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Anyone heard of Homesales Inc. of Delaware? Who are they? Any info on this company would be helpful...?

Asked by Jennifer Blackwell, 74114 Thu Feb 21, 2008

Thanks you!

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Homesales Inc. was the mortgage servicer for Fremont Investments. Fremont Investments sold it to JP Morgan Chase. If Homesales Inc. is listed as the owner, the property is a Chase REO. Look at the link below. If you can't find it there, call this number for the Chase REO Dept.: 1-877-584-3290.

They will not deal directly with buyers (they are robots who follow a procedure that includes hiring a local broker to sell each home). They will tell you the status.
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Homesales is an siv used by chase to hide losses. This company purchase the foreclosed on asset at the principal amount outstanding, allowing chase to show a -0- loss on their balance shett while the losses are then applied to homesales. Enron style.
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HOMESALES INC. Is actually J P Morgan Chase. The number is 1-212-270-0589. Ask for their asset management Department and they will ask for the property address and then they will give you the number for the company handling that property. Any more info needed contact me. 856-905-0830 or
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Chase Bank USA, N.A.
C/o Legal Department, R.a.
201 N Walnut St
Wilmington, DE 19801

This is (I believe) the address of the legal department dealing with foreclosures, etc......
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Home Sales Inc are frustrating, unprofessional and ineffectual. We offered list price on a foreclosed property. After 3 weeks of no response & they refused to communicate with their listing agent, I contacted the number below (877-584-3290) and they were sympathetic with my situation. Finally we received a response a week later that both husband & wife should have to be on financing. (Although, we are a relo & both of us couldn't be at the closing at the same time. Our credit is immaculate and he has enough cash to carry both loans for quite sometime. My husband's company was buying us out of our previous home. There was no reason to have both parties present at closing. During our previous relo we did the same thing - his name's only on the financing). After another week, Homesales, Inc still didn't respond. We just moved on. The property is still vacant. It's been on the market for 4 months. At the current listing price it's been listed for 35 days and we were the only bidders. The selling realtor was frustrated as well. Homesales, Inc refused to return his emails or phone calls. It was a waste of money for the selling agent, listing agent and us. It just seemed very shady - why would a company that is supposed to be selling houses be so difficult to track down? No listing number at ALL, the address the county deed's office has on file is actually a Chase Bank on San Bernardo in San Diego. Good Luck & thanks to Heditor for the number.
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We had some questions about a property in Texas owned by them. Since the agent wasn't able to answer, he gave us this information - John Hammonds with Chase Bank @ 972-547-1018
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I am in a house that has been bought by homesales of delaware located in Columbus Ohio the house that im in was in a sheriff sale we were surprised because the owner never told us that the house was even in a forecloser status nevertheless what are the steps that i need to take in order to keep this house? can somebody please help!!!!! me. THANKS
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3415 Vision Dr. Columbus , OH 43219 This was the address listed on my escrow documents. I purchased an REO from them that they handled for Chase. This purchase was in Highland CA. in April 2008
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Researching the sale of a house in my neighborhood, I discovered it was bought by HomeSales, Inc. in August for $80,000, then resold 2 weeks later to an individual for $120,000.

