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David,  in La Jolla, CA

Do email Blast to Realtors really work? I receive almost about 50 of these flyers per day and they come in

Asked by David, La Jolla, CA Fri Aug 8, 2008

all shapes in sizes and so do the prices! I personally have had little success but if thats the case why do agents pour money into something with sub par results..

So do they work?

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I sold a "Flyer property" to a buyer. I never would have shown this house to the client had I not seen the flyer since the property was two blocks outside of my client's target area. But the house was perfect! Some agents call it spam and delete them or condemn the messages as well as their creators. I am more likely to open them when the agents put the property location in the subject line and I know it is in one of my buyer's target areas. I will save a PDF file in my buyer's file when there is a match. I use every tool I can in my business.
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I haven't had much success with these as a listing agent, but occassionally I do see something that catches my eye and inspires me to contact a buyer, as it did with Karen.

So I'm on the fence, I tend to gloss over them but do look quickly. Having said that on the sending end, I see few of them opened.

The cost is low and so I continue to send them periodically. But I put this is the category of " be evaluated further" expenses for 2011.

Jeanne Feenick
Unwavering Commitment to Service
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They work if information is new, if it has been out there for a long time , Pause and send when you can add
newer data. If you blast the same information over and over, most agents will just delete the flyer. Change format, heading and data, and it will get read.
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Hi David,

I think that they can work, and I personally have found a few newly listed properties for clients through email blasts. I make a point to quickly glance at every one I receive, but I do have to say the majority of them advertise properties in areas that are out of my search range. Since it only takes one buyer to make the decision to purchase a home I still think blasts can be used as another tool in our never know.

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I can't speak for other Realtors but I get so many emails I delete all emails that look like blast emails. If I have time I'll click on the "unsubscribe" before deleting.
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It will work if it meets the needs of current clients, Some are out of area, or price range, but I find all sources could be potential leads, overlooking any leads could be a mistake.
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I don't believe email blast flyers can ''sell'' a house and I think if that's the focus, there is going to be a lot of disappointment. Email Blast Flyers do create leads and excitement about a home, and are valuable sales tools for the real estate agent. We have been designing custom email flyers for the past 5 years and our agents say they have garnered leads and have held market share in their industry. Plus, in this down time we live in, the home seller feels more at ease when they see their Realtor® making the effort to present their home in the best possible way. Our price includes the email blast flyer design and a detailed accompanying Adobe PDF flyer that is used as a hand out with the home. We also track the url web links of every flyer. Visit us at or call us at (850) 244-7353 or email us at for a Free Consultation. We are a small company that specializes in focusing on details, creating great images and tracking results.
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nope.. not really. There are better and easier ways to generate leads..

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I don't think so. Maybe back in the day they would work, but we get so much spam and are sold to all the time. I delete 99% of these emails that I receive without even reading them.
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I think the effectiveness depends on how well the information is presented and its relevance to the receiver. Unfortunately I find the majority miss on both scores.
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how do I get emails of realtors without having to go each web site
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I have had pretty decent luck for the money spent, your materials can be in front of thousands of real estate professionals, very targeted.
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they do work but they have to be properly calibrated for the property. I use when working in Canada, and for a fee, they will construct a custom database for your email blast campaign. you can check them out here:

Not sure if they do US, but it wouldn't hurt to contact them and check.
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Oh come on you guys. Don't be so harsh to other agents.
Yes, I do an ebalst whenever I have a new listing. I know, you all hate it.
If the receiving agent know's me, they actually look at the eblast. I have had phone calls from other agents about my listings (especially if it is a hot property).
I know it is a pain to get those, but I will continue to eblast for now. It only takes one Realtor to sell your property.
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I'd like to see mandatory prison sentences for agents who spam.
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That is funny!
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Hi David,
I'm considering sending an email blast in Arizona. Does anyone have the name of a company(ies) that provide this service? I'm looking for design and the email addressess.

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Personally I don't open the blasts I receive...way too much junk. I'm assuming most other agents just hit delete as well.
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I have to admit that some of the responses made me chuckle a little bit. Personally I don't like the blast emails - I have enough bulk mailing in my inbox already. Our MLS has a nice Hot Sheet that I look at every morning to see the new listings instead. A good agent should know the market inventory, whichever way they use to stay on top of it.

What I found a little funny was that as Realtors so many responded that they view these as junk email, but the vast majority agents use drip email campaigns to their databases. I'm guessing that they don't like spam email, either :)
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It all depends on the market that you deal with. Many of these blast can be helpful if you are looking in that direction, but can just clutter up your email or mail box either way. You should probably skim the mail to see if it pertains to your market, and trash it if it is not relavant.

Also, many people abuse addresses with the notion that the chances theoretically rise in par with the amount of people that receive them.
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So far I have been creating rules to go to my junk file or just marking them as spam.
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David, if I read your question correctly, you are identifying emails to real estate professionals.
As Karen said, sometimes it works. Also as stated before, none of us need to be receiving every new listing or price change notification. That is abuse.

However, the special case message is perfectly acceptable to me. It must be unique and the subject lines needs to reflect the issue. Such as: "NEEDED 5/3ba/3 no deed restricion" or "Limited showing, 4/3/3 Copperhead Village Sept 18 only" and yes "$10,000 bonus" will get my attention.

