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Rachel Wold, Real Estate Pro in Ladera Ranch, CA

Are any agents using Twitter? Is it generating any viable real estate leads?

Asked by Rachel Wold, Ladera Ranch, CA Tue Oct 6, 2009

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I am also on Twitter, but much like Linsey use it to connect with other RE professionals and related companies to share information and resources. If your efforts turn into a transaction - great - but your first priority should be to build trust and relationships.

You can connect with me at
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I have closed deals with leads from Twitter, but not very many. It does help keep my name in front of people. It's a part of our larger social networking plan.
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Using Twitter just adds to your online presence. It is the combined viral effect of many social networks.
Web Reference:
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I think Dan Chase (the buyer below) said it the best. It's simple exposure.

Just as advertising is. A potential client sees your name repeatedly, and finally, they say, "I think I'd like to use Debbie Rose in New Jersey.....or Marla Lopez in Idaho"....

However, I have heard it's good to separate your "personal" facebook from your "private" facebook, and same with "twitter"....

Now, becuz I AM a curmedgeon (Debbie's word!)....I haven't figured this out yet --- I've just managed to make a duplicate facebook which completely confuses me....and is trying to link my new one with my old one!! LOL!!

Now, that I've admitted my lack of facebook skills, I'll hope for some feedback from a "facebook" expert on how to create separate accounts that won't confuse me (and others!!).
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OK...............I am on trulia.......... facebook (fan and friend pages)...........linked rain..... zillow,... yelp (have no idea what it is, but I signed up for it)......flipping pad (same to me as yelp) profile and some other place I have forgotten.....and, finally.... twitter..........It's exhausting just typing all those places.

I "get" trulia.......someone asks a question.....I answer it.......easy.....makes sense to me

Facebook, i get but don't participate in very often.....when I remember or receive an email, I go there and see what others have said that I have missed. I found a few friends from high school........whoopie

As far as twitter...........I just don't get it. (Karen, I'm with you )....i have "followers" but I don't know who they are, and I don't say anything for them to follow! Go figure! I really don't care what they have to say either...

Now........I sound like a curmudgeon!!!

I am overwhelmed by it all.....................and for now will stick to trulia
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I really don't get it....I've tried different things and can't find a way to integrate it into my business plan. I find it boring, busiwork. I try and seek out questions like this to see what others are doing....but for the life of me, I just don't get it.

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Hello Rachel,

Back in January, everyone was all "abuzz" about "tweeting" on Twitter. If you look back at Active Rain, the talk was constant about how Twitter would bring you business and increase your A-List clients. Now, 10 months later, everyone is asking, "how do we monetize Twitter??" meaning, of course, that no one really knows how to make 'tweeting" a business. On the average, most people use Twitter to "see" and follow the activities of their favorite celebrities. Oprah almost single-handedly and overnight changed the face of Twitter, and everyone seems to follow her show to learn the names of her guests, etc., but for those of us small business people who are NOT Oprah, or Ellen or Martha Stewart, find that the people who follow us are Realtors or real estate industry service businesses, and not viable clients.

Personally, in a space like Twitter, unless you are a "name", you're unlikely to distinguish yourself enough amongst the hundreds of thousands on Twitter to entice consumers to follow your tweets. To me, Twitter is a wonderful "toy", but has not yet fully developed into a business tool that generates dollars. For me, Trulia works wonders in generating buzz, and the answers we post here on the site are found daily by Google and Yahoo. In fact, in "vanity searching" my own name, all of the 600 plus answers I've written here on Trulia are picked up by Google and lead people right back to me and my website. Twitter on the other hand is not nearly as facile in creating these important internet tendrils.

So, in answer to your question....yes, I'm on Twitter. No, I do not generate leads from that site, although it is super fun to watch Ellen DeGeneres and her crazy posts!

Grace Morioka, SRES, e-Pro
Area Pro Realty
Sunnyvale, CA
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I'm very active on Twitter but much of my interaction there is professional connections in the space. I do have some clients (past and present) on Twitter. I'd be wary about going into the Twitter space with the sole intention of generating business. It's like going to a social function with the sole intent of generating business. You won't win many friends that way.

The business is there but I think that the rubber really meets the road when those online connects become in person ones via tweet-ups, etc. Connect with me there if you like ( Some people may not agree with my answer so I hope they will chime in.

BTW - I'm in your backyard if you'd like to chat more. You might consider going to a REBarcamp. There is one in San Diego in November. There will be lots of talk about Twitter and various forms of Social media - and it's free.

Good luck!
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I wonder, since aksing this question almost 3 years ago what Rachel's opinion of twitter is now..........Rachel? Are you still here reading this?
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While Twitter has generated any business thus far for me -- at least directly -- I do believe it has provided great exposure which in turn has generated leads.
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Hello Rachel,

I have not experienced any lead generation from my Twitter account but it does add to social presence on the web.
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Twitter's value is more Google relevence than a developed lead.
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I've been so busy. If there were leads, they have probably gone away. Sorry guys and gals. I will try to tweet more often. I'm sort of making up for my lack of tweeting the last 2 years.
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I think this really depends on what your idea of "viable real estate leads" is. Personally, I think Twitter is among the top 5 on the list of great places to make sure you have a presence. I've been contacted by people in the real estate industry I've never even met asking me for advice on something I posted about ONE time.

If you've got knowledge to share, people love to be educated. And MOST buyers and even most agents are beginners wanting knowledge! Give it to them.

