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6 Great Sources of Real Estate Statistics

When selling homes, you want to sell to the heart first. If you win the heart, the head will follow. But it’s often the head that helps the heart justify what it wants. In order to get the buyer to sign on the dotted line, you’ve got to have some data at your disposal to help the process along – or know where to get it.

Here are some valuable sources where you can track down key real estate statistics, metrics and data – not only for your clients, but for your own strategic planning as well.

6 great sources of real estate statisticsI’m going to assume you are already familiar with Trulia. After all, you’re here. It is, by design, a tremendous resource for housing statistics and valuation. Make sure you’re making full use of Trulia’s terrific tools like MarketMonitor, the Trulia Trends blog and the Expert Community Advice tool.

But in addition to plugging Trulia, I’m also going to concentrate on some sources and ideas that might be new to you, the working real estate agent. continue reading

7 Real Estate Scandals You Can’t Afford

Jovan Hackley
November 7, 2014

Scandals are fun…when they’re on Thursday night and you’re watching ABC. In real life they can ruin any chances of earning a potential client and eventually make your business disappear.

The bad news, scandals are easy to fall into. The good news is that they’re simple spot and avoid if you know where to look. Here are seven real estate scandals you can’t afford, but can avoid—if you’re smart:

1. Listing-Gate 2015

Remember! There’s good staging and then there are magic tricks. Make sure you err on the side of the first.

Avoid staging to cover-up critical factors or flaws that could cause a deal to fall through down the road. Yes, you want to put your best foot forward, but the showing to move-in versions of a home shouldn’t be “Jekyll and Hyde.”

2. The Social Photo Faux-Pas

All properties aren’t created equal, and with Instagram, Photoshop, and other apps, it’s all too easy to filter away the blemishes. This might make for great social media fodder, but stumbles dangerously close—and sometimes across—the line of offering an honest and true picture. continue reading

Meet Trulia One—The Must-Have App for Turning Online Leads into Real Clients

Pete Flint, CEO
November 6, 2014

There are always exciting things happening here at Trulia, but some days blow the others out of the water. And today is one of those days. I’m thrilled to introduce Trulia One, a powerful new tool that can help you manage all of your leads in one simple place.

From the beginning, our team here at Trulia has worked to build the best tools and advertising products to help agents build their online business. Over the years, we’ve worked to craft a platform to help you generate quality leads from motivated buyers and sellers. Last year, we took another bold leap toward that vision with our acquisition of Market Leader.

We know that turning leads into clients isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. It takes time, effort and a skilled agent to ensure that every potential client becomes your next big sale.

The new Trulia One provides agents with a comprehensive marketing solution—helping you more effectively manage your pipeline of clients from your first response to the closing table and beyond. And, it’s totally free. continue reading

Open House Food Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Sharing a bite to eat is a time-tested way to take the pressure off a sales-related discussion. Good open house food helps people feel welcome, encourages small talk, lightens the mood and helps prospects relax and engage.

When you’re showing an open house, laying out a welcoming spread is a great idea. Here are a few tips and ideas to keep in mind.

The Nose Knows

Hit the sense of smell early. Psychologists have written a great deal about the emotional impact of smells and how they can help transport people to a space of comfort and security.

Use these open house food ideas to win more business in your market“When I conduct open houses, I keep in mind that buyers tour homes with all of their senses, not just sight, touch and sound,” advises Egypt Sherrod, host of “Property Virgins,” a highly-rated show on HGTV, and CEO of the Egypt Sherrod Real Estate Group.

“I love to bake a warm apple pie in the oven right before an open house. The aroma of cinnamon and apples makes any home feel warm and cozy. Another delight is boiling orange peels and cinnamon sticks to ignite the senses from the time a buyer opens the door. Fresh baked cookies do the job as well.”

