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Susan Wand P…, Real Estate Pro in Portland, OR

Has anyone had any experiences with Tiger Lead Solutions, a pay per click provider with a CRM back-end?

Asked by Susan Wand Principal Broker, Portland, OR Mon Jun 22, 2009

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Tigerlead Solutions is absolutely the best Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Capture and Lead Management system I've ever encoutered. I have been using Tigerlead Solutions successfully for almost three (3) years now with an amazing ROI. You begin to receive leads the very first day and every day thereafter. The leads come in with email addresses and phone numbers and when the phone number is a landline, the system will also provide you with the mailing address.

There's only one problem with it and it is not with the system. If you, as the licensee to the product do NOT have your systems in place and are NOT willing to make phone calls and follow up emails and DON'T know how to NURTURE an INTERNET LEAD, you will not succeed. This is not for the faint of heart. Tigerlead delivers what it promises and then some. On the back end, you have all the tools necessary to manage your leads and your agents who are working the leads. For example, all of your communication to and from the lead will be posted to the back end. That includes any PHONE CONVERSATIONS, E-MAILS AND NOTES OR COMMENTS that you or an agent has communicated with a lead. Going back in time in a lead's file, you will find this to be one of the most valuable aspects of this back end. In addition, the Tigerlead system consistently delivers fresh listings to the leads based on their criteria. This criteria can be changed either by the lead, or by YOU as their real estate consultant. There is also a link provided to your customized email campaign as well as a link to either Top Producer, Agent Office or Wise AGent. by clicking on this link, you send the lead directly into your CRM. While I use this link, I find that the Tiger back office pretty much provides all the CRM I need to manage a lead. In addition to lead management, there is also AGENT management. Here you can see how many phone calls, emails, notes, etc, each of your agents has made in any given period of time.

One more thing...the folks behind the system, are the most supportive people I have ever met. They are simply amazing.

I could go on and on about the Tigerlead System, but suffice it to say, that I have found it to be the MOST valuable tool and the most sophisticated tool in my business. If any of you have the opportunity too obtain a license in your area, EMBRACE the opportunity and sign right up!
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I do lead generation using adwords for $200 a month.. spend what you want on adwords..lots of great designs.. leads cost 7-12$ per No setup. e.g. .. more.. Contact me if you're interested. at
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Even if it was someone from TigerLeads, it's true. I work in a large office in Northern California. Many of the young and new agents get started by using this system and it has helped a lot. Not only are you getting people looking for a home, but when you deal with them right, you get their referrals as well.
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Does this work with Follow Up Boss the way you mentioned with Wise Agent?
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Gee, this sounds like someone at Tiger Leads marketing dept wrote it?!
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My Name is Alex and I have been running lead generation for my wife out here in So Cal for the last 4 years. I have looked at the Zurple and the Tigerleads - as well as the Market Leader systems. So let me explain a little bit about Internet Lead Generation:

1. Bad email address or bad phone numbers is not the fault of the Service provider. People seeking information only will almost always use fake email address or fake numbers. They may use secondary "Spam" emails and not give you their real email...or may give a valid number - just not to their house. For these leads - they were never serious and you should worry about that. Nothing anyone can do.

2. Power is not the leads but the follow up system. The power of all these systems is that they help Realtors manage, cultivate and convert the leads in system This can easily be done with free services like By far the most superior system we have used and - "Its Free"!

Follow up is where Realtors fall short in coversion, so there is no REAL MAGIC in the systems. They just help in doing what most people were not doing before which is follow up. Average internet leads convert 3-4 months out, so you can imagine why this is important

3. The cost of the service is irrelevant if the sales exceeds the time and monetary costs. In other words, if it costs you 10,000 a month, but makes you 50,000K - does it matter that it costs $10,000? Actually not spending the money would be bad business decision.

Now that being said - smart Realtors, Brokers and business owners always should look to maximize revenue and reduce costs. This is why we started generating our own traffic.... You see most lead services say that leads can cost up to $12, 25 and as high as $60 to generate. For the last 3 years we have cut that down to $3 to $4 a lead. Do Not be fooled - there is a mark up for the cost of traffic that these lead companies charge. Simply put they are either marking up the cost to generate or they are inefficient. I would ask to see reports of the cost per click and cost per acquisition to see if they are willing to disclose that information.

