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Are Your Prospective Residents Local? Google Data May Surprise You.

Paula Pant
August 21, 2014

Do you know where your future prospects and renters currently live?

You may have some notions about the demographics of your target residents — their occupations, their price points, the amenities that appeal to them — but do you know where those target renters are living now?

New research shows they may be farther away than you imagined.

A recent Google report reveals that a substantial number of people are searching for rentals in a different city or state. Check out these tips to make sure your listings are getting in front of as many potential renters as possible. continue reading

#Twitter Triggers Building Boom in Next HOT Hood in S.F.

There goes the neighborhood. The intersection of Market & Van Ness is quickly becoming the NBT – The ‘Next Big Thing’ in San Francisco real estate development. This is a direct result of the rise of nearby technology/social networking giants like Twitter, the northward migration of Silicon Valley to San Francisco, and the recent rezoning that permits for greater density and height.

Similar to what is happening in the downtown areas of LA, Brooklyn and Austin, the area where Mid Market, Hayes Valley, and Western SOMA converge is going from blight to bright with globally renowned real estate developers acquiring sites and developing mixed-use office, retail and residential projects like never before. continue reading

2014 Rental Predictions: Why Your Business Should Be Booming

June 10, 2014

shutterstock_55461562When the largest group in the U.S. population is about to trump almost 50% of the rental market, there’s bound to be some changes that might make even the seasoned real estate or veteran property manager nervous. In our webinar with Appfolio and Inman News, Trulia VP of New Ventures, Nikesh Parekh, discussed the major groups of influence in multifamily and how economic, demographic, and technology shifts have rocked the apartment world.
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Debunking 6 Common Landlord Myths

Virginia C. Mcguire
June 10, 2014

shutterstock_55461562Misconceptions about landlords are very common. Whether you’re a real estate agent, seasoned property manager, or even a renter, many people assume being a landlord is easy. On the other end of the spectrum, some people think “landlording” is very difficult and you need specialized skills in order to do it. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

Let’s look at some of the stereotypes about landlords, and why they’re wrong.

Landlord Myth # 1: The passive income myth

The term passive income refers to money you earn while you sit back and think about other things. It’s true that owning property can provide passive income–but only if you’re paying someone else to manage it. A landlord who manages the property is far from passive. They might enjoy quiet spells when they have renters in place, nothing is broken, and they can just collect rent checks. But much of the time being a landlord is a job like any other, with many different tasks that need to be done.

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4 Ways to Prevent Rental Fraud

As a professional there is nothing more frustrating than your hard work being abused by someone else. It is even worse when that hard work is used to steal from consumers. At Trulia, we completely understand your frustrations. So when scammers use your great listing photos, descriptions and property addresses, you are rightfully upset – and we are too.

How Does Fraud Get Through?
We take rental fraud very seriously. We use the most sophisticated tools possible to prevent scams, we have a dedicated team monitoring for fraudulent listings, and we’re constantly improving our systems and processes to ensure your property information is safe. But even if 1% of fraud makes it through, it’s still too much for us here at Trulia. We are committed to providing consumers and real estate pros a great environment with trust worthy information.

Preventing Rental Fraud
By working together, we can help eliminate fraud. Here are four recommended tips to keep fraud out of you and your customers’ life. By taking these steps, combined with our fraud prevention efforts, we can continue to push back fraud. continue reading

Property Manager Tech Tools: A Review of MagicPlan 4.0

Kenan Jue
April 29, 2014

I don’t know about you, but when I’m apartment hunting, the last thing on my mind is to remember to bring a tape measure when visiting a prospective rental, even though the primary purpose of my first visit is to size up the space and imagine living there with all of my stuff. But what if you could pull out your smart phone or tablet and accurately record the layout and dimensions of a room – and even share that information with your significant other or roommate who couldn’t make it? continue reading

How to Welcome a New Tenant Home

Virginia C. Mcguire
April 28, 2014

You’ve carefully screened your new tenants, and your tenants have probably screened you, too. Now it’s move-in day, and it’s your job to get the landlord-tenant relationship off to a positive start. A good relationship will encourage your tenants to take good care of the property and will reduce their desire to move out. With marketing fees and vacancy costs eating up $3,000 or more when someone moves out, a longer-term tenant saves you money and protects your profits.

Here are easy things you can do to get things off on the right foot.

1. Make some immediate improvements to the property. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh paint to make a home feel clean and new. Cleanliness is also extremely important. If you don’t have time to scour the bathtub or wash the windows, it might be worth hiring someone else to do it. Your new tenants are more likely to keep the place clean if it’s in pristine condition when they move in.
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5 Reasons for Real Estate Agents to Add Property Management

March 31, 2014

 rent-signIn the latest member profile survey administered by the National Association of Realtors, six percent of real estate agents declared property management to be their primary specialization. Additionally, agents onboard this trend, which has been rising significantly in recent years, managed an average of 49 properties.

If you’ve been considering property management, you’re now probably wondering if it’s right for your business. Do you really want to deal with all the nuances of property management, from fair housing to customer service and lease management? Can you change your mindset from sales to service?

Ask a fellow real estate agent, and they might deter you from entering the market due to lost income potential or the crazy side of tenant management. If that doesn’t scare you, then it’s time to consider the upside.

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3 Reasons Millennials Rent Instead of Own

Millennials – the generation labeled as lazy, entitled, and whiny by most media outlets. And I’m one of them. The number of 18-34 year-olds living with their parents rose from around 27% before the crash to over 31%, where it remained in 2013.

So is it true? Why has this generation received so much flak in mainstream media? The parents of this generation fulfilled their idea of the “American Dream” [home ownership] at a much younger age than this current crop of potential homeowners. Without diving too deep into the psychology of this generation or beginning a warfare-class discussion, here are 3 of the reasons millennials rent instead of own.
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The Tech Trends That Residents Prioritize

Our friends over at Appfolio took the liberty of dissecting the results of the multifamily industry’s largest and most comprehensive national survey on apartment resident technologies. For your reading pleasure, we moved the slinky further down the escalator, consolidating these results into a Top 3. continue reading