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Melanie,  in Winnetka, CA

Doew anyone know about and if they are having any financial problems.

Asked by Melanie, Winnetka, CA Tue Jul 20, 2010

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Why don't all of us who have done work and not been paid, start accepting every job they offer, and not doing them. Maybe them losing money and esteem with the people paying them to get the information they will cease to exist altogether, It won't get us paid, but will save others going forward.
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I just got off the phone with them. I've been regularly been emailing and talking to, Sarah and Eduardo in accounts payable for the last year. Now I have been told that Eduardo is gone and Christine has taken his place. Today I got fed up and demanded to talk to the President of the company. They said his name is Walt, who just stepped in a meeting, and he would call me back. A few minutes later I get a call from Sarah who said that she is setting me up for payment processing - IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!
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Below is the email I received from Christine, Accounts Payable @ on 03/02/2015. Same B.S. they have been doing fo

Please accept my apologies for the delay. I apologize that no one has contacted you sooner. Unexpectedly, we are still running behind at this time. We are currently in the process of recovering from some negative effects suffered with the downturn in the economy and truly appreciate your patience at this time. We are recovering but it will take some time to accomplish this goal. We hope you bear with us during this transition as we truly value your work; you will not be forgotten and you will be paid for all work performed. Please feel free to email back in a few weeks for an updated payment schedule.

Thank you,

Christine, Accounts Payable, a First Valuation Company
FIRSTVALUATION 8700 Turnpike Dr., Suite 300 I Westminster, CO 80031
P: 303-991-9919 Ext. 1028 I E: I W:
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Anyone who has done bpos for, first valuation, cartel asset (or any other bpo company) and has not been paid for bpo services rendered needs to speak up and report them; first, to the Colorado Better Business Bureau, second, to the Colorado Attorney General's office, and third, to NABPOP. I am in battle to get paid and have filed complaints with the above mentioned. If enough complaints are made, we can stop them from this type of business practice of not paying agents. I strongly encourage all agents to file complaints and have your data ready of jobs completed. I have been told by them through the BBB that I will be paid, but I have not received full payment yet. They did agree to pay me only after I complained to BBB in installment checks cut biweekly, but I have only seen one check. They still owe me quite a bit of money. They simply told me before I complained that they did not have the moeny to pay me and they didn't know when they would have it. They also told me that they were expecting an investor to come above with funds and at that time would be able to pay. Think about it: what investor would invest in a company that has BBB complaints against it? If you do not report them, they will continue to not pay agents for bpos. I've seen they've been doing this since 1999 or 2000. if not report them to the banks who are using them for the bpos, to stop using them for bpos. If they continue with nonpayment for services rendered, they need to be put out of business.
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Yeah, you have to file in Colorado and be present for your claim. If you hire an attorney you're looking at substantial costs. To hurt this company is to not do business with it ever again. Keep warning the public about Broker's Price Opinion.
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Small Claims Court works. They're used to it. I got my money plus some! They were involved in a class action lawsuit in 2013 and lost.
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Could be thewy just hold the money from their lender/users as long as possible before paying us so they can collect the 'float' or interest building on the deposits before giving up the dough. Or, they hope you will just go away. They still owe me from 2010! Plus, I forgot all about that money and just completyed 15 for them. Now Im guessing my entire holiday weekend and about $80 in fuel will be a loss. Cra*
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I had the same experience. I just reported them to BBB. Will follow through with AG Offive.
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they don't pay
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I have been getting emails from them about available orders for the past few days and I didn't ever remember signing up with them. So I asked my company if they had signed me up with them and they said, "No and don't do any orders from them. They don't pay." Since then my company sent out an email blast to all agents in the company to just delete any emails from
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I've looked up the owner's address. He lives in a pretty nice place. and has some nice cars in the driveway. They could pay if they wanted to.
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Do have an update on if you were ever paid. I did exactly what you suggested and the Attorney general of Colorado told me there is nothing they can do until more people complain. Did you contact the clients directly? That is my next move.
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Please run as fast as you can when you hear or first valuation
That company will not pay you.
Their answer to not getting paid is that they are so backed up that checks are taking a little longer than usual to go out.
Its now 10 months and I never not got a penny of my 1600 or more dollars for work that was done.
This accounting person Christine lies through her teeth and is still trying to get me to do more work.
here is what she said to me in an email:

If you recall I did tell you, it would be changed to direct pay, and it has, sometimes when assuming is in the equation, it doesn’t matter. As far as payment, we had discussed that a payment would be sent with the stipulation of you doing the order, and you did not.