It's the creation of perception and creating an online presence is ESSENTIAL to building perception. What you should hope for is that you actually have some of this knowledge when people want your advise or business. Many would argue that perception means nothing because it's just "persception"....however, what if you ARE an expert in your field and no one knows you, or know one perceives you as such? Then who are you an expert for?

To stay on topic with your question, I think the use of twitter is good. I use it to keep myself in the loop with agents and business professionals from all walks of life. Talk about a place where variety is abundant! If your goal is to generate leads for listings and sales, target that market. Here are a few tips for just that, IF it were my goal to target leads on Twitter:

1. Post relevant real estate news about the market in your area (you can easily write a few words then link to the news. People like statistics too!
2. Tweet often
3. Follow some popular guru's (not necessaily your competition, but that's ok too)
4. If you are lacking motivation to post anything...RETWEET someone else's interesting tweet. You're more than welcome to RETWEET MY tweets or post links to MY blog! :)
5. Ask your followers for help retweeting and offer something as a thank you.
6. Create some material or offer some free material about information in your area that you think buyers would like to know about. Or like i said before, just educate them about deals, transactions, contracts, government programs, FHA, you name it.
7. USE THE HASHTAG? Don't know what it is? Its this: #
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Really haven't had an success from Twitter but admittedly it isn't one that I use on a regular basis. I find I get far more leads/closed transactions from my website, blogging, Trulia and Zillow.
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I have not received any leads from twitter but I am sure it is possible. It is just another forum that can be used for online networking and communication.
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Maria, if you want to separate your personal Facebook stuff from your business stuff, create a "fan page" for your business, named for your business. That should do it for you. Leave your other account with your personal name. On your fan page, keep everything businesslike, including photos, articles you post, etc. Make sure your profile does not sound too "social." Not necessary to mention age, relationship status, etc. Keep information completely related to business. Good luck!
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Cathy again-
No, twitter is something I cannot force myself to even contemplate as another marketing medium. This year beside my websites I am focusing on Trulia and ActiveRain.
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Hi Rachel,

"Twitter + Leads" search on ActiveRain:…

This should give you a few hours of related reading...
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I have just started using Twitter to post my real estate previews. I haven't really tried to get leads out of it though. I link it to my blog on my website as just another personal touch to my database. No bad comments so far~ Feel free to follow me buyNCrealestate
Good Luck! Christi Hanley
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How I use Twitter....101 (assuming one has wrapped their mind around social media)

PURPOSE: To connect with 'narrow' community segments. Key words: Narrow, community

Community running: Post start time/location and meet up with like minded citizens for healthy engagement.
(i.e. 2:30 Weybridge - Is the pain to change less the the pain of staying the same? Let's run)

Home tour: decribe home briefly with link to full description
(i/e. Great conditlon, 3/2/2, Hidden Spring, Sunset FL $145,00-First time buyers you need to see this.

Community Events: Meet up at unique/new places. Usually with prior consent of owner. (specials)
(i.e. 6:30PM Thursday @Livingroom, 123 Broadway. Topic: Google, riding the wave)

Each has different audiences. Each has good following based on population of community. I do hear frequently "I'm following you" By the way, Google is placing tweets in search results.

Does this generate business? Only if they click through to my web site or If they watch the videos or If they read the blogs and I don't fall on my face at the G&G. 145 characters helps in traing to create brief blog posts. How am I doing? :) Unfortuneately, your new citizen followers may say..."I found you on the internet!" Not much help. It doesn't hurt to wear 'Follow me on TWITTER@LaderaRanch'

There are lots of ways to leverage social media. Trying to do them all means you will fail. Pick the ones that fit you, then develop the skills needed, commit to making social media your marketing tool, and don't be confused with the suggestion it is not hard work.
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I am not an agent. One of my blogs here was referenced by a reader who posted a link to it on twitter. As a result I had more people look at my blog. one reply said "Just came across your post as someone posted link on Twitter" it was not me. You never know how what you say and do will go out into a bigger circle bringing in a vast audience who wants what you have to offer.

I expect that if people liked what my blog said and looked at more of my blogs they would contact me to help them... IF I was a professional.

Any medium twitter, facebook, or here is just an opportunity for people to find you. What happens after they find you will depend on how well they like what they see. The more good exposure you get the better the odds are you will have a new client find you. Just because someone has not used you as their realtor yet does not mean that in a year, 2 years, maybe even 5 years from now that they will not use you and your services when they are ready. But if you just disappear, you will be forgotten.

I have seen some agents on here I would gladly use if they were in the areas I want to buy in. Other agents I would not use at all. Their presentation here has helped me to make that decision. You could be forming some great opinions about yourself now and not realize it. If you stop, in 6 months most people will forget you. If you continue, people will continue to notice you.
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I am on Twitter but I use it to connect with others in the industry and for light entertainment. So the answer your question is - I have not gotten any leads from Twitter.
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Hello John...

Actually, no, I don't know a Lisa Morioka, but I know that (remarkably, since this is not a common last name) there are a few Moriokas here in Northern California. I also know that there is an accountant in Hawaii who shares my name exactly...Grace Morioka, but I believe her name is a married name while my name was given to me at birth. Thankfully, I am no longer an accountant, so she is free to reign in that career alone as the only Grace Morioka, accountant, without confusion.

I have to say that I know only a few Moriokas here, and most are friends from way back--unfortunately, I don't know Lisa, but I'll check our Realtor database for more information because now I'm curious!

Thanks for the post, John, and for confirming that I'm not the only one who feels this way about Twitter.

-Grace Morioka
San Jose, CA
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I concur with Grace below. (Grace, any relation to Lisa Morioka also in the bay area?)
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