Recently we started exploring beyond Google with traffic sources that are about $.02 a click not like Google or yahoo where you see $1 - $4 per click.

My advice -
1. Find a good follow up system ( Listingbook is Free and coming up with AI this Jan)
2. Find a good IDX with Lead Capture
3. Learn to generate your own traffic ( not SEO either - to expensive and unpredictable)

If you have any questions you can reach me . Good Luck.
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It is a SCAM !! You pay for clicks for inadequate emals and phone numbers. Also, 100 % are not qualified to buy and are just dreaming.
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It is very much a SCAM . We are done with this company and they keep charging our credit card $1000 per month.1412
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It is not a scam....I will do in excess $5M in GCI (almost all from TigerLeads this year (my first year) at a cost of $24K and I know that my GCI will more than double next year.
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Lately, there has been some Internet discussions about Zurple vs. Tigerlead Solutions. Let me share with you what I know and you can glean whatever you want from it.

Let's start with Tigerlead. I've been using Tigerlead Solutions in the greater Sarasota FL area for 3 years now. My website is if you want to check it out. Go ahead and sign up, but when you register, please identify yourself as a Realtor, just checking out the system, so my agents won't spend time working on you! It has proven to be the best possible thing I could have ever done for my business. Last year alone my team earned over $600,000 in gross commissions, just from the leads we received from Tigerlead Solutions. This year, we are ahead of last year and it is only September. In the worst possible market my business thrived and improved and I was ranked 20th in the State of Florida out of all the RE/MAX agents for both number of transactions and for commissions earned. I'm telling you, I could not have done this without Tigerlead Solutions. They are truly a professional organization with an amazing product that keeps getting better and better. Their team is extremely responsive to not only your needs and questions, but also eagerly listen to your suggestions. I have spoken to agents all over the United States and Canada who have the system and I have never heard a negative. In fact, when you put the agents who have the system together in one room (which has happend several times due to the generosity of the Tiger team), you feel an energy and excitement in the room, as if the agents were finally able to share why they are having such success in a depressed market without compromising their secret. It's an amazing product that does everything you need to be successful. Marketing to get the leads, amazing lead capture and generation, and an astounding, well thought out and robust back office for your lead management.

Now on to Zurple. I wanted to tell you that some guy, and I won't mention his name, called me the other day. When he called, he introduced himself as a Realtor from San Diego. Of course, I thought I was about to get a referral, because he said that someone had mentioned my name and he googled me and was very impressed. He went on to say that he only dealt with an elite group of agents and that he could tell that I was one based on what he saw when he googled me. (okay, at this point he still has not told me he is with Zurple). So, I'm listening to him because I cannot get a word in edgewise, and then he says that because I am an elite agent, he would like me to take a no-risk look at his product. That he sees that I have the Tigerlead system, which, he says is very good, and he would never try to sway an agent away from it and that most agents with Tiger would do well to have Tiger and Zurple combined.

At this point, he had already irritated me because he didn't tell me upfront that he was trying to sell me something and made like he was a Realtor (just like you, he said). So finally, I was able to say, "hey, I really am not interested in listening to you about Zurple and I'm very happy with Tiger and would never leave the system". Then he said, "Well, I guess if you can't even take a no-risk try at it, you must not be the elite agent I thought you were." HUH? I yelled at him and said, "How dare you try to bully me into doing something that I don't want to do. How dare you insult me like that." He was fumbling and started talking very fast saying that he was a Realtor just like me and that he was not trying to bully me, but trying to offfer me a service that would improve my business. I kept saying NO and I didn't want to talk to him anymore and he kept talking faster and faster. Finally, I hung up. Now, I ask you, would you do business with someone like that? I have been told by other agents that they have had similar experiences...kind of a bait and switch. And what is a Zurple anyway? Sound like a smoothie to me!