Every agent runs their business as fits them. Some say No Open Houses, others believe they don't need any of that advanced training, while still more will state...don't coddle me and leave me alone. And of course there are those that are just plain nasty.

The reality is we are in a numbers business. The more opportunity your message has of appearing before seeking eyes, the better service you are to your seller. Why anyone would hire an e-flyer service is beyond me. Every CRM program I've evaluated provides this capability. Unless of course it's a good work around for the nasty's out there.
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Any agent who uses these services is a SPAMMER.
Want to know why consumers don't consider real estate agents to be professionals?
Add "spaming" to the list.
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Timing is everything, but these blasts get old quick. Are you talking about cold blasts or broker to broker blasts? In a commercial system called excelligent you can send out new listings to about 400 members. But for me those became too much. However there was tool in the software that let me go find old blasts based on listing profiles. If a buyers search matched an old listing I could find it easier.
If you just want a standard email blast service you can run:
try constant contact, mobilestorm, or emma...
There are hundreds of these, and i am sure some are dedicated to real estate. Dollar for dollar email is best, however, usually it works best when a call to action, deadline and deal are associated with the email.
I think that in real estate a good blog is better, on and with a good website. Email is great but it may be a good branding tool. When the market is hot ( more buyers then sellers) blasts will make better sense. "hey, guess what mr. buyer, i just found out about a cool new home, lets go put in an offer".
Broker to Broker with few buyers just gets depressing.... ha ha.
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Hi David,

A week ago I'd have said.....junk mail. But last Friday a "just listed" caught my eye....I sent it to the buyer I was working with and we went out to see it the next day. Now we did write an offer on another property.....but it did get the buyer in the car to see the listing. That being said....I also get 100s of these a week and this was the first time I have ever done anything with any of them
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I have to say, honestly, i delete these e-mail flyers without even opening. I thought about sending these out myself but changed my mind after getting tired of receiving and deleting them.
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Hi David,
Most of the time, email blast=Spam.
I would not involve myself with any of those companies. Neither would I buy any of those “dirty” email lists.
Cathy C.
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Do not even look at them and I give an email address that I can disable once I start getting them. They were cute at first and nice to look at for layout ideas for flyers but now they are just wasted down load time.
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Not just a violation of my MLS rules, I add them to my block list, report them as spam to my email provider. I look at the MLS several times a day, I could care less about:
1-You offering a bonus-my buyers make the decision on which house they want, I don't "push" houses because of bonuses.
2-Price reductions and New listings have their own category on front page of MLS that I check several times daily in addition to me searching for my clients, and auto searches-no need to spam me!
3-Agent Open House- thank you, if able I will come, not to eat or enter drawing for prizes but to see the property for my buyers.
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Not really if you ask me. When I first received those, I'd look at it, but now they go to my spam email.

If I have a client for specific properties, I am like a hawk all the time, watching for those properties to show up, I don't need other people's email blast to remind me.

I do have property sites which allows consumers to see the property more closely (MLS only allows for so many tiny little pictures), and often attract them to come and see the house during open house or ask their Realtors to show them the home. Not from email blasts though (I also received a couple of 'hate' mails when I tried it a few times before).

It might work for a very unique property.

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Sylvia Barry,…, Real Estate Pro in Novato, CA
No we are all inundated with email and most end up in the spam file. We all want to give our listing exposure but I think in the information overload age less is more. Social media is the way o go
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This question posted Aug, 2008
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I send out one e-blast per month, I get 3-5 responses consistently.
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I think the market, in some ways, dictates whether or not email blasts "work" for the agent. If you're trying to sell a home--in other words, generate the most interest in the home and, hopefully, the highest price for your seller--then these blasts are generally very helpful. Even if the agent who receives it only looks at the address or the general vicinity, if I have a buyer looking in that area, then I'm going to open the email. I also find that some of the most "successful" agents using emails blasts tend to put words like "Not Yet on the MLS" or "Unlisted Homes for Sale" as the "come on" to get me to open the email.

Here in Northern California where we have a general lack of homes for sale in almost all areas, sending an email stating that a new home is available for sale often does generate serious buzz about the home. Buyers are clamoring to beat the next guy out of the sale, so any information we get on a home in a desired area (or areas) will help to promote excitement.

So, in essence, I think you need to look at your specific market to see if--like here in No. Cal--the knowledge of a "coming soon" or "now available" home would be eagerly received by agents due to lack of inventory or desirable school districts. Otherwise, save that money for the coffee bar at the open house.

Good luck!
Grace Morioka
Allison James Estates & Homes
Santa Clara, CA
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It's a numbers game. The more people that see your listings, the greater chance of getting a buyer. It works when you have a buyer that every house goes under contract as soon as it hits the market.
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I personally feel that the email blasts are treated as spam more times than they are actually read by other agents.
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These show up in my inbox every now and then. I don't think that I've ever opened even one of them.
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Yes it works for properties that are either unique or the most affordable one in the community.
I have been doing Real Estate in Nevada for 5 years and only used eflyers when the listing had potential.
I have gotten results from them if sent by the right provider. I use these guys, they make custom only stuff.
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