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Alex Trace, Real Estate Pro in Scottsdale, AZ

Do any lead generation systems actually work? I am brand new to the business and have been reading up on different solutions.

Asked by Alex Trace, Scottsdale, AZ Sun Jan 8, 2012

I have been searching high and low but it seems like there are no clear winners in this race. Any advice? New systems? Any suggestions or comments would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Hey Alex,

I use Lead magnit, it's a software platform that allows you to post hundreds of ads per day on Craigslist, run SEO campaigns, and generate a ton of leads every day. To be transparent, my son actually runs the company. I've tried Market Leader, Zurple, boomtown and a ton of others. Just tonight, I posted a few ads on craigslist, and I've gotten 13 leads in 3 hours! Since I started using it a couple months ago, I've had to sign 2 buyers agents to my team and another listing agent, it's great!

Hope this helps!! :)
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How does your son not receiving complaints about using someone else's listing on Craigislist? I know Trla, Z etc all syndicate including Realtor dot com? Many possessive realtors will threaten to go after agents license if not getting written permission. I doubt Az realtors are that generous.
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This sounds amazing...I definitely plan to check it out. Thank you for sharing the information with us.
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Thanks Christine!!! Wonderful
Flag Wed Apr 9, 2014
Awesome. I will check boldheads out.
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Leadmagnit doesn't exist anymore, here's the site I'm using now to capture seller leads - it's cheap too!
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Christine - your link to is transferred to another site for lead generation that has nothing to do with Craigslist automation ads.
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I will check this out. Thank you.
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The most successful agents I've observed over the past 10 years are the agents who get out in the community and are good with people. Their lead generation system includes joining clubs, sponsoring community events, and answering their phone when it rings. The are visible in the community, everyone knows them. The Top 5 agents I know never tell anyone they are agents, they wait to be asked (hint... hint...). They are asked about their profession because people like them first as... people.
I've never found an online lead generation system worth the investment. Better to cut out the middle man (Internet) and just get out there and meet... people!
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You can spend a lot of money, join a lot of sites, put your face on billboards, shopping carts and calendars, but nothing will beat starting with everyone that already knows, likes and trusts you and building out from there. Create a data base that starts with those names and maintain it. Join groups, clubs, service organizations that you have any interest or connection to and let it be known what you do (without being obnoxious). Add names to your data base everyday and stay in touch, ask for business and when you get some do your job extremely well. A job well done will generate referrals and recommendations that money can't buy. Welcome to the business, I hope you do well.
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Well said!
Flag Tue Oct 28, 2014
What do you do if everyone you know lives in $30k homes?
Flag Thu Oct 2, 2014
Thank you Dan. I'm too new here and is good to hear good advice.
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Here's some techniques...
- Drive traffic to lead capture page with postcards
- Send sellers to lead capture page with google ads
- Send sellers to lead capture page with craigslist ads

My landing page is through which comes with the training that taught me how to drive the traffic. I'm getting 3-5 seller leads a day now, and more on weekends. If I call them right away, I convert 1 out of 10 to a listing appointment with the scripts from the site.
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Im looking for something like that, I just started in the real estate business. I have a page that is getting me buyer leads. I use AgentJet. Im happy with them. Now for seller leads I wanna try Boldleads. Can you tell me more about them please?
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@Bill - that looks like a lower quality ripoff of what I'm using now
Flag Sat Sep 13, 2014
you should check out I was with Boldleads, bu
t switched to newzips and Im glad I did.
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Tom, why are you not listed as a realtor in Corona, CA?
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Hi guys - just saw these replies.
I'm spending 200/month on my ad budget with one zip code.
Alex, I haven't tried adding any additional zip codes yet, so I'm not sure how many more leads that would bring in.
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Hi Tom -- I just purchased Does this company send out postcards for you? Julie, Denver, CO
Flag Sun Mar 23, 2014
Tom how much are you spending per month? How many zip codes do you have?
Flag Sun Mar 16, 2014
Tom, how much are you paying on the pay per click? the rep recommends $300/mo per zip. What would you say is better? More $$ per zip or more zips?
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I have never bought a lead. I don't think that is the way to be successful in this business. You need to spend your money developing a strong internet presence.
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There are so many different lead generation companies out there. They will call you and say I have buyers ready right now. Some are scams to me. I have never bought a lead. I work for a company that provides leads to me. I use several techniques to gain my own leads - mailings, friends and relatives, clubs I belong to, I post blogs and answer questions on several real estate sites and lots of online networking. Each method generates some leads. Try different things and see what works best for you.

