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Does the relevancy of our responses matter?

Asked by Jeanne Feenick, Basking Ridge, NJ Fri Oct 22, 2010

In the spirit of upholding the value of the content on Trulia and also the perception of the contributors, I encourage us all to check the dates of the original questions we answer and to respond in a way that addresses the question and adds value. Take a look at this one:…

Do we really think we are helping the original poster here?

Non-answers smack of "point building" and surely are not the way to build a presence on a site that is growing because of the value of its content. in my opinion, Trulia is strongest when we are all at our best and anything short of it diminishes us all.

What are your thoughts?

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service

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Jeanne, great question, and I could write a book of answers. I know that Debbie and I usually agree on our pet peeves, so won't repeat what she has already said.
I am also surprised that only Mack pointed out that some of the very old questions are answered by newbies, who, with their initial enthusiasm, get carried away answering all the questions that Trulia posts when you answer a question on a topic, asking you if you want to answer other questions from "XYZ town".
Another pet peeve of mine, and I think it probably bothers me more than anything because the woman is from my area, is the one who answers every question, regardless of who posted it and from where, with "consult a qualified loan officer", or "contact the police department to find out about crime", you get the picture, and probably know who I am talking about.
I also love the agents who, after I have given a very comprehensive answer concerning someone's questions about financing, find it necessary to tell the person to call some loan officer that they know. At least when one of the agents I work with in my area answers, she is usually posting after I have answered the question.
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One element has been overlooked and that is the number of answers to a question. When the count exceeds 50, 100, 200 should not the session simply be closed. By the time you reach response 30 you are usually engaged with two individuals sniping at each other. I believe a benefit could be realized by closing the answers after 6 months or after X responses.

However, I truly don't like any discussion about controlling what others contribute. Great volumes of dialog of any nature is far more beneficial than the censorship a subjective relevancy test would impose.

There is no limit to what participants can object to such as:
1. Soliciting 'best Answer' awards with every response
2. Some complain or 'resume `' signature lines.
3. And, as in this tread, reminding folks you are in business to provide service, call me.
4. If you don't look good you should keep your picture off the web.
5. If you do look good you are creating safety risk and should keep your picture off the web.
6. Put your pet peeve here
Where is the line to be drawn?

Resume signature line below
Annnette Lawrence
Dunedin/Palm Harbor Florida
Serving the real estate needs of buyers and sellers through-out Florida.
Like my answer? Give the the BEST ANSWER award
I do free CMA and provide dog sitting while you are looking at homes with me. (don't count on it)
Top rated real estate professional on!
Looking for your perfect dream home? Let me send you my "Hot Properties' list. Call.
This is tiring!

It does not matter what the final consensus is, there will always be those who dislike the behavior of others. And this is a good forum to collect like minded followers to enable the need for conformity. Innovation does not emerge from conformity but from the need to overcome....conformity. Through conformity you lose the agility to create what is not, to inspire the not yet achieved, or remove the bondage of mediocre expectations.
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hi Jeanne,

I agree with your assessment of the non-content posted. In fact, the agent who posted the latest non-answer today in the link you provided has systematically posted a number of very obnoxious, repetitive questions about school systems in every school system he can name. These are questions which can also easily lead to allegations of "steering" if answered by an unwary agent. Take a look at this --…………

Here are some questions he "answered" -- I quote the answers, starting with the one you mentioned. See a pattern?…
a: Kerry, was it for sale? Did you buy it? Regards,…
a: Kim, did you buy back in 2009? Regards,…
a: Pj, did you buy a home in Little Silver? Regards,…
a: JmNYC, did you buy? Regards,

There are MANY MANY more like this.

The date issue is one thing -- sometimes a question can be usefully answered beyond the original asking date if the question and answer are relevant for other searchers, since trulia is a searchable knowledgebase as much as it is a question/answer system. But some responses are clearly worthless garbage!
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I use Google Chrome as a browser, and it has a built-in spell checker, which is mostly great.

I'd like to suggest that perhaps, rather than getting in the way of our fun over on the 5500-post thread, that maybe there could be a bare minimum of threads of that type where posting doesn't count on the scoreboard.