The nerve! I think she just said I am not getting paid because I did not do that last report she was trying to trick me into. lol
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Was that blackmail or extortion?
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I am so pissed with this company. I started with them the end of July 2015 and I wish I had done my research. I have completed 20 BPO's for them, and refused to take any more until they pay me. I was called by this Christine lady and she is telling me the same thing about an order that was assigned to me after I told the representative I was not going to accept it if my payment has not been sent out. Christine told me they are on a 90 out time, wth does that mean. Normal BPO's company pay out the next month for previous months orders. I am so done with this company. I am going to do everything I can in my power to SHUT THIS COMPANY DOWN!
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They are a terrible company
Who ever is accepting reports now should not do them. I just gave them back 20 reports because they haven't paid me.
This is the list:
4054 Navigator Way, Kissimmee, FL 34746
1522 Corolla Ct, Reunion, FL 34747
812 Cardinal Way, Kissimmee, FL 34759
8875 Newmarket Dr, Windermere, FL 34786
3171 Hanging Moss Cir, Kissimmee, FL 34741
12572 Stoneybrook W Pkwy, Winter Garden, FL 34787
55 Lake Villa Way, Kissimmee, FL 34743
1132 S Beach Cir, Kissimmee, FL 34746
1080 Hermosa Way, Kissimmee, FL 34744
1079 Hermosa Way, Kissimmee, FL 34744
945 Seasons Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34746
1404 S Westmoreland Dr, Orlando, FL 32805
8610 Waconda Ln, Orlando, FL 32809
4205 Arch St, Orlando, FL 32808
1621 Bent Oak Ct, Kissimmee, FL 34744
4531 Arch St, Orlando, FL 32808
6660 Osceola Polk Line Rd, Davenport, FL 33896
1109 N Pine Hills Rd, Orlando, FL 32808
610 Founders Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34744
604 Floridian Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34758

They have other orders that are still available and no one is accepting them. Please do not accept them. You will get screwed. I promise.
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They are scamming real estate agents. They are not financially hurting, they just don't pay for ones services. I have reported them to BBB and the Colorado Attorney General. Neither one seems to do anything about it. I even tried to have NAR caution all agents, but that didn't happen either. (aka First Valuations) continues to recruit agents to do their work for them, but they DO NOT PAY.
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There is an attorney in Oregon that is working on a class action law suit against this company. If you can get any money out of them now, do it before they file for bankruptcy.
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Can you please give me that atty's name and contact? I havent been paid either and depended on the bpo's for paying my bills.
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who is the attorney?
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Who is the attorney?
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They aren't having income problems, they're having payment problems. They don't pay.
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If the company doesn't pay you, the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to collect your receivables. If you have an attorney you work with on a regular basis, why not go ahead and file a complaint/suit against them immediately? What does your agreement with them say about them not paying you in a timely manner?

What happ'd in the end with this, I see it's an old thread, but how did it end?