Could it be that HomeSales, Inc. is the foreclosure/short sale division of Chase for defaulted Chase loans? And perhaps they're using the name HomeSales, Inc. because it simply "sounds" better and more like a traditional real estate transaction?
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I appreciate all the thoughtful responses here and so many people trying to help one another. I am looking into a REO myself where they are listed. I wanted to say for posterity that I do not think anyone's religion should be associated with their business practices. I think the post that refers to this group as an "organized Jewish group" that is "fleecing Americans" should be removed. I think this is thinly veiled hate speech and despite what anyone thinks (or in this case, has experienced) about someone's business practices, it is inappropriate (and not a form of protected speech in the US) to make derogatory statements about someone's religious affiliation.
Thank you again for the valuable information on this holding company.
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We "were going to" purchase a bank owned property in Tampa Florida from E Trade Financial/Chase Home Finance LLC. Our contract showed E Trade Financial/Chase Home Finance LLC as the Seller but we then received an Addedum which showed
Homessales Inc.
WI 1-4030
PO Box 1444
Milwaukee WI 53201
We did not close because at the closing table we were presented with a Title Policy with 19 EXCEPTIONS basically not insuring the title at all.
We were refunded our up front deposit as they were unable to provide a clear title. This was never mentioned to us prior to the closing table.
Since then, I have spoke with 2 others that were purchasing bank owned properties (which are the properties that have gone thru the foreclosure at the court house, were not bought, now owned by the bank and given to a realtor to list and sell).
They use their own title company and lawyer to handle the closing.
I would warn anyone buying a bank owned property (since they are sold AS IS, to check into the title committment policy that they are going to provide and not assume because there is a title policy that the title is insured. This is not correct. Any exceptions will not be insured and in our case, it was basically everything!
I am wondering if this will be the next "problem" a couple of years down the road when so many people are now buying bank owned (good deals) and to only find out later about liens, CDD"s, HOA's, sinkholes, etc. The list can go on and on as they state "the seller specifically disclaims .... and begins to list anything and everything".
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Thanks for all this information -- I just did a search for "Homesales Inc. Columbus OH" and found this chain. Good to know as we might be going into negotiations. Wish us luck!
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If anyone is looking to buy a home through homesales Inc. in New Jersey I have the info on how to do it. contact me at 856-905-0830
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They handled a foreclosure in AZ and the county recorder listed them as:
Homesales, Inc of Delaware, pls forward tax documents to:
Chase Home Finance / Milwaukee
111 E Wisconsin Ave
Mail Station WI1-4033
Milwaukee, WI 53202
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I did some research on Homesales Inc of Delaware this morning as they are listed as the owner of a foreclosed home in my area that I am wanting to market. I got an address of 2901 Kinwest Pkwy in Irving, TX off of the foreclosure deed. I did a reverse address search and under that address is listed a company called Freemont Investment. Their phone number is (972) 409-1216. I did a little research on Freemont Investment and it looks like they do residential mortgage loan servicing. Hope this helps anyone looking for them.
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I found Homesales Inc. 3415 Vision Dr. Dept. G-7 Columbus OH 43219 while doing an MLS might give that a shot.
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I am trying to obtain a grant deed signature from homesales inc. we have been in escrow now since May, it was to be a 30 day escrow, that hasn't happened yet. We have heard that it was sent to 4828 loop central dr houston, tx 77081 three weeks ago. Doing a little research we found info on Litton Loan Servicing the address of homesales from the assessors office on ripoff
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JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A........address is 10790 Rancho Bernardo Rpad, San Diego CA 92127
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Looks like we are all in the same boat! I came across your blog here, while searching for Homesales Inc for a property I want to buy in Tennessee. They took it back in April, and don't even have it listed! Wish me luck as I send my fiance down to the court house to physically dig through the files to try and find some sort of contact info for them. I agree with the comment below, that they appear to be the servicing arm of Chase Home finance. I'll post back up if we find anything at the court house!
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This site:…
shows the name of a law firm that represented them, with a link to the law firm's contact information. Good luck on tracking them down, and please post back here if you find something!
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I am looking into a foreclosure property to purchase and after some research I have found that Homesales Inc. own this property as well.  Like you, I haven't been too successful in finding out who they are.  I am a little more than leary of dealing with these people after reading this.
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Looks like they are the foreclosure sales/loan servicing division for Chase Home Finance (maybe?). Here's what I found...
Homesales, Inc. of Delaware
c/o Chase Home Finance, LLC
10790 Rancho Bernardo Road
San Diego, CA 92127
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Just got a notice they bought the house we are renting. They left it on my door not even mailed it to me???
It says:
Attorney of Homesales,Inc
Darlene c Vigil
4665 MacAthur Court Suite 280
Newport Beach CA,92660
phone# 949-477-5050
fax# 949-477-9200
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I also saw information that the papers of inc for Ohio were signed in Hillsborough Co., FL
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I am not an agent but a homebuyer. I find HomeSales Inc of Delaware in Ohio Sec of State Business Listings # 1607858 Listing Agent in Cleveland Ohio, new corp started in Ohio. Call 1-877-767-3453 for Statuatory Agent address
I have been trying to find out who they are also.
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Good luck. I bought a property from them in August 2008. I am trying to track them down because the skipped out on a $285 bill from the city which posted after closing and now I have the lien. The title has an address in Irving Texas, the bill went to an address on Wisconsin Ave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Google and Yahoo searches tried multiple ways. Nothing comes up but stuff like this or information on property transfers to them / from them. Like a ghost company.
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