I'm normally a glass-half-full kinda guy, but I think that as long as you allow posting, you're going to have agents give the wrong information, and sometimes a poster really does need to talk to an attorney, and agents shouldn't be giving out crime and demographic information. And you're going to have people game the system, for whatever reason.

I do like the idea of the OP getting email blasts for every answer; if they're not paying attention, then maybe we shouldn't be, either?

Thank you all for caring.
-- mc
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I agree with Robin, re: Another pet peeve of mine, and I think it probably bothers me more than anything because the woman is from my area, is the one who answers every question, regardless of who posted it and from where, with "consult a qualified loan officer", or "contact the police department to find out about crime", you get the picture, and probably know who I am talking about. She is annoying, and has nothing to add to any question except here pre packaged answers!
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I agree..

I also think that Trulia should have a time limit for answering questions. I have seen questions answered a year after the original post. We have ALL seen agents whose input serves no purpose and sometimes borders on beligerant or is so irrelevent that it hurts..
I also think that sometimes the ability to answer a question should be at least limited to your state, especially when the question is market specific. I would never presume to answer a question regarding OshKosh, when I know nothing about the area. Plus as far as I am concerned, when outside agents start flooding the post with their answers, it probably causes the quetioner to disregard the valid answers.
However, I also don't think that the public is that naive that they can't cull the honest agents who truly want to help, from the "point building" agents.
@Jerry, I also have Trulia set up to email me the most recent questions (not that I don't go back and look at old ones) so my answers (hopefully) are useful.
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What I did was save this as my favorites to eliminate this from happenign to me accidentaly:
So when I go to visit trulias website, it brings me right to the question and answer section and its already sorted by the most recently asked questions.
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Your statement that "Non-answers smack of "point building"...." says it all. I have actually sent a couple of agents e-mails re if they knew how long ago the questions were asked. The answers I received indicated they could care less, as long as they got points. Trulia should close out responses after a given period of time to stop this. Linked In does.
Pat Pribisko
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If the purpose of the Q&A section is to answer a CONSUMER'S question........then in fairness to that consumer, why use their question to make a point... months or even years later?

They asked a question, and received answers.

I agree strongly with Jeanne - just start a NEW thread if you feel the topic is so important......certainly the original poster is long gone............and....your own credibility is at stake, as I think anyone pulling up old threads looks foolish, appear as though they are trolling for points.
They look especially silly when they address the person by name (as if they are still sitting and waiting for an answer since 2007)!
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Thanks for bringing this up, Jeannie! I'd like to add a #4 to Deb's list of pet peeves: question planters! Why would an agent out of an office in Watchung or Basking Ridge ASK a question about how good a school system is in a town that's three hours south? Furthermore - why ask questions that beg subjective answers -questions that if answered by a Realtor may be interpreted as steering.
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When Trulia went the points route this was inevitable. The problem is brokerages spend so much time teaching agents to build their business and sell that they forget to teach them how to be good agents. I say this as a brokerage owner. We are ultimately responsible for the quality of the people we bring into our company.

Personally I would never walk into a cocktail party and say "I offer free CMA's" but maybe these people do. Agents just don't understand that forums are a conversation at a cocktail party and think it is just a place to advertise.

I often feel bad for consumers who have to deal with our chronic "pick me" syndrome.
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I've seen posts where the responders have commented back and forth with each other --- and some even sniping at each other. I like friendly banter, but when it comes off as putting each other down, that reflects poorly on them and on our profession as a whole.

I would like to think we are contributing and sharing good information for the sake of community building and not points-racking.
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Scott - it was no surprise for me to see who it was that answered the FL question with a generic non-answer..........I could have guessed without clicking on the link. Do you think that person is clueless, or just doesn't care, and wants to rack up points no matter what??

Scott - in response to your suggestion about counting best answers or thumbs ups - that is flawed, too, as sometimes other agents give you a TU because they agree (which doesn't necessarily make one's answer a good one) - or friends give TU's to friends, or because they were amused by a I am not sure it's a measurement of anything concrete.......... often the OP doesn't even bother to select a best answer....

I have suggested in the past, that the OP be allowed to give "OUTSTANDING ANSWER" to a number of responses, rather than singe one out as a BA. Since answers may come rolling in for a period of time, it is posible that today's "BEST ANSWER" might be joined by other great answers in the coming days. Why not let the OP acknowledge those answers, too.

