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3 Listings You Should Never Take—Ever

Melissa Zavala
June 23, 2014

New and old agents alike dream of listings. After all, you’ve probably heard the old saying, “If you don’t list, you don’t last.” It’s true that listings are the bee’s knees. A single agent working alone can handle many more listings than he or she can buyers. That’s because many aspects of the listing can be handled from a desk—taking phone calls, preparing advertising materials, posting to the internet. But, the buyers need to actually go out and see the homes, and this takes time (which is why top-producing agents focus on obtaining listings).

The truth about listings is that you’ve got to be able to determine whether the listing will actually result in a closing. Therein lies the rub. There are certain types of listings that agents should never take. Watch out for these; if you take these listings, you may not last. continue reading

21 Sizzling Summer Ideas for Generating More Leads

Erin Renzas
June 21, 2014

With the summer buying and selling season heating up, you can’t afford to slow down—especially when it comes to making your marketing matter. With 60% of the year’s homes set to be sold from May through August, you need to be sure that the best buyers and sellers in your target neighborhoods know that you’re the must-know, go-to agent in the area.

But for many real estate agents, it can be tough to balance the demands of the busy season with the need to come up with creative marketing strategies that help you win the best clients. Relax! We’ve got you covered with our go-to guide of twenty-one clever ideas to help you generate more leads, meet more prospective clients, and close more deals this season.

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3 Lethal Home Showing Killers (and How to Conquer Them)

Jovan Hackley
June 20, 2014

Just when you’re ready to breath a sigh of relief… You’ve taken the right photos. You’ve listed on the right websites. You’ve e-mailed, called, staged, and nurtured the leads. And now…it’s the home’s time to shine.

It’s time for the deal-making or -breaking showing, and then it happens. No response from the buyers agent, no offer, and another day on the market.

Why? The reason could be that one of these showing killers is sabotaging your hard work and ultimately delaying or killing the deal before you even get to the negotiation.

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The 7 Second Delay: How to Handle a Tough Agent in a Transaction

Colleen Fischesser
June 19, 2014

In real estate, you can find smart business lessons in nearly every other industry—even horse racing. Yep—horse racing.

Earlier this month, Steve Coburn, co-owner of the Kentucky Derby-winning horse California Chrome, watched as his dreams of the snagging the 3rd jewel in the Triple Crown faded away. If you watched that race, you probably also witnessed his post-race vent. No seven second delay there! I’m sure NBC was excited to get “great TV” (didn’t they ask him the same question a few times?). Many people have called him a sore loser; I call him a regular guy who got caught up in a great big media story, and was extremely disappointed when the outcome wasn’t what he’d hoped, but that’s just my two cents.

He was ticked and bitterly disappointed. Even his wife couldn’t prevent him from letting his emotions get the better of him, clouding common sense.

It can happen (and probably has happened) to all of us at some point. But when it happens in a real estate transaction? Yeah—not so good. continue reading

8 Clients Every Agent Should Fire

Jovan Hackley
June 16, 2014

The agent-client relationship is often viewed as one way where agents work for the clients. The reality is, there are really two workings that need to happen to make a transaction a success. The agent must “work”— help close the deal—for the client. In addition, the client must “work”— be worth the time invested— for the agent.

If you’re in business for the long haul, you know that the deals you work today can dictate and shape the future of your business. Be wary of these eight clients who may be costing you more than you’ll earn:

1. The Odd Ball

Whether you know it or not, you have a niche. There is a common thread, cultural trend, or experience all of your past clients share. That’s your niche.

There are some agents who end up repeatedly working with first-timers. Others’ networks lead them to specializing helping divorcees build a new life. No matter the niche it is important to know it and be on the look out for clients who are drastically different than those you are used to serving. continue reading

The 3 Summer Sellers You Need to Know

Tara-Nicholle Nelson
June 12, 2014

The happening summer selling season is here, but that doesn’t mean things are going to be easy.

The last five years have been an emotional rollercoaster for those of us in the real estate business, but they’ve been just as neck-snapping for those we serve. Today’s sellers were yesterday’s upside-down homeowners and the prior generation of bidding war participants, when they were on the buy side.

It’s no surprise, then, that there are some predictable patterns you’ll see in the way sellers are thinking about their homes this year—for better and for worse. And some of those bad patterns may make for seller that—no matter how much you need new listings— just isn’t worth it in the end.

Here we take a look at three types of sellers to keep an eye out for this summer, and what do and say to manage their mindset if you face one this summer. continue reading

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Summer Pipeline

Erin Renzas
June 11, 2014

For real estate agents, May through August signals prime time to put your head down, pound the pavement and get deals done. In fact, this is the time of year when 60% of all homes are bought and sold. Agents who don’t take advantage of the sizzling summer home selling season are missing out. Make the most of it and supercharge your client pipeline with these five smart strategies.

In this must-have free guide, we’ll teach you simple ways to automate your lead generation efforts, simple ideas for implementing e-mail techniques that can build your business offline, and how to ensure that come fall your business will be just as booming as is was during the height of the summer season.

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3 Questions You Should Never Ask a New Lead

Jovan Hackley
June 11, 2014

Yes, lead qualification is about investigation, organization, and ultimately setting yourself up to close. No, your prospects shouldn’t feel like they’ve just been arrested or are having a routine robotic conversation. For them, choosing an agent is a moment…a huge moment.

To make sure you’re the agent they choose and maximize your time with them on the phone, there are a few tactics you should use and questions you should reconsider asking.

1. Do you have an agent?

Remember that lead qualification is about getting the full story. You need more detail than simple “yes” or “no” boxes can offer to find and help the right clients.

Yes, you do need to know if a prospect is represented but if you ask the question like a journalist instead of a call center marketer, you can find out more valuable information. continue reading

3 Ways to Set Buyer Expectations for a Smooth Offer Process

Geoff Bray
June 10, 2014

In an industry where Murphy’s Law seems to reign supreme, anything that can go wrong most certainly will. Unfortunately, some of the shows on television paint a picture for purchasers that they will look at three homes, pick the one they want and “lights camera action,” they are happily moved in to their new home and get it for the price they want. Ah, the magic of Hollywood.

A buyer getting the home they want rarely happens that way and it’s our job to set their expectations at the first meeting. One of the biggest reasons a consumer never takes the first step towards buying anything—let alone a house—is their fear of the unknown. By setting a buyer’s expectations of what is supposed to happen next, how that event is supposed to happen, as well as what could go wrong, we take care of a lot of the insecurities associated with the purchase. Not to mention we won’t have to deal with the phrase “But you never said this could happen!”

Here are three major areas to set expectations during the offer process: continue reading

2014 Rental Predictions: Why Your Business Should Be Booming

June 10, 2014

shutterstock_55461562When the largest group in the U.S. population is about to trump almost 50% of the rental market, there’s bound to be some changes that might make even the seasoned real estate or veteran property manager nervous. In our webinar with Appfolio and Inman News, Trulia VP of New Ventures, Nikesh Parekh, discussed the major groups of influence in multifamily and how economic, demographic, and technology shifts have rocked the apartment world.
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