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Does anyone find that Trulia is giving leads to more then one agent?

Asked by Barbara Carter, 12528 Sun Jul 21, 2013

I pay for Trulia leads. I find it very frustrating that when I call a potential client that they have already been called by one or more other agents. The lead generation is very expensive I expect to be the only agent that the lead is given to. I respond immediately with a phone call and most times they have already been called. Anyone else having the same problem? Oddy enough I supposedly purchased 100% of the market... Makes me wonder how many people own 100%.

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The leads go to three or four agents at a time. If you search for homes you can see three or four agents pop up. They will all be contacted if a user chooses to contact an agent.
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Your approach is correct. It matters not if you are chatting with Trulia, Zillow, Market Leader, or any of those "First Page of Google' folks, they ALL sell smoke and mirrors. They use their own lexicon and prey on the idea real estate agents are gullible and will buy ANYTHING!
As a small business owner,seeking to know how vendors treat your peers should establish CLEAR expectations. When the boat sinks. there will be only one person to blame.
I have the good forutne to have the resources and know how to test and vet their products and services. The resources have been invested to obtain benchmarking studies to which these vendors can measured. I most cases I know more about their business than any of those to whom you will speak. You will not get a straight answer from those who answer the phone. I personnally don't think those on the phone are lying...they simply don't know and are compelled stick to the script. You need to verify. That is what you are doing now. is proviing beneficial to those who are following this question.
A sure give away that a vendor is selling smoke is when you hear, "If you get just one transaction it pays for itself!" Just hang up.

Best of success,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Plam Harbor, FL
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The leads have been worthless to me. The best way to get leads is through answering question with genuine answers, not self promotion and the Trulia Blog has been a great way to reach potential clients. The PRO works well to get exposure for listings and does bring inquiirees. ...but the LEADS have not been great at all, not even good or so so. Just bad.
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Yesterday, I called immediately and the poor woman I spoke to was so confused, "why are all these people calling me". From just requesting a floorplan

The listing agent got 3 calls for floorplans from agents.

I really have to rethink whether I want to be part of this.
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I actually was just posing this same question. In my market area I own a few zip codes, have more recommendations and solds than any other agent and am also a VIP. I utilize the site for every resource I can, However when I search under find an agent in my area for best match I am no where to be found.... and I too have had the same issue with another agent beating me to the punch on the response. I was told not to long ago that I would be getting more of the leads from the zip I pay for as well, most of the leads I get are not even in the zip I pay such high dollar for. Anyone have that issue? This is frustrating since I could have just spent less money on a different zip and got the same leads...
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I have not had that experience as of yet...
Many of them dont actually lead to a buy or sale, but the ones that do... Pay for the ads plus.
Here is my main issue so far and it is so darn frustrating....
I advertise here, I use the site to promote my properties, I answer questions, I pay for leads, I am both a "PRO" and a "VIP", I have 23 Solds , 18 Recs... and when a potential client using the "best Match" feature in my local area... I am listed down the page with new agents who are not "PROS", "VIP" with no contributions, NO solds, No recs, nothing that come up way ahead of me... When i call and ask why? They cant give me an answer? But don't fix the issue either...
I have no idea why the site I put all my effort into... The site i pay for, isn't doing anything about this? I have worked hard to promote Trulia, Have done so much with my contributions, My Money... and feel like it just does not matter!
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Thank you for your response, Dennis! I've been experiencing the same issues (and some other issues with this site) and its great to hear other agents experience.
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As someone who has tried the lead generations service plus pays this is my take. Any Zip Code lead or Town purchase is not beneficial. That will generally split up the amount of leads then get further saturated with (3) or more Agents getting those leads. I have found that the "new system" has made things worse for me. However, over my four years I did get at least (3) bona fide sales and a new customer. Will certainly consider cutting back in a few months(most probably will) and let my Profile(get leads from that alone) take over. Interesting answers below and agree with Annette & Scott, all lead generation services are not all that!
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I spoke to a consultant at Trulia, you are exactly right Randall. By default 3-4 agents are listed where the user enters their question. All the agents are checked, the user would need to uncheck the names and leave one checked if he wants just one reply. It seems to put us in an unprofessional situation and the user is left wondering why all these agents are calling.
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It would be interesting to know your resource, and if I read it right it may be telling that you are a Trulia VIP but not a Pro????

That is a great benefit to be offered by your MLS, Is that in remarks that are just for syndication? I do not imagine that contact information would be on the MLS? Maybe I am wrong.
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FMLS in Atlanta has made a change that reduced the number of leads that I get from Trulia and Zillow, but it has improved my opportunity to sell the homes I have listed. FMLS has included a new database line in the syndication to database aggregators that allows us to put any personal contact info we desire in the "text" description block for the listed property. For instance, I now put "Call or text Sally English direct at 404-229-2995 for easy showings" I am getting a lot of calls this way.
Web Reference:
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Thanks Scott, i have never had a clear answer other then I have to respond right away. My intention here was to see what others are experiencing. Sometimes to evaluate a product it is better to talk to the people who using it on a daily basis.
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The only contacts I have had that were solid were from people who knew me already- Since 12/11- not one bonafide lead, I am responding right away and all we are doing here is confusing buyers and making them feel that they did something wrong.
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Hi Barbara,
I believe I'm experiencing the same or similar issue with my leads. Have you gotten any "solid leads" since joining and paying for Trulia advertising?
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Yes, the leads go to more than one person at a time and that's why it is critical that you contact them as soon as you receive them and not let one of the other agents get to them first.
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I am talking about mobile and local ads. Those are purchased in market percentages.
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They give the leads out to 4 agents in your market. It is not the market % you purchased, all those that are trulia pro's get the leads.
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I have had the same issues with being down on the list of local agents. These are valid concerns. I actually did this year as a test year, investing in leads from Trulia, Zillow and to compare them to see where is the best place to invest marketing dollars. I never have this issue with Zillow or On those sites my leads are my leads.
I look forward to hearing others opinions. I am glad to hear it is not just me.
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You've posed a very interesting question! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm curious to hear the experiences of others, as well.
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