Scott Miller
Realty Associates
Boca Raton, FL
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I wouldn't recommend working with them. I was owed money all the way back to November of 2012. I called and called and just got story after story from the accts payable, but never any money was paid to me. I finally complained with the bbb. I finally got the money that was owed to me (just today-10 months later) and i reguse to do any more work for them! I highly recommend sending in a complaint to the bbb. Hopefully it will help other agentd get the money that is owed to them and also inform other people on what kind of company is. You can also call the CO district attorney, but for me it didn't do any good. But the more people that complain the better chance of getting these ripoff companies shut down.
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Tony Stanley, you are so right in asking where's the protection for REALTORS? Obviously not from NAR.
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I contacted NAR and asked if they would run a small article in the Realtor magazine exposing this company and protecting other agents from this problem occurring in the future. They responded with "It is out of our scope of intrest". NAR will not help. I have reported this company to bbb, ripoffreport, and also contacted CNN and housing wire in hopes of SOMEBODY doing SOMETHING about them. Where is the protection for the Realtors????
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at least you got paid. looks like many haven't. i have filed a complaint with the BBB. I will call NAR on tuesday and I have tweeted. all agents should spread the word. get on your FB, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and spread the word.
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I just received three orders from this company I find it a little strange that they are using two different company names ? has anyone done any recent business with them ? If so did you get paid ? or how long did it take to get paid? I told them we do accept Credit Cards .
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I did 9 bpo's for them in Feb 2013. I still have not been paid. They continue to make excuses on why they have not paid me. If you call them today to speak with their accounts payable department, it always goes to voicemail and they never call back. They are crooks!
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There are several companies that use different names. I believe this one may have recently been purchased by another company.
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I refused to do a BPO last month, telling them I not been paid. They sent me a check for 2 BPO's but still haven't paid for the other ten! The check was for 2 BPO's done in February & March, but I am still owed for many, dating back to 9/2012.
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Just go over the posts and figure out the answer to your questions. My advise is if you want to do charity work go to a reputable organization this people do not deserve it.
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I agree with everyone else. I believe First Valuations aka Broker Price Opinion is a type of Ponzi scheme. Someone is paying them for the work we do, obviously they are keeping their money and only paying out when they have to. I have also complained to the BBB and I was promised a payment which I never got. I believe they are criminals and should be prosecuted.
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I have heard from many agents that this company owes them money.
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I am also owed money from BPO work done as far back as March 2012. Definitely don't take any assignments from them unless you like working for free.
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Am A broker in Texas , I did close to 65 orders for them , did anyone did orders in texas and didnt get paid they said i suppose to get paid on August 9 or 10 3013 , am worried they owe me about 3500 Dollars
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Did you get paid?
I have 21 orders due to me.
Jim Griggs
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I did get paid for the first 2 orders that I completed for (One order that I completed on 1-27-12 was paid on 07-25-12 and the other was done on 10-19-2012 that was paid on 12/21/2012). I have completed 8 since November 2,2012. Still waiting on payment for orders all the way back to November 2012. Total amount due to me is $355.00 that I have not been paid for. Keep calling and leaving messages for accounts payable but I either don't get a call back at all or if they do call back, they give me some story about being behind and that they will look into payment and for me to check back in a couple of weeks. Each time I call back, it is the same response. They keep calling or emailing about new orders but as of May, I will no longer accept orders from them. I have complained with the Colorado AG and will complain to the BBB and anyone or anywhere else I can to bring awareness.
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From Traverse City, MI - I did 7 BPOs between July 24, 2012 and sometime in October, 2012 and have not yet been paid - ONE YEAR ALREADY !!! and I've heard nothing but excuses about being behind, that some of their clients went bankrupt so they're "catching up". Another agent in my office did numerous BPOs and finally settled for about 25% discount ($400 discount), then did a couple more BPOs to see if they would start to pay on time... and here we are 6 months later and she's not yet received a penny. Doesn't matter what the company says - they are LIARS and SCAMMERS getting rich off from our time, knowledge and expense - TRULY DESPICABLE !!!! I wonder what they see in the mirror.
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As the big banks shop for the lowest cost provider, they find ways to 'stick it to 'em."
Read this then imagine what could be happening at…

If you recall WAMU was guilty of extorting appraisals in the old days. Now, the same crew is taking down the BPO providers.
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Interesting article! I am wondering, if the government bailed out the banks why are they silent on this issue?
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I would hope that we, as a group, will boycott these types of companies and spread the word. They have assigned me two, neither of which has been paid. They are unprofessional in their practices, and more so, disrespectful to their employees, namely us. I've contact BoA directly about a one that was assigned to me by and filed a formal complaint.

Since then, I've setup a paypal account for the purposes of billing for BPO's, I've sent invoices, along with finance charges, and now placing the account with a collection service. I think 50% is better than nothing at all. It's interesting, because they still call, and I tell them that payment is due at the time of completion through paypal. Of course, they tell me it's usually 60 days before they get paid, to which I always tell the person calling "That's a long time to wait as an employee for a paycheck - how do you get by?" The person will then usually say words not too polite, and hang up.

I'm checking on the legality of what is going on, and I'll advise when I get there. Meanwhile, be sure to post a complaint with the BBB and

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Thanks Dan, and keep me posted!
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I am owed about $600. Is there any progress in the class action idea?
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are they still having problems?
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I sent this e-mail to some of their Management:
DENVER Company- First Valuations Rips off Thousands!
Here is the legacy of the creeps you work with:……

So far they have amassed enough ripped off agents for a class action; National Realtors may join in our efforts.
You should pay me, as I will not go away.
I am contacting these folks next:


Apparently the checks in the mail
check with me later
GThody Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker, Inc.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Wed Jun 26, 2013 owes me over $600 from work done 10 months ago and I am getting nowhere calling and asking for my money. I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and anyone else that I can think of.
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Sorry not familiar with this one ,,HENA
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What is the name of the co. in question ? HENA
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This company owes me just over $500 for close to 40 inspections. None of which have ever been paid on. Some of these inspections are from 11 months ago. I stopped accepting orders about 4 months in- and hadn't been paid on any reports.