Just my (continued) 2 cents!
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Robert, it's nice to see a consumer's point of view on these topics....and interesting to see that your feelings mirror what others here have had to say.
I would tend to believe that there are many others like you - "lurking" out there, or perhaps beign turned off by some of the things mentioned below.

I agree with you that little, if anything, will be done to "tighten" guidelines. If anything.... the opposite has occurred.
If consumers were the source of revenue for the company (ie - they could pay for a pro-like membership), then perhaps there would be a different perspective. Right now, the emphasis is to encourage agents to pay to get exposure for either themselves or their listings... in the hope of getting leads.

I am not criticizing this, as trulia is a business whose goal is to make money. That's not a bad thing, but it can hinder restricting what agents and lenders can and cant say, since they are a source of revenue.

I still think that the person who asks the question should retain some control over it (if they care to, as I think many of them just leave after a few days ). I think they should be able to end or close it to new answers when they feel it has been dealt with sufficiently, rather than seeing it used as an ongoing thread.

Oh, and I cringe , as well, when I read that "Give me the Best Answer" line - fortunately, I only see it being used by 1 far, anyway.

Have a great day!

oh, and, by the way, if you like my answers, please.....................................................nevermind! :)
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First off, great thread Jeanne!

-From a consumer's point of view, I find all the pet peeves you guys have mentioned really do "dumb" down the website. When I click on a thread of interest, I cannot tell you how annoying it is to see 9 out 10 posts saying the exact same thing. It really becomes unbearable at times which I would imagine drives lurkers, like myself, away from Truila and seek out other real estate websites/forums. Unfortunately, I have my doubts that Trulia will do much of anything in regards to the topic. I first read the "If my post was helpful, please select mine as the BEST ANSWER" mantra the other day. I literally laughed out loud, then cringed!

-Personally, I find real estate an interesting topic and love reading posts that add value to the question. I learn something, the OP hopefully learns something, and I'm sure other agents learn something from well thought out posts. It's good to hear agents on this website express their displeasure on this particular subject.

Good Day
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Debbie, although it does look like a lot of agents don't read the thread before responding, I think if someone gets the same answer numerous times, it shows that the agents agree. On the thread about "my home sold in two days, did the realtor underprice", a lot of agents said no, and gave reasons why. A few said yes maybe it was underpriced. I think the person who asked gets the impression that MOST agents DON'T think it was underprice. JMO.
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I enjoy the 5000 post Obama thread!

I think Trulia should prevent questions from being deleted. IMO it's the most annoying thing.
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Thank you Jeanne for posting this question, and thank you to everyone for continuing to share your ideas with us. There are a ton of fantastic suggestions here! I can’t comment on what we may implement, but right now we’re deep in planning our product roadmap for 2011 and reviewing the feedback we receive is huge part of that process.

Please continue to share your ideas with us and make your voice heard – we’re always listening and taking note.

Best Wishes,

Emily Erekuff
Community Moderator
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Yes! I have #10 - The Obama thread is still around.
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So, if I may - here is a summary of the pet peeves listed below:

1. Answering old questions- especially in excess of 6 months or a year
2. Giving generic, rote answers - ie: "Call the board of education for school information", ""Drive around the neighborhood to get a feel of it", "Call an attorney for legal advice " (that one is brilliant, isn't it? :)
3. Repeating what 5 other people already said (in the 5 previous posts no less!) - sometimes almost word for word
4. No edit button! ha
5. Spam in any shape or form - long signatures or overtly saying "Call Me" !
6. Giving "non-answers" like: "I agree with what others have said"
- for the assumed purpose of collecting more points
7. The seemingly endless threads that keep going on and on.......long after the question has been answered.....with multiple repetitive answers
8. Rudeness or sniping between those with opposing viewpoints.
9. Answering questions out of one's area when a specific question was asked, and only someone from THAT area would know how to answer.

If I left any off the list, please feel free to add them in numerical order!