Tammy Hayes, Realtor
Green Lion Realty
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The most lucrative zipcodes have been bought up by the millionaire agents. Don't even bother. Trulia's leads are left-over junk. You'll go broke. No wonder why they lock you into a 6 month contract. Someday, maybe a company like Coldwell Banker, with lots of capital, will disrupt Trulia and serves them right for scamming all of the gullible agents out there just trying to make a living.
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I have to say that I've gotten and clsoed more leads off Trulia than any other site. Ignore the random calls you get offering to sell you leads. They're ALL ripoffs!
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I have to agree with Jim. While I see lots of flaws with investment has paid off ten fold since I started using it. Many of the leads are awful, but it doesn't take many to recover your investment. It does take some time, though. It was nearly a year before I closed my first trulia deal, but that deal alone resulted in a GCI of more than $ I'm a Trulia believer. I'm not good at jumping RIGHT on the lead...which is the best way to convert, so I could likely do much better with Trulia than I already have done.
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Yes I have to agree with Patricia! I bought into advertising on Trulia and have experienced false leads and leads that generate at very low housing price points under $35,000 which have been way outside my zip code.
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I have been with Trulia for 9 months now and haven't had much success and I bought into 80% of a good zipcode. Are you on a mobile ad?
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You need to learn how to generate your own leads. Start by setting up seller lead pages and buyer lead pages. (aka "real estate squeeze pages"). Set up targeted pages for first time buyers, expired listings, etc.

If you setup professional and effective pages the only thing you need to do is drive traffic to the pages. This will produce leads.

Try - It's 1 click easy to setup the pages you need. Has email marketing built in so once you get it setup it's all automated. Then just concentrate on traffic.

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Generating your own leads will result in the best quality. It's also cost effective if you set it up right. All of those lead pages at postAprop (including the email marketing) will only cost you $20/month.

This is a good place to start.
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The best leads are those YOU generate because no company is as invested as getting you quality leads as you will be getting them for yourself. Build a "sticky" website w/ strong SEO, stealth sites, built-in blog--while this is more of a long term solution...its a must for long term success. Short terms suggestions include consistent and high quality blogging...get your name out there; open houses--if you don't have any listings ask agents in your office if you can hold theirs open; pick an area or 2 in your community to faithfully'd be surprised what a well done direct mail can bring your way! Best of luck to you.
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Hello Tom Mills, wondering what type of content you use ?? if you like to share please email me at
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Judi - good points. For direct mail, I use which generates 7-10 listing leads every time I do a mailing.
Flag Mon Jan 13, 2014
Dear Alex:

When I started I became a transaction coordinator for a top team in Scottsdale, not only did I learn contract deadlines, I also got an inside look at how they were generating their leads without having to guess how they were doing it.

I would suggest you check craigslist every single day in the real estate section and go become a buyer's agent for a top real estate team.

Not only will you learn the PROPER way to handle clients, leads, contracts, systems. You won't have to wait 3-6 months to get a paycheck.

Many top agents in the valley generate hundreds of leads and distribute them to their buyer's agent for a split of your commission.

BEWARE companies advertising on craigslist looking for you to join thier company. If they are not a team, and do not have hundreds of listings, ignore these ads and go be a buyer's agent for a team that actually has their own listings.

Be sure to check the MLS to ensure they actually have listing, what city MOST of those listings are in, price range of the listings, are they mostly short sales? REO's?
Web Reference: http://www.S
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Hi Alex,

Early in my career I paid for leads and I wish I was as smart as you and asked for advice before I pulled out my credit card. Just like the answers below, the problems with buying leads is they are never exclusive and they often are months away from being ready to have an actual transaction. At the time I did not have the skills to properly nurture the long range ones or the experience to beat the competition that also paid for the leads. A lot of wasted money.

