The next, long-overdue evolution of real estate online recommendations is here. For years, you and the consumers hunting your expertise have had to settle for hard-to-use and hard-to spot online recommendations.

But now, there’s an easy way for you to get all your online recommendations to show up in one place. After all, a recommendation that is hanging out on some site all alone isn’t likely to be found.

1. Cut and Paste to Add Recommendations

When you log into your online Trulia profile, the recommendations section will show a new tab, “Add Recommendations.” Use this tab to open a window where you can cut paste any recommendations, from your email box, your Facebook wall, or
elsewhere online.

2. Send an Email to Confirm

Once you’ve added your recommendation, enter the email address of the person who recommended you so we can confirm the recommendation with the author. After you hit “Request Verification,” Trulia will automatically send a note to the recommendation’s author to verify its authenticity.

3. Verify With One Click

Your recommenders will receive a short e-mail from Trulia enabling them to confirm your recommendation with one click. Once they’ve confirmed, that recommendation will be added to your Trulia recommendations to help show your smarts and strengthen your online reputation.

To get started adding recommendations now, check out this special slideshow that will walk you through the process step by step.

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