Great thread Jeanne - feels good to vent!
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"This really is a seque, but who can help me with spell check when I'm responding to questions - is the functionality here - I see it for blog posts? "

Jeanne - couldn't resist this one - "seque"?
Now THAT'S a typo, for sure - not a misspelling! My typos are plentiful, so I can relate! ha

Don't you wish trulia had an "edit" button like the other site has?
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Thank you friends - speaking of quality content, I always cringe when I pull the trigger to discover an error in spelling or some other editing issue - since I seem to be looking for a segue from my segway, I want to thank you for correcting me - it seems to be the word of the day for me and thanks for catching it and having the courtesy of shooting me an email - I really do appreciate it.

This really is a seque, but who can help me with spell check when I'm responding to questions - is the functionality here - I see it for blog posts?

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!
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I just had a thought (good thing my brain is working today!) - since answers are supposed to be geared to the people asking questions - why not have an automated email go to thst person after a certain number, a set number, of responses have been received (ie- after 10 or 15 for example)....that ASKS that person if they feel their question has been sufficiently answered...... if so, would THEY like to close the thread to more responses?

This is one way to thin the herds from numeorus repetitive responses.

I just noticed, yesterday, a woman asked her first questuon on trulia.
Her second question followed a few hours later - she asked how to TURN OFF the email alerts! The same answers are being given OVER and OVER on her simple question, so I can see why she is turned off by the continuing alerts. Nothing new is being added to help her.

Just a suggestion........
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I have deemed it "the dumbing down of Trulia"--once Trulia started its point system, it seems to me that a great number of the responses were purely posted for points, containing no pertinent information what-so-ever.
I think that some of the suggestions stated here would help the problem; ie closing out threads after a certain amount of time; however, I also believe that those offenders would just find another way of beating the system. I also tend to believe that the offenders probably do not bother the people who post the question(s) as much as they bother the Trulia agents who post ethical and informatively on a regular basis. We are the ones who see the big picture and review and answer a significant number of questions on a regular basis.
Thanks for a great question.
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Hi Jeanne. Great topic, but how do you get Trulia to listen?

I'm with everybody below that says time limits are good ideas, but I think Annette really zeroed in on the most true and tried problems in her answer. For me, personally, I think it's most offensive to other agents here and more-than-lame when someone writes, "If you like the answer, please consider making it a Best Answer."
OMG, is that really the state of our business? How can we ever ask to be perceived as professionals when someone has to 'beg' like my lab for answer? Beyond belief.

When someone wants to continue the thread directly with another agent, why not just email that person directly. I have questions ALL THE TIME on our blogs and Q/A, so I just write directly.

Thumbs Up, good work.

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Mark - as an FYI - there already are limits and maximums in place - 25 character minimum...not sure, but I think a 2500 character max - you know when you reach the max - it tells you!
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Jeanne, you're absolutely right, and, I think it ultimately doesn't matter very much.

Most of the dredging is done by newbies, who have more enthusiasm than perspective.

Trulia could, for example, require that agents, after registering, need to read the guidelines before posting - not just click a box on a Terms and Conditions page, but maybe click through a few screens of "Welcome to Posting on Trulia."

However, the entire purpose of Trulia is to put advertising in front of eyeballs, and they may have figured out that they'd rather have people post haphazardly than to not have them post at all.

Mack McCoy
The Greatest Real Estate Agent In The World!
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I think I may know what's happening. If you look up in the right-hand corner of the screen that shows the most recent questions, you'll see a box with the "Featured Question", one that we're encouraged by Trulia to answer. I just clicked on it, and got this:…

It involves a situation that the questioner was dealing with on June 26, 2010. That's almost four months ago. While the topic is somewhat general, and the answers might help another person, any answers posted now will probably not be helpful to the original questioner.

I suspect that the "Featured Question" is generated by some sort of programming algorithm, and that Trulia may be unwittingly resurrecting some of these old threads. Perhaps Emily is out there and can comment on this.

Warm regards,
Maggie Hawk, REALTOR
Watson Realty Corp.
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ps another suggestion - if one feels the topic is so important - why not write a blog on it!
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I agree with all, but would like to add that those dated posts, could be useful to resurrect from time to time, if they have general topics :)
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Jennifer - expanding on your point- why would an agent 3 hours away, or 3 states away for that matter, answer a question that doesn't pertain to their area or state?