I have called. I have emailed. I have been promised to be paid on no less than 4 occasions.

I have yet to receive a single check.

If you receive an email or phone call from any of these companies- DO NOT accept any work order.
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They called me in December with a story (very similar to one I heard about two years ago) about how their CEO had made some financial missteps leaving them needing to make payment arrangements to get agents caught up. Being between a rock and a hard place, I agreed to a large cut with the proviso that one check be sent in December, and the other in January. The December payment was a few days late, but came within a reasonable amount of time. The second payment was to have been sent the first week of January. It is January 26, I called them two weeks ago, and the check still isn't here. Supposedly they were only going to be working with a select few agents (I've done some pretty involved work for them), and guaranteeing other payments within 60 days of the time the work was completed. Well they still haven't paid me for work in December either. I would welcome a response to this situation from whomever is currently in charge of these companies. Is this how a company that touts its Christian ownership treats people who have made their wealth for them?
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I am suing them. I did 2 commercial BOVs for them, they just do not pay until you rattle them. After I threatened legal action, they said they sent me check #blablabla and I got a check 3 weeks later (it takes 3-5 days to mail) for HALF of what they owed me. I told them I was turning over to my attorney and they again wrote me that check #blablabla would be mailed at end of week. That was over a month ago., They get money from their clients, then they hire vendors and do not pay them. This is poor management and they need to be made an example of. I have read dozens of stories from agents who have done HUNDREDS of BPOs for them without being paid. JUST STOP! Take legal action and quit working for them. They can lose my number because I will never engage them again. Fool me once, I give you a pass, fool me twice and we're done.
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No I use to do bpo's too ,I wish you had stopped that 500.00 that is a lot of work for no compensation .

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This company owes me about $1200.00 and I have not seen the first check. I call and they always tell me they are behind on payments, they have told me that for more than three months. I am surprised to see their BBB rating, its a joke. I will not do any more work for them.
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I have not been paod by this complany either. This is sad news for Brokers as Evaluation Solutions just pulled the same stunt and is not payong anyone. I guess the key is to stop doing work for anyone who is slow in paying becuase slow turns to not getting paid at all.
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An invoice is not going to get you paid. Nor is an investor going to invest into a failing company for the sole purpose of paying off their debt. The company will soon be gone. But don't worry .. the executives are still getting paid on time as usual and probably with phat bonuses too!
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You are correct. An invoice does not guarantee payment. It does, however, track the loss for tax purposes. Not a spendable as cash, but still works.
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Lisa G. of ordered an external bpo, then called to make sure the work was going to be submitted on time. After going onsite for photo's and evalutation, I sent an email to ask for billing information. P.O. or order number, verification of the $60 charge she agreed to, and a request for payment terms in writing. I run an accounting system, so I invoice the company so I can track the receivable. Lisa G's response of "EXCUSE ME?" was followed up by 3 emails from me explaining that we, as agents who are performing a service, bill for this service. No response from Lisa G. , ext 1057. No return call. So, I called accounting to inquire as to the normal amount of time for payment. Voice mail, saying the call would be returned in 24 hours. I will not be working with this company.

It's time that we, as agents, start billing companies like this. An appraiser is paid either upfront or at closing. We give our services away when a promise to pay is never a reality.

So, the next time calls, follow my lead. Either they accept an invoice for the order, or paypal the payment in advance.

Good luck.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Fri Jan 11, 2013 / First Valuation is BANKRUPT .. they openly admit it on the BBB complaints section. If you do BPOs for them you will not get paid.
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I have not recieved payment on 5 work orders dating back to February 2012 from Broker Price Opinion.
I have contacted them twice on this matter.
They continue calling with work orders. I have told the person calling that I would happy to do the work order, but to have some one from billing call me first to discuss the payment issue and then I would do the order. Never a call back!
Myron Lund
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Check this out same people, different company names,, Cartel Asset Management, First Valuation