I leave it to you, fellow Realtors. Which would YOU choose?
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Thank you for your honesty you responded like I would have......and the Slurpee laugh
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I currently use Zurple. I have not used TigerLeads, but get agents from all over the country calling me about Zurple about twice a week and it seems about half of them use TigerLeads. From comparing the two systems with multiple people, Zurple is superior by far. The CRM in the back office is outstanding. Its kind of a set it and forget it system where I don't have to follow up with leads until they contact me. Feel free to call or email me with any questions on this as I am more than happy to discuss stuff like this (Dont call if you are in the Austin market! haha).

Shawn Culhane, Austin TX, 512 590 0850,
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I listened to the webinar as Tiger Lead Solutions had been recommended by a friend.
While the presentation was slick and enticing, at the end I asked for some names of local agents using the service so I could do my own research and satisfaction poll. They would not answer me. I also did not get an answer to the cost question.
Makes me uncomfortable when someone does not share references.
Maureen D'Aiutolo, Broker
Key Realty Group LLC
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Tiger Lead is amazing! I used it in Indianapolis and was averaging 2 closings a month from it. It is expensive but the ROI is definitely there. My average closing was about 4500 each. I closed 2 a month and was spending 2,400. 9,000 - 2400 = a positive of 6,600. Not to mention the listings that I got from the referrals of buyers I worked with directly from Tiger Lead. I've ran ppc on my own with several different idx's and have not found one as good as Tiger's back end. I here Zurple is comparable, but I haven't got any personal experience with them yet.
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I have been using Tiger Lead Solutions for almost one year now and can say beyond any doubt, it is the cadillac of the IDX industry. Period.

I'm certain there will be those who say it doesn't work, or it's too expensive etc. And they'd be right. IF, they don't work the system. They WILL generate the leads. If YOU don't do what is required, then it isn't going to happen for you. Leads do not come into the system and then call you the next day with their loan approval in hand to go look at houses.

You must nurture these leads. I'll be the first to tell you that it took a while for me to get going. But now it's kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. If you spend time learning how the online consumer works, thinks, acts etc, the Tiger Lead system will work.

One thing I just discovered from it is that on most of your leads, you can see the EXACT keyword phrase they typed into their search to find your site. That's HUGE. Armed with that information, you should be able to do great things on SEO.

I'm constantly amazed at just how powerful the system is and the information it provides. You can SEE what the prospect is looking at, how many times they've looked at it. They even have a "live view" where you can watch your prospects while they are ONline.

Can you tell? I like it. I"d be happy to share with anyone my thoughts on it.

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Susan I used Tiger Leads for almost one year and loved the back of the house and all the leads that poured in. I see the benefits of having a system like Tiger Leads. I switched to another company who does exactly the same and more for half the cost...check out Ask for Blain. Call me any time. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Denise Madan 786 344 8004
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I LOVE BLAIN!!!!! He is my rep and the very best!
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Tiger Leads provides legitimate leads and is far better than what others (don't get me started on the problems one encounters buying Trulia leads) offer. However, their CRM sucks because it is not robust enough to do everything a Realtor needs but it isn't capable to easily exporting leads to CRM systems other than their own (e.g., Top Producer.) Take a flyer with the system; my experience is that it will provide you a lot of long term leads that will turn into money. But it is not a panacea.
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Yes... It cost me 2000 dollars a month. After first four months, I canceled because I found a company " who converted me to SEO work and got me on the first page of every search engine out there and I have already converted two deals. I suggest you all contact them to find out more. Their Sales director is Kirk Dempsey.He was a little aggressive but I can see why now.
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I also used searches worldwide and there good took them a little over the 30 days to get me to the first page but it works and I'm up there now.
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Hi, David. What is the domain name for your website that has first page placement on every search engine? I am skeptical about the company that you mention because I had a very negative phone interaction with them when they called themselves and several posts on the web say they are a scam company.
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Bravo Alex! You are soooo right on.

In my opinion, it's NOT the IDX provider; the magic is in the follow up. I began my online lead generation career in May of 2002 and while it took me a while to figure out, I discovered that the leads were just a small part of what you need. And getting leads is as easy as a credit card with room. It's what you do after you have them that makes the difference.

I've had realtors scoff at 2, 3,000 a month or more even when I tell them I get 5-6x my investment. They say, "yeah, but that's a lot of money to spend." Blows my mind. Anytime I can hand someone a thousand dollars today, and get back 5 or $6,000 in 6 months...Well...that's a game I can play all day long.