Trulia, Active Rain and Craigslist are probably the websites to help you build your business without wasting money. A better way to spend time and money would be to invite your office's best agents to lunch and pick their brains for advice . There is a reason why they are making the most money and I can almost guarantee none of them are buying leads. They may have more business than they can handle and will throw you some REAL LEADS for a 25% referral - that would be the best way to gain experience and build your business. I wish you the best of luck in our profession.
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Zillow has been absolutely wonderful for me. I have used them for just shy of 4 years and am generating a mid six figure income in a market where the average sale price is about 110k. Trulia was a FLOP for me as was (although 15 years ago was wonderful) Postcards work well for me and I am about to try BoldLeads for more listings since 90+% of Zillow leads are buyers.
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I have tried zillow a few times in the past 15 years and have never had any luck. I have had problems this round with management and sales rep and waiting for this new contract to expire to be done for good with zillow. I have better luck with Trulia and wondering if zillow will mess this up now that they are purchasing. Zillow lacks morals and integrity.
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Research, research, research. I think they can be great but you need to be okay with the idea of trying it and not expecting immediate returns. They take time to cultivate typically and you need to be okay with the amount your spending without a return immediately.
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You are the best lead generation system out there--get to work and go find the business!
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The only lead generation service that I pay for that I have had consistent results with is Homegain. I have been a member for years, achieved Platinum level status and closed many sales through it. They do charge a monthly fee to subscribe & you do have to pay them a referral fee for each closed transaction. It is not for everyone, but I like it.
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Save your money Alex and keep searching. Years ago I received various leads through so-called "top technology," but they were all dead ends. In today's market there is absolutely no "easy, tried and true" way of generating credible leads. Trulia and Craigslist are terrific sites to get you out there (little to no cost). I receive at least 5-10 emails a day advertising lead generation programs---delete, delete, delete. When I get fed up with the emails I call a random company offering me services and ask them if I can contact an agent who is actually using the program to get feedback. Guess what? The answer is always no, it's confidential. I would never buy anything without credible feedback. I figured over the years I've saved no less than $30K. Good luck to you!
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Alex, all lead generation systems work! However, they nearly NEVER work in the manner the sales representative suggests. Be aware, the rep is selling smoke if they ever say, "Just one sale and it pays for itself!"

You must, discover for yourself who is participating in the playground of the lead aggregator.
For instance, if you pay Trulia for leads, who is actually playing in Trulia's back yard?
What is the pathology of a Trulia user?
Where is a Trulia user in the decision making process.
The answer to all of these questions are found in the Q&A sessions, not from those wanting to separate you from your money. Know what you are buying and you can exploit it to your advantage. This rarely conforms to the profile presented by the sales rep.

Based on your personality, temperament and resources, you can profile the type of business you are able to develop. A word of warning, the further your process is from direct contact with the consumer, the less effective and more costly the system will eventually become. As you will find, there are those in every lead generation program who prosper and those who find them worthless and worse....time holes. There is a real reason for this great discrepancy. The reason is, there is not automatic system, they all require a commitment to implement them fully, not 50% or 85% but 100%. It is always the last 5% that exposes the gold.

It boils down to, 'What are you willing to do." Too many agents are infected with the IDWDT syndrome and consequently, find themselves with very little business, lots of overhead, and clueless about what has gone wrong. If you are free from the "I Don't Wanna Do That' plague, you will not need to send even one penny to a lead generations company.

IDWDT syndrome has symptoms easily identified. This syndrome is behind words that sound similar to this. "Door knocking cheapens the image of real estate professionals." "Cold calling is an intrusion into another's privacy and I wouldn't do it!" 'Door dropping is what cheapsters do to get business, I'm a professional!" and my favorite...truly favorite.... absolutely most very favorite is, "You don't see attorney's doing it!"

It boils down to what you have the most of, time or money. Your best lead generation is yourself. The further from you, you go, the less effective and more costly it will become. The choice, of course, is always yours.

