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Larry Brake, Real Estate Pro in Aurora, CO

Anyone have a roofing contractor referral for someone familiar with flat roofs?

Asked by Larry Brake, Aurora, CO Thu Apr 24, 2014

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I would suggest asking friends or clients of companies you're looking at for recommendations. They should be able to provide helpfully biased reviews, so you can better understand the company's services. This way, you can find the best company for your project.
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If you already have some roofer recommendations, then I'd go to them and ask what roofs they specialize in. They might be able to help you even if it's not something they advertise. And you'll never know unless you ask.
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I don't know any roofers in the area. I think that I should find one though. Some of the shingles of my roof have been falling off and I don't want this to become a serious issue.
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I think Calebhart is right with saying your best bet is to find local companies that specialize in flat roofs. Now, I would call at least two-to-three roofing companies to ask for a quote. Have them come inspect your roof and give a written estimate of how much work and materials they think it will cost firsthand. Another thing to consider as well is the fact that a new roof will improve the resale value of your house. Hope this helps, Larry!
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I think your best bet will be to ask people in your area. There are bound to be people that have gotten some roofing done. Word of mouth is a really reliable way of finding out who is good and who isn't. Have you found anybody you like?
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I agree with Caleb, you should be able to find a lot of referrals by talking to people in your area. The internet is also a really great resource. You can find all kinds of roofing contractors on Google. The best part is that there are usually comments and ratings for them as well.
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Caleb, I agree that it would be best to ask for referrals from people in your area. Especially is you live in an area where flat roofs are common. It seems like I heard that there are different types of coating for flat roofs that would be better for different types of climates.
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I would start by asking friends and family members in your area. They should know who to refer you to and help you find what you need. They can also help answer any questions you have. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you!
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I live our in the country, and we have tar-shingle roofing. Every time we get a strong wind we lose some of them. I would love to have metal roofing installed, and I would like to get a quote. Do you know how much a metal roof would cost? Can anyone refer me to a roofing company?
Mark Leach |
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I would ask around a few different companies and see if they specialize in flat roofs. Or if you have any neighbors or friends that have used a roofing contractor for a flat roof then ask if they liked the job they did. If that doesn't produce results then possibly you could check online reviews.
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I agree that asking around is a great idea when finding a roofer. Personally, I am not particularly a fan of flat roofs for residential buildings. I would suggest looking at examples of roofs in your area that you like so that you have an idea of what you are looking for when you consult with roofing companies. Also, you should shop around to get a few quotes from companies so that you know you're getting a good deal.
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I have been looking for a good place to do my roofing. I have been meaning to get my roof fixed for quite some time. A few weeks ago, we had a really bad wind storm that did a lot of damage to our roof. I want to get it fixed before we get into the rainy season. Hopefully the storm didn't do too much damage and all I need is to get some shingles replaced.…
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I have not heard a lot about doing flat roofs. I am sure there are contractors in your area that could assist you though. I would recommend getting quotes from a few different places.
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I haven't heard much about flat roofs either. It seems like it wouldn't b very secure I'm the snow, snow is really heavy. I have done research and I haven't found a contractor who will do a flat roof.
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I don't know why they built a flat roof. My shed that is in my back yard is got a sort of flat roof but it still has a little bit of an angle to let water drain off it. I think it would be unintelligent to build a flat roof.
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Is it much different to construct a commercial roof as opposed to a residential one? I have a little bit of experience with residential ones, but I don't have much with commercial ones. Will I be okay?
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Flat roofing is a little more difficult to come by anymore. The construction of a flat roof has to be really sound in order to sustain a lot of snow, rain, etc. I don't know of anyone in your area, but good luck!
Mark Leach |
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After reading your post, I think it would be best if I went with a different roof design. My area receives a lot of snow, and I don't know if a flat roof would hold up. I haven't hired a contractor yet, but I am sure that they would be able to point me in the right direction. I think I should do that before I move forward.
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I think that it is important for roofing to be done by a professional. You want to be sure that you have a good and stable roof. So when you need a new roof or if you need repairs, it is a good idea to hire a professional. Thanks for sharing this information and best of luck!
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What area are you from? I don't think anyone in my area really has a flat roof. The snow would get way too heavy on the roof if it was flat. We all have pointed roofs so we don't have to shovel off the snow. Maybe it's different in your area.
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I have never had a flat roof to do work on although my sister just had some repairs done on her roof. I know her husband did a lot of research to find the company they went with. I wonder how long the repairs took in total.
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Would you mind referring me to the contractor they used? My roof is leaking something fierce, and I want to get it repaired before the next snow storm. I would ask my neighbors, but none of them have ever hired a roofing contractor. Neither have I, so the process is quite foreign to me. I would certainly be easy to take advantage of.
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I am not too familiar with flat roofs but my mom just got her roofing done. She was looking for a really long time to find a good company. Sorry I can't be more help, I hope you find what you're looking for!
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I think that most companies will be able to do a flat roof, but if you want someone who specializes in it then I would recommend calling a few different companies and talking to them directly. They will be able to tell you what kind of work they do and then give you a quote. Then I would take the information from the companies and ask around to see if anyone has any knowledge about them, or read some online reviews. Good luck!
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Check with the local chamber of commerce.
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Thanks, I never would have thought to check with my local chamber of commerce. I have been asking my neighbors for referrals, but none of them have ever used a roofing contractor. I need to hire someone fast because a snow storm is moving in. My roof has two leaks that I know of.
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I would check around your area. If you find a home with a flat roof that you really like, I wouldn't be afraid to ask them who they had do it for them. Asking neighbors and friends can also be beneficial. I would just ask around your area and you should be able to find something. Good luck!
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If you have trouble, flat roofs are used very often on Commercial Buildings. Try looking under that category.
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Thank for sharing all these recommendations. I need to hire a residential roofing contractor immediately. An old tree in my backyard finally fell over. Thankfully it missed most of my home, but it did punch a hole in the roof. I hung up a plastic covering, but I don't think it will withstand a snow storm.
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I hope you can get that hole covered before this storm moves in, Eugene. You are lucky that the tree didn't do more damage, but a hole in your roof is no laughing matter. Not only are you vulnerable to the elements, but your home is also open for critters to move in. I would be surprised if you didn't already have something camping out in your attic.
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I think that making sure you have a good and reliable roof for winter is a good idea for everyone. Since you have a flat roof you will especially want to make sure that it is really for snow and winter. I would suggest asking about in your area for roofing referrals. That way you can find someone who is local and can help you! Best of luck!
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I would really like to be able to get some roofing done to my house. There are different kinds of roofing for different kinds of roofs. I have a steeped roof so I would like to be able to get someone to help with that. Thanks for sharing this information!
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I would really like to be able to get some roofing done to my house. There are different kinds of roofing for different kinds of roofs. I have a steeped roof so I would like to be able to get someone to help with that. Thanks for sharing this information!
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Getting a flat roof to be secure and in good condition can be difficult. I think that it would be best to ask some people that you know that have flat roofs. They have probably had experience with some contractors in the past with their roofs. It can be difficult to keep a flat roof in good condition, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow!
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I have to agree with you 100% because I am a victim of the 'flat roof.' My ex husband and I moved into this home years ago. When we moved in it was a great experience, so I have many happy memories. The one memory I'd like to forget is the constant leaks from the roof. We even had it repaired twice, so do you have any advice for me?
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Most contractors would have a general idea of how to work on that type of roof. It might be beneficial to find someone who specializes on roofs, but that's not very likely. Roofing is such a big part of a building that most contractors would easily be able to the work you need.I would just talk to contractors that you or your colleagues have worked with recently.…
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There was a storm in my area a few weeks ago and it did some damage to our roof. I would like to get it repaired as soon as I can. It is getting colder and will snow soon and would like to be repaired by then. I think that best way to find someone is to ask for referrals form friends and family in you area. Best of luck!
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If a storm could do serious damage to your roof, then you might want to consider more than just a superficial repair. If your roof can't put up with the weather in your area, then there are other options out there. I'd also recommend making sure the insulation is still good when you do have the repair done. That can get overlooked sometimes. |
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I don't really know who is familiar with flat roofs Larry. If I were you, I'd ask around locally and read some review. You could also do some calling around to see what places can help you out. Good luck to you.…
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I think it would be best to find someone local. I'm from somewhere that doesn't have any flat roofs, so it would be tough for the contractor to know what to do. I'm sure if you ask your neighbors and friends you can find a pretty good roofing contractor to fix your roof.
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I think that the best idea would be ask for referrals in your area. Your friends and family nearby should be able to give you some good suggestions through experience. It would be really nice to find a roofer that is experienced with flat roofs. I wonder if there is a special training for flat roofs.

