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4 Ways to Prevent Rental Fraud

As a professional there is nothing more frustrating than your hard work being abused by someone else. It is even worse when that hard work is used to steal from consumers. At Trulia, we completely understand your frustrations. So when scammers use your great listing photos, descriptions and property addresses, you are rightfully upset – and we are too.

How Does Fraud Get Through?
We take rental fraud very seriously. We use the most sophisticated tools possible to prevent scams, we have a dedicated team monitoring for fraudulent listings, and we’re constantly improving our systems and processes to ensure your property information is safe. But even if 1% of fraud makes it through, it’s still too much for us here at Trulia. We are committed to providing consumers and real estate pros a great environment with trust worthy information.

Preventing Rental Fraud
By working together, we can help eliminate fraud. Here are four recommended tips to keep fraud out of you and your customers’ life. By taking these steps, combined with our fraud prevention efforts, we can continue to push back fraud. continue reading

3 Costly Spring Mistakes Buyers Make (And What You Can Do to Stop Them!)

May 5, 2014

“Oh, how I wish. . .” started no wise real estate decision ever. There’s a reason they call it real estate, folks. That’s because we’re dealing with the most tangible type of property around— land— and the buildings that, formally speaking, represent improvements to that land.

For agents, we realize that real estate is serious business, because—well—it is our business. But for some buyers, purchasing a home can still feel abstract and conceptual. As a result, there are some buyers who attempt to apply fantasy-realm wishes to real life, real land situations. This mindset is never a setup for success. But when the market is hot and you have a goal or a timeline, engaging in wishful thinking is not just foolhardy— it can be downright costly.

This hot selling season is still predicted to be tight when it comes to inventory. That means that buyers need to bring their ‘A ‘game and keep their head on straight if they’re going to snag their dream home. As an agent, it’s your job to help buyers get back to reality.
Here are three common, costly buyer mistakes that often arise when the market is hot, offers are plentiful and prices are rising—and what you can do to help out your clients. continue reading

5 Ways to Win More Clients this Spring

Jovan Hackley
May 2, 2014

Web worship can be a seriously dangerous habit these days. What’s “Web worship?” It’s the thinking and lifestyle that says, the Web is the best place to do any—and everything.

Of course, these days, online leads are a vital part of your business, and some of the best buyers and sellers can be found right here on the web. But it’s important to remember that agents with the fullest pipeline of potential clients are pulling them from a solid mix of sources—both online and off.

Here are five trendy spring offline places your next leads are lurking. continue reading

Trulia’s #1 App for Agents—Now on iPad and Android Tablets!

Since we launched the Trulia for Agents App—the first app exclusively for real estate agents—we immediately heard from agents who told us, “This is great, but what about the tools I need on my iPad and tablet?” Well, we’re happy to say that we heard you loud and clear!

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded the power of the Trulia for Agents App to iPad and Android tablets. Plus! We’ve made some can’t-miss improvements to our app for your iPhone or Android phones as well.

The Agent App has always focused on helping you respond to leads as quickly as possible. And while speed is important, how you respond to a lead can also determine whether a prospect turns into a real world client. With the new app, we’ve worked to bring you the insights and information you need to have a successful first contact with prospective buyers and sellers to help you win more clients.

As you respond to a lead, you’ll be able to simultaneously view insights and contextual details about the lead—like what property they were looking at when they sent their inquiry and their buying timeline. The new app isn’t just about responding to leads, it’s about converting them into your newest clients. continue reading

Property Manager Tech Tools: A Review of MagicPlan 4.0

Kenan Jue
April 29, 2014

I don’t know about you, but when I’m apartment hunting, the last thing on my mind is to remember to bring a tape measure when visiting a prospective rental, even though the primary purpose of my first visit is to size up the space and imagine living there with all of my stuff. But what if you could pull out your smart phone or tablet and accurately record the layout and dimensions of a room – and even share that information with your significant other or roommate who couldn’t make it? continue reading

5 Things Buyers Need to Hear Now for a Successful Buying Season

April 28, 2014

For real estate agents, May through August signals prime time to put your head down, pound the pavement and get deals done. You—and your clients—need to be ready to capitalize on the hot selling season, when 60% of all homes are bought and sold! And while you’ve been mentally preparing for the upcoming frenzy—your buyers may not have been.

