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Agents- Is it really that difficult to put a listing in pending status once you have a contract and are waiting for association approval?

Asked by Marc Middleton, Miami Beach, FL Wed Nov 28, 2012

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Hi Marc,

I believe this is one of the MANY problems in our lovely city when it comes to MLS protocol.
Our board has not taken steps to help eleviate problems, and does not punish offenders.

If we want to be treated as professionals we need to act as such, unfortunatly many agents here in Miami do not get that.

Good Luck!
Beth Jenkins
South Florida Brokers
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same here:)
no clue...
Sometimes I call the listing agent and hear that the escrow closed long time ago and this is just a mistake in mls and it will be corrected 'right away'! Weeks later I still see the same listing with the same agent as active or backup~ go figure.
There is another one you'll love:
Yesterday, I received auto update about a new listing in my area......and another one, and 4 more: same listing, same agent, same description, but! there are 6 different mls numbers for the same sfr!
How it even possible?!
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Honestly this made me laugh out loud. I have learn to stop been amazed by the things that go on!!! =)
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I am with you Marc.. Its bothers me a great deal. I am also very frustrated that many agents close out their listing and give themselves the credit as the selling agent. Both of these issues are a violation and a fine but i rarely see or hear anyone getting called out for this. We all should know the rules and the time frame we have to change the status of a listing to pending and we should all work to follow these rules to make everyone's work easier and avoid wasted time for all.
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You are so right on! When the listing agent puts himself down as the selling agent that is just plain wrong. An agent did it to me and I took the time to have it corrected. It was a real pain and time consuming but it was definitely worth it! Thanks for your comment. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
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I couldn't agree more. It is very frustrating to have a client be interested in several units just to go back and tell them its gone. I think if agents are going to be lazy then maybe that's what they should write in the brokers remarks so we know not to even waste our time with their properties. =)
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There are a few on this site that want to be anit-agent for some reason, and they are agents, I don't get it.
This site is helpful to the average buyer, for basic information and hopefully to find an experienced agent. Many clients understand that the properties may not be available and all ifno is not exact, but they can get general ideas. I feel those of us that answer questiosn are doing a great service to the prospective buyers and sellers and nothing can take that away from us. I have met and worked with some great clinets for this site, so obviously some agents miss the point of this forum.

Beth Jenkins
South Flirida Brokers
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I think, it is more of an issue with the agents not updating the MLS not with Truilia.
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I found a listing sold in option for more than a year and still pending.....Incredible.
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So true. How about listings that show Pending Sale for over a year and are never updated? Or aqents that put no pictures up? Come on people, you have to put a little effort into your job.
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Hahahaha!! Same for "agents is it really difficult to answer phone if we want to show a listing". Thanks for the Sunday laugh Marc
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LOL, LOL! Hello Marc. Accountability seems to be a never ending, ongoing issue in this field of independent contractors. I typically find myself calling agents to confirm status on their's the norm for me.

How can potential clients trust what we tell them or the information we deliver to them if we can't trust our associates/sources to deliver accurate information that contributes to the whole?

I look forward to the day the entire RE system will be revamped. Unfortunately, don't think that will happen in my life time. Hang in there and good luck to you!
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The buyer and seller and information gatherer on Trulia, frequently comments on pursuing homes listed for sale and find they are already sold. THIS IS THE CONSUMER EXPERIENCE ON TRULIA.
You post a statement on TRULIA. available for buyers and seller and information gatherers to read, that states agents are the cause of faulty data. YOU DO NOT DISTINGUISH THIS HAS NOT BEARING ON ANY DATA APPEARING ON TRULIA! There is only one conclusion, based on what the Trulia buyer and seller and information gather knows and experiences, they can make.

Bad data on Trulia is due to agent not updating the STATUS!!

It seems most of you are comfortable with the consumer making that conclusion. OF course, you know it is incorrect.
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Do me a favor a get a life. NO ONE on here is talking about Trulia. If you had half a brain you would realize we are talking about the MLS. Why do you find it necessary to comment on everything I write. I have never met you nor do I care to. You do not work in this area therefore have no idea what goes on in this city. Stick to Palm Harbor where life is boring and you do nothing with your time than go on trulia and write post that don't make sense.
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I agree with you 100%. I think this site should be used to help each other and meet good clients. There is no reason to bash someone each time they post something. I was hoping that some agents who continue to not put their units in pending status once they have a contract would see how annoying it is to others and change the way to do things.
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Caution to everyone......Annette Lawrence for some reason likes to argue with everything I put on here and I have never met this woman. She doesn't live or work in this area but feels necessary to comment. Please ignore her.
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It is kind of Ironic to that such a question is presented on a aggregate real estate website famous for the illusion of homes for sale. Perhaps the question would have have more sincerity on Active Rain. However, in the arena where home buyers chase the illusion of homes for sale and vapors of homes sold long along ago, it just seems trite.
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dear Annette,
I think, Mark is frustrated not about Trulia but the local mls flows. We don't post listings here/Trulia/ directly ( at least, usually agent don't do that), they auto updated from the mls( isn't it the same in other states?). I'd never rely on accuracy of Trulia or any other public site status of the listing:)
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