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Any Advise for a new Agent?

Asked by C.j.p, West Hollywood, CA Mon Jun 24, 2013

Hello, I'm C.J and I'm currently thinking about becoming a new Agent here In California in the Luxury Real estate Market. I'm done with high school and DON'T want to attend college. I know that real estate is a HARD market and most realtors fail. Specially in the Luxury Real estate battle Zone. This is the reason why I would love to take on this challenge and use my entrepreneurial spirit to Thrive and "Not" just survive in this business. I hope that you guys can give me Your best advise on what you wish you could have done better your first year.

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As many others suggested, I would recommend joining a top real estate team. I would suggest becoming a buyer's agent instead of a transaction coordinator. Even if you decide not to join a team, make sure you go to a brokerage where you will get the proper training and that you have a resource to help mentor you.

Some new agents focus too much on what their commission split is rather than focusing on the training aspect. Real Estate is not easy like most people think. Yes it's a people business, but you also have to know how to write a good contract, counter offer, etc. The devil is in the details, and not knowing how to use the forms appropriately can come back to bite you legally.
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I suggest joining a team that will guide you and teach you the ropes. In this business you really have to what to learn and continue to learn. Education is power and in Real Estate you are on your own to learn it all. So find yourself team players to help you and in getting started..
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Follow your Brokers direction of education, and practice what they teach!
Get out there and meet people. We are in the people Business!
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Join a small team and get some one on one help
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Find a great mentor that can show you the ropes!
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Get as much education as possible. Go to seminars, read books, listen to cds, dvds. Real Estate magazines are a good source also. Good luck!
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Hi C.J.,

A good place to start would be to join a top real estate team in your area as a transaction coordinator, so you learn the ropes while getting paid.

All the best,

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Without a doubt, one of the best things a new agent can do for themselves is to find a good mentor. One that can introduce you to every aspect of the business and share the rewards.

Best wishes,

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Best advice: Try to join a team and start out as a buyer's agent!!! You will learn the business, have a mentor, and always have someone to ask questions. Keller Williams is famous for teams. Yes, I am at KW but when I was looking, I interviewed a few brokers.
Check it out, you will NOT be disappointed.
If you are, I find it very hard to believe!!
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The best advice I can give you is to join a team that is in the Luxury market already.

Kind regards,

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Start with a Broker who is willing to share how to work with luxury homes. Partner with a willing agent who will show you the ropes. Ask questions, absorb EVERYTHING you can! Much Success!
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One thing I have learned in this business is that there is not short cut to success! Hard work will always payoff. You have to have the dedication and a strong desire to learn, work hard and grow. In the beginning, don't let money become your motivation! Because it will come and go but what will sustain and make you money in the long run is your happy clients. Over all a great business, you can go in any direction but make the best of the best choices.
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To start out, you should have at least 6 months worth of savings to cover all your expenses not only for your business but your housing, food etc.
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You will first need to get your license. Then go in search of a position with a local real estate firm - any position will do. Work you way through the business with the help of the broker. You can't jsut walk into the luxury market or any market. Build your experience and keep working at it. Attend as many courses as you can. With time and effort you will succeed.
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Hello CJ,

I concur with Alex. If you find a someone that you feel is successful in the business and see if you can be their mentee and/or shadow them. Most successful agents are successful because of the systems they have put in place, so their business is working even when they are not!

Good luck in LA!
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Find someone who will be willing to mentor you once you finish school. The best way to learn this business is from someone who is succeeding in it. If you want to be the best...learn from the best.
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Congrats on becoming a new agent. It is very important as a new agent that you focus on training and OJT (on the job training). You just finished going to school and learning the laws but now you need to learn how to sell real estate. Luxury real estate is very different from your lower priced real estate sales. I am facing the same struggle here in NY. I want to jump into the luxury real estate market but as a new agent with no experience their will be very few sellers that will be willing to list their house with you. It is very important that you understand the transaction inside out before you jump into luxury real estate which calls for a very different marketing strategy and a different demographic of buyers. A mentor will also be a very helpful tool when starting off, find someone that will be willing to let them shadow you, maybe you can help out as an intern while being able to learn at the same time. I hope this info was helpful, good luck in your endeavors.

All the best,
Antonio Sanchez
Exit Realty Search
3928 E. Tremont ave
Bronx, NY 10465
CELL: 347-320-0673
BUS: 347-202-4965
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First concentrate on your career . Attend college regularly. As your interest in real estate so my advice is to have an experienced agent guide with you. Follow him/her to viewing a client's homes which helps you learn how to work with clients, understand the current market & gain confidence. Spend a lot of time with a client who is not serious about buying or selling.
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Interview plenty of brokers. Find a mentor. Make sure you have money saved up. Don't show homes to unqualified "buyers." Don't take over priced listings. Work your ass off. Don't expect it to be easy. Pay your dues. Be humble.
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You should be working with a brokerage firm that wants you to succeed!