Same with my direct response mailing campaigns for listings. I put in a buck and get 4 or 5 back. And I like it.

Thanks again for a well written post. Best for you in 2012!

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And in answer to your comment FranckMasa, I can certainly see why one might think one idx or another is a scam. Indeed in my experience, 35 to 40% of the phone numbers are bogus; it's a fact. 5-8% of the email addresses are bad.

It is the job of Tiger (or any other IDX provider for that matter) to deliver the leads. It's the agents job to convert. As stated in this thread before, it takes work. I have used 2 other IDX providers in the past and found that they some of the leads they deliver are BAD. It's the nature of the beast.

It's what makes it a game. One I love to play.

Question. Does every prospect that calls into a real estate office on floor time, up time, or whatever you choose to call it...are they ALL good leads?

I rest my case.

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I am with Real Estate Pro. I asked what it cost and got no answers. Went to their website and can see no pricelists. That turns me off.
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I find it very irritating that the respondents didn't answer the question. The question was..what does it cost? What type of expense is this lead generation tool? Many responded but no one really answered the question! I was eager to hear the answer also.
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Check out the LInked-In NAR site. There was a really good discussion there about paying for leads. 99% of those responding said no. Lots of input on pay per click too. And overalll, the discussions there have been really useful.
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I signed up for Tiger lead at a convention because I wanted leads from a specific county. When I went to set up the website they would use, there're people came up with a list of website names from a very different county. I suggested other site names which I knew were available. I asked why they were insistent on the name. They said that although they were selling me one specific county, 85% of the leads came from a different area & they lumped the two together. So, I found I was going to get the vast majority of leads from an area that I didn't even want & was way out of my region. That wasn't going to work for me. Here we are a year later and I've been unable to get them to refund the money they said they'd refund if I was not completely satisfied. They claim they tried to reach me but we
re unable to do so. Strange... none of my contact information has changed for the past 10 years & they had no problem reaching me when they wanted to collect money. Now I'll have to file it in court to get my refund.
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Tiger Leads buys keywords that drive traffic to "your" site, which is a simple IDX search site. While the system has many satisfied users, one can accomplish the same end result for far less money by simply doing what TL does, which is to buy leads.
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Have you tried tiger leads! How would you rate this product?
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I have been using Zurple for almost a year Now.. You can reach out to me directly for feedback. I will be posting an update shortly.
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I still use it, 6 years later and going strong. Love it.
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Do any of you have any updated opinions on Tiger Leads? This is a super old post.
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I have been using Zurple for 5 months starting 9/2012. I do like some of the features. Zurple recently changed their pricing I have had call with senior management regarding and hope to have issues resolved shortly. I will post follow up review

I have been using Market Leader as well and like the visibility of data and the built in marketing campaigns that I can customize addresses and some of the nurturing tools they provide. At $129 a month provides good lead capture with a decent back end.

A friend uses Tiger for a few years and seems to be happy with Although he has a team of 5 agents.

Its just one person right now.

You can contact me regarding my experience.

I will post follow up review shortly
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thanks for asking this question Susan. I had heard about them as well and was curious. Crazy expensive too.
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The "seach string" gets a little beyond my tech ability however, you can usually see the keywords they used in there. You can also click on it and it will bring up a search bar with the phrase they used, typed into it. NOTE: This does not always work. I am told by Tiger that it has something to do with the prospects settings in their computer, they may have something or other disabled.

How's that for a tech answer. Just reach out to them!

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Here is what I do, when I click on the lead it opens up their file.
I then click on LOGIN.
That takes me to Source, and I can see the string there of where they found me.
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Hi Laurie
You can see what each lead entered into google by hovering over the globe to the right of your screen. Not all leads will have a globe as some leads come from other sources, but most will.
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I'm on a team of buyers agents using Tiger Lead System and I love it. It does take lots of time and effort to work the leads, but this has added extra income that my business would not have had; especially in this market.

I'm curious about John Duncan's comment with regards to being able to see the exact search string used. Is it possible to see the search string when they used Google? All I see is a long string of letters and I can't understand what they typed to get to our site.

