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Happy April Fools’ Day! Announcing Truluvia—The First Dating Site Exclusively for Real Estate Agents

Well, as you may have guessed by now, it’s time for us to wish you a very Happy April Fools’ Day! That’s right. Trulia isn’t really becoming a dating site exclusively for real estate agents, but we did have a great time putting the joke together and seeing everyone’s reaction! If you missed yesterday’s prank, you can see how we pulled it off below. Plus, you can still visit Tuluvia to see our faux dating site! Thanks for letting us have a little fun yesterday. We hope you got a few laughs with us! For now, it’s back to being just good ol’ Trulia. But you never know what the future may hold…

At Trulia, we’ve always been passionate about helping agents connect with consumers to find their dream home. Since 2005, we’ve been combining cutting-edge technology and deep industry knowledge to find dream homes for millions of consumers.

In our unending quest to find ways that we can help real estate professionals better connect with consumers, we often found ourselves thinking about other types of connections. Specifically? Love connections.

Today, we’re proud to introduce Truluvia, the world’s first dating site exclusively for real estate agents.

We’ve said it many times before, but if there is one thing that never changes, it’s that the real estate industry is always changing.

Trulia is shifting our business model to focus exclusively on helping real estate agents make the connections that really matter. Love connections. continue reading

4 Steps for Engaging Any Online Lead

March 31, 2014

Increasingly, home buyers and sellers are turning to the web to find the right real estate agent. How you respond to and manage your online leads can be the difference between a closed deal and a missed opportunity. But for agent who are new to the world of online leads, knowing what to say and how to ensure that the prospective client responds back can be a challenge. With these four smart strategies and expert tactics, you can master the art of online lead response.

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5 Reasons for Real Estate Agents to Add Property Management

March 31, 2014

 rent-signIn the latest member profile survey administered by the National Association of Realtors, six percent of real estate agents declared property management to be their primary specialization. Additionally, agents onboard this trend, which has been rising significantly in recent years, managed an average of 49 properties.

If you’ve been considering property management, you’re now probably wondering if it’s right for your business. Do you really want to deal with all the nuances of property management, from fair housing to customer service and lease management? Can you change your mindset from sales to service?

Ask a fellow real estate agent, and they might deter you from entering the market due to lost income potential or the crazy side of tenant management. If that doesn’t scare you, then it’s time to consider the upside.

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Dream Open House: Live Like Old LA Royalty in Hancock Park, $1.695M


When: Sunday, March 23 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m
Where: 308 N. Sycamore Ave #506, Los Angeles
How Much: $1.695M with HOAs of $1079 a month
Listing Agent: Monique and Joe Carrabba, Carrabba + Group,
Bellevue, Washington
More Information: See the full listing!

What: This spectacularly renovated 4-bed, 3-bath top floor condominium reflects the vintage glamour of Hancock Park, a neighborhood developed for wealthy Angelenos in the 1920s. Spacious and grandly detailed, all 22 apartments in the French Renaissance Style building were designed to look and feel like the other private houses in the neighborhood. continue reading

5 Ways to Market a Stale Listing

March 27, 2014

A stale listing? In this market? We know—in hot markets, inventory is still low, buyers are jumping and many listings are still getting multiple offers. But all of this can make it even more frustrating for agents if you have a listing that isn’t pulling in strong offers or is stalling on a sale. Of course, all agents have had the seller who makes some missteps or novice mistakes that can make even a great home a tough sell. And, if we’re all being honest, sometimes even agents share some of the blame for not taking simple measures to improve a home’s exposure and appeal.

Relax. Not all is lost, and in this market, a few quick fresh fixes may be all your listing needs to get your sellers some great offers and a closed deal. continue reading

Bubble Watch: Local Worries, National Calm

Trulia’s Bubble Watch reveals whether home prices are overvalued or undervalued relative to their fundamental value by comparing prices today with historical prices, incomes, and rents. The more prices are overvalued relative to fundamentals, the closer we are to a housing bubble – and the bigger the risk of a future price crash.

Recent price changes, by themselves, cannot tell us whether this is a housing bubble; neither can a simple comparison of nominal price levels today to where they were in the past. Asking prices in Las Vegas, for instance, are up almost 60% from their lowest point during the bust, and asking prices in Pittsburgh and Dallas are now above their 2006 highs. But none of those facts takes fundamentals into account, so none can tell us whether those local markets are in a housing bubble.
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6 Things Buyers Want in an Agent

March 24, 2014

You always ask buyers what they’re looking for in a home, but have you ever thought about what they’re looking for in an agent? In order to ensure that you convince buyers that you’re the agent who can get the job, you need to have a deep understanding of what they are looking for. Here are the six major things that buyers want in an agent.

1. They Want to Trust You

Doctor, mechanic, real estate agent: these three people in your life that you need honesty from. And when it comes to you, an agent, sometimes you have to work even harder to gain trust because of negative experiences that buyers may have had with agents, not to mention the horror stories they’ve heard from friends and family. Reassure buyers from your first meeting that their needs are your top priority and that they should never hesitate to share their questions and concerns with you. continue reading

Dream Open House: Old School in Winnetka, or the Perfect Art Collector’s House, $949K


When: Sunday, March 23 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m
Where: 1250 Hill Street, Winnetka, Ill.
How Much: Recenty reduced to $998K from $1.050M, the 2-bed, 3-bath house came on the market in September of 2013
Listing Agent:Joan Conlisk, Koenig & Strey Real Living,
Bellevue, Washington
More Information: See the full listing!

What: Built in 1952, this one-story classic Georgian-Regency Style house is a throwback to more polite times, a time capsule of when people dressed up and had cocktails– and with only two bedrooms, would have been referred to as a “couple’s house.” The formal spaces may be intimidating, but the rooms could easily accommodate an art collection. Kids? Probably not. continue reading

6 Photos Every Listing Should Have (and You May Forget)

Tara-Nicholle Nelson
March 20, 2014

So, you got the listing. You loaded it all up online. And it looks pretty good, right? A “nice” description with “nice” pictures might make a “nice” first impression. But that might also be its last impression, given buyers’ approach to ruling listings in and out.

Buyers’ approach is, in a word, ruthless. Buyers have lots of online listings to get through, and very, very limited time. They review online listings against a backdrop of lots of priorities and considerations battling for their mindspace: their financial priorities, family plans, space needs, aesthetics and the must-haves and deal-breakers of anywhere from 1 to 4 people—or more. So, when they peruse the hundreds of listings on Trulia in your area, maybe yours will make it into the 40 properties they favorite. continue reading

Apply to America’s Best Real Estate Agents Annual Ranking

March 20, 2014

real_trends_trulia_logoTrulia is proud to announce our exclusive partnership with REAL Trends for America’s Best Real Estate Agents Annual Report. Agents featured in the ranking will receive more exposure than ever on Trulia! Be sure to apply by March 31st!

America’s Best Real Estate Agents Annual Report, published by REAL Trends, is the definitive source for America’s best real estate agents. Every year, the ranking is featured extensively by major real estate publications and local media channels – and viewed by thousands of buyers and sellers across the country. With Trulia and REAL Trends joining forces this year, it’s your chance to get even more exposure and credibility with your top peers and consumers alike. continue reading