Class Action: Attorney To Gather BPO Nonpayment Complaints

"I used to do BPO's for the Cartel Asset Management company, and this was back in 1996 to 2001," wrote Rowe to Realty Times. "The headaches of trying to get paid were pretty much as you have described by others. I was very persistent (calling and sending letters), until I made sure I collected for all of these BPO's. But once I did collect, well needless to say, I decided I was not a collection agency and refused to do any more of their BPO's."
1 vote Thank Flag Link Fri Nov 9, 2012 does not pay. I've called their accounts payable several times. I've filed a report with the Colorado BBB and with the Colorado AG. Best thing to do is not accept work from them unless you need experience or your hobby is BPO/property inspections. Please notify the Colorado AG if you've been abused by / First Valuations.
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They owed me for a few last spring (all over 90 days old). Kept getting the run around and did a "google search" on their company. They are not paying anyone. I clicked on a link that took me to the Better Business Burea site, filed out a complaint, and had payment for all within 5 days
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I did get a check this month, I was told by Sarah that we would get caught up to 90 days, but I was disappointed to see only money owed for the month of March.
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I was told by recepyionist that michael richardson resigned a while back, brandy and walt contol money, family owners i guess
1 vote Thank Flag Link Sat Sep 1, 2012 First Valuation has $1100 in unpaid receivablesdue me.

When I asked about payment, first they said 60 days. At 60 days, I asked, then I was told 90 days, then payment plan, no payments.

I have been researching the resposnible parties and pssible contacts to assist with my collection.
Walter Coats 303-991-9919 or 303-419-2244,

Brandy (Coats) May 303-991-9919 or 303-637-0202

995 Alkire Street Golden, Colorado 80401 or

8700 Turnpike Drive Suite 300 Westminster, Co 80033
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DENVER Company- First Valuations Rips off Thousands!
Here is the legacy of the creeps you work with:

So far they have amassed enough ripped off agents for a class action; National Realtors may join in our efforts
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I have been trying to get paid for orders dating back to March. They promised to cut me a check three different dates in July. As of August 7, I still have not received the check. I called and emailed Michael Richardson several times as well.
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Last year there was a substantial infusion of cash into the company and they got all accounts current, or so I was told. At this point they seem to be back in the same situation they were. As real estate professionals we all see the amount of money gets for our services, and we see only a small fraction of it. It makes no sense that they are (at least in my case) 9 months behind in payments. I have continued to work with them in good faith until recently. The problem is it's a catch-22. If we don't work for them they don't get any money coming in and they can't get our accounts caught up.
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It is decent of Michael to respond to the agents complaints but I would advise a work up on agents who are unsatisfied and see if there is a specific reason why issues are arising. Defending your position is good, fixing the issue and gaining trust is better. Best of luck to all involved.
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BEWARE ! I have been trying to get payment for a BPO done in July 2011 and another done in November. I was told in January that they were waiting on some money before they could pay their vendors...If they don't have any money, they should not be actively recruiting new orders. I didn't realize until Jan. that they hadn't paid for their old BPO's. Now I am on the hook for 4 unpaid BPO's.
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Allan, Annette and others,

We do pay our agents!

I entered these blogs and conversations to explain we are a much better, stronger company today, we do not have financial problems, the company needed better processes and procedures for all involved and we have implemented those processes.

At BrokerPriceOpinion there were "delays in the past", there was a host of reasons for delayed payments.

We do pay agents, we are current with our agent pay. I set up the new process to be sure that any payment delay or issues can be tracked and managed to ensure that our vendor agents get paid, I get copies of all inquiries to in order to be sure they are handled in a timely and professional manner. I am opening up the communications and being sure that employees respond, by tracking the inquiries, when an e-mail is sent it is entered into an automated tracking system, so all inquiries are handled in a timely manner and do not fall between the cracks.

If anyone has an issue currently or from the past they only need to send an e-mail to and feel free to copy me, so we can resolve your concerns.

We are a good company, with great caring employees, business ethics is very large part of my own personal philosophy of business.

The one item you can count on in life is change, this company has changed, a strong positive change.

