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Does anyone use listing book?

Asked by Robin Sells Atlanta, 30349 Wed May 9, 2012

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Yolanda Varela or YVProperties’ answer
I'd love to be able to use it. It looks great. I went to their presentation here in Denver a few weeks ago and signed up for the whole program but I'm not happy, it shows your past listings that were withdrawn and sold at a lower price eventually as if you are still trying to sell them. It also shows properties that are not available to buy today. I called them and they say they need to fix a bug with our MLS refreshed status. Customer service is very nice but it is just not working for us the way is supposed to and gives the wrong information to our clients. Any other Denver MLS members that can say something about this? I'm ready to call and cancel before the 90 day money back guarantee expires. 303.748.6559
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I have a free account. Some of my buyers love it and others prefer to search several sites. You can also set it up for sellers too.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor
Re/Max Palm Realty
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I set it up as a buyer but never got the email to confirm my email and get the log in info.
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I'm cancelling account today. I'm not using it and can't get clients to use it either with our company website which is much better already.
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Hi Yoli! I'm an agent here in Denver and also work at CCP :) Are you using the new LoanWolf website that CCP is now offering? Or which website are your referring to that you think is better than Listingbook? I'm trying to make an educated decision about who to use for my website. Thanks so much!!
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Old post, but I stopped using it last year. For one, they increased their prices, but more importantly, the LB service in Atlanta only pulls from FMLS and not Georgia MLS. For agents working the southern end of the city, especially Coweta and Fayette Counties, the service was useless, for very few listing are ever posted in FMLS.

Furthermore, Georgia MLS provides a free homepage to all its members.
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This is pretty sad and a pathetic excuse for an agent not to do his work. Really? How hard is it to set up your client with their preferred criteria? If you can't do this for your client then it's probably a good idea for you to work with a smaller group and devote them the time they deserve. Oh no, my client wants to change their creteria, this is going to be a task! Really? How hard is it to answer your phone or return a call from the person who is going to be paying you? What can listing book offer that we can't already offer to our clients? We all know as agents that the mass majority of listings are priced accordingly and when somethings looks off, we can do check that immediately. Do your job Realtors!!!
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Listingbook allows buyers to shop at home in comfort at their leisure. In addition it empowers buyers to broaden or narrow their searches at will request information from the agent from their agent and much more. By the way a Realtors job goes way beyond property searches. I am sorry to say this, but you obviously have no idea what a Realtor actually does. Buyers are always want to be empowered and sometimes sites Like Trulia and Zillow have incorrect information Listing book has much more accurate information in terms of what is actually available in the market place to purchase. I hope this answer has been helpful. I felt your remarks were a bit harsh and so I felt compelled to respond.
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Definitely! I would also recommend paying the small annual fee so that you can fully brand yourself on your LB page.
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Hey Robin,

Depending on what you are utilizing Listing Book for, it can be useful for you and your clients. It is a nice complementary system to integrate into the one that you are currently implementing. A couple of my buyer clients love it, some of them like my other tools better. All in all, it's a nice product depending on your preferences.
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Scott from Listingbook here. I'm glad you got such quick response from some of the thousands of agents who love Listingbook. It is easy to use and if you put in your buyers, sellers and prospects they will love it and love you for giving it to them.

If you want some training, here is a link. There are 6 sessions, but the "Welcome to Listingbook" is more than enough for most people. Also we have a toll free number for our Help Desk that we answer at our North Carolina office (not some overseas location).

I hope this helps and welcome to the Listingbook community.
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If LB is connected to your MLS use it!

The least hugely beneficial element of LB is assigning your home seller an account so they can receive up-to-date data regarding the competing market. They'll call and say, "Robin, let's reduce the price."

The greatest hugely beneficial element is allowing citizens FREE access to reliable, accurate, timely real estate information. All the stuff in between is exceptional also. Use it!
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I have issued Listingbook access to about 40 prospects and clients in the past three months.

It is graphically quite cool. It's also the best product I've seen that enables up to the minute search alerts and consumer level Customization.
Web Reference:
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I have had listing book for over a year and got rid of it because, people that are looking for properties to purchase usually don't go pass the first page on the internet. Remember the best website in the world will not get you business if you can not be found. I am finding that when the NAR started selling the rights to Trulia, Zillow, and some big name real estate companies that they eliminated 90% of the Realtors from being seen on the internet. You find that almost every Realtor is trying to figure out how to get listings and buyers and if you are willing to spend a lot of money that you might not get back you can join the above websites. I live in an area where there are two to three real estate offices in almost every block, farming all the same areas. This is a tough profession and only about 10% make it. $42,000 people took the real estate examine last year, 37% passed the test,.
10% of the Realtors get most of the listings while the 90% split the rest. Big business always wins out.
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I loved the original Listingbook & used it religiously with my clients who loved it. The newer form has been a huge disappointment to me & my clients. I will not be renewing when my subscription is us. Clients find it cumbersome & have repeatedly said they would rather use other websites even if the data is not "as up to date" as Listingbook claims to be.
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Does anyone use listing book tool for seller clients?
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Can't get my clients interested in it. Only 1 or 2 use it. Not sure why.
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I do. I really like it, because it presents a really professional, customized way for your clients to receive information about new listings.
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software sucks. It is slow and the Advertisement for "Lending Tree" Hogs the page. I have called Listing book and they have no real answers, except that they have had a lot of calls related to this issue. They have not fixed their software. A person can find any search engine out there better than ListingBook any day anytime. FREE! This site is a disgrace to software engineers anywhere!
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Yes, much better options available for free.
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I use it with all my clients. I currently have 40 using Listingbook and they all LOVE it, especially because they we can leave notes for each other on properties and it keeps a history of all that. It keeps them from wasting time and they love to be able to be proactive and change their criteria to tweak when they change their minds about something, sometimes on a daily basis.
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I am a prospective home buyer and tried to sign up a couple of time and it says an email was sent but I don't get anything. I checked Spam also and nothing. Do I need a Realtor to activate this for me? It looks like buyers can have access and it's free. And yes, my Realtor waits for me to give him the listing. He is about to be gone soon. I am missing out on all the houses because he does not find them soon enough.
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Although the question is from a while back, I'll throw my opinion into the mix. Just like with anything, there are some positives and some negatives.

