have not had a bad experience. He stands behind the "money back" agreement if they don't perform.
0 votes Thank Flag Link Thu Mar 18, 2010
Gotta Love Google! I rec'd a call today from this company but would not give any more info then to go to the website and signup. I even told the rep I don't pay to get listings.. If they are legit, have listings that need to go on the market then why don't they just give 1 listing to an agent, then collect the fee at time of closing? Just a thought.
Web Reference:
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