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Agents who have been able to reach VIP level 3 status -- what did you do to rack up the 24,000 points needed? I'm level 1 & halfway to

Asked by Lon Mapes, Redlands, CA Thu Nov 1, 2012

level 2. I've been posting 2 or 3 blog entires every day, checking in to properties, and answering some questions, etc.

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I have two reasons for doing this:
I love helping people, and I learn stuff on a daily basis.
It is interesting to see the differences between the cities and the States.
Many of the things I hear, make me appreciate the real estate climate in California and the rule, reg's and procedures set forth by the CAR.
No where in there, did I mention points.
If you focus on the points, you will surely burn out.
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The best way to position yourself as the market expert in your area is through consistent contributions--including answering questions, and just as importantly blogging about your area and your areas of expertise. Don't focus on the points--focus on contributing value and the points will follow.
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Ignore the points. I'm not sure potential customers care if you're a L1, 2 or 3 - so why should you? As Laura points out, the purpose of being active of Trulia is to establish yourself as a market leader with some type of expertise that is supported by the content of your blogging, answers, etc. The quality of your content will overshadow your current Pro level.
I think there are two reasons to be on Trulia. First - to establish your presence among potential clients and cause them to desire your services, and second - to pick up tips and referral contacts among other professionals. I'm a Trulia fan, but I think the Pro levels are kinda like most of real estate designations - customers don't know what they are and don't really care. They want to know what you can do for them.
My points were built primarily through blogging and answering questions. I blog about 3 articles and 10 market reports per week. The number of consumer questions worth answering have have fallen off a lot in the past year, unfortunately.
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Hi Lon,
Yes, by consistently contributing to this site on a daily basis; it will increase your ranking as well as establish yourself as the local market expert in your area. This should increase the leads you'll receive.

Best wishes to you!

Laura Feghali
Prudential Connecticut Realty
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Do some blogging, get your profile at 100% or close, answer under advice & questions and be patient. The status does not come overnight!
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Thumbs up to Laura and Allen. They are spot on. However, I might also suggest that you keep track of your progress by logging onto This gives you all the categories whereby you can gain points.

You should also ask a lot of questions and be sure to award best answer for those you feel deserve them. You should also give thumbs up to those answers you feel deserve them as you would be surprised to see how many of those folks will reciprocate. Additionally, well thought out answers can and often do result in best answer awards which are 100 points each.

You can also recommend other members you befriend and respect on Trulia. Personally I don't write as many or read and comment on many blogs anymore on Trulia as so many are just seem to be infomercials and/or advitorials about listings, sales and/or some form of solicitation. That stated, however, this is where I've derived most of my points so I guess writing good posts that folks will log onto is well worth the effort and probably one I should revisit more ardently.

I do love the Q/A venue and have been very active and owe my level 3 VIP status in part to that. I love answering questions from folks who are really reaching out for our expertise. They wouldn't be asking questions if they weren't really in need of sound information and knowledge from the RE community. Additionally, actively engaging in Q/A discussions really gets folks reviewing your profile

I have found that attaining this status does put you heads above your contemproraries inasmuch as we tend to receive a significant amount of inquiries that can and often are converted to good leads that have actually turned into sales which is what this is really all about at the end of the day. Good Luck
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you can keep track of your points at "my Trulia Voices activities". However, as many brokers correctly pointed out, you should not concentrate on points - it should become a habit to answer questions and participate in discussions, etc. It is also good to know what burning issues/questions sellers and buyers have in your area and be able to help them solve their problems or at least get some clarity about them. Look at it as sharing your knowledge, while also learning new things along the way.
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Well Christiansen Team, you're not off to a bad start for someone who knew nothing about points. Keep it that way and just keep on keeping on and in no time you'll see that big golden 3!. Congrats!
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I had no idea we had points. I knew about the VIP status, but points? Where do I find these?
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The points, very much like your income is the byproduct of a good strategy and well executed implementation. Strategy and implementation that align with one's core values turn work into....well fun!
How can you call what you like!

We all share collectively, the desire to be helpful. We help those in distress in our communities as well as those citizens who may be seeking guidance from a professional. When we are feels, really, really good!

Your joyful participation on Trulia will mean, being true to who you are, otherwise you will be consistently measuring the results with the great effort that must be made to conform. From this desire for assention disappointment grows.

Enjoy yourself. Express your personality. Add YOUR substance to the conversation. Remember it is a business. The results, be it the therapeutic nature of putting thoughts into words, the warm embrace of being helpful, the occasional accolades from your peers, all make the Trulia experience what it should be, fun, informing and community building.

As John stated, if you focus on the points. you have the cart before the horse.
Best of success to you.
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Answer as many questions as you can, and blog about your area and the real estate market. Good luck!
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Thumbs up to John, Judi and Ron as well. They were answering as I was was writing and snuck in there before I had a chance to post my answer. LOL! {:
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