Crime Data in Vernon Hill

Trulia uses crime reports to provide valuable information on the relative safety of homes in the U.S. Use the map below to learn more about crime activity in Vernon Hill.

Most frequent crimes in the past year


Counts of Disorder


Counts of Community Policing


Counts of Traffic


Counts of Alarm


Counts of Assault

Recent crimes

Occurred On Type Description
02/11/16 Community Policing Assist Citizen P:013763
02/09/16 Disorder Disturbance P:013109
02/09/16 Disorder Disturbance P:013101
02/08/16 Disorder Disorderly Person P:012820
02/08/16 Community Policing Check on the Welfare P:012785
02/08/16 Traffic Disabled MV P:012784
02/08/16 Community Policing Check on the Welfare P:012782
02/08/16 Theft Larceny Over 250 P:012560
02/07/16 Other Loud Party P:012492
02/05/16 Disorder Disorderly Person P:011922
02/05/16 Traffic Accident Hit and Run P:011543
02/05/16 Traffic Disabled MV P:011541
02/04/16 Alarm Alarm Residence P:011527
02/04/16 Theft Larceny Under 250 P:011493
02/03/16 Weapons Offense Gun Shots P:011164
02/03/16 Other Warrant P:010866
02/02/16 Other Warrant P:010839
02/02/16 Community Policing Check on the Welfare P:010833
02/01/16 Theft of Vehicle Stolen MV P:010493
02/01/16 Other Suspicious Person P:010464
01/30/16 Community Policing Check on the Welfare P:009846
01/30/16 Other Returned Person P:009825
01/30/16 Disorder Disorderly Person P:009791
01/29/16 Other Loud Music P:009548
01/28/16 Disorder Disorderly Person P:009198
01/28/16 Disorder Fight P:009194
01/27/16 Other 911 Hang Up P:008825
01/27/16 Community Policing Check on the Welfare P:008821
01/27/16 Disorder Disturbance P:008816
01/27/16 Disorder Disorderly Person P:008512
01/26/16 Theft of Vehicle Stolen MV P:008483**SCOOTER**
01/26/16 Robbery Armed Robbery Commerical P:008469
01/25/16 Other Malicious Mischief P:008117
01/24/16 Traffic Accident Property Damage No Injuries P:007770
01/24/16 Assault with Deadly Weapon Assault Dangerous Weapon P:007754
01/24/16 Traffic Parking Violation P:007558
01/23/16 Traffic Parking Violation P:007535
01/22/16 Other Loud Party P:007247
01/22/16 Alarm Alarm Residence P:006920
01/20/16 Traffic Accident Property Damage No Injuries P:006569
01/19/16 Traffic R43696/MA P:006187
01/19/16 Disorder Disturbance P:006182
01/17/16 Disorder Disorderly Person P:005578
01/17/16 Disorder Disturbance P:005577
01/16/16 Other Loud Party P:005316
01/16/16 Disorder Disorderly Person P:005307
01/16/16 Disorder Disturbance P:005287
01/15/16 Robbery Armed Robbery Individual P:005003
01/14/16 Alarm Alarm Medical P:004687
01/14/16 Other Located Runaway P:004651