Anyone have any insight on this?
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I started using Tigerleads in December of 2008. During the past 2 years of declining markets my real estate business has grown substantially every year. In fact, my gross commission through the end of July this year was equal to my entire year of 2009. I’ve moved to the #1 position in a company of over 200 agents and into the top 15 agents in our MLS of about 2600 agents.

Prior to using Tigerleads 15-20% of my closed business was from internet leads and for the past 2 years a full 50% of my business is internet and the balance is from repeat and referral clients. Tigerlead is the reason for this success combined with hardworking systems and people on my team that are committed to following up on the leads. The best part is that my Tigerlead clients are rapidly sending me more business as well.

The Tigerlead platform, website and lead generation systems are excellent and are continually improving to suit the agents that are using them. The staff is amazing and responds immediately to any of our needs.
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Tiger Lead has a very good product, but they use outdated IDX and a Pay Per Click model that isn't sustainable. check out RETS development group. They offer solutions that are more advanced, and use organic SEO to help drive leads.
Web Reference:
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RETS Development Group is now
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Simply put, I would have been out of business had I not starting using Tiger Lead almost 2 years ago. Despite being in the business for 25 years our market (my market) had fallen off quite a bit. Good return on investment if you will work the leads.

Probably works best for manging brokers or top producers but having said that a motvated newbie could make it work as well.

I would not say on line what my expenses or reimburesemnts are but I have agent(s) on my team and well as lender(s) that help share the cost.

It's a very good well rounded program with lots of back end help . . .
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I have been using Tiger Lead Solutions for 3 years and it is the best tool avaiable to acquire buyers for your listings. Your only obligation is to make sure you call the leads until you reach them live and then monthly follow-up. My largest sales have come from my website. Not only have my largest buyers come from my website, but I am able to refer all my clients I bring to the website for free. You do not pay per click for clients you add or that log onto your subdomain website. I have never had a back office that works as well as Tiger. You set your marketing budget. You can spend as much or as little as you want, handle all the leads yourself or start a team with buyers agents and get commission splits. It's the only way to go!
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Hi Susan,

I have been using Tiger Leads since it first began in Ann Arbor in 2005. I love it, it accounts for the majority of my teams closings each and every year.

The reason they can not just throw out a price is because when you do PPC campaigns it depends on the area you are living in. Let me give you an example: In Ann Arbor the cost per click might be $5.00, but when they target smaller area's around Ann Arbor, like Saline...where I live it might .85. So they offer to run a test for you, where you keep the leads and if you don't like the cost then no harm.

My son was just licensed in Nashville and I begged the agents there to let me buy into the system to get Matthew going.

Tiger is so much more than a PPC Campaign, it is really a Virtual Office which I manage my entire team of 6 buyer agents from. They don't have a web site because quite frankly it is not a mass produced web site. It has literally grown by word of mouth.

Besides loving the Tiger system, the staff is awesome, support is fantastic and the programmers are the best of the best.

I have no idea how many area's are left in the U.S. but I can find out if you want to know.

Here is the thing you need to know, you must have a team or share the sight with agents who don't mind the follow up. As I have blogged on many times, it is never about the # of leads you get but all about the follow up of the agents.

Any questions call me but not til after the 9th my daughter is getting married and we are swamped.
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I have been using Tiger Leads for the last three months. I believe most people who first start using the program will tell you it is overwhelming. The leads come in daily and depending upon your budget you may get flooded with buyers every month. The hardest part for me right now is finding other agents who are willing to commit to working the leads. I believe once you have maybe five good agents you can handle the leads and have the opportunity to make money, not just from your sales, but from their sales.
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I have heard good things from those using it. Missy Caulk of MI praises it.
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I have heard other people say very good things about Tiger Lead Solutions.
How does it work? Do you pay monthly or just per click?
What is the overall cost?
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I am currently running a test to determine how well they can generate leads and after two weeks all I can say is- WOW! Do a google for Grass Valley homes for sale of Lake of The Pines real estate and you see the results. We have had over 50 leads in two weeks in this rather weak market. Personally I am impressed.
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Susan are you in Miami? I just listened to the Tiger Lead webinar and it sounds pretty informative and quite impressive. What are your thoughts? Denise Madan
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