It's one thing if agents are discussing the different ways business is conducted........that's informational...or if someone asks a generic question, say, in regard to home inspections or how to increase showings..............but when a consumer asks how long a commute it is from Livingston, NJ to NYC, and an agent from AZ or Cape May jumps in, with some irrelevant comments, I find that annoying....especially for the consumer who isn't helped one iota by that response.

Melina, I agree with you, and would hope that the particular website would enforce "spam" rules, and do what they can to limit it...otherwise, the threads can start resembling billboards. Zillow is very strict with spam, and signatures may not include contact information. If included, the spam is removed by their moderators....and that removal is clearly stated on the thread for others to see.

if a consumer asks for names of agents in their area, that's one thing..........if they ask about quality of life, or nursery schools in a particular town, getting a bunch of "call me's" is a turn off (imo).
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Love it! You made me smile Deb and for that I am grateful - thumbs up to you!

I think I need to get my time management tool out again, seemed to have lost my day online today, oh well, the company is great.

Over and out for now,
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actually, my additional "pet peeve" is saying I had 2 pet peeves, and then listing 3 of them!! haha

My bad!
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Well Jeanne, I agree with you (as I usually do!).

My 2 top pet peeves are:

1. Resurrecting OLD questions, like the one you provided.....if a topic is so timeless and important, then the agent or person resurrecting it can simply CREATE a NEW thread!

2. SPAM - in any shape or form - seeing agents, not even answer the quesiton, but say "call me" is annoying to me, and takes away, imo, from the professional image so many of us are trying to cultivate.

3. Even though it is now allowed here, I still dislike, and cringe, when I see long signatures that are more like resumes than signatures!

Ok - I will limit my peeves to 3.................for now! haha!

(hi.... Pacita!)

Have a great weekend ladies!
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Hi Pacita, I completely agree. Today I encountered a number of these "non-responses" and thought it was time to bring it to the floor.

Web Reference:
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Hi again, Jeanne. I keep getting notified of more answers to this thread so I stopped by to read more responses.

If relevancy were measured directly by how the public rates our answers, then why not just have Trulia figure out the percentage based on 'Best Answers' and 'Thumbs Ups'? In other words, you'd be ranked or move to the top based on how many excellent answers you've given peopple in relation to your total answers given. You have 30 Bests out of 6000 answers, not too good. 30 Bests out of 1200, much better. That might make all of the bird-brains, ding-dongs and otherwise stunted agents stop posting such blatantly empty answers.

Here's the latest. Note all of the answers come from the same immediate area of the where the question is being asked. Then note the one answer that's soooooooooooo far and away, with really -0- relevance whatsoever. Just wanted to point this out because it's so slight to some that it wouldn't otherwise be noticed:…

Not to change the subject, but here's another problem brewing about relevancy, and it needs to be addressed:…

Scott Miller, Realty Associates, Boca Raton, FL
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OK - Since this forum is open to everyone's input , even though this comment was directed to Jeanne, I will comment -

" But isn't this now an example of the problem? "

NO, this isn't an example, in my opinion, of "the problem"....or any of the problems or issues listed by the contributors below.

This isn't an old thread which was resurrected - it is relatively new, and it is asking for opinions, NOT a specific answer to a question
A variety of ideas and issues have been suggested.

This has evovled into an open discussion....with some back and forth sharing of ideas...some agreement, some disagreement - all good and respectful sharing of ideas.

I would still suggest that Jeanne retain control, however, and if she thinks enough has been said on the subject, she could close this to new answers.... but, that's not how the system is currently set up, so it's not an option.

Most importantly, NO ONE has spammed or solicited business - there is just a bunch of (predominately) agents emphasizing their desire for quality over quantity on a website they participate in.

For the above reasons, I don't think this an "example of the problem".........if anything, a desire for some solutions was being sought.
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Jeanne, with over 60 responses to your question, are you considering deleting?
Expecting any 'new revelations?"
Of course not! But isn't this now an example of the problem?

What are your thoughts?
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Hi Robert, it is great to hear from a consumer - thank you for taking the time to respond. I do hope that Trulia reflects on the feedback here, and puts special emphasis on yours. While Trulia may not earn its revenue from you directly, the fact is that the site will only sustain itself and grow if consumers find it of value.