Thank you,

Michael S. Richardson

You can do a search of my name and mortgage fraud prevention, I have spent my career working to improve the real estate industry.
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If Michael Richardson, President of Broker Price Opinion states agents are getting paid, they why are there so many Agents complaining that they have not gotten paid? Something sounds pretty fishy to me. Someone is not telling the truth. I wish the company luck trying to find a good agent to do these reports for them. The banks all need to receive a list of the BPO companies that do not pay. Anxious to see if the agents STOP complaining about payments. How difficult is it to set up a reliable accounting department and pay the agents on time. Who at the company is embezzling the agents money????
Flag Mon Sep 9, 2013
I have completed 10 BPOs since Nov 2011 till today 04-05-2012 and have not received my payments. We emailed and called, plz look into it and let me know when I should get paid asap before we take further action.
Flag Thu Apr 5, 2012
Sounds like this company needs to PAY UP or shut up
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Michael, thanks for taking a moment to respond to Melanie's question. Your response, however, seems to be a counter to Gail's self promotion rather than discuss why Broker does not meet their obligation to the real estate professional. You expect others to deliver nearly immediate results, but according to the comments of others, paying promptly for those services is secondary.

Please share how the new processes and procedures implemented results in reliable compensation for the real estate agent instead of creating new roadblocks to delay or deny payment.
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The majority of real estate professionals know me from, as well as author of “An American Epidemic, Mortgage Fraud a Serious Business” and I wanted to introduce myself as earlier this year was appointed President of Inc. and wanted to update you on a few the new developments with our company.

I would like to address any previous concerns that you may have had regarding Inc relationship with our network of agents. It is a very high priority of mine and it is important for the company that we maintain a professional relationship with the real estate professionals as they are our most important asset.

Michael S. Richardson

We recently launched a ‘next-generation’ V3 platform to enhance our overall product quality and assist in managing our third party partnerships, including our agent network.

This new system has additional features on how we score and track our vendor agents for compliance and payment tracking. We have developed a new process and system to address our vendor’s needs and by implementing these procedures we are in compliance with all of our internal rules, as well as other regulations and guidelines.

We have a panel of more than 65,000 Real Estate Professionals nationwide in which I have been working very hard the last few months to bring our vendor status current and in compliance. now has new policies and procedures that require the most current, mailing address & contact information, W-9, Copy of Current Real Estate License, Errors & Omissions Insurance and resumes as applicable, which also has allowed us to track the payments and status.

Our new V3 platform is capable of evaluating data quickly through the use of progressive technology and current local market information. This platform represents a fundamental shift in philosophy behind information systems of its type; the focus is equally on data quality analysis as much as data capture and delivery. The system offers capabilities and features unmatched in the industry, allowing users to easily configure and enforce a virtually unlimited combination of calculations, business rules, and scoring weights.

Our newly hired and restructured operations management team continually reviews and monitors the capacity plan and vendor status. We have developed a reliable set of metrics that enable us to effectively manage the production levels of our customers, employees, vendors.

Please inquire using this e-mail is a confirmation that your request has been assigned a Vendor Management ticket and will be reviewed in the order they are received.

Please note the average time to receive a response is 3-5 business days. If your inquiry is about payment please allow the standard U.S. Post office delivery times in addition to the response time.

In order to expedite your request and to be sure that your vendor status is current and compliance with the policies and procedures, please visit our site: and proceed to the tab “Manage Your Account”
In order to be in compliance with all of the current rules, regulations and guideline we always need to have your most current:
• Mailing Address & Contact information
• W-9
• Copy of your Current Real Estate License
• Real Estate Agents Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance
• Resume

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Michael S. Richardson & Vendor Management
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100% BS.
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We provide comprehensive Commercial/Residential Broker Price Opinion valuation services to global & national investors, leading Wall Street firms, mortgage companies, financial institutions, and third party vendors . We provide DRIVE-BY, ANALYTICAL ONLY and EXTERNAL BPO services.

Types of BPOs: Office Building BPOs - Apartment Complex BPOs - Single / Multi-Family Home BPOs Industrial Buildings - Land Lots - Retail Centers

BPO Service Area: U.S. & Canada

Speed - We know part of the advantage to using a BPO is the turnaround time. Processing time has been a key factor in designing every step of our BPO process. From the the the delivery. We have maximized efficiency and reduced processing time.

Values - No matter how much work is put into a complete BPO, it is worthless without an accurate value. Our quality control process assures Banks, Asset Managers, Brokers, Sellers and Investors, a quality product every time. Each BPO is performed by a licensed Real Estate Professional.

Quality - A major step of the BPO process is quality control. While designing our BPO system, we ensured that our QC process not only had pinpoint accuracy, but was also flexible enough to adapt to individual client needs.

Don't hesitate to call us at 678-495-1475 if you have additional questions or visit us @ to place your order today.
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I have heard some complaints from agents reading my blog - they are getting paid very late or not getting paid at all in some cases.

-Rob Henry
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