Sure—buyers know that in order to prep for buying a home, they need to get things in order—from their must-have list to their financial paperwork. But as the real estate market continues to heat up into the busiest season of the year, there’s one major piece of the puzzle that many a homebuyer neglects to manage at all: their mindset.

Don’t let the failure to manage their own mindset be your client’s downfall (or a loss of your own time and effort!). Here are 5 spring things agents should remind their buyers now, especially in areas where multiple offers and over-asking sales prices are the norm: continue reading

How to Welcome a New Tenant Home

Virginia C. Mcguire
April 28, 2014

You’ve carefully screened your new tenants, and your tenants have probably screened you, too. Now it’s move-in day, and it’s your job to get the landlord-tenant relationship off to a positive start. A good relationship will encourage your tenants to take good care of the property and will reduce their desire to move out. With marketing fees and vacancy costs eating up $3,000 or more when someone moves out, a longer-term tenant saves you money and protects your profits.

Here are easy things you can do to get things off on the right foot.

1. Make some immediate improvements to the property. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh paint to make a home feel clean and new. Cleanliness is also extremely important. If you don’t have time to scour the bathtub or wash the windows, it might be worth hiring someone else to do it. Your new tenants are more likely to keep the place clean if it’s in pristine condition when they move in.
continue reading

‘Happiest Agent on the Block’ – A Study of Agent Happiness

Market Leader
April 25, 2014

How happy are real estate professionals, and what drives their happiness?

These are the questions that Market Leader, Trulia’s sister company, set out to answer when it created the “Happiest Agent on the Block” survey. Over 3,000 agents participated in the survey, sharing how happy they are based on four key happiness metrics: happiness with their careers, incomes, the tasks they complete on a day-to-day basis (e.g., following up with leads and attending client appointments), and happiness with their lives in general. Respondents also answered questions about their careers, including whether they work alone or with a partner or team, and their lives outside of the real estate industry, like their marital status and education level, to help us find trends in agent happiness. continue reading

Trulia Guide: 10 Tips for Successfully Responding to Online Leads

April 25, 2014

Whether you’re making social connections at a party or interviewing for a new job, your first impressions count. And when it comes to making connections with future real estate clients, first impressions are more than just important—they’re crucial to your success.

In the real estate industry, much time is spent focusing on the strategy behind building your brand, finding leads, negotiating, and closing sales. But what about the part in between finding leads and negotiating sales? What about the period of time when you’ve already found the lead, but you haven’t yet started building the relationship?

Making a first impression with potential clients is so much more than just returning phone calls and cleaning out your inbox. Your first impression can help a potential client start to trust you, establish you as an expert in your local market, and secure your role as his or her real estate professional.

Download Trulia’s guide for a successful first encounter with a future client!

5 Spring Selling Mistakes Clients Make

Jovan Hackley
April 24, 2014

Agents and sellers across the country are singing “Happy days are here again.” Why? Because in many markets the tides are turning. Skittish buyers are exiting the fence, lending rates are still near historic lows, and typically spring is primetime for those who are finally ready to list.

Unfortunately, when market factors start to feel like magic, too many sellers fall prey to the risk of thinking homes just “sell themselves.”

Here are five potholes you and your sellers, literally, can’t afford to stumble into this spring:

1. Demand “Dumbification”

Yes, I just made the word up, but the complex is real. It’s bad when a client can’t see beyond their emotional attachment to a home. It’s even worse when your sellers ignore the facts about what’s making today’s buyer’s fall in love.

According to a recent National Association of Home Builders survey, the top features that will help your home compete with new listings that are hitting the market are:

  • Walk-in Master closets
  • Energy efficient windows and appliances
  • Laundry room and
  • “Great” rooms that are multi-purpose for the family

continue reading