For those who know, we just added more ways for you to get free VIP status on Trulia. For those who don’t, check out these cool ways to get your business more exposure and position yourself as THE local real estate expert.

What’s a Trulia VIP?

Trulia VIPs might be better called our MVV’s; “Most Valuable Voices.” These agents are our most active professionals around the country who constantly show their area smarts by

  • Answering consumer and community questions,
  • Posting informative blogs consumers and agents find helpful, and
  • Helping keep Trulia’s online Q&A database up-to-date with the most accurate and current local information.

You can see who’s already a Trulia VIP here.

How do you become a VIP?

Getting active on Trulia is the only way to become a VIP, get the badge, and get your chance to show up on the Trulia Voices home page. To become a VIP, you need at least 3,000 Activity points.



Create an account

100 pts

Complete your profile

100 pts

Receive a Recommendation (New*)

50 pts

Check into a Listing (New*)

10 pts

Publish a blog post

5 pts

Answer a question

4 pts

Leave a blog comment

3 pts

Write a review

3 pts

Select a best answer

2 pts

Ask a question

1 pt

Post blocked by Trulia

-30 pts

Receive a best answer award

100 pts

Receive a thumbs up

4 pts

Receive a blog comment

5 pts

Receive blog page views

1 pt / view

Receive profile page views

1 pt / 20 views

What Are the Benefits of Being a VIP on Trulia?

Besides the VIP badges that appear on your profiles and showcase your status across Trulia, VIPs are rewarded for their involvement and fantastic contributions with increased exposure throughout Trulia Voices and in our Find a Pro directory.

These benefits increase with each VIP Level, and, as an added reward, Level 2 and Level 3 VIPs have the opportunity of being featured in our bimonthly Consumer and Agent Newsletters.

Here’s what it takes to get the more exposure as a Trulia VIP:




Contributions (in 30 days)










Former VIP


< 20

With the two new features, Check Ins and Recommendations, becoming a VIP just got a whole lot easier. Get active on Trulia Voices and your profile to start earning your way to VIP status today.

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