Now, get this: She keeps the pie! She doesn’t actually serve what she bakes!
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4 Emotional Seller Meltdowns that Kill Deals

Tara-Nicholle Nelson
November 3, 2014

Have you ever said something in the heat of the moment, then wished for weeks later you could reel those words back in? The truth is, all of us commit emotion-driven mistakes in some areas of our lives. But when it comes to selling their homes (read: cashing out their most valuable assets) the stakes are simply too, too high to allow your sellers and their transactions to fall prey to predictable emotional pitfalls. And that’s particularly true for winter sellers who are not only under the stress of selling their home, who are doing so during an already-stressful time of year.

Fortunately, when it comes to emotion, what’s predictable is avoidable. Over the years, you’ll find that sellers can and often will check themselves before they wreck themselves if you can help them predict the specific emotions they are likely to experience at various points in their transactions.
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Complete Guide to Off-Season Lead Generation: How to Dominate in the Downtime

Erin Renzas
October 31, 2014

When the colder months come calling, many real estate agents experience a decided slowdown. But this downtime doesn’t need to signal year-end disaster for your business.

A few smart, proactive strategies can help you find the buyers and sellers in your market who may be ready to make a move before the year is out. Plus, these must-dos will set you up for stellar success come 2015. It’s time to learn how you can dominate your market in the downtime—and all year long.

In this complete guide to off-season lead generation you’ll find smart marketing ideas for the winter, signs of next year’s hottest clients, and stats you need to know to help you win more listings right now.

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Cold Calling Tips & Best Practices for Real Estate Agents

In 2003, Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld referred to the then recently-launched Iraq War as a “long, hard slog,” referring to the Herculean effort that troops would have to go through to secure victory on the battlefield.

cold calling tips and best practices for real estate agentsFortunately, in the world of real estate sales, violence isn’t necessary. But “slogging” sure is. And there’s nothing “sloggier” than cold calling – dialing one’s way down a list of cold contacts.

But it’s part of any sales career – especially in the early days, when you have little money and few resources, but lots of time on your hands and steel in your heart.

Does Cold Calling Work for Real Estate?

What do we know about cold calling? Is it really effective? Is it realistic to set appointments and build a business by relying on smiling and dialing?

The Keller Center at Baylor University did a study involving real estate agents dialing from a list of numbers to which they had done no previous marketing. Each of the 160 agents in the study committed to calling this list for one hour each day for seven days. The agents used a standard script.

Of the 160 agents who said they would make the calls, only about 50 actually did so – which accounts for a good deal of agent attrition right there.  Let’s look at the numbers. continue reading

3 Reasons to Visit Trulia at the 2014 REALTORS® Conference & Expo

October 30, 2014

We’re ready for it! Are you? Trulia is gearing up for its best year yet at this year’s REALTORS® Conference & Expo from November 7 – 10 in New Orleans.

With 17,000 real estate professionals from across the country scheduled to attend, this promises to be one the most exciting events of the year. Here are the top reasons you should stop by booth #1401 to hang out with Trulia at NAR: continue reading

5 Fall Staging Secrets that Make Listings Sell

Jovan Hackley
October 28, 2014

Fall house staging has to be sharp, because your listing has to sell if you want to close the year out on a high note and leave your sellers feeling satisfied.

Here five ways to help your clients make their real estate listing stand out and get their home sold before the holiday season hits!

1. Suggest Shopping Ahead

These days many sellers are selling to move on to another property. Chances are, your listers have a vision for both the property want and the new furnishings to make the new space into their dream. For sellers who have the budget, encourage them to shop ahead. The dream furniture and non-permanent fixtures for their new space may help their current property sell faster.

2. The “I Have a Dream Speech”

Before you bring up house repairs, find out what your seller’s always wanted to do with the home and never got around to completing. This, sometimes emotional, trip down missed-out memory lane can help you make the case for improvements you know will make the home move.

Sometimes helping sellers revisit their dreams for a property can unlock easy ways to market it as the dream home for someone else. continue reading