Best of success in 2012
Annette Lawrence
Palm Harbor, FL
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Don't do it, Alex!!! You're getting ready to drop off into the deep end of the pool, and that's where where most newbie RE agents drown. Lead aggregators/generators may seem like the quick and easy fix to getting your business off the ground, but it is NOT what it seems.
1 vote Thank Flag Link Mon Jan 9, 2012 is the only one I know that works.
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Are you working your lead generations, such as Zillow and Trulia? YOU have to be active and interacting with questions.
Best of luck to you!
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How is Trulia working for you?
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Alex~ I recommend joining activerain as I feel that you can learn everything you need to know about the business "including" the best way to generate leads... On a side note "I would stay far away from Z"
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Thoroughly peed off with

I have had good success with the connections program over the last six months.. the trouble is that only allow contract for six months and then you have to renew. I started in March and now they want to up my cost from $280 per month to $650 a month as we come into our busy season. They said that I had an intro. rate in March which was not true... Now they have had an update in July to give better leads which include a telephone number. About 20% of the numbers are bad. Before the update my conversion rate was about 5%. Now with the update it is about 8 or 9%. I would be very happy to continue with the progrsm but

Once again in true corporate style they get you hooked, make false promises and then switch..

Trulia and zillow..... have tired total waste of money.

Just my thoughts and experiences....
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I love Jennie's answer the best. I have gotten leads, but a face to face contact is the best
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Great answers from everyone! Farm farm and farm your own sphere of influence, your friends, family, dentist, dr, kids teachers etc. Thats free! Remind them that you are a realtor. The worst thing you ever want to hear form one of them is...."Oh, I did'nt know you were a realtor!" Good Luck!
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REBOGateway guaranteed to improve your listings if you have any marketing skills and motivation
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The short answer is no. No lead generation "systems" work.
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I just checked out this service. They don't post to Craigslist, they only offer postcards, autoresponders and newsletters.
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Hi Alex
I have uses Trulia for a little over a year now. Last year the quality was great but I had 100% of the market. I have switched toTrulia mobile a couple of months ago and because they are continuing to get more and more costly I purchased 50% and the leads have been horrible and the ones that do have potential are getting sent to multiple agents. I responded the other day in less than 5 minutes and they were alredy in touch with another agent in the same zip code.
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I agree....Had success when my brand ad was getting circulated and clicked on....then that became less frequent and I was mainly appearing with the local agent list of four other agents who would get the same lead at same time because every agent is pre-checkmarked instead of the user checkmarking an agent themselves....many lead follow ups would be to someone sounding confused because they just got off the phone with an agent responding from trulia and now are wondering why they are getting another call.
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Can you give an update on how your experiences transpired from the many suggestions?

Also doe any one know of a company that will take a larger amount per lead, but based on

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Has anyone used the lead builder by Ihouse websites?
0 votes Thank Flag Link Wed Jan 8, 2014
Barry--that is one salesperson with a major BAD attitude. It says a lot about the company, doesn't it?
Flag Thu Jan 9, 2014
They tried to hard sell me their "service" but I told them that I was already so unimpressed with their website service (the company I was with at the time used ihouse) that I was not interested. Their pitch sounded entirely too good to be true. When I told the salesman I was not interested he informed me that I was going to fail in real estate because I lacked an open mind. He was one of the least professional people I have ever dealt with.
Flag Wed Jan 8, 2014
Thanks for posting this question. Very interesting responses.
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ya do some door knocking
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Trulia and Zillow have been the best lead generators for me by far. Of course you have to be willing to invest in advertising on these sites. Trulia has the highest ROI for me of any segment of my business.
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Annette, They all say, "Just one sale and it pays for itself".

Realtors are targets for people trying to sell us the "easy way" just like the TV shows all the weight loss garbage for sale to people who think it will be the "easy answer" to loos the pounds. We all know it isn't and the same is true for lead generators. Most people who try it soon walk away disgusted and out of pocket more money. If you complain, you get more leads very often, but the same quality lead - POOR to BAD. You would be as well off to get a phone book out and circle names randomly. Save your money.
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Alex, lead generation services are good, but the real question to ask is how many leads are out there? I don't hold my breathe on lead generation programs. You are paying for leads that may or may not ever come. I would recommend that you have a website, use free avenues on the internet to generate your own leads, and hit the pavement. There are so many different leads groups that you can go to. Try them. A great one to go to is Face-2-Face Fridays. There is still the world of people wanting to know who they are talking to and a handshake is still very important. Meet with your fellow Realtors in other companies. In the end we are all here to help each other.
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