Good Luck,
Real Estate Agent in Riverside
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Forget about those who want to deter you, yes you may be young, but that's where I started too, and due to my appearance, I look even younger than I am. Jaws drop when I tell people I am 31. The fact is though, I find newbies to be fresh, eager and willing to work their butts off! I was one of them!
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You are an 18 year old, inexperienced, don't know what you don't know, wet behind the ears newbie that wants the owner of a multi-million dollar home to 'trust you." -
It very likely you live with mom and dad, drive a Camry, and speak, dress and understand like an 18 year old.
It is very likey you are a byproduct of the social engineering of the public education system and are incapable or recognizing and or respecting the values of those who have the wealth sufficient to acquire the multi-million dollar home you want to market.
You CAN NOT see these things in yourself. I can not see these things in me.
This is why the guidance of John and Barbara is of such great value.
A mentor will be your role model, your wing man, your councelor, your teacher, your guide, your very best critic. Beg, borrow or steal whatever is needed to become connected to the right mentor.
Then buckle up! You are in for a truly sensational ride.
In eight years you will read a question by B.T, who is just out of high school, does not value advanced educated, thinks selling multi-million dollar real estate is a piece of cake, and your fingers will be impatient to share what you have learned.

Best of success to you,
Annette Lawrence, Broker/Associate
Remax Realtec Group
Palm Harbor, FL
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Many of these answers are good, most of all as a starting agent do your own diligent research, by being self sufficient and not depending on other agents you can think a little bit of the box and and possibly come up with your unique style.
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Start by working with a top agent in your area if at all possible--it will be a win-win for both of you. Work with a national brand company especially if you want to thrive in the luxury market. Most of the big brand names have a luxury division which will give the tools you need to excel in that area. Luxury homes are a lofty goal--remember the bread and butter especially as you start is in the mid range--build your name brand and ease into the luxury homes.
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~ Find a good company to work for!
~ Find a good teacher!

~ Don't expect to get paid next week ~ make sure you have some money in the bank to live on so you don't feel too pressured to try to close a transaction that just isn't working.

~ Work hard and be honest & diligent. Follow up on all your leads.
~ Don't be afraid to ask questions. Don't be afraid to tell your client that you do not know the answer to their question but you will research it and find out.

~ Best of luck to you!
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Use your spirit and go for it, However I suggest you start on a team that does luxury homes.
Most of all remember those sales do not happen every month, However if you treat little deals with luxury service you will do well.
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Hi CJ,
That is a well composed heartfelt message. My first bit of advice is to use
a dictionary and double check your use of the English language. We all make mistakes.
Keep in mind the luxury real estate market involves working for very well educated people , who expect a lot. Therefore if you do not mind I just want to point out, one would say " especially " as specially is NOT a word. And advice is spelled like that, vs advise in the context you used the word.

Tomorrow , I will elaborate more . As I admire your spirit and determination. And that you have the willingness to reach out to ask for advice.

Most of all , work hard, be smart , See open houses all the time. And remember what you see. Even
when you do not have a buyer , or seller yet. As tomorrow you may get a referral form a friend , or at a party. So be prepared. successful people are prepared.

regards, Deborah
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Hey C.j.p.

Find a mentor. Someone who is willing to guide you and show you the ropes. Pick their brain and learn all that you can. The luxury home buyer/seller is extremely savvy so you better know what you are doing,

Good luck!

Barbara Grandolfo
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The best training you can get is from someone who is already dominating in the market you want to enter. Your first sale should be selling YOU to that agent so that they will take a chance on you. You'll have to convince them that their investment in you will result in a return on investment for them. Come up with a good story and be truthful.
Best of luck.
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Continue your R/E education even after you complete your schooling, the market and everything in it changes from day to day. Ask as many questions as you can and try and find a good mentor. If you learn better on your own find a great company that will be there for you when you have questions. If your long term goal is to have your own brokerage than you should probably attend a good business school and get that under your belt while you have the time. Real estate can be very fulfilling but it is not for everyone. You have to be strong willed and self motivated because everything in real estate is going to be an upward battle. I cannot say that I would have done anything differently in my first year but I do wish I would have had a little more help and direction in my first 6 months. I did find my way thanks to research and reassurance from my wife. First 6 months were absolutely the hardest and most difficult. Hope this helps and best of luck to you in everything you do.
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Sounds like real estate could be the easy way out......

If you truly thrive on a challenge...consider going to college! Real estate opportunities will still be there when you are finished with your course of study.

Best wishes with your decision.

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Get some really good training. Start with a big name company that will invest lots of training and a mentor.
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My advice: Go to school...
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