Mary Jane Princton |
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Mary Jane is right, referrals are the best place to start. Friends and family will know what kind of needs you have, and you generally trust them more than just comments on the internet. As for flat roofs, most roofers should have experience, but if you visit their website or call in and talk to a representative then you should be able to determine if they are specialists or not.
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Getting referrals is the route I would take. Talking to people you trust would be a good way to go. It is more then likely that someone you know personally had their roof done in the last few years. They could give you a recommendation that would be in your area.
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I am impressed that you knew to ask for a contractor who is familiar with flat roofing. This is not a very popular style, and many roofers do not have a lot of experience with them. There should also be no shortage of contractors that are skilled with flat roofs. I have found experience to be a good indicator of competent contractors.
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I was going to mention the same thing. The more specific you are about the kind of roof you want, the better your chances are of finding a good contractor. Doing some research ahead of time almost always turns out to be a major benefit. Asking friends and neighbors for personal recommendations is never a bad idea either.
Jenn |
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Although I have never worked with them, they are highly rated on Angie's List. Here is what they claim: "The highest rated and most trusted company in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming on Angie's List! It is our true heart to serve every customer. With over 30 years of combined experience and 9 years of a proven track record of excellence in the trade, we have the skill set to complete any roofing task. Commercial and residential. licensed, insured, workman's comp. No job too small, no job too large. Lifetime transferable craftsmanship warranty on all re-roofs! Award winning."
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Seeing that they are highly rated is encouraging. Maybe I'll have to check them out. I could really use a new roof on my home. It's been too long since I've gotten a new one or had any repairs done on it.
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What kind of roofing material do you use for flat roofs? I was just wondering if there was a better material to use when roofing a flat roof. I know asphalt material is used pretty universally, because it does well in a lot of different environments. I think it might just depend on where the house is.
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