What I can confirm is that the buyers and sellers that have found me here on Trulia, have gravitated to me primarily because they found me "knowledgeable and helpful". My concern is that if the site is "dumbed down" by repetitiveness and what I've come to refer to as non-answer fluff, consumers will shift to other sites, as you have cautioned. If that happens, we all lose.

So, thank you again for joining the discussion - don't give up on the agents here on Trulia - as you can see my thread has attracted so many really good agents who agree with me, and with you, that the relevency of our content is critical to the vitality of the site and the success of us all.

I will reach out to Emily at Trulia to invite her back to the thread to get current with responses. Yours is so valuable and I know my peers join me in thanking you for your contribution.

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
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Debbie, do you know why Dunes was removed? You can email me.
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Stephanie - to answer your question - Trulia made the decision to delete Dunes's account........ and, he is not eligible for parole
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HI Jeanne,

Great Question, and I hope I am not too late jumping in here. I hate it when I see a question that has just been answered only to find out it is 6 months (or older) !. In addition to the list that Debbie posted, I wish that when a thread takes a turn between agents that there were a way to respond directly to the agent. I feel like I am "hijacking" the original questioner if I go back with a response to a post that was not the original question.
Boy that's as clear as mud. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. I agree that we really, really need an edit button. And I still really want to know what happened to Dunes.

Stephanie Kelley
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JR, I absolutely agree with you in situations like the one you descirbed. Sometimes a consensus of opinions is good to have, especially when the OP is looking for a subjective answer.

When 4 agents in a row tell the person to call an attorney, or let them know how long the commute is from Westchester to Manhattan, it's off-putting (for me) to read those email alerts.
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I agree with your point, Jeanne - as it is, most agents don't bother reading the previous posts - if they did, I'd like to think they wouldn't repeat was was just said.....I wonder if consumers sit and read the entire thread, or only the most recent post.

As you questioned - do most consumers have the pateince to wade through the non-answers?
Maybe some will come along and answer that.
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Agree with Deb that the "non-responders" on the site are more than likely simply shooting themselves in the foot in terms of building an online presence of merit with the consumers. What is annoying to me, and I imagine to the consumer is wading through the fluffy non-answers to get to content of value. Circles back to what we all seem to agree on and that value of the content is sum total of our contributions.

Keep the ideas coming - Emily is listening!

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In all fairness Kenneth - I highly doubt anyone on this thread gives a hoot about "racking up" answers. I know I don't.

For the record, and to the best of my knowledge, multiple answers on the same thread only count once in one's total.

In any event, so far, no word from Emily in regard to some of the responses and ideas.

My opinion, right or wrong is, they have their business plan, and this kind of feedback really won't make any difference - even if it is a sampling of what many are thinking.

The powers that be have the right to run this site any way they choose. We have the right to participate...or not....or, on occasion, make our feelings known (as this thread has done).

I would hope that the consumers, who aren't turned off or turned away by the spam, are smart enough to sift through good content, and separate it from nonsense.
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I suggest Trulia do away with the rankings based upon number of responses. It is the quality of a response that is important not the number of thread entries. I try to refrain from responding to the numerous questions that border legal advice but admit to occassionally succombing. Looking at this thread alone agents rack up answers good or bad. (how many are merely to advance numbers rather than add new thoughts?)
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WOW Jeanne, I think Deb got the list right, now lets send it to Emily and see if Trulia can work out something fair for all involved.

I commend you for opening up a topic that apparently has bothered many people for a while. :) Now hopefully Trulia will follow up.
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Hi Mack - if you think that 5500+ post Obama thread is fun - you must be a glutton for punishment!
I applaud your perseverence, however !

Certainly there are times when advising a person to seek legal counsel or look for public records are the appropriate responses, as we are limited in what we can sometimes discuss.......but..........I think what is annoying to see, or what was mentioned below, had to do with agents who consistantly use that response. If I see 3 agents have already suggested that the OP call an attorney, I move on.....why be the 4th to give the same that point, It serves no useful purpose.

I guess one of the most difficult things for an agent to do is......... say nothing!
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Agree Deb and Robin - especially #10 - the fact that the Obama question is still around. Talk about beating a dead horse...every now and then I get sucked back into that one and quickly back out again. That one really needs to come down.

G'night folks,
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