What I like best about Listingbook is the seller report and the sellers like it, too. It shows how many Listingbook users viewed their property and how many prospective buyers saved it to their favorites. It's a neat tool to help gauge interest level.

I also like the open house promotion flyers. An additional fee applies. You make the open house flyer online, specifying the open house dates and times. The flyer is direct emailed to Listingbook registrants whose criteria fits that of the subject property.

Feedback I've received from some clients is that the property search is cumbersome and not super user friendly. They log on all the time at first and then tend to drop. I usually have clients on the automatic search I create from the MLS and offer Listingbook as an additional search they can create and modify as they choose.

About a year ago, Listingbook said they were going to introduce a fabulous new platform. The price increased to more than twice what I'd paid the previous year (I have a branded site), but the new platform has yet to emerge in my market.
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I will check this out. Thank you.
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I regularly use listing book since starting with it a couple of months ago. I will keep you posted of how it works out over time. Brad
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I tried it long ago. It was too expensive so I used the basic website they offered. Nothing came out of it. See if anyone used their expensive targeted zipcodes and had any success.
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Hi Robin,

I have previously used listing book and the potential buyers that use to pop never seemed to actual buyers so i cancelled mine. I hoping it has improved for others. It does have a good sellers report.
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I have not been using it, but after reading these posts I will!!!!

Kawain Payne, Realtor
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Its that time to renew my listing book. Does anyone have a promo code for Listingbook?
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Looks interesting... is it available in Texas....
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I couldn't work without it
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Thank you all so much, great to have your input, I will check out RealPro as well.
What about a contact management system? Any suggestions there? thanks again, great team work!
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I researched listing book but decided I wanted more of an integrated system that included contact management AND lead generation which is why I went with RealPro--a bit more money but well worth the investment.
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Yes. Pretty decent service and you as the agent have control over what types of accounts, if you want your prospects to be able to see address, etc. Worth the money, but they are increasing the price to 200 a year for pro. Still worth it if you consider what similar services charge.
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Is there any special code for a coupon etc for listingbook? I have reviewed the information and all your comments and I am looking for a client management tool which is user friendly not only to the consumer but also to myself and an admin. this looks like a good tool, on their website I thought I had read before that there were special marketing tools, such as featured homes etc which are included in the annual fee, I am not seeing this. Fellow Realtors always check for a special promotional code on any tools you subscribe to! We are consumers too!
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Hi Robin,

I have used Listingbook for a number of years and have found it very beneficial. It helps to stay on top of a client's home searches, key in on any changes they may make or new areas they may expand to.

Barbara Grandolfo
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I just signed up today after attending a presentation - special rate of $12.00 a month. Sure beats paying $40 a month for own website. Haven't had a chance to use it, but what I've seen so far makes good sense to me. My broker swears by it.
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No and they are constantly harassing me to join.
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I use listing book on a regular, I think it helps with helping client/customers to pick properties.
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I tried ListingBook for a year but did not re-new.
As they advertise, it is primarily a customer communication tool, not a lead generation system. Because LB gets all their market information from the same MLS you are a member of, they provide nothing new in terms of market information and reports. If anything, their IDX feed is not as complete as what you get from the MLS.
The CRM features I get from the web site provided by my MLS are as-good or better than ListingBook.
A point of concern, which previous responders have pointed out as a benefit, is that your clients - if they use LB - will have direct access to market data through the system. I see that as a problem more than a benefit. Market data without an analysis of how it relates specifically to a client's situation can be confusing and cause missunderstandings. I prefer to send clients reports that have been branded with my logo and that contain my analysis of the data. The free RPR reports offered through my MLS do a much better job of this.
If you have a CRM system that you like already, I wouldn't recommend spending $$$ on LB.
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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. I think I will try Listing Book today
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Hello Robin,

I currently use the paid subscription edition of Listingbook and it has some features that are quite useful. There is also a free edition but morning reports, website, cma etc are not agent branded.

What I personally like.

Price is reasonable for what you get.
Customer Relationship Management function. CRM
Client search & ability for agent to see actual properties client has viewed.
Direct updated listing feed from FMLS
Cyber CMA. This is to me the best feature. Branded CMA reports in minutes. Very easy to find & add comp properties. It also has some nice statistical info that you can include or hide from your CMA.
The agent morning report is convenient and shows client & prospect activity with a summary of properties viewed this is emailed to you daily.
Mini Website / Splash page for lead generation.
They also just added the capability to view tax info.


If they worked something out with GAMLS and integrated all GA listings this would really be a fierce tool for both agent & consumer.
Quickfarm. Hmmm could be better.

Overall,,nice for the price. It depends on how you use it in line with the other tools necessary to become an efficient agent.

Best Regard's

Web Reference:
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